Amber Bray and Her Maternal Prey

What’s a pretty 18-year-old girl to do when her mother, 42-year-old Dixie Hollier, is an incessant nag and “bitch?” Blue-eyed and blonde-haired Amber was dating a good-looking boy named Jeffrey Ayers., a high school drop-out who lived with his mother. Jeff whiled away his time by indulging in “Dungeons and Dragons“, a board game involving fantasy, murder and role play. Players invent dungeons-and-dragons2their own character, including ability scores that consist of Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. The game may have held a negative influence over Jeffrey: D&D can be such an intensely psychological game, that it is known for many controversies, some of which have been bizarre:

  1. Patricia Pulling was an anti-occult campaigner from Richmond, Virginia, and was the founder of Bothered About Dungeons & Dragons (BADD). Pulling founded BADD in 1982 after her son Irving committed suicide; she continued her advocacy until her death in 1997. As her son had played Dungeons & Dragons, she filed a wrongful death lawsuit against her son’s high school principal, holding him responsible for what she claimed was a Dungeons & Dragons curse placed upon her son shortly before his death. I don’t know what’s weirder: committing suicide over D&D or believing your kid’s school principal practiced a little voodoo on you.
  2. Dungeons & Dragons has been criticized as a tool for New Age Satanic groups to introduce concepts and behaviors that are seen as contrary to Christian teaching, and morality in general. Mind you, that perspective came from a man who admits he used to be a Wiccan Priest as well as a Satanic Priest. Perhaps D&D was his part-time hobby when he wasn’t slaughtering rabbits and praising Beelzebub.
  3. In 1985, a segment of 60 Minutes was devoted to the game, including interviews with Gary Gygax (a creator of D&D) and his lawyer, as well as parents of players of the game who had allegedly committed murders and suicides connected to the game.

Whatever the controversies over D&D, Jeffrey Ayers was not a mentally healthy candidate to be playing the violent board game. Nor was he a healthy choice for Amber and this would play itself out disastrously.

Back to Dixie HRed Hot Chili Peppersollier and her non-Pagan lifestyle. Dixie had two teenage daughters including Amber, 16-year-old Amy, and a 5year-old son, Benjamin Hollier. They lived in a two-bedroom apartment in Burbank, California, on Oak Street. In spite of her attractiveness and devoted boyfriend, life wasn’t good for Amber.  She and Dixie had a strained relationship. Dixie was a divorced, single mother and the manager of special projects at Warner Brothers.  She was involved with the management of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, a reasonably successful working class woman.

The trouble between mother and daughter began when Amber and Dixie began fighting about typical teenage issues: curfews, household chores, and Amber’s penchant for skipping school. Amber was eventually transferred to Monterey Continuation High School, a school that focused on the needs and academics of behavioural children.  Occasionally, Dixie and Amber became involved in shoving matches.  Fights over Amber’s friends and schoolwork continued.  In court, Amy would claim,“(Amber) used to complain that she had a really bad life and that my mom made her do everything.”

Jeff was Amber’s confidante and he soon became convinced that Dixie was abusing his girlfriend. It is possible that Amber exaggerated her injuries and mental duress.  She certainly worked a number on Jeff. Amber offered him marriage and a share in her supposed $300,000.00 inheritance after he killed her mother. How Amber had access to that ambiguous information was never revealed. At first, Jeff was resistant to the idea but over time, Amber’s pleas, sexuality and bribe became effective and he agreed to the nasty deed.

On January 16, 1996, at 5:00a.m. Jeff arrived at Dixie’s home and was greeted by Amber, who leAmberBrayt him in.  Jeff prepared to murder Amber’s mother by arming himself with 3 knives from Dixie’s kitchen and a gun he brought himself. The brutal murder consisted of Jeff shooting Dixie twice with the gun, pistol-whipping her about the head, then stabbing her 24 times.  Talk about getting into your work. During the murder little sis Amy emerged from her room, witnessed the terrifying scene and attempted to call police. Amber pulled the telephone cord out of the wall and ordered her sister to look after their brother.  Eventually Amber barricaded herself, her sister and her brother into a back room while Jeffrey killed Dixie.

Happily for her sister Jeff didn’t carry out Amber’s original plan to arrange for both her mother and sister’s murderwhile she and Jeff took her brother to the movies. Jeff’s reply was “your mother and sister will trouble you no more.” So devoted to Amber was Jeffrey, that in court he would claim it was he alone who planned the murder. During a police interrogation, he broke down in tears and begged them to charge only him with the murder and to spare Amber. Perhaps Jeff’s misguided loyalty was foreshadowed by his devotion to Amber and interest in the fantasy-based D&D: a fine example of extreme suggestibility.

It was a neighbour who finally called police. When police arrived Jeff was covered in Dixie Hollier’s blood. He was arrested without incident and confessed to the marticle-1378981-0BB64E9600000578-234_306x423urder three hours later. It wasn’t long before police found letters written between Jeff and Amber discussing Dixie’s forthcoming murder. Fortunately for Jeff and Amber prosecutors opted not to seek the death penalty for either teenager since they had no prior convictions.  How ethical of the two teenagers. Jeffrey and Amber were tried for first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Ultimately Jeff and Amber received life with no parole. 16 years later, one wonders how devoted Jeffrey Ayers is to Amber Bray now.

A scale exists created by Dr. Michael Stone, to measure acts of evil people who commit violent crime, usually those resulting in murder. I’m no expert by any means, but after watching the video, my amateur guess would be to place Amber Merrie Bray and jeff Ayers inmichael_stone_x this category. However since Amber is the more dominant of the two she would likely be placed at a higher level on the scale than Jeff. Typically one partner is dominant and the other is highly suggestible. Amber appeared to seek out a partner in crime in order to do away with Dixie Hollier. This prevented her from committing the act herself.  There were two possible reasons for this:(1) to avoid blame and; (2) to avoid committing the heinous act herself. Perhaps the actual killing of her mother, who provided well for Amber, was impossible for her. I can’t place either murderer at a specific level on the scale, since most of the cases Dr. Stone discusses in the video involve sadistic torture, rape and multiple victims, including children. It would be interesting to see where Dr. Stone would place Amber and Jeffrey.

Amber seems to be holding up quite well in prison. She is still attractive and young-looking. She is a member of Write-a-Prisoner. I began writing to Amber approximately 4 months ago out of interest in her teenaged crime and current sentence. Prison communication is very slow. It takes approximately 2 months for our letters to reach each other.  In 4 months I have received 2 letters, neither of which have centered around Amber’s crime and conviction. It may be a little early in our penpal relationship for that.  I will keep you posted (pun).

**update**  Amber stopped corresponding with me after my 2nd letter to her. For 3 months I heard nothing from her. Finally, she sent me a letter explaining, but not apologizing, for her tardiness.  She had been in heart surgery, then needed time to recuperate. Afterward she didn’t write me because she was quite offended by the questions I asked her, two of which were why did she plot to killer her mother with her boyfriend and what was her childhood like?  These questions (and others) upset her. She stated emphatically she doesn’t want to discuss “the details of my case.” She also won’t discuss her childhood. She wrote me a long letter and finished with “the ball is in your court,” meaning if I still wanted to write to her she would reply but because of the long delay in her answering me she didn’t expect me to write back. I will, of course. In fact, I wondered at the wisdom of asking her such personal questions before I mailed the letter. It would seem to me that asking her about “her case” (as she calls it), was to be expected since that’s why she’s in prison.

However, she was very hurt by my curiosity. I shall reply with an apology and shall “bounce the ball” back into Amber’s court. Otherwise, there wasn’t a lot more communication in her letter. I await her answer with interest.

**update**  Amber and I are penpals again.  She accepted my apology about asking about her case and has written me a 6-page letter about all kinds of things.  She and her sister have heart conditions that are too difficult to spell let alone say out loud.  She drowns out the noise of her cellmates with television or her ear buds (that kills me)! She had a fiancée outside of prison until a few months ago.  This man wrote letters to her every few weeks. He wanted to write more often but she didn’t. Eventually it fell apart for what must have been many reasons. Amber wonders why it is that people begin writing inmates then suddenly stop after 1 or 2 letters.  My answer (which she hasn’t received yet) is that there are many factors but probably the most likely is laziness: we are an internet society and we prefer email. Snail mail takes effort and very few people are interested in it anymore. Well that’s my take on it. She asked about my fat fluffy cat James Potter who, sadly, died in July. However I have a new cat named Charm and we are corresponding about him. He’s a fur ball 🙂  I sent Amber a Glamour magazine. She loves fashion and makeup etc and I doubt she gets her hands on magazines very often.  Overall, writing to Amber is like writing to anyone else. She doesn’t write about her case and she doesn’t talk about her cellmates and their crimes.

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142 Responses to Amber Bray and Her Maternal Prey

  1. skeptical family member of amber says:

    Amber has no remorse for what she has done.

  2. Related party. says:

    “good-looking boy named Jeffrey Ayers.”? He was a basement dwelling, D&D playing overweight outcast. Get your facts straight.

  3. CUK says:

    Wow, one of the most tragic stories ever. Does Ayers who seems to be a junior partner deserve to die in jail ? and as for Amber, is the 35 yr old woman still the same as the 18 yr old stroppy girl. With some of their best years gone do we give second chances ? Can society forgive ?

    • gothrules says:

      In my opinion it depends on the person…as you stated, is Amber the same 18 year old girl now at 35? That’s always the parole dilemma.

      • CUK says:

        Ayers would not have be caught up in this if he hadn’t met Bray so the chances of reoffending is low. Also in general people `crime-out` with age, not that Ayers was much of a criminal before these tragic circumstance unfolded. Ayers should have his sentence reviewed with a matter of priority. 20 – life would be a fair starting point, unless you are a capital punisher of course. Amber thought. What a dilemma. What a dilemma indeed. Detterrence and punishment vs forgiveness with time and age. Solomon would have sleepness nights over this.

    • Cuk, this is my reply to one of two postings that you have made. I agree with you regarding Jeff, you raised an important point when you made the statement about criminals in general, ‘aging out’ and that’s a very real fact, most of them do. What makes this whole matter sadder for Jeff is that he was never a criminal in the first place and I don’t believe he would have never seen the inside of a prison if not for Brey. Jeff didn’t realize the day he met her that she had been waiting for him or someone just like him and that she long ago already penned the murder plot and being the predator she is, waited a long time for the first piece of her plan to drop into place. To find the perfect patsy. Which she did. He was manipulated intensely for over a year by a very cunning predator. I just don’t understand why he didn’t ask himself, ‘if i have to kill her mother to save Brey then why do I have to murder her sister too’? He committed a horrible crime and deserves life but not life without parole. With life he would be entitled to parole after 15 or 20 years. Maybe he’d get it the first or second time around maybe not but eventually he would and I sincerely believe that he is the only one of the two that can be saved. As for Brey she was born a sociopath and will die in prison a sociopath. If they print the two replys I made this morning, read on until you find my comment on Brey it’s too long for me to explain it again. It’s also in response to one of your comments. Sincerely Arthur

  4. Was around his loser friends says:

    As stated. Jeff was not good looking. He was just a nerd who hung out at Harry’s Diner all the time. I mean ALL-THE-TIME. He hung out with mallrats. No excuse for he did. Both of them belong in prison.

  5. CUK says:

    I still believe that as the time of the crime they were both possibly very imature. As a matter of course throwing “the book” at anyone under 25 should be done with extreme caution. The law seems to regard ages 16 /18 as some form of logic point. No grey areas. One way or the other when in fact life is not easily defined in such terms. Ayers was probably on the road of reform the moment he was seperated from Bray. Surely does he not get a review at least? As for Bray, what is the point of such a long sentence. She must have changed to such a point as being unrecognizable. I’m not advocating immiediate realease, clemency, or pardons. Just they or anyone under 25 should have a review of some nature. As a society were have a duty to protect the young, even from themselves.

    • But we do have a duty to protect society from sociopaths and psychopaths in which I firmly believe that the latter is the category that she truly falls in . You forget, she was also going to murder a child as well. The really frightening thread that ran through her entire murder plot was how calculating and patient she was, first the great amount of time she took until she was convinced that she had found the perfect patsy, than taking the better part of a year cultivating that relationship until she had him absolutely convinced that she was in love and he was the only one for her, then very slowly building the momentum and conviction in poor Jeff that with no evidence of abuse at all that she was being horribly abused. Then even carefully taking more time to convince Jeff that if he wouldn’t kill her mother and sister she would kill herself. Remember this – a sociopath is a sociopath is a sociopath. There is no cure, no pill and no amount of prison time that’s going to change that. She was one the day she was born, when she was convicted and she still is. Finally consider this, if money for her is still available, if she is ever allowed out of prison, her little sisters life would be in extreme danger. Sociopaths on the surface are very unassuming and even charming. For all of you posting comments advocating some kind of bizarre review or clemency because because of age and some even mention how cute she was at 18. Well I just saw some prison pictures of what I believe is her at 35 years of age. She’s dumpy looking in the face, beady eyed, dull scraggly hair and no lips. She has now become on the outside what she is inside. Patricide is bad enough but throwing in the murder of her little sister is pure evil. Monsters don’t work well with humane people ever. Sincerely Arthur

      • Chris says:

        It’s funny how you use big words like Sociopath and psychopath when you don’t even know what they mean. And it just goes to prove what a complete poser you are. AMBER DID NOT COMMIT PATRICIDE. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT PATRICIDE IS? SHE COMMITTED MATRICIDE. GO USE A DICTIONARY AT LEAST BEFORE YOU TRY TO USE BIG WORDS.

      • meh227 says:

        The only one making sense. Yes, she is a sociopath. She hunted her mother. Her idiot of a boyfriend had issues but I believe he had a conscience. Like most predators she preyed on the weak.

  6. Sister says:

    Dixie was my sister. Close your eyes and imagine your own sister was murdered by your niece’s boyfriend, and that your niece was involved. It’s incomprehensible. Imagine the sister you grew up with being shot, stabbed, and having her throat slit with a knife. Imagine Ayers on top of your sister, gouging out her eyes, because “she won’t stop staring at me,” after she was already dead. Try comprehending why any child would want to do this to their parent, let alone someone in your immediate family. Imagine helping to pack up their home after the murder, their family was destroyed, and seeing your sister’s palm print smeared on the wall in blood, and a blood soaked carpet. Imagine years spent afterward dealing with courts and psychological treatment for multiple family members who experienced post-traumatic stress syndrome. Imagine trying to pick up the pieces with the children left behind.

    After many years, we have all learned to move on, but we still grieve over the loss of my sister. We have all worked hard to rise above the tragedy. I now imagine my sister as an angel who is always with me, my mom, and her children. I know we will be reunited someday. Like “skeptical family member,” I agree Amber shows no remorse. I don’t know what happened for Amber to lose her conscience. It’s an incomprehensible act that will affect our family for generations.

    Life in prison may or may not be fair…perhaps what’s more important is that we don’t take the chance that it ever happens again, and the family can move beyond their anxiety and panic attacks to rebuild peaceful lives knowing the killers are in jail.

    Note: That is not Amber’s headshot in the article. That is Amber in the blue dress.

    • gothrules says:

      thank you for responding. I’m sure it must have been very difficult for you to read the blog and more difficult to answer to it. I am very sorry for your loss. I wish you well.

    • mommasieta says:

      Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I am so sorry for the death of your sister and the crime sounds so horrible. I really do think that right now she does have a conscious and perhaps she did not have one at the time of the murder from the abuse she suffered as a child. Is this a lie as well? Was your sister not so mean to her and make her feel like a low piece of junk? I know it might not be my business but come on she is your niece have YOU ever wrote to her and asked her about ALL of it?
      Not trying to get mean or anything just want to know take care

    • Tracey says:

      First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss and the difficulty your having with trying to put all this grief behind you. It isn’t easy, as you know.
      There are sympathetic and caring people who are feeling your pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  7. Get your facts correct says:

    I’m the ex-fiancée, and I know how it all played out. I’ve read every transcript pertaining to the crime, and checked out her version of the story and know that what you say here is just regurgitating the same crap that was reported wrongfully about her when the crime happened. If you’re interested in getting to know some sadistic blood thirsty woman, look else where. She was an abused teenager that hated her mother, and made the mistake of befriending a guy with a God complex. What she has done since being locked up is remarkable. She is respected by both inmates and cops at CCWF. Get your facts straight. She is really good at spotting frauds.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Get my facts straight? These are the facts that have been reported numerous times about Bray. You’re the ex-fiance the one she had when she was in prison? She wrote to me about you. All she said about you was that being in prison made it difficult to stay in a relationship with someone on the outside. That’s it. You made a good impression. And how cold-hearted are you if you believe Bray was just a sad, little abused girl. Why not stay engaged and marry her while she is in prison? BTW death groupies such as yourself have never convinced me that they are playing with a full deck. Of course everyone in prison respects her….that is her story to you.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      p.s. I am so glad she is really good at spotting frauds. I just love the way she takes care of them….

    • mommasieta~ says:

      Ex-fiance’ of Amber’s I just want too say too you glad that she had you when she did and that you understand who she is whole hearted I have been writing her for over a year but have NEVER asked to see nothing or even asked her anything if she has told me anything it is all on her own free will 🙂 I am glad once again for her to have a friend like you.

    • Hey maybe if she would have picked you for the patsy she’d be free today. Another know it all worked by a sociopath. For a guy looking for marriage from a gal in prison, I can’t imagine you to be the sort with depth or breath or clarity of thought. A guy looking for marriage with a lifer sounds like a desperate man with a desperate need to believe and socially awkward. What’s wrong with free women. Really

      • Chris says:

        Your family must just love you. Not all men who write female prisoners are looking for love. I was working with a senator here in California and asked to do a bit of research and contacted Amber to discuss current sentencing laws. She was extremely helpful and the senate bill that is going to go to the Governor that will give Amber a 25 to life sentence was largely due to research done on her and others who were sentenced to LWOP at a young age. Just because i am friends with her doesn’t mean I am looking for love. I am happily married with 3 kids thanks. Go get a life Arthur. Although at your age it will be difficult to find one.

  8. mommasieta says:

    Hello I currently write to Amber and I actually found her on Write a prisoner as well and have been her TRUE friend for a little over a year now. She does not talk about her mother or none of her family for that matter it is too hard for her to talk about it. This really does upset her so much more than anyone can ever know. So for you guys to sit there and say she does not have a consciousness I will have to say I totally disagree with this statement. She has made mistakes and she is paying for them mistakes now and in the process has lost everyone who loved her. Most people say there going to be there for you and when you are gone out of site they live you there to never hear from you again.
    I am not saying what her or her ex at the time did was right at all but she was a child at the time and there is statements all over showing that her mother was abusive maybe she felt that this was the only way to get out of the situation she was in. I do not know her side of the story because I respect her enough to not ask her about it. But it is unreal to me how many people are continuing to bash her out in society after so many years has even passed.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Making mistakes is one thing: orchestrating the murder of your own mother is quite another. Amber had other options. And 16 is a little old to be calling a person a child.

