Marlene Murdered her Mean, Mental Mother in Marin County

I’ve researched and blogged about two adopted children who became murderers: one of a 4-year-old boy, the other is today’s blog, being Marlene Olive.  Although I habundyve not and never will write a whole blog about Ted Bundy the Serial Killer Poster Boy, he had a bizarre mother-son-sister relationship while growing up. When he was into his teens ,Ted’s family revealed that the woman he thought was his mother was actually his grandmother, and the woman he thought was his sister was actually his mother. This was a devastating and significant turning point in Bundy’s life, and possibly linked to his later abhorrent behaviour. When Bundy’s mother took over her maternal role, it must have felt not only like a betrayal, but a weird adoption.  In these cases, there lies a negative influence of some sort on the child’s sense of belonging in the family and sense of wholeness. Often psychotic or pathological children are not in a nuclear family with a biological mother and father. Of course, the psychosis could already have been there. It could also be that the family treated the adoptee differently than their biological children. This might not have been better or worse treatment.  Merely different.

Jim Olive was an Army recruit when he met and wed Naomi Wagner in 1944. The war ended, Jim was discharged, and the couple moved to Panama because Jim hoped to take advantage of its real estate boom. They yearned for a baby. However, marital relations failed to produce one. It was in 1969 that Marlene Olive, aged 10, found her adoption papers in her father’s study. When James Olive explained that she wasn’t their biological child Marlene was devastated and confused.  Why didn’t her own mother want her?  And why did she calmarlene-olive-mugshotl her adoptive mother, Naomi, “Mom”, if she wasn’t? Along with the trauma of discovering she was adopted, Marlene had suffered much unhappiness. For the first six months of Marlene’s life, Naomi became obsessed with cleanliness and insisted that both she and her husband wear surgical masks whenever they approached the baby. The summer after Marlene’s adoption, Jim took a job in Ecuador. The family lived in luxury, yet Naomi didn’t adjust well. She took to heavy drinking and became a paranoid recluse. Naomi’s mental condition deteriorated. She conversed out loud with voices and was seized by fits of inexplicable rage. When Marlene brought home goldfish she won at a fair, Naomi started collecting fish. It seemed to help her. She fed her finned friends and gazed for long periods as they swam. Mother-daughter didn’t do so well. As Marlene approached adolescence, arguments led Marlene to bang her head against a wall or viciously bite her own forearm. She developed scars. In Marlene’s sixth-grade class, the teacher, Mrs. Pasquel, was pregnant. The class discussed motherhood. Marlene raised her hand. “I hate my mother,” she said. One day Marlene asked Mrs. Pasquel how she could find her biological mother. The teacher said she did not know and that it was not important, even though she could see it mattered to Marlene. Jim was fired suddenly from his job in Ecuador and a new job required the family’s move to Colorado in 1965. Marlene was terrified of moving to America. The only thing that came into the sheltered teen’s mind was “drugs,” ironic, considering her current place of residence.

In early 1973, Jim was again fired. Jim found a job in March 1973 for a business management service. The job necessitated a move to Marin County, California. In California, Marlene entered the last term of eighth grade in an unfamiliar environment. Marlene became ever more ashamed of her mother and distressed by hearing her talk with phantoms. The Olive home once again filled with fish to keep Naomi company. Certainly, her father’s inability to keep a job served as another source of stress for the impressionable young girl. When Marlene entered high school, she started stealing.  At first shy, Marlene soon plunged into a teenage world centered on hard rock, drugs (marijuana, cocaine, and LSD), alcohol, premarital sex, and the occult. It would seem Naomi’s abuse had taken its toll. Marlene ran with a “fast” group of girls, some of whom were into Satanism, skipping school to have abortions or go to concerts, or even going out with (gasp) black guysbad_blood_press_002_copy_0. Marlene dove right in, telling friends she was a member of the Church of Satan in nearby San Francisco, that she had been in a porn movie in South America, and that her father controlled the Ecuadorian drug trade. Although slightly overweight, she dressed, quite frankly, like a street-walker: platform shoes, excessive makeup, multi-colored hair and nails, revealing tops, and tight, short skirts. An extremely short pair of Daisy Duke shorts particularly infuriated her mother. She gained a reputation at school as being “loose.” The picture shown above is an actress portraying Marlene.

Marlene was first arrested for shoplifting while still a ninth-grader, so Naomi forbade Marlene to attend a cousin’s wedding. Marlene yelled that her “real mother” would have let her go. Naomi answered, “Your real mother was probably a whore!” Soon after this quarrel, Naomi paraded naked in front of Marlene, gyrating her hips, grabbing her crotch, and taunting Marlene that this was her biological mother’s behaviour.

Marlene was upset that Jim spent little time with her. Marlene thought he neglected her while playing “white knight protector to Naomi.” Marlene’s one constructive activity may have been her poetry. The following example speaks of her intense feelings of loneliness and alienation:

no one stops to step into my life
and those in it have long ago fallen asleep.
I have been empty for so long.

On the day during which someone who would become most significant stepped into Marlene’s life, she sat on the high school laDrug-deal-at-school-5-2-12wn. Her first LSD trip was a bad one. Teens teased her. Then a young man who did not attend the school but frequented its lawn selling drugs, intervened. Marlene was grateful to the youth who had just played “white knight protector” to her. In a fog of drugs, Marlene had met Charles “Chuck” Riley, 19, an overweight dropout from that high school who peddled drugs. Born in 1955, he was the first child of homemaker Joanne and grocery clerk Oscar Riley. Little Chuck was a happy, affectionate child. Oscar often took his sons fishing. The fishing place was close to San Quentin prison. If a boy misbehaved, Oscar pointed to that facility and warned he could end up there. Prophetic, perhaps. At school, Chuck was called “Fat Man” and “Boulder.” Kids snidely speculated that he must have a charge account at a local Jack-In-The-Box. Chuck stole and dealt drugs, not so much for money as to impress peers. Although Chuck was infatuated with Marlene she kept him at a distance for several months. Finally she saw him as a blank canvas she could imprint with her dark fantasies.

Marlene’s behaviour deteriorated as disturbingly as Naomi’s mind. Marlene encouraged Chuck to take explicit photos of her she claimed she was going to send in to Penthouse. She made him dress up in a leather mask and whip her. Once she even urinated on his face in front of her friends. Chuck didn’t appear to notice their contempt for both Marlene and Chuck. He continued to be infatuated with her, supplying her with free dope and insisting he would be her slave. Chuck’s friends noticed he had chbad_blood_press_002_copy_0anged; he was no longer upbeat and eager to please. Now he was short-tempered, carried weapons, and ripped people off in his drug dealings. Under Marlene’s tutelage, he lost weight and started to dress in a more hip manner. However, his talk of the occult distressed his friends. Marlene was his first and only girlfriend. Chuck was clearly in over his head. Worse, that winter Marlene started fantasizing about murdering Naomi. Friends dismissed it as normal teenage talk. Her mother was a virtual zombie by this point, locked in her room drinking all day and screaming at her daughter to stop dressing like a whore.

As for Marlene’s father he must have been as disturbed emotionally as his wife and stepdaughter. He could see the extreme deterioration in both Naomi and Marlene. If he tried to take Naomi to a medical doctor for help with her troubled psyche, it isn’t known. He ignored Marlene’s troubles by ignoring Marlene.She still loved her father but had grown tired of waiting for him to “do something” about her mother and pay more attention to her.