      • mommasieta says:

        I do not think you are understanding one word I am saying here Miss Marilyn…. 16! Is a child you are a child technically till you become the age of 21. 18 yea you can move n s**t but guess what I got a daughter who is 16 years old and she is a CHILD… so your opinions of that is okay but mine is mine… and I don’t honestly care what you “THINK” she did because a lot of the pathetic things that you are making up about her is just unheard of a ridiculous all part of a publicity scam just so you have a better story to tell. Compare yourself to Amber and guess what you should not throw rocks at a brick house you are unreal once again and I think that YOU guys really should think about getting a life and leaving the life of others alone especially Amber she deals with enough shit without getting n e from YOU… I am sure even though her mother is gone that her MOTHER prolly would not want Amber to sit and suffer and be down graded every darn day of her life. GET A LIFE! Really… Amber is who she is and “her mother her that way”. END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I can tell you are emotionally invested in Amber Brey. You might wish to re-think that. First of all throwing rocks at a brick house is not a cliche we use in English – it’s throwing stones in glass houses, which is not happening here. Where do you get your information that a person “technically” isn’t an adult until the age of 21? Here it is 18. In many other places it is 19 – 21. However this is the age of majority according to the law, not emotional and mental maturity. I would never in a million years compare myself to Amber. I am not inside a correctional facility for very good reasons. Have a look at the response from Joann Zendajas. She makes a lot of sense as she claims to have been her roommate once. I cannot verify this information but that is Zenajas’ comment and her answer seems valid to me. (p.s. It’s Mrs. Marilyn 🙂

  9. MommaSieta says:

    No 16 is NOT too old to be calling someone a child if the person is not developmental ready to be becoming a adult from any form of neglect or abuse then guess what there far from being ready to be a adult. Once again like I stated not saying what she did is right but maybe she needed more attention and help with the path that was delt to her as well as her mom.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I wasn’t stating that the fault was entirely Amber’s since clearly an act as abhorrent as matricide is motivated by a very dysfunctional relationship between mother and daughter. And not developmentally ready to become an adult still doesn’t imply that she has the mentality of a child. She had a dysfunctional and psychologically damaged self, but I don’t agree she was a child.

  10. mommasieta says:

    Well guess what YOU can not judge her just as I can not judge her “WE” was not there or was you? I know I wasn’t. I disagree 100% without a doubt that she was a child and still had a mentality of one as well. OUR brains do not even stop totally developing till we are 21 so how can she have been a full adult I agree almost but come on. Really? But you guys really should not sit and talk about people who you have nothing to know about them besides the internet and some want to be made up bull crap

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I don’t know that it’s about judgement so much as an agreement that if she is involved in matricide then she too much pay the price in our society as mmuch as anyone else. The jury (the people) spoke and made their decision during her trial. They speak for us. We cannot argue with ourselves.

      • Mommasieta says:

        My opinions my own just because that jury agreed doesn’t mean I have to and like I said I’m not agreeing what she did was right or that she shouldn’t get in trouble so don’t tell someone how they should feel

    • IdiotBreaker says:

      So you are excusing her orchestrating her mother’s murder due to you BELIEVING she was abused? Okay, you’re an idiot. But besides that point, what about the plan to kill her sister too, who according to your logic was probably also abused. Where’s your fanatic logic on that one? Did the little sister abuse her too? Did the phone she unplugged abuse her as well for her to maliciously unplug it? Lol, you supportive freaks of murderers get me chuckling every time. I feel sorry for your family. If they piss you off you might just off them just like her.

    • Luci says:

      The basis for determining whether a person is guilty or not (aside from proof that they were involved), is whether they knew right from wrong. Whether someone knows right from wrong is easy to determine. This Amber person knew right from wrong.

  11. Joann Zendejas says:

    I knew Amber “personally” from 2004 -2005. You could say were were roommates for a short time…if I were you I would not be corresponding with her …could say a lot but I won’t she is a manipulative psycopath with no conscious or affect.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I believe you wholeheartedly. I stopped writing Amber several weeks ago. I hope that the woman who is writing to Amber (mammaseita) reads this answer.

      • Mommasieta says:

        That has me a little creeped out I won’t lie! So anyhow, I do still write her and she honestly has never said anything bad to me but could I ask you what did she do to you (the lady whom was in there with her) how could me writing her hurt me? She can’t get me? I’m one person who is real nice and helpful

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I assume you mean the roommate – what did Amber do to her? I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t the roomie. That’s a reader who happened to blog her opinion. Maybe she will see this question and respond. Personally, in my opinion, I don’t know that writing to her will “hurt” you but I believe your complete faith in this woman is based on Amber’s manipulative personality and perhaps your own gullibility. You can’t expect a murderer to be an honest person during your correspondence. Keep in mind some prisoners make requests over time of their writers, such as money and other materials. If this hasn’t happened to you, then you’re lucky. There’s no reason you can’t keep writing to her. I think it’s important that you be aware not everything she says will be truthful.

    • Mommasieta says:

      Yes! Her roommate and I do know all bout how prisoners work. I know they ask for money n stuff but NO she actually hasn’t asked me for no money I really think she just wants friends. I’m sure she could try to do them things but she’s hasn’t I am 100 when it comes to being real n up forward

      • CUK, I absolutely agree with you on your point of taking extreme caution in sentencing anyone under the age of 25. In any other Civilized country in the world with the exception of America, Jeff would be free or close to it by now, Bray is a different problem because as I said before she is a true sociopath and with sociopaths there is never a point or age of logic just objects standing in the way of what they want. Remember this, sociopaths are born not made and the trigger that reveals their true nature is usually a life changing event, like puberty. They are completely utterly self absorbed but on the surface seem to fit in, are unassuming, good students even charming. But make no mistake about it. They are without conscious and pathological liars to the core. That’s why she was so carefree and without consequential thinking in the disposal of her mother and planned disposal of her little sister, they were simply objects just in the way of what she wanted. And Jeff was just an object to her as well. In prison now She’s a model convict, do you think that she does it to be kind and cooperative. My guess is that being a problem in prison would just stand in her way of getting things she wants. Things that are limited but very important to prisoners. Like contact visits, relaxed restrictions, maybe a cell to herself and the grand prize would be a transfer to a lower security prison, that would be like Christmas to her. Sadly to say the days of rehabilitation and reform are long gone. I’m an old man and have slowly watched the politicians campaign on a platform of promises of reductions in crime and they won their seats that way. This began in the late 60’s and it got worse with every succeeding candidate since, they became more and more over the top and to make it worse it is now the public mindset to absolutely bury any prisoner regardless of the crime. With mandatory sentencing guidelines they have succeeded in stripping the rights of judges to use mitigating circumstances and discretion in sentencing. As a juror I once witnessed a judge crying because he was forced by law to sentence a young lady to 10 years in prison who was simply sitting in a car while her boyfriend went into a house to purchase a quarter pound of weed. The house was raided moments later and since she was sitting in the car by law she was charged with the same crime her boyfriend was. She was nothing more than a college student who had no priors not even a speeding ticket. The two were on their way to a concert and she had no idea why her boyfriend even stopped at that house. But he told her to stay in the car, she did and that’s how she got her life ruined and 10 years in prison. As jurors we were forced to follow the law as well, to this day I wish I could take my vote back and be happy with a contempt of court charge. I learned a big lesson while watching that trial, it was all about deal making and as many convictions as possible. It was like watching 2 separate stage plays going on simultaneously in which the best actors won. In this case it was the prosecutors and his teams play that earned best act of the day. I feel sorry for Jeff but I understand that a lot of states are now reviewing sentences handed down to prisoners when sentenced where under the age of 21. But I think his only hope to have that, ‘without parole’ removed from his sentence is through the appeal process and a very good attorney. Sincerely Arthur

    • mommasieta~ says:

      It is funny how you write on here and then when you are asked a question you do not come back. How do we even know YOU are someone who was really in there with her and your are not some BS scam on ur own?

      • T Barnett says:

        Mommasieata…. Marylyn never said she WAS in there with her Duh!!! But even if she were I seriously don’t think that she would be a CON (no pun intended) vs your PRO for this Mommy murderer. If she was mature enough to plan the crime days and wks before it happened then I too would not consider her a “child” as the end justified her means

    • Alexis Linkletter says:

      Hi Joann. I’m working on a TV show about this case and would love to speak with you if you’re open to it. Please email me if you can,

      • Amy says:

        Please don’t do a TV show on this. Real lives were affected by amber’s actions and shows reinacting this tragedy just make things worse.

  12. Get Real Marilyn4ever says:

    I like how you give off the impression that you stopped writing Amber several weeks ago, when in reality, she dropped your ass like a bad habit for her own personal reasons. Now you are trying to save face on an Internet crime blog because you got rejected. Boo Hoo. You aren’t fooling anyone. I don’t have to put you on blast. You know what you did and you are the last person that should be passing judgement on another human being.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      What would possess you to think that Amber stopped writing to me? The last item I mailed to her was in a bubble envelope – it was returned to me by prison officials unopened. It hadn’t reached Amber. It was accompanied by a note that told me I am not allowed to send any items or letters in bubble envelopes – plain envelopes only. How was I supposed to know? Of course Amber is telling you she dropped me – to save face. Fine with me. That won’t keep me up at night. And how am I saving face? I don’t have to print your comment or anyone else’s. I can simply trash them. Remember: You are speaking to a psychopath. If she can kill, she can lie. I wish you the best. p.s. you were almost deleted due to the nasty language. However, I’ve read worse than “ass”. The hostility in your comment was a close hair, too. You might want to clean up a little if you intend to write to me again.

  13. Chris says:

    I correspond with Amber quite frequently, in fact we write each other about once per week. I live in the San Francisco bay area and we have even talked about me visiting her, although I haven’t filed the form for permission yet. I think mostly Amber wants friends who she can correspond with who won’t judge her. She is friendly and smart and fun to talk with. I think if I visited her we would have a lot to talk about. I don’t care what she did, that was a long time ago and my guess is she probably feels it’s a horrible mistake and doesn’t talk about it because it is too painful. She should not be doing LWOP as she was only 18 when the crime happened, and the SCOTUS has recently overturned many LWOP cases where someone was convicted under the age of 21. But without a decision from SCOTUS, she will never leave prison and so she needs to find a way to deal with what has happened, and that may be by ignoring it and not talking about it.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      If it can be proven 100% by the prison psychiatrist that Amber is no longer a threat to society then perhaps SCOTUS should be reviewing her case.

    • meh227 says:

      Yes it was a long time ago and her mother is still dead. And her family still hurts. I like to remember the dead victims.There is no stature of limitations on murder. The cops wouldn’t say oops, well she did it a long time ago. She’s funny, smart, and fun to talk to. I don’t care that she did it. They’d arrest her now and prosecute her now. Doesn’t anyone have enough of a life that they don’t need a prisoner, a murderer of her own mother as a friend? Gosh!

  14. T Barnett says:

    I cant wait

  15. T Barnett says:

    For some peeps posting here you guys talk about getting facts straight like you all know the facts when the fact of the matter is, no one knows the real facts except

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Except Amber, Jeff and their lawyers. Oh and Amber’s mother however she is unable to speak for herself I should imagine.

  16. T Barnett says:

    Jeff and Amber!! I believe in forgiveness but this one is a little tough. Of course she doesn’t want to talk about her crime…would you? Would you if

    • Chris says:

      She talks openly about her crime with her friends and those she trusts. She knows Maryln is just a blogger so she says nothing. But those she trusts, which is few and far between, she talks openly about her crime and what she has done in the past 17 years to better herself.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I would love to think of myself as more than “just a blogger.” I do appreciate you reading and responding to my blog but insults are not appreciated. At any rate, I was penpals for a time with Amber and she told me many interesting facts about her life although she refused to discuss what she called “the details of my case”. However she has informed me of some of her accomplishments in the past 17 years including acquiring a university degree although off the top of my head I can’t remember in which field.

      • Chris says:


        She refused to talk about her crime with you because she doesn’t trust you. She has told me everything about it and there are some very real mitigating factors. People like Arthur try to use buzz words they don’t understand like sociopath, psychopath, etc, but sometimes people just do bad things or are forced into a bad situation where they make wrong choices. Doesn’t mean they are sociopath or psychopaths, but that helps people like Arthur be able to place people into a “chronic” category, rather than dealing with the real issues. He is pretty much a waste of time and doesn’t use critical thinking to truly analyze why people like Amber commit crimes.

        And I was not trying to insult your blog. But Amber is very intelligent and sees people for what they are and opens up to very few people. In fact I don’t think anyone except maybe two or three people aside from Amber and Jeff know what really happened. Eventually I believe Amber’s case will be reduced to 25 to life. And just so you know, she did have a psychological evaluation done recently for which she was categorized as a low risk of reoffending. Unfortunately the psychological evaluation alone is not enough to get SCOTUS to review her case. Right now there is a bill in the senate (in Ca) that would allow a review of those sentenced to LWOP. The first step was LWOP for juveniles, now they are going to look at others who were also young but technically adults.

        But I am sure Arthur would still think she is a “sociopath”. It’s easier than applying critical thinking.

      • Amy says:

        Do you know what the psychological evaluation entailed? What tests they used? Violence prediction tools usually only have a 33% chance of accuracy so I’m just curious. She would not score high on the PCL-R because she has no prior history of criminal or delinquent behavior. Since I was an intended victim in this case I don’t trust the prison’s flawed assessments of potential recidivism and I find as most do, that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. She behaves well, she is smart, and she can be very caring however, extreme caution should be taken when building a relationship with her. I will not say more than this, given the forum but just be careful. It is very concerning to me if there is a possibility she may be released. I hope the courts would consider those who were directly impacted prior to making a determination. Sorry for my jumbled response.

      • Chris says:

        This website is not very user friendly and wouldn’t allow me to reply directly to you. So hopefully you read this. The psychological evaluation was the same one administered by the state when a person becomes eligible for parole. These tests are also given periodically to LWOP’s as the prison does their own assessment of risk. The profile hits on 40 different aspects to arrive at a rating of either low, medium, or high and basically is trying to assess the probability that the inmate would reoffend if reintroduced into society. It looks at previous crime, the lifer crime, record since incarcerated, and then does a profile based on the IRR aspect (Insight, Remorse, and Responsibility). It is a very liable predictor, so much so that there has not been a case in California ever of a lifer being granted parole who received a “medium” rating. And this is not an assessment done by the prison. They are legally not allowed to do them – they contract them out to a 3rd party who has to meet the criteria of the parole committee. The lady who performed the evaluation on Amber is 62 years old and has done these for 30 years and is probably the best in the field. She has also been retained in numerous trials by private and state attorneys to perform assessments on defendants and testified in thousands of trials. So I believe she is as credible as anyone.

        And I think you use the word “relationship” incorrectly in this case, or at least need clarification. As I said in other posts, I am happily married and have no intention now or ever of being in a relationship with Amber. We are friends and I have helped her with legal advice pro bono as I have with many others. I find her to be an engaging person who I enjoy corresponding with, who cases is understood by very few. But rest easy – when the state does decide to look at LWOP’s differently, they will reduce her sentence to 25 to life, so her first possible parole hearing will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2023.

        And courts do not get involved in parole hearings unless there is an appeal. But the parole board does allow victims to attend the parole hearings and make an impact statement. I have attended literally hundreds of parole hearings for various clients, and my experience is that the parole board will give some weight to the victims, but generally it’s pretty minimal cause most murderers have victims that have been impacted. I have been to several parole hearings where the victims family screams and cries, and the inmate is paroled, and then some where no victims show up and the person is denied. The parole board focuses more on the inmate, the crime, and their IRR than they do what the prosecutor and victims or victims families say.

        But I think you can relax. There has never been a case in the history of California, and probably the US (don’t quote me on that though) where someone who has served a life sentence for matricide has been released and committed another crime. I can tell you one thing that Amber is not full of rage, she has been a model prisoner and does not have plans to exact out vengeance if ever released.

      • Amy says:

        I didn’t mean to imply relationship initmately- just a relationship with another person (friendship, professional, etc). This was my first time ever seeing and responding to a blog dedicated to this case and I wanted to correct some stuff, but I don’t think this is a good way to do it. Good luck and proceed cautiously. Remember Amber was always the model student, model daughter, and now, model inmate, but there is something that drove her to plan both my mom’s death and also mine (remember her claims of abuse at the hands of my mom are one-sided). She could have left our home and lived with my dad but it appears greed kept her there. She has never taken any responsibility for any of her actions and has shown no remorse.

      • Chris says:


        Your advice is sound and you sound like a nice person. Sorry for the pain this has caused you and your family. I have represented a number of clients who did horrible things a long time ago. Most don’t have a valid excuse for what caused them to act the way they did. I think the courts and the psychologists want to be able to assign a label to someone like sociopath, psychopath, etc. But sometimes good people just do really messed up stuff, but it’s not generally a good indicator that someone who does something bad, will necessarily do it agin, in fact statistically those who spend life in prison and then are released have a lower chance of reoffending than any other prison population. But I can certainly understand your feelings and your take. If you ever want to exchange e-mails let me know and I can give you an address to mail to, and then change it so people like Arthur don’t stalk me. Best of luck with everything.

  17. T Barnett says:

    DeIf you were trying to make friends on the outside that she can manipulate and play mind games without you even knowing it!? She is doing a number on some of you now

  18. T Barnett says:

    Just what facts I have seen repetively over the years, if I were on her jury…. well you can guess what I am going to say. As for being her pen pal.. I DON’T THINK SO!! I would follow Joanns advice if I were you.

  19. Bonnie says:

    Wow, Chris…you don’t care what she did? Dixie’s life is as meaningless to you as it clearly is to Amber!Keep enabling these psychopaths and going out of your way to make excuses for them. What Hitler did was a long time ago, too. Does he get a pass from you? Was that Holocaust thing just a big “mistake”, too?

    • Chris says:


      It just shows how desperate you are to make an argument…….a lousy uneducated one at that, but an argument. I will assume you have finished the 5th grade so I won’t educate you on the horrors of the holocaust and what Hitler was ultimately trying to achieve. Comparing that to a teenager who killed one person strips you of all credibility and doesn’t beg any further argument.

  20. Chris you sound like a nice guy. I’m an old man that most likely has 2 to 3 times the life experience that you have. My brother who finally died was diagnosed a sociopath when he was 15 and he tried to murder me too. He plunged a 15 inch blade into my body, just above the stomach with such ferocity that he completely impaled me. It went in the front and came out the back. He thought I was alone in the house and he ambushed me. But then he heard my girlfriend still in the bedroom talking to the police on the phone and he just fled but that’s not the end of the story. He called the hospital to make sure I was dead. The doctors were amazed, the blade he chose was so dull it simply couldn’t cut things anymore so when he stabbed me it just moved things aside and didn’t cut or slice a single vital organ. The reason he gave for attempting murder was that over the years he had caused so much destruction in our household he was finally banned from ever coming back but I wasn’t, so in his sick mind if he killed me he would be welcomed back and since I was just an object murdering me to him was a simple easy project . That’s still not the end of this story. When he called the hospital and found out that I was still alive he actually came to the hospital not once but twice to complete his project. Weather you want to believe me or not, Amber is a psychopath. Your an object. She’s not writing you, she’s targeting you. In my opinion signing up to different prison pen pal sites across the country is a ruse. You see if the impossible happens and she has an appeal granted, she’s going to need a whole line of people that she has manipulated to testify on her behalf and as it is now no one will not even her own family. It’s funny how you say how smart and funny and fun she is. Those are some of the most outwardly attributes of a psychopath. Please how could it hurt to just simply go to the library and check out, sociopaths and sociopathic behaviors. You can find basic information online but to really understand what she is doing the best thing to do is read a complete college text on the subject. Like I said you seem to be a nice guy just go to the library before she can get to you in some way or hurt you. Arthur

    • Chris says:


      You need medical help. And I don’t say that to be mean or disrespectful. I have talked to Amber almost every week for over a year not only through letters but on the phone as well. I have submitted my form for visiting and plan to visit her. I also failed to mention that as a profession I am a criminal defense attorney, although I do not represent Amber, I do represent several others who are serving life sentences. You know in California there has never been a female, let alone a male released after a life sentence that has killed again? And the recidivism rate for lifers is 1% and the 1% represent non violent crimes. And for people to say that only Amber and Jeff know the real facts. Not true. Amber has opened up to me and is very open about her role in the murder. People change over time.