In early 1975, Marlene and Chuck commenced a shoplifting spree that netted roughly $6,000 worth of goods. Both were arrested for grand larceny on March 26, 1975 but were soon bailed out by their parents. In June, Marlene’s mother threatened to have Marlene locked in juvenile hall for the summer. Mr. Olive decided he was going to send his daughter away the next year and he forbade Marlene from seeing Chuch anymore. Marlene told Chuck, My motheayerza-img4r must die!” Chuck said he did not want to kill. Marlene insisted that if he loved her he would rescue her from her horrible mother. Marlene also said that if he refused, she would stop seeing him. He agreed to murder Naomi. Marlene set the date. She did not want Jim killed. Marlene made certain she and her father were shopping on June 21, 1975 while her mother stayed home. On that date, Chuck dropped acid, armed himself with a hammer and .22 caliber pistol, and crept into the Olive house. Naomi was in bed. Chuck struck her repeatedly with the claw hammer until it lodged in her skull. She flailed around, so Chuck raced to the kitchen where he fetched a steak knife. He repeatedly stabbed Naomi in the chest. Still not wanting to cause the noise that a gun would, he tried to finish her off by pressing a pillow against her face.The murder that Marlene wanted to be over before she and her father returned from the store was still in progress when they came home. Seeing his wife attacked, Jim grabbed the bloody steak knife from the nightstand and rushed toward Chuck. Chuck pumped four bullets into Jim’s chest. Although Marlene had not intended for Jim to die, she did not mourn him.

Chuck cleaned himself up. They wrapped the corpses in rugs, piled them into Chuck’s car, drove to a rural area known as China Camp, a badlands of sorts frequented by hunters, and cremated the bodies in a cistern. They placed the bodies into an open fire pit, soaked them with gasoline, and set them ablaze. After a few days, Jim’s business partner went to the Olive ho081210+police+line+tape+crime+scene+genericme. When he looked through a window, he saw what he later reported as a mess inside the house. Believing Jim was the victim of a robbery, the partner called police. The partner told cops, “the couple has not been seen in a week.” Cops found the house in a mess but no blood, so they left a note asking residents to inform authorities if there was a problem. Upon reading the note, Marlene went to the station house. She told detectives that her parents had gone to Lake Tahoe for a brief vacation and were late in returning. Police detected something amiss in her story and closely questioned her. Her story changed. She said her mother had murdered her father and fled. Then she said her father had murdered her mother and fled. Finally, she confessed the truth and led police to the fire pit where the charred remains were. Chuck quickly confessed, saying he committed the murders because Marlene told him to.

On July 10, 1975 both Marlene and Chuck were formally charged with two counts each of first-degree murder. The court ordered a psychiatric evaluation for Marlene. Although examiners described her as very troubled, they deemed her competent to stand trial. If tried as an adult, Marlene could have been executed. A fitness hearing was held in September 1975 in which the judge ruled she be tried as a juvenile. That meant that a conviction would lead to her being confined to the California Youth Authority but released no later than her 21st birthday so that the most she could serve would be a little under four years. Her tender age at the time of her very untender acts meant she would serve her brief sentence at a juvenile facility called the Ventura School. At Ventura, she set out to find facts about her biological mother. A call to the law office of the attorney who had drawn up the adoption papers yielded the name of Marlene’s biological mother. She had not been a prostitute impregnated by a client but a 19-year-old impregnated by a sailor on leave.

Writing in Marin Magazine, Jim Wood states, “With only weeks to go [on her sentence], she escaped frohooker-name1m a holding cell” and made her way to New York where she fulfilled Naomi’s prophecy by becoming a prostitute. Her few months of unauthorized freedom meant that a few more months were added to her sentence after she was arrested and returned to California. She was released from the Ventura School in early 1980. Chuck was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death, his sentence commuted to life imprisonment in 1977.

Marlene became a classic revolving door criminal, regularly arrested for offenses such as credit card fraud. A Los Angeles Times article reported that in the early 1990s, she was a leader of a loose-knit band that culled voided checks and bank statements from trash to use in forgeries. Police called her “Queen of the Trashers.” Chuck and Marlene had one awkward reunion when she visited him in prison in 1980. Chuck predicted afterward, “I’ll never hear from her again.” He never has.



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115 Responses to Marlene Murdered her Mean, Mental Mother in Marin County

  1. sue says:

    Who wrote this ? She is my friend ! Why can’t people leave her alone?

    • gothrules says:

      I am the blog’s author. Would you care to explain your viewpoint further?

      • Nat92 says:

        She’s a psychopath and a horrible evil woman that deserved a lot more than what she got, hope she rots in hell forever.

    • Xana says:

      Do you know if she is still in jail? Xana

    • She lost all her rights when she murdered and burned her parents. And when you’re in the public eye….All is open for discussion. Specially when she behaved as she did while in custody! I think that’s great she has you as a friend. Just be careful she doesn’t get you do “do thing’s” for her just as she did back then. I to knew her many years ago and I KNOW what she is like! Yes, people can and do change. But 2008 isn’t that long ago. So I have my fingers crossed. But once you kill someone and specially in the manner in which she did….I will NEVER trust her again. Good luck to you!

    • fernando says:

      she was also my friend i will like to get in touch with her fernando

    • robin jones says:

      Well I knew Marlene personally I sat in juvenile hall was there before she was taken away to a mental hospital she used to sit and tell me stories on how she killed her parents and wasn’t all Chuck it was her to but she manipulated the young man that never had a girlfriend and he did her bidding like that Juno Hall listening to her stories day after day I actually had people come up to me and want me to stay in the same room so they can listen in to our conversations over the microphones I told him no I would not do that because this lady wakes up with a noose around your neck that’s where the bathrobe that they would give us in juvenile hall I did not want to have the bathrobe around my neck she would not talk to her attorney or lawyers or anybody there some reason she felt comfortable talking to me I was there for a long time and I remember the day that she left to go to the mental Asylum she turned and looked at me as they handcuffed her and she said Robin straighten out your life so you don’t end up like me and I looked at her and I told her I would not because I will not kill my parents like you did she smiled she walked away and they took her to the nuthouse she was there until she turned 21 I tried to keep up on where she was I read a story about her being in New York getting caught for bad checks and other things and she’s been to jail several times don’t know where she is now but I do know Chuck got the wrong end of the deal he sat in prison for 40 years in fact she should have did the same thing cuz she was a part of it and she told me what she did but no she gets out and she gets the wrong free she is crazy as hell that’s for sure at least what I remember of her time that she left she was kind of chunky and overweight long hair batshit crazy to a degree you definitely knew how to manipulate people no other girls in juvenile hall will talk to her they all stayed away except for me when I sit there and talk to her weiner head back and forth pretend to be possessed by the devil I knew she was not and she was just pretending and trying to scare me what you did not scare me at all used to think that she was a total idiot why would you want to kill your parents doesn’t make sense to me well that’s my story I have more but I don’t want to Babylon and by the way Chuck Riley is out of prison he did about 40 years in prison he got out for good behavior if she’s your friend you need to run

  2. Xana says:

    I am sure that Marlene was neither intelligent enough nor focused enough nor even sure of what was real and what was not to have had much of a part in the murder. She regretted her parents’ death and wrote letters to them while in juvenile–so she was sorry for what she did and missed them terribly. She had been systematically isolated from other people since they arrived in Miami and she was denied anything she asked her mother for. Her mother wore a see through negligee every day, even when repairmen were coming. This and her mother’s drinking embarrassed Marlene. I believe the book says she was only allowed to have one friend. She was not manipulative just naive and ready to do anything to have friends and be popular–since this social impulse had been stifled by her mother her whole life. I do believe that she could have been rehabilitated if she hadn’t broken out of jail. She was easy to manipulate and I think she has been used over and over. Like Sue, I lament that she has been used by an artist to create a character that was nothing like her, used by those who turned Bad Blood into a Broadway show and now an episode on Canadian TV. Our penal system is just punitive (like Marlene’s mother). It is sad that her naivete, her wish to be liked, her anger at her mother (who was adopted herself), her drug induced craziness, and her parents’ plan to send her to boarding school out east led to this terrible tragedy. There are many drug addicts and petty criminals certainly prostitutes who could be rehabbed if our government put more money into saving rather than taking lives. She loved her father deeply and I am sure that if he could, he would help her. Xana

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I disagree that Marlene had no understanding of the murders and their planning (which is what you seem to be saying). She certainly was focused enough to plan the murder of her mother with Chuck and she certainly succeeded. Marlene was returned to jail to complete her sentence and was released. She continues to be arrested then released for cheque fraud and shoplifting.