      It would really suck though to live in fear. I am sorry for what happened to you but you’re talking about the crime of someone who sought you out initially, not after spending 20 years in prison.

      For a profession I advise clients on preparation for the parole board. I have sat in hundreds of hearings and I can guarantee that the board never releases any life they feel is even a tiny threat. My guess is if Amber ever has another hearing she would be granted parole, as she has taken advantage of the prison programs to better herself and is not a danger to society.

      • Arthur McBride says:

        Chris, when you have empirericlly researched socio, psychopathic behaviors then come back and tell me how much medical help I need and you’ll know exactly what Brey is and more importantly why she has especially befriended you. By the way I don’t, nor have I ever lived my life in fear, my life has been especially rich and rewarding and with beautiful color and that statement you made about needing medical help wasn’t just rude but extremely crude and completely uncharacteristic of the profession you at least claim to represent . No charisma or class at all. I was simply trying to help. In response to some of your other comments, my brother tried to murder me after serving eighteen years for his first botched murder attempt as a matter of fact he was out on parole when our incident happened. In regards to your quotes on recidivism rates for lifers your right, it’s also true across the country it’s called, ‘aging out’, but what you fail to realize is that those quotes are based on general prison populations, populations that eventually reach some point of logic or reason . Brey never did, doesn’t now and never will fall into that category Brey has completely demonstrated that she has no point of logic She’s that 1% that you mentioned. First you say your a gallent defense attorney but later you said and this is verbatim, ‘my profession is to consul prisoners up for parole’. What are you exactly! You know this wasn’t just some rage killing where she got mad on Monday and was so worked up by Friday that she killed her mother. The murder plot itself was very childlike and she would never got away with it. But the psychopathic part of her personality said it was a perfect murder. It was the other half of her, the psychopath half that made this case interesting. How convinced and patient and methodical she was. If you go through the timeline it was almost two years from the moment she first penned the murder plot on paper until the awful night she did it. First waiting patiently until she found the perfect patsy (Jeff) then manipulating him for the better part of a year until she had him convinced that she was madly in love with him, she cared less for him then her mother. This is pure conjecture but I would bet that in her mind he was supposed to get caught and go to prison for life while she got the money and lived happily ever after. Then she took even more time convincing Jeff without any proof at all, that her Mother was horribly abusing her physically and then finally slowly convincing him that if he didn’t kill both her mother and little sister (for Christ sake a child ) that she would kill herself. If her mother had to die to save Brey then why without any emotion did she insist a child had to die as well, her own little sister, her own blood, like she was just changing her socks, that’s the value she put on her sisters life. ( only a psychopath has no conscious or consequential thinking they think only of themselves. ) And for almost two years no one had a clue, this is where the true psychopathy is released because on the surface they are friendly, unassuming and charming and they can hold that face indefinitely. I lived with and around someone exactly like her for 52 years. SURE you really are best BUDS, heck you don’t even know what she truly looks like, never met her BUT YOU ARE HONORED BECAUSE SHE OPENED UP TO YOU AND TOLD YOU THE GOD’S TRUTH WHAT DO YOU THINK SHE’S SAYING TO THE OTHER COUPLE HUNDRED MEN THAT HAVE WRITTEN TO HER. REMEMBER SHE WENT COUNTY WIDE WITH THIS PEN PAL THING. WHAT VERSIONS OR STORIES IS SHE TELLING THEM. BUT NO IT CAN’T BE😔 BECAUSE SHE MAKES YOU FEEL SPECIAL. AND SHE’S FUN AND FUNNY AND CHARMING, the exact outwardly characteristics that a sociopath has. I don’t think you realize how desperate you sound in all your blogs on here. You’ve shown at least tens of thousands of people who read these blogs how desperate and deeply emotional entrenched you are in a woman that you know nothing about, never met. I’ll never understand men who are looking for love or relationships from women in prison. Really Chris what’s wrong with free women. Chris please don’t write to me again your response to me was uninformed, bland, uninteresting and unworthy of any sort of interesting debate or conversation. All your blog to me was your attempt at a d___k measuring contest. Best wishes to you and Brey I’ve put you on a do not follow up comments from you.

      • Arthur McBride says:

        it would suck though to live in fear. This is what you said to me . I can hear you saying that to a judge or prosecution. Yeah those are the words of a criminal defense attorney LOL it’s hilarious, pass the dubie man.! Don’t ever tell Brey that your not exactly what you stated you are. You will never hear from her again. Maybe that’s why you pick woman in prison because they have to believe you on face value. It really strikes me as hilarious because your lying to each other and both of you have alternative motives. But I don’t mean this to be disrespectful or mean (disrespectful is the largest word you used in all your blogs to me)

      • Chris says:

        Arthur sweetie. Not one assumption you made about me is correct. Big shock. Your ramblings are the rantings of an old man who has time to criticize, but no time to critically think. So you know, I am not writing to Amber cause I want a girlfriend, I am happily married, have 3 kids and a very successful business in the bay area. I also head several volunteer programs where I go to San Quentin, CCWF, and CIW to work with lifers. But I am sure you haven’t so much as even darkened the door of a prison as you are more of a “solve the worlds problems” from behind your computer screen. If you ever want to add some real value let me know, I will hook you up.

  21. Can'tbelievesomepeople says:

    I really can’t believe some people – all of a sudden they write a prisoner and get a few responses, they think they’re best of friends and know how this person is from within. The fact that people think this is time served, making excuses for her that she was only a child and didn’t know what she was thinking – I ask you, what normal “child” plans and goes through with a murder, along with her loser boyfriend, of her own MOTHER! That is just absolutely inconceivable! And people are actually defending her? We’re talking about a girl who planned and eventually watched her mother being murdered in cold blood by her boyfriend, and if the police hadn’t shown up in time – she would’ve gotten her boyfriend to kill her SISTER, too! This is not the thought patterns of a normal person, teenager or not, I don’t care how nice and generous Amber is as a prisoner – she is behind bars for a damn good reason and BELONGS there until the end of her days! She showed her poor mother, who brought her into this world (unfortunately), NO mercy! We’re not talking about a shopping mall robbery – give her a slap on the wrist, some time in juvie and say oh she’ll grow out of it she’s only a teenager – NO, we’re talking about first degree cold-blooded and calculated MURDER of her own mother, this is not something you can pass off as a teenage phase. Some of you should seriously consider mental evaluation of your own. Next some of you will say Charles Manson has a rough childhood and was really misunderstood, so his actions were justified and its been so long now come on set him free! Guess what EVERYONE has a rough childhood, some more extreme and others not at all, we all have baggage – fights, misunderstandings, troubles, so on and so fourth, but no actual normal functioning human being – child or adult, would go ahead with carrying out something as horrible and grisly as this murder was, and that of their own family member – a MOTHER!

    Amber is right where she deserves to be.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t see anyone defending her. Could you point that out or was that just your imagination. Defending her would be – she was right to kill her mother, good for her. And I guess I missed where someone said that. People change. The Supreme Court has even ruled that people who kill at an early age (teenagers) do not have the same brain development as adults and have to be given special concessions. Course I am sure you would favor a significant tax increase to build more prisons rather than releasing those who are the least likely to ever offend (Lifers recidivism rate is less than 1%)

      • Arthur McBride says:

        Chris, with each blog you make, your sounding outrageously angrier and angrier. You really need to stop. If you really want to help someone write to Jeff, he’s the one that never deserved the, ‘ without parole’ attached to his sentence. He certainly deserves life but that poor fool was just prey for a predator. If he hadn’t been caught in Brey’s trap I’m certain he would never have seen the inside of a prison. But you would never show him a bit of compassion because he’s a guy. You only write to women in prison. I know you really believe that some miracle is going to happen and she’ll get an appeal and parole and then maybe you two can live happily ever after. First of all your not anything close to an attorney. You lack the expansive vocabulary a professional would have, you also lack the clarity of thought to push through a relevant point in a case argument. You’re also extremely angry which is definitely uncharacteristic of anyone in any profession. My guess is that your either a prison guard but more likely just someone attached to a prison somewhere as some kind of aid to teach prisoners what to expect and how to respond to the parole boards questions or just a really bad attorney working for the state as kind of a legal aid. And then I listen to you talk and realize that nothing you say is really relevant or cohesive just I know, ‘ Brey because I’ve been writing to her for a year’ then I hear the vocabulary that you use and realize that the depth of your words are very limited usually no greater than 5,6 maybe 7 letters long. That’s not a college graduate. Here’s another clue for you, she was going to murder a child as well, she is never getting out. If you were really an attorney you would know that as long as her trial was conducted to the letter of the law she will never get an appeal and in seventeen years she never has, I am so sick of hearing you say that, ‘I have been writing to her for over a year’ I’M GOING TO PUKE THE NEXT TIME YOU SAY THAT, as if your an expert. In the big scope of things what value does writing to someone for a year really have, guess what NOTHING!!!! you really never know someone truly until you’ve lived with them. I’ve read all your blogs and they are nothing more than angry rants against anyone who disagrees with you. Another clue for the clueless, YOU CAN BE SIXTEEN WITH A IMMATURE CHILDS MIND AND STILL BE A PSYCHOPATH. ALL I’VE SEEN YOU DO IS INSULT AND KIND OF INCOHERENTLY BATTER ANY BLOG THAT DOESN’T NEATLY FIT THE PICTURE OF BREY THAT YOU’VE DRAWN INTO YOUR MIND. you did the same thing with me. I wrote to you out of kindness and how did you respond. The very first sentence was an insult and it went downhill from there starting with the lie that YOUR A CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY then later on you stated that I HAVE SAT IN ON THOUSANDS OF PAROLE HEARINGS well you must be an important, busy and impressive man to be able to be in both places at the same time. It’s time to stop, by now everybody knows how important Brey is to you, that’s fine go off and you two do your own thing but I for one am tired of the insults, abuse, lying and badgering that including me and other bloggers have to deal with. You just don’t get it. The day she realizes that as her current object or target you really don’t have anything relevant that could help her anymore she’s going to drop you like a hot rock and move on to the next object that she believes holds more promise. To make it worse she’s not even going to say a thing. One day your just going to go up to the prison (providing that you get permission which from my understanding is unlikely) one day you going to try and visit her and sadly find out that you’ve been removed from her visiting list. Maybe then you’ll get it. For all you know she’s doing everything she can to make sure that you can’t visit now but telling you that it’s the institutions fault. And you sucking up everything she says as God’s word, you’ll believe her. You know I feel bad for you. I think everyone on this particular blog has got the point from you now. It doesn’t seem like your as vested in her case and well being as you are with her. It’s sad but it seems like your trying fix or find something but trust me when I tell you that your not going to fix or find something from a very dangerous lifer in prison. Going back to something I said in the beginning. If I’m all wrong about you then show some compassion to Jeff and write to him and get his side of the story.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I agree with the stat that lifers recidivism rate is 1% and since Amber had her mother killed and she only had one mother, her likelihood of re-offending is probably quite low. Not being an expert in criminology however, I can’t agree or disagree entirely.

      • Chris says:

        Arthur. Get help old man. Quickly

  22. Amy says:

    A number of your “facts” are incorrect; the picture is not Amber, she has one brown eye and one green eye (not blue-eyes), and your cavalier description of the murder as, “nasty deed” is disrespectful. Dixie was a devoted mother and Amber had many emotional problems but the news does an excellent job skewing facts and convoluting truth. I don’t think many people are qualified to diagnosis psychopathy or sociopathy, and those who are qualified would not ethically diagnose someone based on newspaper articles. Please Remember to consider those personally impacted by Amber and Jeff’s actions while formulating blogs and responses.

    • Chris says:

      Amy, you are right. About the only thing in the article that she got correct was Amber’s name. But truth doesn’t sell.

    • Arthur McBride says:

      Chris, first let me start out by helping you correct your grammar. You said in your comment, Arthur.Get help old man. Quickly well there is no period after after the noun, ‘Arthur’, it’s a comma unless it’s used at the end of a sentence, then (get) which is a verb, is never capitalized, then after old man you put another period, it should have been a comma finally you finished the statement with the word Quickly, capitalized at that with no punctuation at all, implying that one single word qualifies as a sentence and on top of that it should have said quick not Quickly but (quick) followed by a period. It should have have been stated as thus, Arthur, you need to get some help old man , quick. or if you wanted to enunciate and make the sentence sound stronger or more powerful you could have followed up quick with an explanation point instead of a period, also the word (quickly is almost always used in past tense) also you completely left out an adjective which would have made your statement a complete and proper sentence which in this case should have been (some). If you can’t speak or write the Queens English please don’t speak at all. But you don’t even understand what the term, Queens English means, do you? How many times are you going insult me with the same old worn out uniformed ridiculous statement that I need help? Especially after I prepared and researched and presented a clearly stated argument, a few at that , all the senator’s brilliant attorney and volunteer and head of several important prison programs and owner of a Hugh Bay area law office and happily married man with three kids can say in response is, ‘you need help’ you can’t even speak proper English, by the way does your wife know how infatuated you are with Brey? what a fool I am for believing that you that you are capable of thinking and organizing your thoughts in broad thinking and simple terms and reply with a reasonable argument. As far as my assumptions, they are assumptions from reading between the lines. You know how I know that your not an attorney is because I AM or was, I teach law now at a university out east after my wife and I (who is also an attorney) decided that our children need more stability and so I closed up the practice and took a nine to five job. I come from a long line of attorneys and district court judges. I know this, if you were truly concerned with Brays case and as obsessed that you are with her. As an attorney you would take her case on pro-bono and you wouldn’t have to apply for visiting privileges because you would have access to her virtually anytime you want in a private room, no chains! I know that all my assumptions aren’t correct but more then a few are spot on. You’re also right, I never darkened the doors of any prison. What I did was completely enlightenment the entire prison by going there once a week to teach a class for inmates interested in the appellate process. Help Jeff, I would if I lived out there. I Hate to burst your bubble but he’s the only one that has a chance of getting out. With Ambers complicated psychological profile I sincerely doubt that she will ever even be considered for any review list. I never visit websites like this but I ended up on it because of my curious research on Jeff. But in my profession they are pointless and ridiculous. The only comment that deserves to be on this site and that includes mine as well and especially yours is the excruciating painful comment from Dixie’s sister. She has the right. Not someone like you that consider sites like, ‘KrazyKillers’ social media, try Facebook knucklehead. I don’t know how your comment showed up on my phone because when I asked you politely to stop writing to me, I went ahead and put you and the entire site on a, no reply comment list. Tomorrow I’ll contact the sites administrator and make sure it doesn’t happen again. As far as hooking up with you, that’s insanity personified. There is absolutely nothing in that wierd wired brain of yours that could benefit me or especially Brey. The reason I won’t mention either the state or school I live and work in is because you really are some extremely angry cyber stalker. If someone politely asks someone not to write why would they go ahead and do it anyway, BECAUSE THEIR ANGRY, normal people respect requests like that. As far as my life, I regret to have to pull the top off on what what kind of life you want me to have but as I said before it has been and continues to be more full of color and and beauty then any dream I could have had for my future as a child. By the way writing to Brey every week, talking to her on the phone and now trying to set up visits with her goes quite beyond the research that you claimed. Do you even know what, ’empirericlly researched data’ means? Stop with your immature d__k measuring attempts and get lost. P. S. I don’t care what your sexual orientation is but I never have been or currently am, ‘your sweetie’. My wife couldn’t stop laughing after she read that brilliant intro to insulting me.

      • Chris says:

        Arthur, The lies in your post are plentiful and the best you can do to hurt me is to flame my grammar, with a post that is just as bad grammatically? That is hilarious. And a lawyer who doesn’t know the difference between matricide and patricide….oh wait I forgot, you were absent the day they taught law at law school. And I find it funny that you call me the cyber stalker when you responded to my post with a poorly worded ramble, and then several other long rants. Your word count on these replies is 10x mine, but you obviously have trouble forming a succinct logical argument counselor. And in case you are too old to pick up on the sarcasm – calling you counselor was a joke cause we both know that the closest you have come to law school was when you were assigned to clean the toilets at the local one. And oh yeah, guess what – this is a public forum and everyone, even the poster who poses as Dixie’s sister has the right to post here. And unfortunately because of that freedom that is afforded everyone, we have to listen to your useless senile rants about delusions of teaching law school and going to prisons to teach, when you couldn’t even delineate the difference between matricide and patricide. But it did make for a good laugh.

  23. Steven D. Timm says:

    Ah, just had to chime in on this one!!

    I too am a pen pal of Amber’s. We have been writing about two years now and I appreciate everyone’s comments here on the board!! I appreciate other’s input on Amber Bray and it gives me the opportunity to learn more about her from another individual’s vantage point. I have enjoyed writing her and we have gotten to know each other very well through the years. I do have my guard up however regarding Amber (or any of the other inmates I write to) because I have not lost sight of the reasons she is in prison right now. I get the impression she is looking for friends on the outside and just wishes to correspond with people on the outside world. She has not tried to manipulate me or control me in any way. She has actually been fun to get to know!!

    I look forward to more blog postings on here as this is an interesting issue!!!!

    Take Care all and catch you on the web!!!

    Steve Timm

  24. Just Buzzing In says:

    In case anyone was curious, that photo is an image of Charlie Ely. A woman sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for her role in the death of Seath Jackson.