    • fernando says:

      please if u know how to get in touch please let her know the fernando is looking for her
      fernando the cab driver 1980 hollywood

    • wpmember7 says:

      I have just the opposite opinion of Marlene after having read the book (Bad Blood) although I don’t believe in “bad blood”. Nobody is born evil. They choose to be.

      I believe Marlene was extremely manipulative and that Chuck was her victim to use to kill her parents. I’m not totally convinced that she didn’t kill her mother. I also believe that Marlene was smart, just not wise, so she sunk herself, both by the killing and her other bad choices after her release. She was her own worst enemy.

      I think it’s a shame that her Dad didn’t try harder to get some real help for his wife, because Marlene could sure use her as her best excuse for being evil.

      I saw Chuck as a weak person who Marlene knew how to manipulate into doing whatever she wanted. Her threats should have been his best warning to run as far away from her as he could, but instead, to him, anything was worth doing to keep her ‘loving’ him. It’s just too bad he didn’t have the good sense to give himself some time and maturity to find a nice girl. He was so young when he did the murder/s that it’s sad it had to ruin his whole life. But justice is justice. The whole story is just one big failure for a lot of people.

  3. Tima says:

    There is some very misleading information in this blog post. Dear author, please get all of your facts straight!

    • Tima says:

      On a side note: I have corresponded with chuck Riley for years now. I can attest to how botched up this blog is.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I appreciate the feedback about my botched blog. I would like to know which facts are botched. Don’t forget you are corresponding with a murderer. It isn’t likely he is going to be entirely truthful with you.

      • That’s your problem….You BELIEVE in a murderer! What a shame! Do you believe in Santa Claus too!??? I am shocked that you actually BELIEVE everything that Chuckie poo tells you! What a jerk you are! I never write this way to anyone until you….The way you wrote me back and was very a-hole to me…This is the response you deserve.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Would you care to detail which facts are crooked? (pun)

      • Tima says:

        Chuck didn’t murder Naomi. The guards at San Quentin will even tell you that Chuck isn’t a cold blooded murderer and those guards are around those men daily. Chuck was just a dumb and love struck kid who took the blame for a murder he never commited. I never realized that you were there at the time this all went down though. I mean, how else could you “claim” to know so much? Just by reading the book? Right!

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Most people glean information from reading books, websites, blogs and headlines. How is it you get your information about cases you haven’t been involved in, and weren’t there when they happened? How does anyone research information? And I don’t “claim” to know so much about this or any other case. Where do you get that information?

      • Tima says:

        You are basing all of your information off of research. Have you ever talked with Chuck or Marlene?

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I do not need to speak with either one of them. Remember they are killers and killers do not tend to tell the truth.

  4. lakisha says:

    This is all terribly SAD, to watch, hear and read. Sorry for her parents, Marlene and Chuck.

    • Scott Parkhurst says:

      I like your comment most of all….”Sorry for the parents!” Their the ones who paid for the self-centered act of their daughter! Who I will stand by my comment(s)…and that’s that she totally knew what she was doing and she got off scott’s free!!! Poor Chucky poo…He is serving time for the BOTH of them and while it was totally HER idea and she MADE him do it! Granted, he didn’t have to, he could have said no and walked away and even gone to the Police even…But that’s the kind of hold she had on him AND on some other’s!! I remember he back then and she was not as innocent as this blog writer keeps wanting us to think and it pisses me off!

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I agree fully with you Scott. This man also knew right from wrong and he made a very poor choice. Having said that, psychological influence is a very powerful tool. But he is serving time he deserves to be serving. He is the murderer.

      • Totally agreed on Chuck serving HIS time! And again, I am pissed that she is NOT serving her FULL time like him! She is just as much the murderer as him if not worse! She put it into his head, and they BOTH carried out the grosser part afterward! I know people who hired hit man (I was a cop) and they are STILL in prison! I know….it’s the Jury….Maybe I wouldn’t be as miffed if she lived her life as a normal person and went to school and “tried” to better herself and all. But no, she kept getting into trouble and always kept blaming everyone else for her mistakes!!! Not once did she look in the mirror and think “Hey, maybe it’s ME that’s _ucking up my own life, and that I killed my parents….and it has nothing to do with being adopted and having a messed up mother…just maybe my life could go right if I just straighten up and stop blaming everyone around me for all my faults!” Then just maybe….I would have laid off her a tad. But she was BORN evil and she can not keep blaming her past! You choose to be a crook. I have the most horrid background which was even in the media (I changed my first name) and I myself wanted to go straight! I never got into drugs nor drank nor hurt anyone. I think “some” people fall back on their bad up bringing as an excuse to fail at life….And these two certainly did just that!

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Congrats on escaping what would have been a tragic future. It cannot have been easy. I must say however that Marlene’s mother was a dreadful human being and it must have been very difficult growing up under the same roof with her….of course this doesn’t at all excuse her crime.

  5. Sally says:

    *gasp black guys. lol what on earth is that supposed to mean?

    • Tima says:

      Marilyn, You think what was told to me by Chuck trumps your research because “murderers lie.” I’m sure that all the articles you’ve read were 100 percent true, right? God knows I’ve never in my life read or watched misleading news articles/news. (Sarcasm) you want to know why chuck is still in prison?? Because the parole board wants chuck to admit that he killed Naomi and he refuses to admit to something that he didn’t do! I’m sure as you would say though that chuck is lying because “murderers lie.” Sure!!

      • Wait a minute…Are you saying and believing that Chuck did NOT kill her parents? I’m sorry, but didn’t the evidence prove so? And didn’t he admit it at the time? And as I recall back then…he kind of bragged about it ALONG with her to some of friends at a party in Marin….I was there!!!!!!!!!!! He IS a bull face lier. Where are you getting your facts?

      • Tima says:

        Well, you were there!!!!!!!!!!! You’re the “cop!” So you must know everything!!!! If you’d read my past posts you would know where I’m getting my FACTS! Don’t come at me being cocky! I’ll give it right back to you! I don’t care if you were there or not! If you were there then you’d know Chuck was taking the blame to save Marlene! And I never said that Chuck didn’t kill Marlene’s parents! I said that Chuck didn’t kill Naomi! Read my past posts before you come at me! Okay cop?!?

      • Hum….I now know why Tima is so bitter…Specially towards “Cops”. But I’ll be professional here. I never said that I know everything and such and I was a kid myself back then…But she is lashing out at me just because I was there and around and I knew them both….And I and another person went and did the right thing at the time….How she can be pissed off at that is beyond me. Facts are facts. Oh well. She chooses her murdering type friends and I’ll chose my friends. But I do know one thing, and I’ll keep that to myself…But it explains her anger towards Cops lets just say…..

  6. Tima says:

    This will be my last post on this blog. There are enough idiots offline and I sure as hell don’t want to deal with them online! I highly doubt Scott is telling any truth here! This guy claims to know so much about Marlene, yet doesn’t know that she’s going to college and is finally on the right path! And if Chuck was at a party bragging about murdering two people, then why didn’t Scott go to the police? Just another idiot who read the book and the few news articles that can be found online! Cop my ass!