  25. Arthur McBride says:

    This is for Amy, I believe that your statement about your concern for your safety if Amber is ever released wasn’t rambling as you stated but was well thought out, very well organized, intelligent, fact based, articulate, not to forget one of the most eloquently stated and compassionate comments on this entire crazy site. I also thought that Chris had no right to reply but an obsession will always overcome any logic and his response was cruel. He never really had anything to say to you before (actually told me that your aunt was a poser) but when you mentioned your concern about her release it set him off. I read his comment to you, I’m not sure if you saw it for what it really was. In a heavily veiled attempt he starts out by trying to sound understanding and smart and all warm and fuzzy but he eventually gets around to what his true intention was and that was to impose his kind of abnormal rhetoric on you and that was plain out cruel, as he does with every other person that disagrees with him. He bashes and insults and spews out as many degrading comments until he feels satiated, fortunately he didn’t do that to you, he tried to be more clever. He is so out of his mind with me that I see he is now bashing me on other people’s blogs even mentioned me at the end of his comment to you, what purpose that served I have no idea, no professional, attorney or any other kind would ever talk like that. On the issue of relationships, he is absolutely obsessed with your sister if you read all his blogs regarding her I believe it becomes very clear. He is not an attorney as he stated, nor doing any pro-bono work for her, he told me that he knows your sister because as a senators aid he asked to do research on lifers, which is crazy because a senator cannot give anyone permission to go inside a prison. So to you he’s innocently doing work for her but on his other face to me she’s a research project. So which is it? It’s almost irrelevant to go on anymore about him because besides claiming to be an attorney and then a senator’s aid he also tried to own other professions so I would like to get to the reason why I decided to write to you even after I disassociated myself from this site altogether. I don’t consider this site as proper social media (I prefer Facebook which I advised him to do so as well). As a law professor I ended up on this site simply because I was trying to find capital cases for my students to form arguments and legal opinions weather the case facts are accurate or not it was simply for class study. I did get curious about the Lwop bill that he continually goes on and on about. So I decided to do some research and to my amazement found that it had passed already in January of 2013 (Senate bill SB 9) but it does not apply to anyone sentenced from the age of 18 or beyond and there is no current idea, Bill in process or any bill in any branch of California government that is considering resentencing hearings for any other age groups at this time or the foreseeable future but yet he’s telling your sister that she’s getting out in 2023, she doesn’t need that. Deliberately giving false hope is heartless and cruel. As I told him, her only hope is through the appeals process and a great attorney. Unfortunately California is one of the most hard on crime States in the entire country. This brings me around to my point, which is about your sisters safety and harmony. There are so many inconsistencies in all his comments that I really don’t know how he singled her out, maybe through a pen pal site and is now just telling her what he believes that she wants to hear in order to get close to her. There were two miracles that happened the day of the crime. The first one is that they were caught before they had a chance to carry out the entire murder plot, so the first miracle is you. The second miracle is that if she was able to complete the crime because of the killing of a child she would be on death row. The true miracle here is that both of you are alive and can lead productive healthy lives. Both of you are post high school educated now you can both fall in love, get married and the last I heard California still had conjugal visits. Which means she can spend certain weekends alone with her husband in a trailer inside the prison. Maybe that part is different for violent offenders, I’m not sure. But the point is, their is life to be lived and you both have it but she doesn’t need someone coming at you or her with unknown motives and she needs to be warned, in his blogs he comes off as being so close to her he’s beginning to sound like he’s a boyfriend. She may be smart but even the smartest can still get duped. In my blogs on Amber I formed my opinions based on every bit of information that I could find but since I never saw the police reports or her psych workup I have to admit that they were formed on pure conjecture. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the psychiatric terms I mentioned. I have 10 years post high school education because my first choice for a career was not law. I first wanted to be an MD psychiatrist, after 2 years I switched to law. Finally I didn’t mean to invade your privacy just a warning for your sister and my sincerest regards and best wishes for you and as you stated in your blog sorry if I was rambling on and on. Sincerely Arthur p. s. Even though I am completely detached from this site and no longer receive comment reply’s from anyone after Chris reads this his obsession is going to be out of control. In his last blog I was sick, senile, delusional and a toilet cleaner. This time he’s going to be so crazy if he was chained down and handcuffed behind his back he will poke out on his computer all his insults and degrading comments with his nose.

  26. This is for Amy, I believe that your statement about your concern for your safety if Amber is ever released wasn’t rambling as you stated but was well thought out, very well organized, intelligent, fact based, articulate, not to forget one of the most eloquently stated and compassionate comments on this entire crazy site. I also thought that Chris had no right to reply but an obsession will always overcome any logic and his response was cruel. He never really had anything to say to you before (actually told me that your aunt was a poser) but when you mentioned your concern about her release it set him off. I read his comment to you, I’m not sure if you saw it for what it really was. In a heavily veiled attempt he starts out by trying to sound understanding and smart and all warm and fuzzy but he eventually gets around to what his true intention was and that was to impose his kind of abnormal rhetoric on you and that was plain out cruel, as he does with every other person that disagrees with him. He bashes and insults and spews out as many degrading comments until he feels satiated, fortunately he didn’t do that to you, he tried to be more clever. He is so out of his mind with me that I see he is now bashing me on other people’s blogs even mentioned me at the end of his comment to you, what purpose that served I have no idea. On the issue of relationships, he is absolutely obsessed with your sister if you read all his blogs regarding her I believe it becomes very clear. He is not an attorney as he stated, nor doing any pro-bono work for her, he told me that he knows your sister because as a senators aid he asked to do research on lifers, which is crazy because a senator cannot give anyone permission to go inside a prison. So to you he’s innocently doing work for her but on his other face to me she’s a research project. So which is it? It’s almost irrelevant to go on anymore about him because besides claiming to be an attorney and then a senator’s aid he also tried to own other professions so I would like to get to the reason why I decided to write to you even after I disassociated myself from this site altogether. I don’t consider this site as proper social media (I prefer Facebook which I advised him to do so as well). As a law professor I ended up on this site simply because I was trying to find capital cases for my students to form arguments and legal opinions weather the case facts are accurate or not it was simply for class study. I did get curious about the Lwop bill that he continually goes on and on about. So I decided to do some research and to my amazement found that it had passed already in January of 2013 (Senate bill SB 9) but it does not apply to anyone sentenced from the age of 18 or beyond and there is no current idea, Bill in process or any bill in any branch of California government that is considering resentencing hearings for any other age groups at this time or the foreseeable future but yet he’s telling your sister that she’s getting out in 2023, she doesn’t need that. Deliberately giving false hope is heartless and cruel. As I told him, her only hope is through the appeals process and a great attorney. Unfortunately California is one of the most hard on crime States in the entire country. This brings me around to my point, which is about your sisters safety and harmony. There are so many inconsistencies in all his comments that I really don’t know how he singled her out, maybe through a pen pal site and is now just telling her what he believes that she wants to hear in order to get close to her. There were two miracles that happened the day of the crime. The first one is that they were caught before they had a chance to carry out the entire murder plot, so the first miracle is you. The second miracle is that if she was able to complete the crime because of the killing of a child she would be on death row. The true miracle here is that both of you are alive and can lead productive healthy lives. Both of you are post high school educated now you can both fall in love, get married and the last I heard California still had conjugal visits. Which means she can spend certain weekends alone with her husband in a trailer inside the prison. Maybe that part is different for violent offenders, I’m not sure. But the point is, their is life to be lived and you both have it but she doesn’t need someone coming at you or her with unknown motives and she needs to be warned, in his blogs he comes off as being so close to her he’s beginning to sound like he’s a boyfriend. She may be smart but even the smartest can still get duped. In my blogs on Amber I formed my opinions based on every bit of information that I could find but since I never saw the police reports or her psych workup I have to admit that they were formed on pure conjecture. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the psychiatric terms I mentioned. I have 10 years post high school education because my first choice for a career was not law. I first wanted to be an MD psychiatrist, after 2 years I switched to law. Finally I didn’t mean to invade your privacy just a warning for your sister and my sincerest regards and best wishes for you and as you stated in your blog sorry if I was rambling on and on. Sincerely Arthur p. s. Even though I am completely detached from this site and no longer receive comment reply’s from anyone after Chris reads this his obsession is going to be out of control. In his last blog I was sick, senile, delusional and a toilet cleaner. This time he’s going to be so crazy if he was chained down and handcuffed behind his back he will poke out on his computer all his insults and degrading comments with his nose.

  27. This is for Amy, I believe that your statement about your concern for your safety if Amber is ever released wasn’t rambling as you stated but was well thought out, very well organized, intelligent, fact based, articulate, not to forget one of the most eloquently stated and compassionate comments on this site. I also thought that Chris had no right to reply. He never really had anything to say to you before (actually told me that your aunt was a poser) but when you mentioned your concern about her release it set him off. I read his comment to you, I’m not sure if you saw it for what it really was. In a heavily veiled attempt he starts out by trying to sound understanding and smart and all warm and fuzzy but he eventually gets around to what his true intention was and that was to impose his kind of abnormal rhetoric on you and that was plain out cruel. He usually berates people until he feels satiated, fortunately he didn’t do that to you, he tried to be more clever. He is so out of his mind with me that I see he is now trashing me on other people’s blogs even mentioned me at the end of his comment to you, what purpose that served I have no idea. On the issue of relationships, there is something wrong with what he says if you read all his blogs regarding her I believe it becomes very clear. He is not a litigator as he stated, nor doing any pro-bono work for her, he told me that he knows your sister because as a senators aid he asked to do research on lifers, which is crazy because a senator cannot give anyone permission to go inside a prison. So to you he’s innocently doing work for her but on his other face to me she’s a research project. So which is it? It’s almost irrelevant to go on anymore about him because besides claiming to be a lawyer and then a senator’s aid he also tried to own other professions so I would like to get to the reason why I decided to write to you. I don’t consider this site as proper social media (I prefer Facebook which I advised him to do so as well). As a law professor I ended up on this site simply because I was trying to find capital cases for my students to form arguments and legal opinions weather the case facts are accurate or not it was simply for class study. I did get curious about the Lwop bill that he continually goes on and on about. So I decided to do some research and to my amazement found that it had passed already in January of 2013 (Senate bill SB 9) but it does not apply to anyone sentenced from the age of 18 or beyond and there is no current idea, Bill in process or any bill in any branch of California government that is considering resentencing hearings for any other age groups at this time or the foreseeable future but yet he’s telling your sister that she’s getting out in 2023, she doesn’t need that. Deliberately giving false hope is heartless and cruel. As I told him, her only hope is through the appeals process and a great attorney. Unfortunately California is one of the most hard on crime States in the entire country. This brings me around to my point, which is about your sisters safety and harmony. There are so many inconsistencies in all his comments that I really don’t know how he singled her out, maybe through a pen pal site and is now just telling her what he believes that she wants to hear in order to get close to her. There were two miracles that happened the day of the crime. The first one is that they were caught before they had a chance to carry out the entire murder plot, so the first miracle is you. The second miracle is that if she was able to complete the crime because of the killing of a child she would be on death row. The true miracle here is that both of you are alive and can lead productive healthy lives. Both of you are post high school educated now you can both fall in love, get married and the last I heard California still had conjugal visits. Which means she can spend certain weekends alone with her husband in a trailer inside the prison. Maybe that part is different for violent offenders, I’m not sure. But the point is, their is life to be lived and you both have it but she doesn’t need someone coming at you or her with unknown motives and she needs to be warned, in his blogs he comes off as being so close to her he’s beginning to sound like he’s a boyfriend. She may be smart but even the smartest can still get duped. In my blogs on Amber I formed my opinions based on every bit of information that I could find but since I never saw the police reports or her psych workup I have to admit that they were formed on pure conjecture. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the psychiatric terms I mentioned. I have 10 years post high school education because my first choice for a career was not law. I first wanted to be an MD psychiatrist, after 2 years I switched to law. Finally I didn’t mean to invade your privacy just a warning for your sister and my sincerest regards and best wishes for you and as you stated in your blog sorry if I was rambling on and on. Sincerely Arthur p. s. Even though I am completely detached from this site and no longer receive comment reply’s from anyone after Chris reads this his obsession is going to be out of control. In his last blog I was sick, senile, delusional and a toilet cleaner. This time he’s going to be so crazy if he was chained down and handcuffed behind his back he will poke out on his computer all his insults and degrading comments with his nose.

    • Chris says:

      Hey old man. You only need to hit send once. You posted that long drawn out rant 3x. You seemed to be a bit obsessed with me. Tell your wife to step up to the plate and be a real wife and do her job cause you obviously have no life and no friends. You also need to proof-read your rambling statements cause they make no sense whatsoever.

      • Hey kid, you couldn’t hold a candle to my wife. She’s one of the most accomplished real Estate, development attorneys in the entire state as well as a Harvard Law grad which your probably not aware is an ivy league school ,I’m not sure if you even know what that means. Any 2 digit IQ person that thinks stacking one insult on top of another leads to some sort of point has a real problem and could never understand the importance of proof reading because they don’t know how to write to begin with .I having fun with you because your so easy .Now your bashing my wife which if you knew her you would understand is completely hysterical. As I mentioned before if you first learn the, ‘Queens English’ you might be able to put together at least two sentences devoid of any insults or degrading comments that actually make a point. I haven’t heard you make one single point yet. Maybe I can help you with this, stacking one insult on top of a degrading comment on top of another insult on top of another degrading comment over and over again. DOES NOT A POINT MAKE, it’s simple just a child’s tantrum where you think your getting your rocks off. Jerk

      • Chris, Just to be fair, I do realize that you know what scotus is and that the biggest supreme Court ruling that concerns California is overcrowding in the State prison system but it had nothing to do with setting Amber free or giving her another chance. I believe that you confuse scotus (supreme Court of the United States) with scotus blog with is simply a non profit forming their own opinions and keeping track of discussions and recent developments in US Supreme Court jurisprudence. To be fair I followed scotusblog Back month by month to 2010 and found that there are really only two important scotus rulings that effect you, Amber or California, the first as I mentioned before is the ruling upholding Obama’s united health care act and the second was the one you got mixed up on and that was I believe, ‘Brown vs. California’ which refers to overcrowding in California prisons , which he won and the ruling that you ran with without further research and then told Amber is going to help set her free because the ruling states that California must reduce its prison populations to 110,000 inmates. Which you believed was going to set free 40,000 plus prisoners. If you would have read the complete ruling, it’s only going to set free non-violent offenders and short timers and the rest are going to be farmed out to other states that not only have the room but can afford them. But your still a lowlife because deliberately giving someone false hope to feed your own fantasy is sick and bleeding cruelty at its worst.

      • Chris says:

        Arthur. There is no way your wife has accomplished anything in her life cause if she was as smart as you say – then there is no way she would be married to a complete tool like you. I bet you aren’t even married. Just a sad lonely old man who pretends he knows something about the law but just reading his terrible grammar and punctuation is a clear indication that you didn’t even go to college. A legal writ with the way you write would be dismissed by any judge. And I could probably go two sentences without degrading if you could write two sentences that were coherent. Seriously it’s really hard to follow your ramblings cause they make no sense whatsoever. I could read a story from an 8 year old easier as it would be more grammatically correct.

        And helping someone understand the law and more importantly the bills that are aimed at changing current laws is not giving someone false hope, it’s helping them understand where their rights may fall as changes to these laws are implemented and applied. I bet you think that no one under SB260 should be told their parole hearings may move up 10 years? Ok now I probably have spoken in too large of words so now go to your computer and at the tope type and then when the space comes available in the middle of the screen type SB260 and look for the actual law. Since I know you have concept of what that is. Only an attorney would.

        And you are quoting senate bills that have already passed. Not ones that are being proposed now – go look those up on Nexus…..oh wait you can’t cause you have to be an attorney to do that. Well stick around this site for a few more months and once those are passed I will feed you your crow. But you will have to put your teeth back in to eat it.

    • You know Chris your really are a trick. Have you told Amber the truth yet. I did my research and you’ve not only have been lying to Amber all this time but to everyone on this site as well. Lwop passed in January of 2013 Senate bill (sb-9) and it does not include nor was it ever intended to include anyone sentenced at age of 21 or younger as a matter of fact it only includes those sentenced under the age of 18 and even then there are exceptions where someone sentenced under the age of 18 still won’t qualify and scotus I have no idea how you put that in there because scotus is the Supreme Court ruling upholding president Obama’s unified health care law. For anyone not sure just look it up on your computer. Why don’t you do the right thing like a man and finally tell everyone including Amber the truth. And apologize to everyone that you bashed and humiliated on this site. I knew deep down in my gut that you are a nobody with huge alternative motives. What you did was went on line and confused the Supreme Court ruling on overcrowding in California with Obama’s scotus health care ruling just to get close to Amber for your own selfish reasons. Giving false hope to someone to satisfy yourself makes you a lowlife piece of shit and something I can finally get you barred from this site for.

  28. Amy, I believe that you already know the consequences that could come from giving a complete stranger your e-mail address so this blog is a forewarning for anyone else on this site or any site for that matter. Once one gives out their personal email address it doesn’t require a genius teckie to obtain the ip address registered to same. Once that person has the ip address it’s only a few more keystrokes to obtain the street address that belongs to that Internet port. Then all the person has to do is go online to one of hundreds of information selling sites and throw down some money and get any and all information of anyone living at that address including social security numbers, phone number, marriage and divorce information even little things like speeding tickets and what schools you went to or are currently attending. It all depends on how much money that person is willing to spend also Dr., Client privilege is protected by the bill of rights. Not a judge, warden or even the president of the United States can force a doctor responsible for for administering any sort of evaluation to open their files. The only two people that would know exactly what took place is the Dr. and Amber. So anything he said to you about your sister all he was doing is simply reciting back to you any and everything Amber said to him and he did in such a clever and convincing way that he almost had me believing it. If you were married to a man who suddenly takes an interest in one female inmate out of thousands in the California system then starts writing her and is now trying to visit her (I have to point out that if he was really an attorney doing pro-bono work for her, as he says, he wouldn’t have to apply for visiting rights, as her lawyer he is allowed private access to her whenever he wants) and now he’s trying to nug your email out of you. Tell me as a wife wouldn’t you ask yourself, ‘what’s wrong with this picture’?

    • Chris says:

      You really need to stop trying to say anything. Did you read the note to Amy? You ramble on about people invading your privacy due to sharing an email address and then go on a tangent about dr confidentiality. You really are senile. I was joking at first but as I read your long drivel I am worried about you and your family. Your postings are very similar to those of Ted Bundy.

      And oh yeah counselor. Anyone in a CDC prison that IS NOT a retained attorney has to go through the normal visiting channels. IF you were an attorney which everyone knows you are not then you would know that in the state of California an inmate on a LWOP sentence can’t retain an pro bono attorney. Wow I learned that in the first two months of law school. You are a liar and a fraud. Give up, take your meds and go to bed.

      • Then why did you tell her sister that you were an attorney doing pro-bono work for her, Jerk. And by the way I sent off a letter to the cdc in California in an attempt to find out if there is a Chris or Christopher connected to the prison system trying to get personally get involved with Amber Brey which we both know for anyone connected to the prison system is illegal and a big no, no. After all your the one that told me that you were a big man and that you were in charge of not one, not two but several big prisoner programs, like an idiot you even named the three prisons which I included in the letter that I sent to the cdc. There going start with your correspondence with Amber, I believe that you have alternative motives and threatened her harmony. I’m starting to believe that your just a kid, no adult would use words like, ‘poser’ just a high school kid or twenty something that watches to much MTV, and an attorney would never use a word like, ‘succinct’ they would simply say, ‘concise’. Where did you hear that on, ‘law and order’, and unless California has some special restrictions anyone is entitled to an attorney pre-bono or a not and they can have as many attorneys as they need. I don’t know why I ever decided to use this site just to have an obsessed Amber Brey fan attach themselves to me like a personal vendetta. You don’t see anyone else responding to my blogs do you. No, just you. Are you still lying to her about the lwop bill and telling her that there is a bill that is going to be signed by the governor any day now that’s going to set her free? Honestly your the one that should seriously consider meds. Write to me again and I’ll report you to this sites administrator. As it is right now if you are attached to any prison in California your soon going to have a lot of explaining to do.

      • So you followed and wrote to Ted Bundy as well, go figure! Didn’t think you were old enough. By the way, ‘obsessed with you, that blog was for Amy not you and I was spot on when I told her that your obsession would drive you so crazy that if you were chained down you’d still find a way to come back and write some more insults and degragating comments and for your information what you called ramblings about giving away personal e-mail to strangers was pure fact and everyone should take heed to that advice. I could care less about you, to me your just some poor messed up young adult, from your vocabulary and many inconsistencies I’m not sure your even that or what you really are. One could definitely be a high school drop out and still attend community college. Who I am concerned about is Amber, I may not like what she did but I still believe in the humanity of people and at this time she has it hard enough as it is, and neither Amber or Amy need someone like you trying to ingratiate themselves into their lives. By the way, ‘ingratiate means to,’ by force or deliberate act gain favorable acceptance ‘. When you wrote to Amy and tried that, it was pure cruelty and I felt that you were a pure sick individual, but I don’t think that you really understood the implications of your actions, your too selfish. To pretend that you were there and understood every thing she went through and to top it off, try to get her personal e-mail was absurd. Not to forget thinly veiled and phony. So big professional man when you blog back this time can you at least come up with some fresh insults and degrading comments the old ones are worn out and boring now Come on show us what your really made of. By the way have fun with the CDC they should have my letter by now. It should be interesting since your such a great man, in charge of so many great programs in the prison system. The beautiful thing about the Internet when doing research is that it gave me the hierarchy and names of everyone employed by the California penal system, from the governor down through the parole board to the wardens of each prison as well as all administration below them so if one letter doesn’t get through I’ll finally get it through to someone.

      • Chris you mean first two weeks of legal aid school right or the last two weeks of, ‘Democracy in America’, in high school right, Jerk?

      • Chris says:

        Arthur. Poor poor old senile man. Do you bore your wife as much as you bore me? You sent off a letter to CDCR? So along with the thousands of letters they get they are supposed to care about someone who purports to help someone? You are hilarious. Maybe they will come and arrest me for being kind to someone and trying to help them. Wow sounds like your body is getting used to the Xanax and the AARP doc needs to up the dose. I love your idle threats. Write to me again and I will report you. Hey genius – ignore my posts if you are too big of a pussy to handle it. And I am now so scared that the CDCR is going to come get me. All I have to do is reveal my true identity to them and Amber would defend our friendship in a heartbeat and then the CDCR would know who the real psychopath is. So go ahead and report me all you want old codger. Do it after one of your 4 daily naps though so you don’t sound as incoherent and uneducated as you do on this thread. God, you can’t even use proper grammar or punctuation. Talk about someone who sounds like a total kid. And if you knew anything, which it is just so painfully obvious you don’t then you would not be working with the CDCR you would be working with the ombudsman group who handles complaints related to prisons. The prisons don’t address them. How pathetic you did all this research and couldn’t even figure that out. Wow how sad. Go troll along now little codger you don’t have many years left in this life and there is a special place in hell for you awaiting soon. Send all the letters you want to the CDCR. Have fun with that. Some people spend their retirement helping others…….you choose to spend it a different way but anyone can see from your posts that you life has been completely wasted. You probably have no family that will even talk to you anymore. Sad sad sad.

      • Chris, I’m having so much fun with you now because I finally have your number. Let’s see, I am, delusional, sick, senile, need meds, a toilet cleaner and a Ted Bundy wana-be and you use the words ranting and rambling many times in each of your return blogs, let me remind you again that when utilizing proper command of the English language one never uses the same word twice or more in a paragraph unless it’s used as a lead in sentence to your next paragraph. I know I left out about a half dozen or so of your other degradations, but at this moment I can’t remember all your insults, nor do I care. I find all of this so funny because I do remember that in one comment I was a fraud and had no friends because I couldn’t (as you stated) couldn’t delineate between the words matracid and patracide which was just another of your vicious insults, because any normal person would have still have known what I was talking about because they basically mean the same thing. The killing of a parent by a child sibling. But your amazing because I have never seen anyone before, determine that a person was all those crazy things from the simply misspelling of one single word. You must have a great crystal ball to be able see with such certainty who and what I am from the other side of the country. Another odd thing about you is in your reply’s. Actually in your vocabulary itself. Your language indicates someone with an IQ from the lower to middle area of an average intelligence, of course I can’t be sure of this but after listening to you use insults and small words then to have you pop up with, ‘delineate and succinct’, which where so out of place that it came off as more of a deliberate attempt to SOUND smart then to actually be smart. I forgot to mention that I am writing Amber to let her know that you have been lying to her about many things including, lwop and the big fantasy Senate bill from your imagination that is supposed to be in the governors office that is going to set her free in 2023. Also listening to you over and over trying to convince me that you learned this in the first two weeks of law school or I learned that in the first two months of law school. Do you have any idea that it’s takes 8 years to earn a law degree? Not all of it is law school itself. There are many prerequisites that comprise the first four years that must be done before your even given the opportunity to apply for law and even after the first four years, if you apply, you still have to be accepted, it’s not a given, you can still be turned away. Then there’s passing the state Bar, which I can personally tell you is no easy task. JFK Jr. Had an IQ near 140 and it still took him six attempts before he finally passed. That’s why my heart is so heavy when you spout completely irresponsible claims like, ‘I learned this or that in the first two weeks or 4 months of law school’. I think the last outrageous claim that you made had something to do with, lwop’s and their rights to pro – bono representation. What I remember is that sentenced inmates rights aren’t even discussed until maybe the third year after a student has completed their mock trials. Factually in the first two or more weeks of law school one really doesn’t discuss anything except that semester’s syllabus, what’s expected of each of us and maybe a pooling of the reasons why each of us choose law. So your claims of learning this or that within the first weeks instead of year were complete fantasy. You made it sound like law school was only 7 or 8 weeks long. About my blogs, all of them contained factual, vital points. Weather the the entire argument was right or wrong was simply an undetermined opinion, left up to you to debate and prove me right or wrong. Instead you fell back on insults and degradations until you felt satiated. Which is a clear sign of a average IQ and anger and frustration resulting from a weak mind. To undermine this pitfall in the future, start with a written outline and in each part of that outline write down everything that you are thinking and feeling, then start writing and rewriting everything until it is well thought out and organized until it flows in perfect progression to your point. At this time I find it impossible to determine who and what you really are because of the countless inconsistencies you made in your blogs but very soon now I will know from the letters and my own research that I was able to fit in a very busy schedule. Besides writing to the CDC and Amber. You once made the claim after you were a senators attache that first you were an attorney then you owned a huge Bay area law firm, so in my spare time, using maps and satellite. I’ve been going practice to practice trying to find one that is owned by someone with the name, ‘Chris or Christopher’, I haven’t found one yet, which I will no longer have to do once I get a reply from the CDC. I’ll have your last name then, either from records in some prison or from Ambers correspondence with you. I never intended to take Ambers case up as a cause until I read all your humiliating blogs to anyone who dared to disagree with your fantasy rhetoric. I realized then that you posed a threat to the only peace and harmony that she has. Your a very cruel man. A friend profiled you for me. Of course he’s just an amateur but I felt it could be valid. He said that you are a white man between the ages of 25 and 40 still living with his mother. Unattractive or of average looks no friends and socially awkward who spends most of his time on the computer searching out sites like this one, why, because they are easy pickings and because as long as they never meet you, you can be anyone you want to be. What I don’t get is that Amber is a smart educated woman, how did you get her to believe all your imaginations about lwop and a fantasy bill in the governors office that will change her sentence?
        Finally what I’ve decided to do when I start receiving replys to my letters, I’m going to cut, copy and paste them to this site for all the innocent people who you humiliated, Amy, Dixie’s sister and anyone else who has yet to realize that the Internet is a predators playground.

      • Chris ,ombudsman group, where did you learn that one in your fourth week of law school? By the way in my last blog I forgot to mention that whatever you think you learned in the second week and four months of law school. I wanted to comment that even in the first year all one studies is the history of law and why in a democracy, the rule of law is vital. The first year is very tedious (remember this, ‘all new laws are built on the backs of all the law that came before it’) so for the first year all lectures are concerned with the history of law going back 240 years right back to the Constitution. Which by legal definition is considered,’ a contractual agreement ‘, but in your four months of your law school you already knew that. I also wish I could take 4 naps a day but my days are so full that when I get home and I’m finally with my wife I wouldn’t dare take a nap, my wife would kill me. We’re both so busy with our work, that to keep our marriage as happy and vital as it is we both agreed that we spend the time that we have together, together and alone because our kids are now in college themselves, and I have to brag here when I say that the time we spend together is not only beautiful and full of wonderful color and love that goes so far back that it almost feels like the first time in college when we first realized that we were meant to be together. Something or someone like you could never understand much less have and experience that for yourself. For that I am sorry for you. I see that in your gutter language you are now trying to bash my wife. As much as you hate to hear anything that defies your abnormal rhetoric. My wife is one of those few women that is inspired by a very gentle kindness (if you were any kind of a man you would take a hint from that) and even at her age a physical beauty, one who happens to be someone you’ll never get close to meeting nor would she have anything to do with you . It’s funny she never said a word to you but your little mind has found or to put it more correctly is grabbing at straws to find more degrading ways to insult me also as much as you would like to believe that I know nothing of literature and English, I’m very well read and my grammar is as close to perfect as one can get with the exception of a misspelled word or punctuation mark, which are few and far between. I’m having so much fun with you. Every thing I say that goes against what you so desperately want to believe I am really burns your ass.You never even mentioned my grammar until I corrected yours and I see that you can still only respond with anger and as many disrespectful, degrading comments as you can . In your last blog I believe that I finally found some real clues to who or what you are, it’s more like, ‘what you are’. Your definitely not trying to help anyone but yourself, as I said before your not just cruel but selfish as well Amber satisfies you in some really strange way that’s why you truly believe that your at the top of her list as best buds. Back to what I believe I learned about what you are. You have no idea where those letters went but what fool would bother with an ombudsman when I’m making a serious attempt to get into inmate correspondence records and prison employee records. I’m not just well read but a long time ago I learned how to manipulate systems and get around them. I wouldn’t count on Amber backing you up after she gets my letter especially after she realizes all your subterfuge regarding all the hope you gave her with lies about the lwop bill and the magical bill just sitting in the governors office waiting to be signed and to make it worse telling her that she will be paroled in 2023. I see that in your degrading nothingness blogs to me that you no longer mention sb-9 or your fantasy bill. Let’s see first you told me that your fantasy bill was in the Senate then you told me that it’s in the governors office. I think you don’t mention it anymore is because I popped your little bubble when I told Amy the truth about sb-9 and the magical governors get out of jail bill. One clue I got from your last raving lunatic blog, was you stated that you weren’t afraid of being caught and fired so that means one of two things. Your either lying or you really have nothing to do with the prison system at all. That makes it a real possibility that you simply picked her out of a pen pal site. I saw her site, she looks kind of sexy on there, doesn’t she? Is that how you found her. The latter would explain how you managed to single out Amber from the thousands of other female inmates. I can picture you as a loner sitting at your computer all day. Then if you actually do work in some capacity for the penal system, it wouldn’t matter if Amber backs you up and claims that your a beautiful, benevolent person, president of the United States your still going to be fired and possibly changed with a crime and as for Amber for not reveling the relationship she could end up in segregation possibly for years. And even if you work for the system which I now don’t believe you do, still how would you single out one female out of thousands and don’t give me that bs about your senator letting you do research on lifers because there’s two things wrong with that and I can now see right through it. First of all what was the research for. You couldn’t do research (I’ve asked you twice now, ‘what does empirical research mean’? . You never answered because you don’t know) so how can you write a paper on lifers. When the first thing you have to do is have not only a topic but any research has to be done empirericlly. You can go to your computer now to find out what that means but it wouldn’t do you any good because if you research something empirericlly it is so labor intensive that you simply don’t process the skills to write a one or two thousand page report. Unless your going to write insults for two thousand pages. Also no senator in this country can’t give anyone permission to go inside a prison. Finally to try and make a mockery of the research that I have done doesn’t quantify because all my studies are done empirericlly and believe me it’s a long tedious process. In other words I’ve only scratched the surface. Trust me when I tell you that it evolves a whole lot more than simply having a few conversations with people and looking up a website. Your a creep and a danger to Ambers peace

      • Chris says:

        Arty. No normal person would know the difference between matricide and patricide. No way. But an attorney certainly would. Even one who practiced corporate law would have had to at least take the basics of criminal law taught 1st or 2nd year and would have surely studied a number of cases related to patricide and matricide. Especially matricide because it is the most infrequent crime – the killing of ones mother, only 1% of first degree murder charges involve the killing of ones mother. But anyone who attended law school surely would have known that. But for someone (like you) who did not attend law school, it’s easy to get those two mixed up. But go back and read what you wrote as the definition of Matricide or Patricide – “The killing of a parent by a child sibling”? Sibling? Come on Arthur you just make this so easy. It’s like picking on the stupidest kid in class who professes to be smart. You know it’s not right, but they make it soooooo easy. So matricide is the killing of a parent by a child’s sister or brother? That makes no sense. That has nothing to do with being a lawyer which we all know you are not, but it has to do with having an IQ above 50 which I guess is a stretch……maybe that explains the incoherent badly punctuated rants? I dunno.

        I am glad you are having fun. Me too. It’s fun to see the rantings of a senile old man, although I will admit I don’t have enough hours in the day to read your incoherent babbling so I merely skim your comments.

        And not all law schools have the same curriculum. University of Chicago law school and they allow criminal law, torts, civil procedure, litigation in their first year. Your assertion that they only teach the history of law in a first year is further proof that the closest you ever came to law school was cleaning the bathrooms as part of your janitorial job. But come one Arty, we both know you didn’t attend law school. That is fine. And here is a news flash Einstein – it takes 7 years to earn a law degree. Four years for an undergrad especially if that undergrad is in something non science, which most pre law is. And 3 years for law school. Now let me help you do the math old timer. Here we go. Arty has 4 apples. His mommy brings him 3 more. How many apples does Arty have now? 8? Wrong. It’s 7. 7 years to get a law degree. And most smart people pass the bar within 3 months of graduation. I graduated in May and took the bar in July. I am sure you know that I did mine education in 6 years as I went summers and finished my undergrad in 3 years – took the LSAT in my Jr. year and went to law school right after I graduated and passed the bar two months later. You make it sound like it takes a year after graduating just to go to law school Further proof (not that we needed any folks) that you have neither a law degree nor a college education. And only stupid people take a year to pass the bar.

        And your assertions about what a senator can and can’t do is just laughable. So let’s do a little further education for the high school graduate. SB 260 just passed last year in California which changes the way the parole board deals with juvenile offenders. SB stands for what? I would make you google it but it will interfere with your nap so I will throw you a bone and give you this one. SENATE BILL. Which means a senator has supported legislation. I don’t know any senators will will sponsor a bill without a ton of research going into it. In fact I happen to know the three inmates at San Quentin who were personally interviewed by the senators and their legal teams who sponsored SB 260. So your assertion that a senator can’t give access to a prison may be sorta correct – but a governor can and senators and governors work closely on state bills and governors give permission all the time – especially when they need subjects (inmates) to help lawyers form the bill. Let me tell you how easy it works. I tell the lead council I am working with on the bill I need access to a certain inmate for a day – he calls the senator who calls the governor (Brown loves prison programs and anything that will help reduce our prison population) who then calls the warden of said prison and asks for a gate clearance for the day for me. Name, date of birth, legal credentials, and boom – a day later I have access. Wow amazing how little you know about the legal system counselor.

        And Arthur my boy. I am not mad. This is like a cat playing with a retarded mouse. It’s kind of cruel I admit it. But the mouse, rather than retreat to it’s hole just keeps coming back for more ranting incoherent poor grammatical blogging.

        Go take some geritol and relax old man. Don’t let your blood pressure get too high or your ED meds won’t work.

        Oh yeah the prison called me today and told me I was banned for life from entering it’s doors cause someone wrote a letter that identified me. You are so shrewd. I am so crushed.

        Don’t worry Arty. Amber is doing great and is in capable hands. Hopefully only a couple more years till she is out.

    • Chris says:

      And Arty. Let me just be clear on something to ease your troubled mind. I am not in any way connected with CDCR (if you knew anything about California which you don’t you would know it is CDCR) I know you have trouble comprehending what people say so I will say it again. I am a private attorney. So any interaction Amber has with me she is perfectly safe, no solitary for her she is completely covered. Not sure where you got off that I was a CDCR employee? Wow the meds wear off quickly now days. And I didn’t know Amber was on a dating site – what kind of troll looks at those? Amber was selected because she was sentenced to LWOP at a very young age for a crime that is actually pretty rare. And so she was a grateful participant in helping to form the law which will be reviewed at the next legislative session and hopefully passed before the end of the year. We also met with Kristin Rossum who provided much needed insight as well.

      • Chris, how did I get the idea that your involved with the CDC? because you told me and everyone else on this site, remember, you can’t back out of this one because it’s archived in these blogs for everyone to read. That you are a big man in the system in charge of not one, not two but several huge prisoner programs and even named the prisons. So I was right it was just another huge lie to sound important (by the way each state has its own abbreviation for their department of corrections so trying to make it sound like not using one extra letter is something important is actually ridiculous because everyone realizes what it means so in reality it’s simply unimportant and a mute point) . So your now back to being just another simple attorney. I’ve caught you in three separate lies now all documented on this site. With all the lies and some speculation, I’m almost certain now that you simply picked her up on a pen pal site and your now obsessed with her. This is the reason for my whole campaign. Ambers safety and harmony. If you will lower yourself and lie to everyone on this site, including Amy and calling her aunt a poser, then what are saying to Amber herself and why? I’d also like to know what drives you to attack everyone on this site, people who simply make innocuous, innocent comments. Go back and read them there are dozens and dozens of them. But all will be revealed in the end. Get this through your jelly brain. Amber never had a chance to be included in sb-9 because she was already 18 when sentenced and why would you have her believe that sb-9 included everyone sentenced if they were 21 or younger? Thats not only cruel but that language was never included in that Senate bill. If you ever have the opportunity to look up sb-9 on your computer, oh I forgot your always on your computer. Sb-9 has at least a dozen statues that exempt even non-adults from ever being heard in a court for resentenceing so even if Amber wasn’t an adult when sentenced, she would still be exempt. One statute disqualifies anyone who killed a child. The statue that would disqualify Amber is the torture of any victim either before or after the murder. Amber was an adult when sentenced is still an adult and will live out her entire sentence as an adult. And added little bits here and there to existing bills or creating more fantasy bills is not going to change that. Listen to Amy’s comment, I am. She deserves that. She criticized you in her blog, are you now going to be stupid enough to attack her also? No your so obsessed that you’ll try to be understanding and fuzzy. You have no idea how to even begin to understand what she has had to suffer or endure or experienced in the last 17 years, NOR DO YOU CARE!!! You have something that’s not healthy that drives you. If you indeed do not work for THE CDC. I can at least accomplish the end of any and all communication between the two of you. I’m going to such extreme lengths because between the lies and BS I truly believe that there is something almost sick in your character. One last thing. What does, ‘ranting, incoherent, grammatical, blog mean? That was I think supposed to be your final insult to me in you last blog. All four words have there own definitions and do mean something but put together as you did, it doesn’t mean anything. I found it funny that you incorrectly used, ‘grammatical’ after I used it to once again correct your English. You used the word completely out of context because after I mention it in my last blog to you, you didn’t even bother to check out the dictionary for its meaning. Chris you need to stop before you get in too deep. The more you try to act smart and benevolent the more foolish you actually sound.