    • Oh really?! You don’t even know me and your already slandering me….If you read any of my post’s you would have read that I don’t care what she’s doing now and that ’08 wasn’t all that long ago AND that I said that I wish you and her well….I DID and some other’s DID go to the police! I DID NOT read any book by the way! Your the one who is being taken for a ride by both of them….I could careless what you say about me. Where were YOU back in the day? I don’t recall “seeing” you?! Careful of throwing rocks at glass houses Tima and also careful of slandering someone! I’m more then happy to meet you and PROVE to you anything you want to know! But don’t be calling me a lier when you know NOTHING about me…..P.S., I WAS a Police Officer as well….To your mature snide “Cop my ass” remark. You sound like a “friend” of hers…..A punk. Your not helping her cause at all!!!

    • wpmember7 says:

      Marlene is going to college? At age 60 (or close to it)? This is just more evidence of her grossly retarded development. Nothing works for her. And it looks like all these 40 years out of juvenile hall hasn’t taught her much.

      • I couldn’t help laugh at “Tima’s”comment about me “lying’ and not knowing about Marlene going to College! Now how the hell should I know that? I’m not keeping tabs on her nor do I want to! I only know about her past and what the two did and the facts behind it and what they said because I was there and I knew them and I saw the place where those two bodies were horribly “thrown away”. And some other facts behind this awful CRIME….And I know what a horrible person she truly is. So my not knowing when she takes a dump is really not my concern nor worth my energy. Tima really needs to get new and different friends OR she is just as bad as Marlene and is a crook herself. Now Tima, how do YOU like being slander in public? Matter of fact if I really gave a rats ass about you, I can do a background check on you and then it would totally explain why your so fixated on not only me but on Marlene….Get a life!

  7. sue says:

    She been out since 2008

    • Steph says:

      To the current friends of Marlene, how did you discover that she was involved with this crime? Did you read the book or did she tell you? Also, is she aware of the online discussions of this case?

      • may says:

        No I did not find out from the book and she never told me . I’m fact have never talked about it. She never does .as far as I know she doesn’t know about all the different sites that love to talk about something that happened 40 yrs ago.

  8. Steph says:

    According to Kern County Superior Court Criminal Case Information, Marlene is scheduled for a jury trial in September on two counts of forgery and receiving stolen property. She’s out on $7500 bail.

    • Hmmm, seems to me I just got into it with someone writing to me here about how great she’s doing and how’s she’s going to College and all…And IF I’m reading this right and IF this is true, is this saying she’s in trouble AGAIN? Just proves my point. And to her “friend” that called me pretty much a liar here….remember one thing, “Don’t be throwing rocks at a glass house”. And no, I never read ANY book(s) nor articles nor anything on this case. I was a teenager and living in Marin at the time and I knew them and some of the other kids. Although I had a different name at the time. I and a very close friend had very first hand experience on this one!! So Tima you DON’T know everything! And you have hurt your “friend” more then helped her trust me…..

      • Steph says:

        Yes, Marlene is in trouble again. During a hearing earlier this month it was decided that her case would go before a jury. This might be a third strike for her. As for Chuck Riley, he has been granted a hearing to review his case. Wouldn’t it be something if Chuck was paroled and Marlene was imprisoned for life?

      • Well well well…Why does this not surprise me?! And yes, it would be very nice to see her finally serve her time!!! She got off scott’s free as far as I’m concerned. If you look at how many other’s have killed “one” person and are behind bars for either life and or many years!!! To this day I have always felt that she got away with murder…and I mean murder! I don’t give a rat’s ass about her treatment as a kid. That is NO excuse to kill two people. Not to sound cold please don’t get me wrong!!! If you read my post’s I too had a VERY bad up bringing and abuse just as bad if not worse then her’s and trust me I wish my mom would had been in a car wreck or something BUT I certainly wouldn’t have talked someone else and myself into killing her AND my father for Gods sake…I KNOW about PTSD and stress as a kid / teen etc. and I will just not buy it…. I knew her and of her and watched her inner act with other’s then and she was a real player and made others feel sorry for her and was a real manipulator and would get people to do things for her, and lied about things a lot….So it’s really hard for me to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. As far as Chuck…I just don’t know anymore. My feelings on that is, the way they deposed of the bodies and the way they “killed” them, and the way they both behaved after the killings, I think they should BOTH just stay behind bars for life. I’m usually not this stern and or verbal about something or someone(s)….But since I was there and I remember this like it was yesterday and the fact that one of her so called friends called me a lair and an idiot and pretty much a jerk….that pissed me off since she wasn’t even around and she doesn’t have a clue how it effected a lot of us in Marin!!! And hey, she want’s to be friends with a murderer and loser then fine. But don’t be judging us who were effected and were there!! Thanks Steph for all your up dates by the way!! Take care!

  9. Steph says:

    Scott, that must have been quite a shock for you when you discovered that two people you knew were murderers. I read above that you haven’t read any of the articles or Levine’s book on the case. I can understand that. You know the case, you lived it. It sounds like you were headed down a bad path as well, but you had the strength to improve your circumstances. Too bad Chuck didn’t follow your lead. Within this group of teenagers in Marin, were there others who turned to a life of crime? According to author Levine, Marlene was associating with an older teen who committed burglaries. I am curious if any of the group were violent (fistfights, armed robbery). I’ve always wondered if there was someone or something that inspired her plan of disposal of the bodies at China Camp. I’ll understand if you choose not to answer. Take care.

    • Steph, Yes I went through a lot and saw a lot! You brought up a very interesting question! As a matter of fact there were a few “kid’s” in Marin that sadly went down the wrong path back in the ’70’s. There were some kids that might have had an edgy side of them that were around her BUT there were more of us good ones that were there at the time and she didn’t seem to “like” us for some reason. She had rather hung out with the rowdy ones…she felt that some of us were geeky if we didn’t want to go with her plans and that of course was to be a shit head etc. I myself didn’t want to get into trouble nor my best friend at the time (who is still my close friend who can totally back this up). I noticed back then that she would pick and choose people she could control. And that was pretty good for me considering my age then. I just always had this gut feeling around her and so did my friend “Ellen”. That is why we were so surprised when we actually got invited to their party I believe it was the night of the murder and or after they buried her parents…it’s foggy I have to admit but my friend and I were there and heard what they said and we made contact with a Det. at the Sheriff’s Dept. We both were in total shock and couldn’t believe that they burned them up and we even thought they were kidding at first. But the way it came out just didn’t sound like a joke after awhile and there was too much details for a joke…..She preys on weak people that I do remember. And I see that she hasn’t changed.

      • I forgot to mention perhaps the why of China Camp. At the time China Camp wasn’t really that active with people and it was pretty vacant. I strongly believe they chose it because it was very close to were she lived as simple as that! It hardly got patrolled by the Sheriff’s Deputies at that time either as it was kind of out of the way. Now it’s very well patrolled and people hike and ride out there all the time! They might have gotten away with it if they weren’t so stupid and rushed things for one thing and maybe just maybe if they had thought it through more and went much father away?? But no matter, if you kill someone you are going to get caught! Just a matter of time….