      • Chris says:

        Arthur. You obviously have no concept of how the CDC works. Yes I am in charge of several programs that are run IN the prison but I am not a CDC employee. And yes I am an attorney. You have a hard time following, but nothing I have said has ever conflicted that. Huge difference between someone who works in the prison system and works for the prison. Many people volunteer or spend time working in the CDC that are not employees of the prison, many are working with groups like Amnesty International, Lifer Alliance, Kid Kat, etc. But they are not prison employees. What a myopic view of the world you have. Sad actually but given your incoherent babbling blogs, not a huge schlock.

        And an attorney surely would have know that the proper grammar is “it is a moot point” a mute point as you said – this would mean that it is silent and a 9th grader would understand the difference, but what you meant to say is “moot” not mute. If you did go to law school (which we know you didn’t) then you should get a refund.

        And since I promised Amy I wouldn’t engage you in discussion about Amber I will keep that promise. But IF you feel your efforts to stop any communication with any prisoners is effective then the daily phone calls would probably suggest otherwise. But keep trying old timer. I am sure you have a lot of power to do nothing.

        And who said anything about SB 9? You really have a hard time reading and comprehending English don’t you? I have said several times that the bills that I was speaking of have not been passed yet. SB 9 is approved so I assumed someone with a 3rd grade education would have picked up that I wasn’t talking about an approved bill. But maybe 3rd grade is a stretch. If you have connections with the Ca senators (here is a hint: there are more than 1) then you could probably be privy to some of the laws being proposed. But you can’t seem to get it through your thick skull that I am not speaking about a previously passed law. SB 9, SB260 and other senate bills were the first wave to deal with first juvenile offenders, then elderly inmates who have served the minimum of their life sentence and are now over 60, and next several bills that will look at sentencing laws around LWOP, especially for those who crime was their first offense. The elder parole bill will be implemented in October. Wait for it…….amazing how only a few people know about that…..wonder how I do?

        And have fun with your worthless campaign. At least as of last night no inmate that I spoke to on the phone at 6.13 p.m to 6.28 p.m. had any awareness of you. So keep trying old man. Your hard work is paying wonderful dividends. (not). But if it gives you purpose in life then keep going old timer.

      • Chris says:

        Arthur. Best of luck old timer. I am bored and moving on to more productive things. Try helping someone in life, although I know you probably have no skills, try volunteering in a soup kitchen or something worthy. I would say teach an inmate to read but with your terrible grammar you would be doing him/her a disservice.

        Take care my friend. The banter has been fun. Maybe someday you will be able to keep up.

      • Chris , So far you have called me, ‘sweetie and Arty’, I don’t care if your gay or bi that’s your business, I hear there’s a lot of that in California, but as I said before, ‘I have never been your sweetie or even Arty which is a very effeminate reference to my true name that I find not just disgusting but very typical of your style. That should make your little personality disorder happy. You are right, I did spell,’ moot wrong, why a spelling error was so important to this issue I have no idea but thank you for completing my sentence because mute would have been just as appropriate, in response to a statement that was without value and a waste of listening time anyway. It was a waste of time because you only used as another means of degrading me in some way. Really in the grand scope of things there is absolutely no one that cares if I left off the R which you considered so desperately vital and extremely important as some kind of absolute proof of my incompetence. Spelling errors are common to every single person on the face of the earth. It’s old now and pointless so at least try to find another way to degrade my wife or me. In the United States everyone knows that the R really means nothing anymore because sadly to say, in the most powerful country in the world, there is nothing left in the penal system that one could consider even comes close to a definition of true rehabilitation, The emphasis is on pure punishment now and absolute justice although available to the poor is still exclusive to the wealthy. Look at OJ Simpson, it cost him 10 million to get an innocent verdict, and guess what? The prosecution could have cared less. They all went home quit the DA’s office, wrote their books and became millionaires. Since the end of the sixties the emphasis changed from reform and value of life, dramatically to a hard on crime mentality. I watched it happen first hand while in school. After all the riots and assassinations of the sixties , the Manson family and Richard Speck. What the politicians realized from all this they quickly grabbed onto and it became a guarantee for election to whatever seat they were seeking – a campaign platform built on tough on crime laws and the fat rear ended white middle class who were absolutely afraid of their own shadows slid right into their slimy little voting booths and voted them in. Then each successive candidate went more and more over the top using the same campaign and came up with even more unfair and bizarre legislation. In 1970 my state was one of the most progressive in the nation in terms of rehabilitation. Lifers actually having full time jobs in town. Inmates attending classes at the University itself along with the regular students. They even had weekend furloughs for Inmates within two years of their first release date and guess what very few inmates ever absconded when outside the prison, not to forget millions of dollars allocated to every self help and inmate reform program known to man at that time . Now they are spending billions just to warehouse them. Then I watched the politicians slowly begin to destroy all of it. Immediately all those programs were stopped then they came up with a real piece of shit, proposal B, which eliminated all good time and parole, and many other states followed suite, (and by the way, ‘suite’, is the correct word by definition and spelled perfectly so you don’t have to run for your dictionary to find a new way to degrade me or my wife) in not just my state but many others now if you get 10 years, you will do 10 years in prison to the date so now they have to spend billions to build more and more prisons because of the laws that keep men and women in prison long after a reasonable release date and they wonder why America houses almost 30 percent of the world’s prisoner population, and let’s not forget sentencing guidelines that weren’t based upon any population or scientific research that tied the hands of our judges rendering them incapable of using any mitigating circumstances during sentencing at all. Under sentencing guidelines a sentence is a sentence so fuck everyone and with sentencing guidelines why have judges at all anymore? Hell we could simply use a bailiff to keep order in the court. Now I know that’s ridiculous we still need judges but the whole show is completely absurd. Why not just use computers programmed with every bit of legal information known to man. A computer that can reference or cross-reference 2, 3 thousand cases at a time from 50 different states in a nanosecond. Wouldn’t that be better than a judge whose humanity has been removed by our legislators anyway? To make it worse in any cause for justice, California is second to Texas in its tough on crime laws and Texas executes more people each year than the combined total for not only the rest of the United States but a lot of the world as well. In spite of what you think you know and bragged and lied to Amy about, since Judge Fogel’s ruling in favor of Morales vs the state of California that came down in February of 2006 that begin the moratorium on the death penalty, 13 people have still been executed in the State of California. As an attorney you should know this and the fact that the state of California is dealing with two separate legislative bodies of government, state and federal so to tell Amy that because of all the work that you are engaged in, implying that you are helping all 40 senators so there will never be another execution in California was an out and out lie. I don’t believe you even know what the moratorium on executions is really about. The moratorium is not about the validity of the death penalty at all. What judge Fogel ruled on was the method of execution. It saved Morales life but it’s a temporary stay. Most of his ruling was about the cruelty of the 3 drug method that they were using. To understand the death penalty in California one has to go all the way back to 1972 when not just 8 Supreme Court Justices in Washington DC ruled from lawsuits brought from inmates from nearly every state in the Union that capital punishment was cruel and unusual punishment but the Supreme Court of California a few months earlier also ruled in an inmate case that the death penalty was cruel and unusual punishment and commuted 107 death sentences. That’s how Charles Manson and his group beat the grim reaper and placed a ban on all death sentences being carried out. You see the death penalty was still being passed down in court, I’ll explain why in a moment. That understanding and peace lasted exactly 6 years, it was California that broke that peace when because of serious crime the citizens themselves decided that enough was enough and were able to overrule the ban through the voter initiative process and if you understand anything at all about how powerful the rights of people can be then you would understand that the only way to abolish the death penalty entirely without anymore interference from any government is through the same process, voter initiative. I’m just explaining the basics because there is a lot more to the death penalty issue in California it’s been a game of ring around the rosey since 1972. I will give you 1 good example of what I mean. In 1972 after the California supreme Court ruling and commuting of all those sentences, the state almost immediately turned around and introduced proposition 17 which was an amendment to the Constitution of California that reinstated the death penalty but excluded many crimes that otherwise would have been subject to execution. It’s crazy because there’s more before the vote in 78. Regarding the moratorium they came close to a resolution a few years back in which they were going to offer death row inmates a choice of either lethal injection or gas. Personally I’m very happy that states are now questioning the 3 drug method. It is very cruel if you understand what drugs they are using. The one that would make this type of execution excruciatingly painful is the paralytic that is used to slowly shut down the lungs. That means that they are first put the inmate into a coma and then slowly smothered him to death, I have read of cases where this slow smothering lasted as long as 28 minutes and they flopped around like a fish out of water. The 3rd drug is meant to stop the heart. California at first was in favor of a single injection process. I just don’t get it, how the politicians can even mess this up. If they want a truly humane death then what’s so difficult about just simply overdosing them on let’s say, ‘morphine’ they don’t feel a thing. They just slip away into a coma that is painless and they just slip away. I also clearly noted your style in Amy’s blog from you, again how vague you were on new bills that you always seem to pull out of your hat at the precise moment or what you believe is the right time. Never once putting a name to your fantasy bills but just a vague reference as if your privy to legislation that only your aware of. I also found it repulsive and cruel that you would tell someone who in her last statement was trying to make it clear that she is terrified for her safety if Amber is ever released, and that there are bills soon to be enacted that will virtually guarantee Amber’s release within a few years. You actually tried to buffer it this time by stating that, ‘it may or may not help her’, and what is really sad is that the information that you recited and I mean recited was nothing more than what I had explained to you in my blog just before you wrote to Amy.I was the one that explained that sb-9 had almost a dozen exemptions, you knew nothing about it. For anyone who questions this go back and read my reply to Chris just before he wrote to Amy. Where I had to explain to him the language of the sb-9 ruling and some of the exemptions that will exclude a certain percentage of juveniles sentenced to lwop for resentenceing because of the way they committed murder. Again you were yourself and vague as always, never saying directly what those bills were. You did the same thing (we’re going to discuss this further, a bit later and HOW a absolute superman that’s claims to be so embedded in the making of all Senate bills and cleverly lays the assumption that he is working with all 40 senators on early release bills not to forget the politics of the making of all California legislative possesses and law wouldn’t know this. Yes, I read your cruel bullshit reply to Amy.) Hell you’ve practically morphed yourself into one of of our countries forefathers writing the Constitution. I’m sorry but at the end of my last blog I baited you to write more crap to Amy. All I had to say was, ‘Amy criticized you in her last comment and youswallowed it hook, line and sinker like you swallow everything else, I’m referring to your conversations with Amber. There was no way you weren’t going to try and correct her. Justice in the West, look at California and their 3 strike law if it still exists. I don’t know, the last I heard was about 10 years ago. A story of a man on, NBC 48 hours, who was sentenced to life because his 3rd strike (felony) was stealing a slice of pizza because he was hungry.(sentencing guidelines) R is just a letter representing a word for the politicians who could care less about the real value of life then you do. In a way I feel bad for you because through all your attacks on innocent people on this site, its obvious that you want Amber freed to the point that your very vague about all mysterious bills for early releases and get out of jail free cards. You always make reference to them but you never actually name them, not one and you freely made up non-existent bills just waiting to be signed by the governor as well as distorting the true language in sb-9 and mentioning bills that are most likely dead in the Senate now since Plata vs Brown as well as several other lawsuits brought against the state of California were validated by the United States Supreme Court.I don’t think you understand the politics behind all those bills being considered for relief of overcrowding in California prisons and why most of them became dead in the water. California simply didn’t want to go toe to toe with the highest court in the nation because not only would the decision for overcrowding relief come down but they can be fine untold amounts of money until they came into compliance. I think that you created these untruths to plant hope in your mind as well as Amber’s. At first I thought that it was you that had an intense obsession with Amber but I realize now that it’s something else. Maybe not an obsession with some fucked up part of your mental makeup but definitely something about you and this entire insane thing that you are doing that definitely comes from some real dark part of yourself. Maybe a sense of importance or power or control, whatever it is and who better to validate those sensory feelings of inadequacies then a lifer with no hope of ever getting released except maybe a medical parole and even then, the law states that the lwop must be over the age of 60 and have served at least 25 years of their sentence and then it’s not a given. We just had a very famous killer dying of brain cancer who wasn’t even a lwop just a lifer who qualified down to the letter of the law, had served over 40 years and was 70 years old. She was denied and died thirty days after the states final refusal and she passed away in a California women’s prison. Chris, are you aware that if Amber had committed her crime in any other country except the United States, her and Jeff would at least be close to finishing their sentences. Even in dirt bag countries like Mexico or central and South America they’d probably be free by now. Even Canada which is still part of the British Empire uses lwop sparingly, hell very few people even get life for murder. Most developing countries do consider neuroscience and how it rises up to the brain and effect emotional development. That doesn’t stop until the body is fully mature around the age of 23 or 24. Many of those people are still going to end up psychopaths but most will not. About 8 years ago a woman stabbed to death both of her 10 year old twin sons then poisoned her husband to death. Because the British put their accused through intense evaluations and other testing it took 3 years for her to finally get to trial. The purpose of the intense evaluations is to help the magistrates determine a reasonable sentence if the accused is found guilty. She was found guilty and given a sentence of 17 years based on what he felt and the evaluations, in America it’s called probation investigation and it can take as long as, oh maybe, 20, 30 minutes. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, maybe it’s because in a way I’m trying to say that I understand at least in part what I think your trying to express but your doing it in the wrong way. What America calls prison reform is nothing more than a very dark, draconian system that instead of being progressive is moving backwards more and more towards the middle ages but with all that said this is America and it still has nothing to do with Amber and it still doesn’t change my opinion of what I think she is and right now it’s very late and I’m just to tired to explain again how I came to that conclusion. Another thing that I found very interesting is the fact that in my last blog. I clearly, in very certain terms used the words, ‘PEN PAL SITE’. You Can’t deny it, it’s in my last blog for everyone to see. But in your response to that, your either dyslexic, which I don’t believe you are but I also don’t believe that you understand that you made one very serious slip of the tongue by referring to it as a DATING SITE. That’s a very reveling character statement. On these PEN PAL SITES the two parties involved seldom ever meet so one could surmise that since you are now writhing every week and speaking over the phone, you may actually believe your dating in a kind of strange way. I don’t know if this is true, it’s conjecture but viable, especially for you because you will believe to your death that she has an intense something or other with you. I can guarantee that she doesn’t feel you’re at the top of any list. When it comes down to you or her, it’s going to be her every time especially when questioned about the reworked lie and weather you do or do not work for the CDC and if she was aware of it. First you worked for them, then you claimed you didn’t, now your saying that you do work for them but as a volunteer. Which is it? All of its a lie otherwise your the biggest fool in the State of California. If you are involved with the CDC regardless of how you are connected to them or weather you receive a check from them or not as soon as they find out that your personally getting involved with an inmate, the first thing that is going to happen is that you will be escorted off the prison grounds and then barred as a security risk. Oh by the way your absolutely stupid remarks over my use of the word sibling. Next time open your dictionary before you open that fat stupid mouth of yours. Sibling, ASSHOLE, means, ‘one or two or more people related by a common tie. To make it simple for your little way of thinking. A sibling or siblings are first and foremost the children of the parents first, but to a child their sibling exclusively would be their brother or sister. So by stating it the way I did I was not only correct but I was trying to make it easy for the stupidest kid in the class by avoiding two long drawn out boorish and tiring explanations. As much as your disorder so desperately tried to use a simple one letter misspelling of the word matricide to prove absolute incompetence on my part. This will really burn your ass because I don’t believe anyone really cared about anything that you had to say on that matter. People are a lot smarter than YOU give them credit for. I believe absolutely everybody knew what I meant, the words are so closely related that one would have to be very uniformed not to understand. That must drive you personally to feel like you want to start destroying things. Normal people have great inhibitory controls built deeply into their characters. To keep it simple for you, it helps them keep the lid on when anger or other problems arise. People with personality disorders are exactly the opposite.They don’t have those kind of controls. If they feel that their over inflated sense of self or their fantasy prone ideas are slighted in any way they become enraged and unable to respond with a noncombatant, reasonable rebuttal especially from one who claims to form rebuttals almost on a daily basis resulting from the line of work he claims to be in. Or to be more correct. One of the many lines of work he claims to be involved in. They without exception will always respond with insults, violence, damaged property just to name a few. I’m glad your not my neighbor because my trash cans would be smashed in the street and the side of my home spray painted. I showed all the blogs from this site to a simple school counselor. Without knowing anything about your emotional status. The first thing he picked up on (even before I came along to constantly confront you) he pointed out the many, many replys to people that you never shared a single word with before, but now out of the blue your ripping apart and crucifying with the most humiliating insults your angry little mind can contrive. He couldn’t say much more but did say that, except that what your doing is characteristic with some sort of personality disorder. Then finished by pointing out obvious inconsistencies in your blogs like the one about you being a senator’s aid and how he gave you permission to enter a prison for some kind of research. You never mentioned what kind of research that was for as a matter of fact whenever you stated that you were doing research in the prison you still never said what that research was about or what organization gave you that kind of responsibility. Finally he said that people with personality disorders when confronted with one of their own lies instead of just leaving it be or coming clean they will fall back and create an even more convoluted, unlikely lie to wrap around the first one in an attempt to still make it sound convincing. Like what you did when I burst your bubble about a senator giving you permission to enter a prison for research. At first you left it alone, most likely giving you time to think, finally coming back with a very confusing statement how now a governor was working with that senator and you finished up with a vague reference to amnesty international wrapping it all around the first lie, neatly like a fresh biscuit you were now feeding us. Of course neither of us know absolutely because none of us has ever met. You might simply just have your head screwed on backwards with rage and anger control problems. I found it comical that after I corrected your use of the English language, immediately after, you began a campaign to use my grammar as a backdrop to all of your insults and degrading comments. You did it 4,5,6 to 7 times in every single blog after mine. As if you were desperately trying to convince an audience that I was a horrible, uniformed, incorrect and greatly incompetent person. You even stated that my grammar was so bad that you couldn’t understand a thing I was saying, then went on to state that you can understand an 8 year old easier. Did it ever occur to you genius that the reason that you relate so well with an 8 year old is because your both on the same intellectual level?

      • marilyn4ever says:

        You make many poignant arguments about the penal system over the decades. I’m wondering how much of the exchange between you and Chris is based more on besting one another and insulting each other, rather than engaging in an objective discourse about the case.