  10. It’s so funny to read all of this, and so much of it just simply wrong…Yes, I knew them, yes, I went to school with them, High school with her and both to middle school and high school with Chuck and his brother and sister, living next door to them for a while, riding dirt bikes with Chuck next to the railroad tracks and out to the “flats” next to the Marin Civic Auditorium and to Contempo mobile home park out behind it. And then moving a block away from the Riley family for many years. Chuck’s family was a good family; nice people. Chuck’s brother and I were friends, being about the same age, and stayed in contact with his sister while she worked at the drug store in the mall. Chuck was more of a loner and Marlene gave him acceptance, drugs and sex…She was trash, a stoner druggie hanging out on the back steps of TL High. We all knew her. Poor Chuck, to meet her at an empty time in his life; such a controlling woman, sending him to his life’s ruin. And his family? I feel so sorry for them, and the life they were forced into. As for my family? We attended most of the trial, my parents I believe went to all of it, every single day. My own feelings about him? Yes, he did it, stupidly, but he should get out of prison, he should have been out, long ago. And her… She should have been locked up, safely and forever.
    China Camp? All of us played out there. We fished the pier with our parents when we were young, rode dirt bikes to the gates of the Nike Missile radar sites on the hills above, and partied at the fire pits where the bodies were burned. No one today can begin to see what China Camp used to be like, now it has been totally yupified; it was nice.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Essentially you are saying Marlene was the instigator and Chuck blindly followed along with her pulling his strings. That is exactly what I have blogged about the murder.

      • Yep, that was what I was just backing up; exactly. Thanks

      • My feelings on Chuck and whether he should be released or not….I have such mixed feelings on this to tell you the truth. I re-read what Ray wrote on that. I totally believe that people deserve a second chance in life! But this is a tad different for me as far as Chuck goes. Reason being is that he was doing some crime before the murders. Yes, they weren’t that “bad” but still he was becoming a juvenile delinquent even so and his crimes where getting more and more “bigger”….I wish he gotten the proper help back then. Although his folks were not bad parents at all. At least from what I can remember, they tried their best and did whatever they could to support the family. I know murderer’s who are now out and doing very well. But they killed one person…I know that sounds funny….I know for one thing, and that is it sure as hell isn’t fair to him that Marlene hardly did any time at all and here she is STILL committing crimes!!!!! What’s wrong with this picture??? This must really piss off Chuck! I would really want to know what he has done to better his life behind bars? Has he done any College? Gotten any kind of counciling? That could possibly help me with my thoughts of his release or not? Then again, I think if you murder someone(s) you must pay with your life and that’s being in prison for the rest of your life to ponder what you did to the whole family and friends of your victim. It’s a tough call. I’ve arrested murderers and I’ve had friend’s that been murdered. I also tried to put myself into a families position of a person who’s son or daughter who killed someone…and what I might being feeling when the Judge says 25 to life. Would I pray to hopefully see my daughter someday walk out?? Yeah, I’d be lying if I said no. So I think it boils down to case by case. But this crime was so bad and what they BOTH did afterwards with the bodies….sure makes it tough for me whether Chuck should ever get out. I think no matter what he was leading to do something “big” whether it was going to be with Marlene or not. If it wasn’t her, it was going to be someone else just like her that would and could make Chuck do whatever they wanted him to do….

      • I really do understand, the killings were indeed shocking and very very bad. But, the China camp incineration attempt and never even trying to clean his car or even remove the blood soaked blankets form the trunk of it, or dispose of the hammer, all pretty sad. As I recall, he was sentenced to death originally, for the double murder.
        I sure do miss the sound of Kawasaki triples in the air Scott……

      • VAROOOM! Now as far as Chuck and “them” not cleaning up and so forth, I had always wondered about that. It does make one wonder huh? Sometimes when people don’t clean up their mess it’s because they either want to get caught (deep down) and or their so cocky they actually think their smarter then the Police…and I think Marlene thought that she was not only smarter but better then everyone and she also had this “feel sorry for me” air about her. Chuck just had this “whatever” air about him. (Bikes for me: R1200RT, Triumph 675 Daytona Triple (3 of ’em), DUC 749 (had up to 12 race bikes)…

      • marilyn4ever says:

        My guess about not cleaning up is that both teens were highly disorganized and although the murder was planned it really wasn’t carried out as they had expected.

      • My thoughts on that (cleaning up) is kind of what you wrote Marilyn, and that’s that they just wanted the “job” done and really didn’t think about the afterwards crap. That is exactly what she was all about. She never (and is still doing?) thinks about her actions and just does what she feels like doing at that present moment. This is why I felt so strongly that she needed to be behind bars. I was always afraid that she would kill someone else that would get her angry and or wouldn’t do what she wanted and or who would cross her. If it wasn’t her Mother I swear it was going to be someone else. That is why I don’t buy into the “oh feel sorry for me trip because my mother was a sack of nuts” crap. That just gave her an excuse.

    • Not sure if Ray is accusing me of something here? Like I’m full of shit OR other’s from what he has read? I sure as hell hope not…But he and I (and my other friend’s) sure as hell got the very same impression on the BOTH of them and mostly on Marlene…She used Chuck (and other’s) big time! I’m wondering if Ray (if you see this) were you there at the party? We may have met at least once back then…I had a different name though. But I do remember those “days” and a lot about China Camp too…..

      • Hi Scott or whoever your name really is. I am not at all accusing you of anything, in fact, most of what you have written I think was right on and it certainly sounds like you knew them as I did. We were not close, but proximity put us around each other. Marlene and I were never friends, she was not in the least my type, nor did I have any interest in becoming her friend; I had been a friend of Chuck’s and his family. Chuck was our paperboy for a while too, working for the IJ.
        I was not too much of a partier then; I was one of the motorcycle guys around school, and was riding a bike to school the day I turned 15-1/2, a Honda CL 77, (305), and was already rebuilding an engine for my car that I already owned. The day I turned 16, drove my car to school straight from the DMV.
        My friends and I were not into the drug stuff, just into motorcycles, which continues to this day, with too many of them in my garage.
        And yes, if you were there, around Terra Linda, we must have met. I grew up there; first Oliver Hartzel Elementary school, them Santa Venetia, TL High and COM.

      • Oh cool Ray…No problems! I too was and still am a motorcycle dude!! Anyway, I was never a partier either and it was really odd that both of them asked me and my friend to go “party” with them that “night”….I did know Chuck a little as well, and he was kind of odd and I think that is why she “used” him. I think the two of them just needed each other and it was one of those things that was a very bad combo. when you put the two together. But she would have found someone else to KILL and help her clean up the mess no matter what if Chuck didn’t do it. I do remember that about her for sure. I went to Marin Catholic HS for a bit but moved away but then kept driving back and forth to see my best friend who lived in Ross (where I grew up…). I did go to TLHS/Redwood HS for swim practice for the ’72 Olympic training…(my Coach was there along with Rick Demont). So I have a lot of history in Marin. I own a race team and race semi-pro motorcycle(s). P.S., I NEVER took drugs either..good for you too! Proud of you buddy!! There are good Marin kids!!!!

      • wpmember7 says:

        Is everybody forgetting that these “kids” were on some pretty powerful drugs 24/7. Add that to basic immaturity and a less than happy situation and anything can happen. Things got out of control and none of the sane ones (Marlene’s Dad and Chuck’s parents) thought things were as bad as they were. I can understand that…parents do sometimes just try to get thru one disaster after the other, hoping their kids get their maturity soon. But sometimes with the unlucky parents they just hope a little too long.

        Chuck and Marlene were involved daily in illegal activities, all the drugs and drug dealing, all the thefts in all the stores, etc. And all that wanton sex. They were making bad choices every day of the week and nobody ever stepped in and said ‘enough’. So evil things far beyond their ‘age’ happened at their hands and it all ended tragically. I do feel sorry for Chuck’s parents (and of course for Marlene’s). As for Chuck, I got the impression he just stepped into it and couldn’t or wouldn’t wiggle out.

        I woudn’t be disappointed if Chuck got released. The first time I’ve ever said such a thing about a murderer. I just think 40 years later at age 60, just let him go. It’s not like he’s got his whole life ahead of him, or like he’s going to get out and murder other people’s parents again. I think he probably has some pretty deep regrets, at least I hope so.