      • Chris says:

        Maryln or Lisa Lahey or whatever in the heck you go by. I am surprised/disappointed that you have allowed the abuse to go on this long on your site. I said earlier I won’t engage Arthur anymore – he is clearly unstable as you read his long, incoherent rambling I am afraid that since there is no way he could ever find me (especially cause my real name isn’t even Chris) he is probably taking out his psychotic rage on someone else. It’s sometimes fun to banter back and forth and try to best someone, but when he demonstrates truly psychotic tendencies then it has gone too far and he is clearly unstable. You say on your site that you monitor comments, but do you? Go read his rantings, he has used profanity at me several times and threatened me many times which goes way past my calling him old, senile etc. He has made slurs about sexual orientation and although there is no question he is a complete bigot, it is sad that you have allowed this to go on. I won’t engage him anymore mostly because I don’t have enough hours in the day to read his poor grammar and rantings that have no point, but also I truly believe he is psychotic and needs mental help. I suggest you show some integrity and delete all of his comments and ban him from your site. You may be saving someone from his obvious rage as he is clearly not a stable individual and should probably be in an institution somewhere.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Sad that I have allowed this to go on? Why do you continue to answer him and also to continue arguing with him? Whatever the heck I go by? You sound like a sarcastic guy….isn’t that what you are complaining about?

      • Chris says:

        Arthur, Let me just quickly clarify something cause you obviously don’t understand legal jargon. LWOP means life without parole. You stated erroneously that the elder parole bill would look at parole after the LWOP has served 25 years. But that is factually erroneous. Elder parole applies to lifers with a determinate sentence but does not apply to those serving life without parole. I don’t think you really understand what the term LWOP means, but most lay people with a 3rd grade (equivalent) education don’t.

        Oh yeah and when you say “weather someone did this or did that” I think you mean to say “whether someone” I know this is basic English but you seem to really struggle with it. Hence why I made the comment that it’s easier to read the writings of an 8 year old than yours. Just thought I would help you out. And if I am on the same level as an 8 year old, then that means an 8 year old has been correcting your grammar for the past month so not a real positive reflection on you is it?

        And though you accusing me of being gay you show what a bigot you truly are. Most uneducated people are though, so it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

        And I only referred to the site you mentioned as a dating site as I am not really familiar wit what a pen pal site is. Which you clearly demonstrate a solid understanding of them. Pretty pathetic that you look for love with someone who is incarcerated and has no real choice, but what is even more sad is you can’t even get a woman who is in prison and has no where to go and no man – they would rather find love with a female prison inmate than you. Which probably is one of the reasons who hate gays.

        OK I am done with you. I feel bad for picking on you. But you are such an easy target and like they say – you can’t fix stupid and even though I have pointed out your poor grammar and your pointless rantings, you do nothing to improve it. In fact it just gets worse. I seriously get a headache reading your rambling.

  29. Amy says:

    Chris and Arthur,
    What is being accomplished by your banter? As someone personally affected by Amber’s action I consider some of the remarks insensitive. Don’t forget, Amber’s actions resulted in my mother being murdered in a very heinous way. I was also a target and had it not been for my mom’s strength, I would be dead. All that to say, Chris- your comment directed at Arthur, “Don’t worry Arty. Amber is doing great and is in capable hands. Hopefully only a couple more years till she is out.” While it’s meant to harass Arthur, it’s a reality that is truly terrifying given what happened. She may or may not get out but please don’t forget what happened. My moms eyes were cut, her throat was slit so deeply, you could see her spinal cord; and Amber not only planned it, she prevented me from trying to help my mother. So when you say hi to your mom (if she is alive -god willing) imagine what it would be like to see your mom murdered when you’re a kid and have people argue back and forth about grammar/psych terms… And using your incarcerated sibling as some sort of leverage. I want to be sensible about these things but please have some decency and consideration.

    • Chris says:


      Thanks for your note. And you are right I was being insensitive to you so for that I apologize. I can still point out what a tool Arthur is and keep Amber out of the conversation. And just so you know the bill that is being proposed may or may not get passed, and it certainly would not be a get out of jail free card for anyone. Much like SB260 which simply asks the board to consider the age of the perpetrator at the time of the crime, it only changes the way the board views an adult committing a crime vs. a juvenile – all the other factors such as remorse, insight , responsibility have to be met. There are many juvenile offenders who will never be able to meet this criteria even under the new law and never be released from prison. So if this bill were passed and if it did have any applicability to Amber she would have to demonstrate that she had deep insight into her crime, took absolute responsibility, and was deeply remorseful. Keep in mind however that people do change while incarcerated. There have been many people who have committed far worse crimes than Amber who have been released and went on to live productive lives. I am not saying that your fear is not rational but if you look at the statistics – so far in California there has never been a lifer released who has committed another violent crime.

      But going forward I will leave Amber out of the discussion out of respect for you and your family. Like I said, I can pick on Arthur without having to bring Amber into the equation. I should be the better person and not engage him as he obviously has some issues. He really has no dog in the fight here as he has never talked to Amber nor does he understand the laws in California nor does he have to live with a broken prison system that costs the tax payers billions by keeping people who have reformed themselves in prison longer than they should be. Again not insinuating in anyway that Amber is in that category. But hopefully you understand that Gov. Brown, at the order of the Supreme court has until 2016 to reduce the prison populations by 16% or build two new prisons at the cost of $1B each and $185M each annually to run. There are far better solutions here than that.

      And just so you know – my mom was murdered when I was 7 years old. It’s the reason I went to law school as my moms killer was executed when I was 18. My sister and I had the chance to meet him (at his request) as he wanted to apologize for all the pain he had caused and actually ended up waiving his last two rounds of appeals that would have prolonged his life many more years – but he felt that for what he did the only way he could have really shown his remorse was by giving his own life. Which I actually didn’t agree with. Ironically I am a huge opponent of the death penalty now and most of my time is spent attempting to correct wrongs in the criminal justice system. We are also working on a bill that will abolish the death penalty in California – although as you probably know there is already a moratorium on it now and there will never be another inmate executed here. It was extremely cathartic for me to be able to forgive him and helped me immensely to be able to move on with my life.

      Anyway stay well.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I am so sorry about your mother. I cannot imagine surviving a parent’s murder, especially if you were in a situation where you were forced to witness it.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I’m honored that you read my blog and that you have responded to it. What a harrowing experience that has obviously been for you and always will be. How have you coped during your life since your mother’s murder? Do you speak to Amber?

    • Amy, I have waited awhile to write this because I was busy and thought it better to wait. I’d like to keep this as consise as possible if that’s possible and from the center of my heart it’s meant to alleviate any fears that you may have concerning your sister’s release. I don’t know if this is what you want to hear but I’m going to call it like it is. Your sister was sentenced as an adult to life without parole and that is exactly what she’s going to do. In spite of the misinformation you’ve been given, any phony bills in the governors office (what happened to that bill that was supposed to be signed any day that was going to give her 25 to life and release her in 2023?) it disappeared as soon as I exposed his lie about the language of sb-9 (I don’t even know what to call him anymore because if you read his last blog he’s not Chris anymore.) the true nature of that bill just doesn’t disqualify her because she was sentenced as an adult, but for two other reasons as well. Sb-9, as I had to explain to whatever he’s calling himself now, has at least a dozen exceptions that would disqualify even a juvenile sentenced to lwop from ever being heard for resentenceing. Your sister is disqualified from ever being heard for resentenceing for three reasons. 1.She was sentenced as an adult, 2 . Murder with special circumstances (that would be laying in wait) and 3.the torture of a body before or after the murder. Everything he wrote to you was misinformation and fluff. Things he could have got off the front page of any newspaper in California. Not one thing he said to you had anything to do with Amber the law or her sentence. Next time someone writes to you and starts throwing this bill around or that law. Blog them back and simply ask to name the bill or law by their legal designation and how it’s going to change her sentence and how exactly their involved in the process and then go a step further and do your own research. If your living in fear, you don’t have to. She will never be released, not in my lifetime, not in yours or even your children’s. Before I go, I apologize for putting you or your sister in the middle of all this but please believe me I never meant to and in reality there was a method to the madness. I bit into those gutter mouth blogs simply because I was trying to flush him out and find out who he really is. I was almost there when you intervened. I exposed at least 3 lies and realized that he had morphed himself into at least 7 different people doing 7 different jobs. But after your blog I’ve decided to stop he’s just not that important and your sister will figure him eventually. You know what his blogs reminded me of? Two groups of high school boys arguing it out in the hallway. Do you remember? whoever got the best insult in was supposed to be the winner. I think they call them, ‘burns’ funny. By the way I’m going to say this again, I don’t care what magical, fantasy bills people present to you, keep this at the forefront of your mind THERE ARE NO LAWS OR BILLS EVEN REMOTELY BEING DISCUSSED ABOUT RESENTENCEING ANY MORE LWOP’S and if there where it would be national news. God bless Amy

      • Amy, by the way I couldn’t resist reveling to you exactly what a Jerk this Chris or whoever he is now. This is so ridiculous, he should hide under a rock after this one. Remember he told you that he was currently working on a bill that would abolish the death penalty in California? The big superman? The truth is the death penalty in California was voted in and is now part of the Constitution of California and the only way it can be removed is through the voter intuitive process. There is absolutely no person or persons that can remove an amendment to the Constitution. I don’t even think he knows how much is involved in just having a new bill heard. First you better be best friends with a senator or be one and for him he’s changed so many times he might be a senator in his next gutter mouth blog. Can you imagine a senator talking that way. If your not a senator then you better have a lot of signatures and I’m talking about 300 thousand. Then if you catch the ear of a lawmaker and they agree to try it this bozo still has to have 51 percent of the floor which in California would be 21 senators just to have it heard and that’s all in between being a big Bay area defense attorney with a huge firm to manage and run 3 or 4 big time prison programs and attend thousands of parole hearings and be involved with amnesty international, which by the way is only involved in one case in the U.S at this time and that a poor soul from another country imprisoned in Missouri. Oh let’s not forget he’s also working on sb-260 which was some fluff he added to sound important but in reality has nothing to do with Amber. In his own words it’s a bill that is being considered to move up parole hearings for small timers. And the moratorium he spoke off has nothing to do with the validity of the death penalty. A judge can’t rule it out of the Constitution. The moratorium is about the process California currently uses to carry out death sentences. And by the way even in spite of Judge Fogel’s ruling there have still been 13 executions in California. So between all this, he’s abolishing the death penalty and has 300 thousand signatures as well as 21 senators in his pocket and all their muscle. Not even the president can abolish the death penalty. He must be George Washington, NOT, JUST A VERY FOOLISH STUPID, STUPID, BOY

      • Chris says:

        Arthur – Ever heard of an amendment to a state constitution? Go look it up before you speak and then you won’t look like such an idiot. Yes a article of a state constitution can be amended by a vote of the people, but there are two other ways too. Look it up counselor.

    • Marilynforever, this is Arthur. I wanted to apologize for that gutter mouth and the way he attacked you again. I’m surprised that he ever heard the name Lisa Lahey, she’s a lecturer at Harvard, he must have heard of her from TV. He used her to insult you by the way. You see if you don’t absolutely agree with him or you say something that he perceives as a slight against his, whatever is going through his head, he’s going to attack you as he did when you just casually mentioned that I had made some very poignant, meaningful points about the status of America’s penal system over the decades. I thank you for that. You have a lot of support on here including from me. I want to finish by saying that I was never trying to best him, I’m 62 now I’m way past that and I did try to legitimately engage him in honest debate but he couldn’t seem to wrap it around his mind, he just keep coming back with those gutter mouth insulting blogs that I really think he believes were honest reactions to my openings that I left for him. The reason I keep biting was because I was flushing him out, and I did, so I’m done. I wish you the best Sincerely Arthur

      • And by the way Marilynforever he’s more than sarcastic. He’s an asshole. I hope you don’t mind the swearing but truth is truth and sometimes there is no better way to say it then like it is. Sincerely Arthur

  30. Chris says:

    Marilyn, Yes I am sarcastic. I’m done with Arthur now. It was fun though. Best of luck. Stay well.

    • Chris, out of all the rich cultural, political history I pointed out and years of United States law, and all you can do is point out another spelling error. By the way, I’m curious. What is the importance that you attach to that, that no one else does. I finally realized that you couldn’t respond to all that very rich history and fact because you simply didn’t know how to reply to something you knew nothing of. I’m sorry for you, if you remember this started out as a blog from me to you out of kindness. Your response to me was an insult and it went downhill from there. I had you on the ropes, exposed your lies and right now your afraid of those letters. According to your last blog your not even Chris anymore, which is also a very transparent lie. But that’s what you are, a lying, rage and hate-filled, gutter mouth nobody with no name, and finally we arrive at the only thing of value you ever stated and that is your not Chris, that makes you nobody. You’ve lived your entire life with people thinking that of you, haven’t you? That’s why you always respond with so much hatred. Nobody that’s fitting.

      • Nobody, formally known as Chris. You know in the beginning this was simply an issue of Amber and her just punishment. It made me wonder though, how and why the 5 spelling mistakes I made over the course of a lot of blogs my spelling became such an issue for you. You actually spent somewhere around 5 thousand words over the course of dozens of gutter mouth blogs trying to pound this into the minds of those who you perceived to be your audience. On top of that you kept saying that you were correcting my grammar which wasn’t true, one has to understand it before they can they can correct it, you would have to go through an entire sentence or paragraph or even an entire paper to correct grammar. Which I found curious because I rarely make Grammar mistakes. Then it dawned on me you associate the two as the same thing which is a very child like way of thinking. Although spelling is part of the command of the English language the two are not the same. You actually encapsulated the two as all or nothing. In all honesty (if you’re able to do that) let me ask you this – the issue is Amber and her punishment, so how does 5 spelling errors over dozens of blogs, in your mind become so important to her situation or help her? It’s nonsense, it doesn’t make sense, so I have to wonder what that says about you and your power of reasoning which is something you have yet to demonstrate. Now my grammar may not be sterling but it’s pretty damn good and has done me justice through school and many years of college and as far as spelling goes even the president has proof readers. Now let’s get back to grammar and this is important for you because it’s yours. In all your gutter mouth blogs there was one in particular that I asked you to explain but you refused. You finished this blog with this statement and this is verbatim. You ended by saying, ‘ranting, incoherent, grammatical, blog’. I have no idea what you were saying nor did any other reader, how could they? It made no sense at all. So I’m going to ask you again what you were trying to say? No don’t bother answering, you couldn’t anyway and try to keep some kind of face. Let me ask you this, I started out writing to you out of kindness and what did you do in your reply? You absolutely assaulted and humiliated me for about 5, 6 hundred words. Why do you do that? I’ve read your blogs to people, people you never shared 2 words with before, then out of nowhere you attach yourself to them like a disease until you feel like you’ve put them in their place. You’ve called them 3rd graders, go back to school and at least finish the fifth grade, your mentally deranged and that’s some of the nicer things you said to complete strangers. I just read your attack on Marilyn, I don’t even know if she realized that you were insulting her when you mentioned, ‘Lisa Lahey’, how would you know who Lisa is anyway ? TV, CNN most likely. She is way past your league. She is the premier, head lecturer at Harvard University graduate school of business education and is well know for her dynamics in economics, strategic business practices and business acumen. As well as other things. This is a woman that gets invited to the White House, what the hell would you understand about anything I just said, but you cruelly used it to try and put Marilyn in her place. It’s easy and satisfying for you to be able to assault anyone at will, faceless behind a computer in the dark isn’t it? Then you were so out of your mind with rage because she commented something nice about my blog that you completely lost it and said one of the most incredulous, nutty statements I’ve heard from you yet. This is also verbatim. You were so desperately trying to convince her that I was psychotic, that you actually said, ‘Arthur is psychotic that I’m not actually Chris so he must be talking to someone else’. So your nobody 😃? Explain to me also why in all your blogs to anyone, you could not say anything that was humane or kind not one word. Why was everything a battle, not just with me but everyone on this site. Even your bullshit approaches to Amy were by design to ingratiate yourself into a life that I don’t think necessarily cared if you were there or not, you had her scared you asshole. But at least you showed some cleverness. Starting out as if you were best friends right down to that very transparent lie about being the surviving victim of a murdered mother. Funny how that coincides with Amy’s true story. The only victim you are is a victim of your own blind rage and anger. Out of all the rich political history and law that I shared with you, we could have had some great conversations but that’s not in your character. I actually don’t know how you get through life or have friends. Have you ever actually opened up a book on sociology or read, ‘Democracy in America’ it’s required reading not just in high school but college as well. If you did you wouldn’t of had to lie about law and politics so much because you would have at least had the basics. There is one and only one statement that you made on here that was honest and from your heart. That was the comment you made to Marilyn that you are sarcastic but you know something? You were being to kind with yourself because in fact your an rage filled, hate-full asshole. For all the people this guy insulted, humiliated or degraded, don’t feel to bad since he’s no longer Chris. Feel better knowing that those comments came from nobody.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Arthur, you stated you don’t believe I censor the responses on here then you write hostile comments such as this one. That makes no sense to me.

    • Come on, Mr nobody, nobody reads the crap but we’re all expecting it anyway. If you think I’m lying why don’t you do a poll?

      • Chris, this is my farewell blog it encapsulates you to the last letter. The rich fantasy life, lack of education, it explains why you never have a kind thing to say and why you so viciously attack people you have never met for just stating innocuous, honest statements. Every since you went after Amy with that I’m your buddy nonsense and lied to her about who and what you are and had her scared for her life. Especially after the second blog when you tried to further ingratiate yourself into her life by stating that you witnessed your mother’s murder in the exact same manner as she did. How convenient. It was such a transparent lie that it proved how you are unable to assimilate and feel empathy for others. That’s when I decided that you had to be exposed for the complete fraud you are and for being let’s say, not dealing with a full deck. I used the same tactics that the police use when dealing with a suspect that starts out with a lie, they simply confront them harder and harder until the inconsistencies start popping up. You made it difficult though by always ignoring the issues and sticking with foul mouthed, utterly indecipherable blogs. You changed personas and fantasy jobs almost daily. I thought it funny because you didn’t realize that by doing so you actually showed a very limited and weak vocabulary. There is no one on this site that thought putting together 15 to 20 insults and degrading comments in random chaos actually believed that it was a well organized, structured, realistic, well flowing statement. I believe that your 20ish, a high school drop out or close to it, still living with his mother at home. All your insults are clearly used to boost your self esteem and at least for the moment elevate your feelings of inadequacies. I got my last piece of the puzzle from you when you told Marilyn that Arthur would be a great study in narcissistic personality disorder. Knucklehead there is no such thing as a study in narcissistic personality disorder, it’s a diagnosis, so I decided to get out an old college textbook and look it up and guess who fits this diagnosis almost to the letter YOU DO. Now I understand why your such a rattlesnake and obsessed with Amber Bray.

        So for your reading enjoyment, here you are!
        Narcissistic personality disorder

        This article is about the personality disorder. For more information on clinical research and types of narcissism, see Narcissism.

        Narcissistic personality disorderClassification and external personality traits

        Narcissistic Personality Disorder(NPD) is a personality disorder[1] in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy,power, prestige and vanity, MENTALLY UNABLE to see the DESTRUCTIVE DAMAGE they are causing to THEMSELVES and to OTHERS in the process. First formulated in 1968, NPD was historically CALLED MEGALOMANIA megalomania, and is a form of
        severe egocentrism .