  11. Steph says:

    This post is directed to anyone who knew Marlene in Terra Linda. When did you become aware of her? She arrived in Terra Linda in 1973 and attended the high school for a very short time. The Bad Blood book describes her as chubby, dressed in skirts and blouses, shy, withdrawn. What were your first impressions when you saw or met her? Did she really come across as this witchy woman the author describes?

    • I wish I could tell you more. Yes, I was there, Yes, I knew her, or better said, I knew of her and saw her around the school a little and then around Chuck. That was a long time ago, and attending a High School with almost 2,500 kids. As I recall though, I would not have called her pretty or cute. Just an unhappy and rather unfriendly “stoner” as the rest of us called them. I do not recall her as large, or anything though. My High School time though was not spent hanging out back, (the faculty parking lot end) of the 100 and 300 halls. I hung out at the opposite end, and upstairs in the 400 hall overlooking the stairs as we used to enjoy people watching.
      Personally, and in retrospect, I am very happy that I did not know her better.

  12. Steph says:

    Yes, you are very lucky not to have associated with her. She obviously has continued to prey upon people. Here she had the chance to improve her life in 1979 (release from CYA) but chose to continue a life of crime. The latest news regarding Marlene, a jury has been chosen for her Oct 6 trial for two counts of forgery and receiving stolen property. As for Chuck, he presented his case for parole before the board on Sept 19. It is a strange turn of events that he might be granted parole and Marlene could be facing prison time. How does everyone feel about this?

    • Well, you know my feelings on this and that’s she needs to be in jail for sure. I think she should have been in jail all this time. As for Chuck…very mixed feelings on this. I have no idea what Chuck has been doing behind bars? Will he kill again IF he meets another person like Marlene? Will he go find her if she doesn’t go to jail that is, and go kill her for revenge? I just hope the Jury puts her in jail that’s all. She has been given so MANY chances I can’t believe it.

      • Welcome to the new very liberal world of bleeding hearts. I so totally agree, she should have been locked up for good, years ago, and kept there forever; for committing the crime, for masterminding it/planning it, and for causing another person, Chuck, to get sucked into this mess.
        Death penalty? Wouldn’t have hurt my feelings, she earned it.
        Ducati 900SSSP, BMW R 100GS, BMW R 1150RS, KTM/Penton Mint 400 and several others…..

  13. Steph says:

    According to Chuck’s latest petition for parole, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Chapman College. He also completed vocational drafting classes, and trained as a milling machine operator, a tool grinder and a lathe operator.
    I too have mixed feelings about his parole. All I know about him and his case is from newspaper articles, Bad Blood, and online posts. What I have gathered is that the Chuck of 1975 was an easy-going teenager who started dealing pot to make friends. His dealing coke and shoplifting came after he met Marlene, and were done at her insistence. In my opinion, he should have only been convicted for the killing of Jim Olive.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Legally that wouldn’t have been possible since he did murder Marlene’s mother.

      • Well, thank you for the up date on Chuck Steph. Most of those “jobs” are within the prison system by the way. So hard to be impressed with. The BA and drafting class also not very impressive either ONLY because a lot of the guys take those because their the easiest. NOT insulting those outside of course!!! I just talked to a Correctional Officer and got some heads up what some of the guys do and take to “look good” for their parole boards etc. And what is already at prison, the workshop type stuff etc. That is why I’m not so impressed with Chucks “success” in jail. I know some inmates who have gotten a hell of a lot more education!! Anyway…bottom line, the two should just be in jail for the horrible crime they did for the rest of their lives. P.S., Ray..race bikes,HD,BMW..etc..etc.! Ride on bro.!

      • Steph says:

        That is debatable. Chuck did initially say he killed both parents, but in subsequent hypnosis sessions it came out that he walked into the bedroom and found Naomi with the claw hammer stuck in her head. He pulled it out, and as she was still alive, he suffocated her with a pillow. I have always found this explanation more plausible. Marlene had used the claw hammer that afternoon to fix her shoes. If Chuck had the gun, why would he grab the hammer to use on Naomi? He was a good shot, he could have just plugged Naomi in the head or heart and been done with it. Instead whoever hit her, did it repeatedly. This was an extremely violent attack that suggests the perpetrator had deep hatred for the victim. I think Marlene called Chuck to demand he come over to kill both parents, she used the hammer to bludgeon her mother and shortly thereafter left the house with her father to meet the girl she owed money, she saw Chuck in the yard, he walked in to the horrid scene and panicked. When Marlene and her father arrived, Chuck shot him either in self defense or because that is what Marlene wanted. I just don’t see why he would use the hammer if he already had a gun. What is the old saying – don’t bring a knife to a gunfight? That is my take on the case, would like to hear others. We have a good conversation going.

      • I so agree with you and am trying to remember “something” that what was said that night when my friend and I saw the two of them at this party…Something about “hammering”….We both didn’t get it till later of course! Sick…But I agree with you that Marlene did do that part, hammer her mother to death or at least started it. That was out of anger for sure. I think the gun wasn’t used at first because of noise and shock at first. I don’t think there was a “self-defense” with Chuck and her father at all. I strongly believe that there was panic (father) when he showed up and that Marlene literally made Chuck kill him right then and there. So basically Chuck did kill two people. I had always felt that he could have called for help IF he was strong enough and gotten her mother help since she was still alive. People do recover from very bad head wounds you know. Then there’s the part of what they BOTH did afterwards with the bodies…that in it self is rather gruesome too.

  14. Steph says:

    You make a good point about the self defense issue. It is hard to imagine how someone could accomplish such horrific acts. Was Chuck a weak person to begin with? Yes, the disposal of the bodies was gruesome. It was such a drastic step, total annihilation of two human beings. Marlene wanted them gone and she succeeded by reducing them to a few fragments. I wonder if there was more to the home situation than came out at the trials? The book described Marlene as fixated on her adopted father to the point of crawling into bed with him way past childhood. The author clearly states that he did not find evidence of sexual abuse, but he does raise the question. Even is Marlene was being sexually abused, it does not excuse the crime. By the way, do you know anything about the 16-year-old girl Deanna who helped Marlene clean up the crime scene? She passed away a few years ago in another state. Looking back on her participation, I guess she was another victim of Marlene’s. But how do you stomach cleaning up such a mess that you didn’t even cause? Spooky kids.

    • Steph, hi…I never believed that her father molested her. I always wondered in the back of my head if that was a “feel sorry for me” thing that she did. There was just something about her that I just didn’t trust. I was being abused and molested back then by several people and my adoptive mother was VERY abusive to both my brother and I, and when someone else speaks of their abuse one can tell if their telling the truth….trust me on this. Although I did knew something was going on with her mother though, but to what extent I couldn’t tell. My friend always felt that Marlene wasn’t that all that perfect and asked for a lot of it. BUT I say to that “NO kid deserves any abuse no matter what!!” But my point is that we both felt that Marlene lied a lot about what went on inside that house too. I’m trying to remember Deanna. And I just can’t recall her at this time. But it doesn’t surprise me if she did help and I’m sure Marlene promised her “stuff” if she would. I started to think about some “Marin” kids and man…I got stories for ya! There must have been something in the water!!?? I truly wonder about the high rate of deaths too. Just alone I know about 5 that committed a major crime and or were murdered and or killed someone. Scary , spooky yes!!

  15. Steph says:

    Hey Scott. So sad to read that you were abused as a child. Sounds like you had a hell of a childhood, and yet you did not hammer anyone to death! You should write a book about your life. You have overcome so much, and of course, knowing the barbecue killers would peak any true crime fan’s interest. You mentioned that there were other crimes in Marin around 1975. Would you be referring to the Ladd murders, the two teenagers poisoned by their mother? As for the girl who helped Marlene clean up the crime scene, her name was Deanna Krieger. She passed away a few years ago. According to Bad Blood, she had a sister around 16-18. Pretty wild bunch – drugs, shoplifting, group sex. Supposedly (again, according to Bad Blood), Deanna’s mother’s boyfriend was an ex-con. He led Marlene to believe that Jim Olive was informing the police about her drug friends, another piece in the puzzle of why she wanted to kill her parents.

  16. Hi Steph and to the author…I was rereading some of the older post’s…I had a bit of a good chuckle…One line(s) specially, how to ask the Guards about how Chuck isn’t a murderer. Like they are going to believe him!! And how where the hell did the author get her fact’s etc. Well I can tell you that she sure as hell did her homework more then Tima or the other gal here who “thinks” she knows her friend. An author has to do a lot of freaken research and that’s going to the Sheriff’s office and the DA’s office and going to the Court’s and talking to eye witness’s and a lot of paper trial and walking and months and months of research…She just didn’t pick it out of her ass and make crap up! I resent the two so call friends of Marlene’s “thinking” they totally know all the facts when they simply do not. I don’t know all the facts but I was around then and they both were NOT!!!! They came afterwards and befriended her and were told a bunch of lies by her and they choose to believe a murderer…..And it really bothers them when others won’t buy into her cleaning up her act and so forth…Hence, that is why she is in jail now and OR she JUST got into trouble yet AGAIN! You friends of her need to find new ones! I’m sorry to sound harsh….But she is a punk and KILLED two people and did horrible things to their bodies and never paid a price for it and she is also a very self-centered dangerous person who uses people and tricks them into thinking that she is so kind and nice and sweet and oh so good and means well and she is sorry for what she did etc. etc. cause it’s BS to the core. She may have you three under her thumb but not many of us.

  17. Well stated Scott. I am in awe over a few of these older posts

    • Thanks man….I know I get a little heated here but I am so disgusted with some of these “people” who seem to become fans of sick/murderer’s….and then they become experts in the crime itself. I knew these people (if you can call them that) back then and it was a very horrible time back then and scary time and it was something that just didn’t happen back then to this Community. I then became a Deputy in Marin County so I had to work and drive and see where these two bodies ended up almost daily or when ever I had that patrol route….I will never forget what those TWO did. And I also remember what she was like back then and that was a user of people….in a very sly way. She used her so called abuse to get people to feel sorry for her and she still does. Trust me, it wasn’t as bad as she states it was.

  18. Steph says:

    Way to go Scott! I too was outraged by those posts. Notice how they stopped posting once our conversation revealed so many facts? Either they are cohorts in crime or gullible people who have been duped by the master manipulator. I don’t understand how Marlene keeps eluding a life sentence when she is a repeat offender. Scott, maybe you can shed some light on this. Marlene is currently scheduled for a jury trial in November for two counts of forgery and receiving stolen property. According to the Kern County Superior Court online case index, the trial was originally scheduled for September and has been changed three times now. Could this mean that her lawyer/public defender is prolonging the trial date to come up with some ploy to save his client, or is this the usual progression of a criminal court. I find it so aggravating that she skates through life leaving victims in her wake. I wonder how many people have suffered from her 30+ year career as a forger. Unbelievable. Does anyone know how Chuck is faring with his parole bid?

    • Hi Steph..Thank you for all your kind words by the way. To answer your question. It is both the system and yes, her Attorney that is prolonging her case. This happens to almost all criminal cases unfortunately. And I totally agree this is so unfair to all victims of these slime-balls who literally prey on innocent people. It has been one of the most frustrating things about having been in law-enforcement for me and that is to have to see down right hard core criminals such as these two get away with crimes day in and day out for years to come. I speak of course mostly Marlene because Chuck is where he is suppose to be. I’m with you and can’t for the life of me understand how the hell she has gotten away with what she’s gotten away with for so many years! Kern County had better do their job and do the right thing and I pray to God that no one “feels” sorry for this lier when she lies about her past. I hope she fits into the 3 strike rule?! As far as Chucks parole hearing, I personally don’t know where it’s at right now. Sorry. I hope he isn’t granted freedom. That would be weird if he gets out just as she goes in huh?! Justice on his part….She might be safer in jail if he should get out….

  19. Steph says:

    Well, here is the outcome of Marlene’s latest trial. 496(A) – (Do not use – Invalid 11/5/2014) Receive/Etc Known Stolen Property – Dism. Furth. of Justice; 470(A) – Forgery Check/Bond/Bank Bill/Note/Trav./Cash.Check/Money Ord. – Pled Nolo Contendere; 470(D) – Forgery – Dism. Furth. of Justice. Perhaps the DA didn’t think the 496(A) & 470(D) worth pursuing. She would have received up to a year in jail for each. For Marlene, that would have been a slap on the wrist. It still would have been better than nothing. At least she would have been locked up and not able to defraud people for a couple years. Kern County doesn’t list her as an inmate. Not sure if she’s incarcerated or loose. Well, we know she’s loose – ha ha.

  20. lmwilker says:

    I just looked up the Ladd case. I had never heard of it before. Why would those young men, 19 and 18, take anything from their mother after she had previously tried to kill them with poison using the same story that it was medicine? That seems really bizarre. The mom died in 2009 in Patton, Ca where the state hospital is so it seems she was never released. She was described as a widow. How did the dad die? Any suspects in the murder of the principal’s wife? Other Marin County crimes of the era that is still recalled?

    • Hi, You can contact me about other cases if you want. I know about some that took place here in Marin OR I can at least direct you to check on that haven’t been in press much at all but are very interesting. They took place in the early ’90’s and even late ’80’s. You got Spann, Bunting, and a case where a wife had her husband killed by her lover in Kentfield. He was a friend of mine. Funny thing is I can’t think of his name right now…He was a termite guy. Then you have a Abram’s killing in Ross back in the ’80’s as well. Hope this helps. Scott

  21. wpmember7 says:

    So whatever happened with Marlene’s latest day in court (Oct 20140)? I can’t find anything on the Net about her most recent crimes and punishments.

  22. wpmember7, ask Tima…she seems to KNOW everything about Marlene!!

  23. Donna Averett says:

    Strangely, I don’t find her in the TL yearbook of ’74, ’75, or ’76. She is not listed as “camera shy,” i.e. people who don’t get their pictures in. Was her last name Olive?

    • helthnut says:

      Yes I believe so. She may have been out of school on picture days – her attendance was less than consistent.

    • Ray says:

      I knew here from around school Donna, and Chuck, along with his family were friends of me, and neighbors

      • Robin Jones says:

        hi my name is Robin many years ago I sat in juvenile hall with Marlene olive for some reason Marlene felt very comfortable with him we would sit in the day room where the TV was and for some reason she was start to talk to me she would not talk to anybody else out there but apparently felt comfortable with me he admitted to me that she did participate in the murder of her mother and father it was not all check rightly I do not understand why she would talk to me and tell me all these things if she would not even talk to her attorney they tried to make me her roommate and I told them hell no this woman wakes up every morning with the noose around her neck because she feels guilty and you want to put me in a room with her so you can listen in on our conversation I said I don’t think so I was young scared and dumb at the time that I was there on the last days they took more lean away Lancaster turn she looked at me I told her goodbye and she told me to change my life before I ended up like her I was quite wild I would run away and never look back to my family about anything but I do know this woman is crazy as hell eyes with roll in the back of her head when she tell me her story about her mother and how she killed her and participated in her father’s that’s awful I feel she should have gotten life in prison and the death in the club just like Chuck Riley there he had to sit in prison all alone he did not do it all alone that’s all I have to say what bitch told me how she killed her mother so how could they not convicted woman unreal

      • helthnut says:

        Good move about not becoming her cellie. You sound like your life is going to get back on track and improve. Good luck.