        This article is about the personality disorder. For more information on clinical research and types of narcissism, see Narcissism


        People who are diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder are characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance. THEY HAVE A SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT AND DEMONSTRATE GRANDIOSITY in their beliefs and behavior. They have a STRONG NEED FOR ADMIRATION , BUT LACK FEELINGS OF EMPATHY .[5]

        Symptoms of this disorder, as defined by the DSM-IV-TR, include:[1]


        Other symptoms in addition to the ones defined by DSM-IV-TR include: Is INTERPERSONAL EXPLOITATIVE , i.e., TAKES ADVANTAGE OF OTHERS TO ACHIEVE HIS OR HER OWN ENDS , has trouble keeping healthy relationships with others, IS easily hurt or rejected, IS UNEMOTIONAL , AND EXAGGERATING OF HIS/HER ACHIEVEMENTS AND TALENTS , setting unrealistic goals for himself/herself.[6]

        Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by an OVER -INFLATED SENSE OF SELF -IMPORTANCE , AS WELL AS VERY DRAMATIC , EMOTIONAL BEHAVIOR that is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders. [7]


        Another narcissist symptom is a lack of EMPATHY . THEY ARE UNABLE TO RELATE , UNDERSTAND , AND RATIONALIZE THE FEELINGS OF OTHERS . Instead of behaving in a way that shows how they are feeling in the moment, they BEHAVE IN A WAY THAT GIVES THEM THE MOST ATTENTION .[6]

        NARCISSISTS TYPICALLY CANNOT UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEIR ACTUAL AND THEIR IDEAL SELF , WHICH CAUSES AN UNREALISTIC PERCEPTION OF THE SELF . After about age 8, views of the self, both positive and negative, begin to develop based on comparisons of peers, to remain unrealistic are dysfunctional interactions with parents that can be either excessive attention or a lack thereof. For example but not limited to, the excessive attention and lack of attention go hand in hand when a child’s parents are divorced. Usually, one is overindulgent (typically the one seeing the child less) and the other shows less affection.[6] The child compensates for lack of attention in terms of unrealistic self-perception.[10]

        An extensive US survey found a high association with other disabilities, especially amongst men: mental disability, substance use, mood, anxiety disorders and other personality disorders, bipolar I disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and schizotypal and borderline personality disorders were among the associated disabilities.[11]

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    • marilyn4ever says:

      Thanks. I think.

      • Marilynforever , this is Arthur. I never said that you don’t censor responses on this site, I have no idea where you got that from, that was Chris that said that to you, not me, or as he stated to you, he’s not Chris anymore as a matter of fact I never wrote to you at all until Chris attacked you again for commenting on my history of our penal system. He immediately blogged you because he thought you were picking sides. That’s what bullies do, I could see clearly that you weren’t, but in his mind you were and he didn’t like that, it absolutely enraged him. Think about it, why else would or should he have wrote to you over a simple comment. In all his blogs to you they were never more than a few sentences long but not the last one. He was so angry that he went on and on for about 3 to 4 hundred words . And really how much sense did he make? This is verbatim from that blog. He made one of the most incredulous and nutty statements I ever heard anyone make. He was trying to convince you that I’m psychotic and said, ‘Arthur is psychotic but he doesn’t know that I’m not Chris, or my name is not Chris so he must be talking to someone else ‘. And you say that I’m hostile?Whether you believe this or not in my last blog I was defending you. When he said, ‘Marilynforever or Lisa Lahey or whatever it is you call yourself’ he was cutting you in half. I not sure if you know who Lisa is, but in the way he said it to you, he was inferring that your a brainless idiot. Which we both know as well as everyone else on this site is not true. It was like saying to you, Marilyn or the president or whoever you think you are !! But you knew that because you blogged him back and remarked about his sarcasm and he blogged you and said, ‘I am sarcastic’, and he said it with such pride that it was sick. As far as the hostile blog you were speaking off, I’m not sure which one your referring to, because of a problem with this site they don’t necessarily put the blogs in their proper order, so for the sake of this conversation I’m going to assume that it’s the one I penned this morning addressing it to, Mr nobody, formally known as Chris. That blog was factual and correct but I will admit I did use some sarcasm which was intentional to get his attention but sarcasm is what he does . What you interpreted as hostile is simply a 62 year old that teaches law who was taught in college to always be direct, no wishy, washy stuff and I don’t use words like, ‘dunno or poser or cause, like the kids do. Haven’t you ever met a man or woman who always speaks their mind? I have tried to engage him in noncombative conversation and honest factual debate before on many occasions , but as I said in that blog he couldn’t respond in a similar fashion. He wrote back and immediately from the first work insulted and degraded me for about 5 hundred words as he does with everyone else and then began to degrade my wife . People who like you that didn’t agree with his rhetoric, people he never shared 2 words with before, he wrote them back and assaulted them with degrading comments like, ‘I assume you finished the third grade or go back on your meds and go back and finish grade school, have you ever read Amy’ s and Amber’s, Aunt’s very poignant, compassionate, and painful blog on this site about how absolutely lost, depressed, sorrowful and painful it was for her to have to go to the murder site and clean up her own sisters blood? How out of her mind she was starring at her sisters handprints in blood on the wall? Well guess what Chris told me? she was a, ‘poser’ which in today’s slang among young kids that means, ‘a fake and an asshole’, sorry for the language but that’s that’s the kids definition for the word. It’s also one of the first clues I had about who he really is, a professional of any kind would never use a word like that. I don’t like bullies and that’s, that. Their cowards and that’s factual not hostile. When you were in high school and you saw a bully picking on a helpless person did you think that the little guy was hostile? Even after he called Amy’s aunt a poser, it was absolutely cruel for him to write to Amy and act as if they were best friends and he was sorry and he understood everything she has gone through in the last 17 years . How could he understand, he couldn’t begin to imagine her pain? The reason he finally wrote to her was because she had blogged and expressed concern if Amber is ever released and that inflamed him because it was a slight against what he believes. He had her scared by mentioning all those mysterious bills and laws that were about to be passed and she would be released in a few years. And I had to expose them (bills and laws) for the fakes that they were. And they were fakes except one, but he failed to mention to her that it had passed 18 months earlier and had nothing to do with Amber because she was sentenced as an adult. I’m sorry but I told it like it was. In the beginning of that blog I said, ‘this issue has always been about Amber and her just punishment. Then I asked him how 5 of my spelling errors had anything to do with Amber’ s situation or help her. Well it doesn’t nor did it make any sense for him to waste almost 5 thousand words over many blogs on how Amber’s punishment and his insane insistence that all those wasted words concerning my spelling errors were related. You may have thought it was hostile because I ended my blog with the statement that he was nothing more than a rage filled, hateful asshole. That wasn’t hostile, it was fact. This is a older kid that sits behind his computer and derives emense pleasure and satisfaction from putting down others, it comes from his own sense of inadequacies. In other words it makes him feel better about himself. Bigger, so to speak. Otherwise why couldn’t he respond to honest, poignant and factual debate. Instead he chose to ignore the issue entirely and waste blog after blog with put downs, insults and degrading comments to people he has no knowledge of. Because it makes him feel more important. And what makes this really scary is he might actually be a young adult. Everyone on this site is entitled to their own comments and opinions and none of them deserve to be assulted by a complete stranger who is finding so much pleasure in degrading them. Honestly Marilyn in my last blog part of it was in your defense. What he said to you came from a sick mind and if you believe that it was hostile all I can say in my defense is that when it comes to the truth I’m not going to waste my time trying to sweeten it up by pulling out a thesaurus and spend hours trying to find easier words to make him feel better. I’m not a therapist. Your a good person Marilyn and have had good, honest things to say on this site. God bless you!

      • Marilynforever, be forewarned, the conversation we just had is going to absolutely inflame him. So expect a blog from him shortly. Sincerely Arthur

      • Marilynforever, surprise it’s me again. I have already warned you. I feel that you should also know that he is driven by a compulsion when he feels slightly in any way, to put those people in their place. Only he knows what that is. He does so with keystrokes and a super foul mouth. This also another clue I had to what or who he really is. Ask yourself, would any adult that is emotional stable always respond in such a fashion? Arthur

      • Chris says:


        It’s all good. I won’t reply to Arthur as you have seen he is a bit of a sociopath. I seriously feel like he gets done writing and then goes and beats his wife or dog, so I certainly don’t want to engage him, plus I have decided that I owe Amber better than getting on here and arguing with someone who struggles to complete a logical thought. It would certainly be an interesting study in narcissistic personality disorder to study him, but again I feel that his dog would pay. I think Arthur is in love with me as he seems to get a bit frazzled every time he writes – he gets all illogical and jumps around a lot – or maybe he’s just a complete uneducated moron who never learned proper writing techniques. Anyway. It’s fun to watch.

        Blog on and stay well.

      • Chris says:

        Oooops I just accused Arthur of being in love with me. Bring on the bigoted hateful comments in 3, 2, 1.

    • Forgive me but you didn’t say, can you expand. Who or what are you taking about?

  32. Steven D. Timm says:

    Here, here!! I agree!! Marilyn4ever has run a most efficient blog!!! I commend her efforts!!

  33. Steven D. Timm says:

    My condolences also go to Amy at the loss of her mother. I could not imagine what pain and heartache you went through when your mother was killed. My prayers do go out to you and your family for what happened. I hope and pray your family is still on the road to healing from this tragedy.

  34. Hello there, just became alert to your blog through Google, and
    found that it is truly informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels.
    I will be grateful if you continue this in future.

    A lot of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  35. Chris says:


    You are so boring. Can’t you do anything besides cut and paste stuff that other people have written? No original thought what so ever. And to think that your comments above would “infuriate” me would mean that I give you a shred of power, of which you have absolutely none. But like I said I stopped engaging you because I am so afraid for your wife (god forbid you actually have one) cause I am sure you just take out your anger and rage on her since no one on this blog gives you any credibility. I noticed Marilyn doesn’t even respond to you. You are such a bore. Please don’t go slap your wife around. Okay? Take care Artie. Get help

    • Chris, you could have chosen the high road and tried to be smart enough to just simply walk away and at least end this with a little grace. But I should have known your problem wouldn’t let you. An obsession will override logic every time. A really sad attempt to keep trying to grab attention and how did you say it? I will give you no power over me and you have none! You don’t even realize how disturbed that sounded. Let’s not forget the final disparaging insults and slander against me and my wife to elevate that low self-esteem. When I opened up that book to read about this disorder I believed that you would definitely fit some of the characteristics of the illness but I was just astonished when I realized that your actions fit every single symptom listed including the deep pathological personality traits. You were foolish to write that pointless, meaningless statement, the same one containing the same kind of content you keep writing over and over again because all you accomplished was to quantify my farewell blog right down to the last letter of every word. Your statement was just pure entertainment. As far as your comment about not relinquishing power to me. I’m not in the slightest way troubled or concerned because every normal person knows that the only real power any individual really has is the power that one has over their own lives. If you lost yours it’s your fault not mine, for not seeking help. Obsessions ARE a loss of power that’s exactly why even though this is all over your still going to write another blog the same blog with the same content again. How many times have you told me and others that you weren’t engaging me anymore? 7,8 times. It’s simple, JUST DON’T .Chris don’t write to me again. I accomplished what I set out to do. I believe Amy knows for certain now that she is safe and knows the facts about possible Internet frauds and the truth that she never has to live not even a moment in fear and I think she truly understands now that Amber will never be released.

      Chris you should never show your obvious problems to anyone, 20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.

  36. Steven D. Timm says:


    Chris and Arthur, I have to agree with what Amy (Amber’s sister) said about you guys. What is exactly being accomplished by your banter? No offense of course to you two, but you guys have made 3/4 of this blog about your ongoing arguments about the validity of legal credentials of the other, relationship with Amber, the California court system, whether one of you or the other is gay, senile or incapable, or whether one or the other has Narcissistic personality disorder!!

    Don’t get me wrong here guys, I am all for open discussion and debate, but both of your ongoing commentary’s have gotten waaaay off topic here!!

    Both of you have said to the other that you are not going to respond to the other’s commentary anymore, but yet here you both are continuing to comment and argue towards each other!! If you want to continue the argument, then exchange e-mail’s and/or phone numbers and then you two can argue away to your hearts content!!! Otherwise, please get back on topic!! This blog is about Amber Bray and Jeffery Ayers murdering Dixie Hollier. Let’s not forget what a tragedy this was for Amber’s family and those who were personally affected by Jeff and Amber’s deed.

    My 2 cents guys, I respect you both, but as a fellow commentator and contributor to this blog, let’s get back to the original topic of the blog and leave the arguing for another day!!

    Take Care, guys and catch you on the forums!!

    Steve Timm

    • Chris says:


      You sir are correct and I am disappointed that Lisa has allowed this to go and not deleted Arthurs senseless rantings. I have done as I have said and am no longer responding to Arthur, but c’mon you have to admit it’s kind of funny to see him cut and paste stuff from Wiki since I continually pointed out how bad his grammar and spelling are.

      But yeah, agree nothing is being accomplished. Lisa should really take back her website and control the comments and keep them on topic. But that seems like a big ask. But oh well. I am now counting how many times Arthur says it’s his “farewell” blog. But him telling me not to write him compels me to want to write to him, but I fear I am cutting years off the old codgers life by the stress I am causing him, so I will refrain. Eventually the Cat kills

      Stay well and thank you for your comments.


      • Chris says:


        Sorry this website is haunted. It posted my reply before I finished typing it. Maybe it’s Arthur doing is voodoo stuff on me since he is obviously in love with me 🙂

        I meant to say eventually the Cat kills the Mouse.

        Stay well

    • Dear Steve, bear with me for a moment , this is an excerpt from the definition of narcissistic personality disorder. He may or may not suffer from this exact disorder but he seems to suffer from one or another under the umbrella that covers disorders of this sort. By the way Chris in English composition one never uses two words in the past tense in a row, ‘SINCE I CONTINUALLY , POINTED OUT HIS BAD GRAMMAR’. It should have been written, ‘Since I continued to point out his bad grammar’. Would you like to know how I knew you were a fraud. Every attorney in this country can stand on their head, in the dark and read the Constitution from right to left. And every attorney in this country knows that their are now nine exceptions to a citizens right to free speech. Most notably would be the use of free speech to promote child pornography, murder, etc. The first amendment is not absolute. The eighth exception is the one that you exploited to your hearts content. The eight exception includes, ‘libel, fighting words, and your personal favorite slander’ among others. It’s punishable by civil action , fines and federal felony criminal prosecution and every attorney knows this. The prison penalties are quite stiff, I believe it’s up to five years for every instance and my, my I can’t even begin to count the number of fighting words and tons of slander you piled on to people including me, my wife and a dog that I don’t own, people who tried to use this site in a mutual honest, communal manner. The point of all this is that no attorney in their right mind would get on a public forum that reaches possibly millions of readers around the world and risk everything they own, or will own, thousands in fines and the right to practice law. And above all no attorney would risk going to prison, not one. That’s how I first knew that you were only half Internet predator and half Internet manipulator to achieve what you think you need or need to prove. People are not as stupid or naive as you think.

      Steve, out of Chris’s entire three blocks of words in response to your blog, only four words were written to you, they were, ‘you sir are correct’ and the rest of that blog was written to me in a very transparent attempt to write to me without writing to me by using your reply button instead of mine. Didn’t you think it a little odd that after a well said blog by you that should have finally encouraged others to come back and help put this site back on track that he wrote four words to you and then went on and on about me instead of taking on your point and legitimately expanding on the issue you brought up in your blog? Don’t you think that you deserved honest banter? What he did is the exact reason people he responds to never blog back or revisit this site. Show me one besides me that has. What I did, I did for a reason. I never meant for it to go on for so long however I knew he was a fraud but as soon as I exposed one of his lies he would just simply come back with another greater one and he’ll do it again. This site says, ‘for the sake of Medicine so in response to your blog and under the protection of my first amendment rights which Chris have to be posted under penalty of law unless I have violated any of the exclusions which I haven’t, suggestions are not statements and the statements I made were factual .I was very careful about this because I will not gamble with my right to practice, teach, stand up for my rights or risk going to prison. I am going to bring this back around to Amber. I think it’s an interesting hypothesis that should bring back more interesting blogs because it is curious and may or may not be true. For the record it’s my opinion. I believe that the general consensus is that Amber is a sociopath. No one said it better than, ‘can’tbelievesomepeople’ from August 5th when he stated, What normal child plans two murders and watches as she carries out her mother’s murder. The answer is no normal child does. A sociopath is born not made and I believe that Amber with greed as a motivating factor was born to murder someone eventually or at least try to. If her mother passed naturally then it could have been her little brother and sister. If not them it could have been a rich husband or a husband with a huge insurance policy. Or maybe nobody. There are sociopaths that never cross that line but the ones that don’t if they are not protected in some way, all of them end up in and out of prison for for the majority of their lives anyway, always. A sociopath is a dominant personality even when they seem unassuming and charming and will always gravitate to those that are gullible, weak willed and passive with others. They need to be in control and are very manipulative in achieving this hierarchy. The lead in article to this site begins by saying that Jeff was a handsome boy. That’s incorrect. Arrest records and prison inmate records are in the public domain and anyone with a computer and name can get everything from mug shots to every crime and penalties they received. I saw Jeff’s mug shot and he is slightly below average in looks and slovenly in appearance but he wasn’t a criminal. Exactly the type that would fall prey to a predator especially a pretty one. Amber didn’t discuss her case with Marilyn because she didn’t trust her as suggested by Chris. She didn’t discuss her case with her because she knew she couldn’t manipulate her. Amber is college educated and very intelligent she knows what situation is going to work and what won’t, after seventeen years in prison I believe she has found Jeff’s counterpart. Now all the books say that a sociopath is a sociopath until they die but is it possible that a person with no affect can be returned to normal. Even her former cellmate said not to write to her and that she was a psychopath with no affect. Chris you have the right to respond but I’m asking you not to. Although I talked about Amber the question I’m asking is a general one and has nothing to do with you. I’ll repeat the question. Can someone with no affect be treated and returned to normal. In my opinion if someone is born with with a brain that has affect disorder or no affect you can’t surgically implant it. Therefore I say no. Chris if you just let some knowledgeable people respond you might just get what you’ve been looking for, someone that can prove that she deserves a second chance.

  37. Jacks says:

    I find it very interesting (and telling) that most of those supporting this sadistic young woman are unable to write with correct grammar. It shows them as unintelligent people who have been beguiled.
    As an award winning crime journalist and certificated forensic psychologist, my interest in this case led to meetings and consultations with Amber. And I can state unequivocally that she is in fact a disturbed young woman who suffered no ‘abuse’ by her own admission.

  38. helthnut says:

    Keep the spitting to yourself. As a matter of fact I have corresponded several times with Amber. You are wrong about my age. Interesting that you find the writing clunky (whatever that means). Clearly you are a fan of the murderess. I guarantee you are a male who is in his 20s or 30s and of average intelligence, also easily manipulated. If you cannot keep the hostility out of your comments then I refuse to print them.

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