  24. I don’t believe this Parkhurst character is/was a cop or a bikerider. I think the only bikes he’s owned are schwinns. He sounds like a wannabe cop hanging out at donut shops and other “oinker ” hangouts.Get a life ‘ya tool” . You also need to quit gushing over that other “fruitpie” Ray.Why don’t you two get a room and quit spending all your time spewing nonsense on the internet.I think you were a disgraced school crossing guard not a cop.Even a cop wouldnt be as big a tool as
    you.Get a life,goober. I dont believe you ever met chuck or marlene either.Lies,lies,lies!

    • scottparkhurst says:

      “elvisflncchrist” normally I wouldn’t response to “folks” like you….But sounds like your buttons were pushed do to the fact that your goods friends of murders. And your petty out cry of myself and Ray is just that…petty. I feel very sorry for you. I’d be more then happy to post photo’s of myself in uniform and racing my m/c’s if you like WITH my name on them of course….Be very careful of slander my friend. And oh P.S., did YOU ever know them? Yes, I did know Marlene and some of her other friends…..I may even know you…..

      • Ray says:

        I just laughed at the person; pretty easy to see through that one.

      • scottparkhurst says:

        Yes Ray, oh my buddy friend..LoL! Pretty funny huh? Hey, let’s get a room and compare our bikes OK! And maybe even invite Marlene…

  25. scottparkhurst says:

    P.S. to “elvis”…Anyone who bashes “Cops”, in my book have been in trouble with the law and this is just your way of getting it out of your system and targeting it out on me. So I’m not going to take it personally. My word of advise, just clean up your act and stay out of trouble. And grow up.Your “writing” was very child-like and tells a lot of people out here what kind of person you truly are….

    • Dear ray and scott porkthrust, Congratulations on your engagement.I hope you girls are happy monitoring police scanners and telling lies at Winchells donuts. I’m sure there are a lot of gender alternative themed bars where you and other members of the rubber gun ,mall cop sisterhood of the pants brigade can meet .Between the biker and police personas you effect you’re halfway to reforming the village people. Good luck. I really mean it.As of late with all the bad press cops have been getting (shooting unarmed misdemeanor scoflaws in the back )maybe you should be the one worrying about slander.
      As of knowing Chuck and Marlene here’s a newsflash for you. I am Chuck and Marlenes
      love child. Dont you go changing.
      P,S. King loves you baby.

      • scott parkhurst says:

        I so know better then to answer “this”….But being in the business, and knowing what I know of people. Please and I truly mean this in a professional manner, get some help. You are a very angry person and are taking it out on me and Ray only because you “can”. You don’t even know us. That’s what makes you dangerous. “Love child”? Are you saying your their GROWN child, as in adult (now)? Then gee, if this is true….then your prone to having their “killer” gene’s and it’s showing up big time in just the way your writing. As I and a couple of other professionals have broken down each sentence you so adultly wrote. Get your hate in check. And P.S., I never ate donuts and I never drank coffee either…it was really fun to watch the servers faces when I refused them both! I mean really, how many Police Officer’s don’t at least drink coffee!? Again, you know nothing about me and how many lives I’ve saved and how many ticket’s I didn’t give out and how many friends I made on the street and I STILL have inmates write to me….So judge yourself before you judge other’s…And your post totally contradicts itself..”King loves you baby” and yet you write all hate…Go figure?

      • may says:

        Do u have nothing better to do than make up stuipid shit ? Marlene and Chuck never had a child ! She has never had a kid at all! Just do not understand why u would say that! Get a life .

      • may says:

        U one crazy person ! Why would you say you are their love child ? She never had any kids ! Wow !

  26. I think she was a sick sick woman who deserved to be under the jail! She has no business being free

    • scott parkhurst says:

      I totally agree of why is she free? When so many other’s who have done a lot less of a crime (if you can call it that), are in prison for so many years? And here she barely served any time at all?! And she repeatedly committed crimes while out. I blame (not only her of course) but the dumb Judge who kept allowing her back into the street to victimized more people. I know for a fact that she didn’t give a rats ass about who she hurts either. If she did, she wouldn’t keep stealing and lying and committing crimes right? And she did a wonderful job on raising her love child of the two of them….That truly shows as well. They are so angry with themselves they can’t see straight. They had to have been raised within the system. If she yet got another break after this last crime she did…I have then no more faith in our system, or that Judge is a total jerk and a letter needs to be written for sure.

      • I think she is free because the system sucks there are so many people in jail for less I too blame the judge because he had the option of putting her in prison or under the jail and he chose not to do it! That is the scary thing about this!

  27. may says:

    They dont have a lovechild that Elvis person got some problems !

    • helthnut says:

      Most ppl I blog about usually do.

      • scott parkhurst says:

        I didn’t think that they did…And the way that this “person” wrote, sounded “sick”. But it was fun while it lasted. Sometimes people need to vent and they will pick the weirdest places and choose people like myself and others who are totally innocent and law abiding as well. And this frustrates them to no end. Keep up the good work and I enjoy your hard work.

    • wpmember7 says:

      It’s never Mom and Dad’s fault when their evil child chooses to do wicked things. No excuses! Evil people do evil things simply because they ‘can’. And they love every minute of it. It was not Ted Bundy’s mother, sister, grandmother, daughter, aunt, or anyone else who made him go butcher up all the young ladies he could find. He just did it because he was a wicked man. Period.

  28. Robin Jones says:

    I know you are writing a book on serial killers I have said this to people more than once that story about Marlene always bad blood was not total fact i sat in juvenile hall with this woman. this woman confessed to me that Chuck was not the only one who killed her parents she assisted also she admitted this to me sitting in the day room in juvenile hall my name at the time was Robbie and will give not give my last name yet just in case I could be in danger she SAT there night after night tell me step by step what she did to her stepmother and her step dad they could not get anything out of her and they asked me to be her roommate I told them hell no but I do know for a fact that Marlene admitted it to me what she had done I’m not crazy but you know what under all that craziness she was a smart cookie and she knew how to manipulate men and she do sex and drugs if you want to contact me about this you could go to my email address Chuck would not be sitting in there by himself he should have been let out years ago the dumb naive teenagers never had a girlfriend got sucked in by manipulating little bitch oh I did forget drug induced

    • wpmember7 says:

      “naive teenagers never had a girlfriend”? Punctuation is your friend. Try using some for the benefit of others. 🙂

    • may says:

      In danger? Why the heck you be in danger? She does even know about all these people still saying all this stuff. Or even the show on a&e .
      So no honey you not in any danger from something from 40 yrs ago. I think it is sad that you all think or know how she feels but you don’t ! You have no idea !

    • Scott Parkhurst says:

      Well, you know I was going to chime in, since I have been following this story. It does come to my email after all. With all do respect to May, Robin has every right to “feel” anything she wishes. If you say Marlene has “feelings”, then so does Robin. Anyone who murdered not only one but two people and also can talk someone else into brutally murdering people, I would be scared too. So Robin’s fears are very real. Someone like Marlene who has been arrested on numerous occasions and has shown no remorse for what she has done has only told me at least that she is vey unstable. And to those who have bashed me for speaking my mind, go for it. All you have done is just told me what kind of people you are and the kind of people maybe she shouldn’t hang out with IF in fact you even know her! Murder’s bring out the nuts and I think that’s what has happened here….From what I have read and what some of you have written to me personally. I’m not at all amused and if anything I’m rather entertained. The topic here is about Marlene! Robin, you will be OK but keep us informed and keep writing too…Best, Scott

    • May says:

      You said the anyone can email you and go to your email .Im not sure we’re to go as this site said that it doesn’t give it out .

      • Scott Parkhurst says:

        Hum, sorry about that May. Some folks have found me at “” and your right, it’s for our safety and we all need that these days huh? But I’m a big boy and can take a lot and have….I’m pretty fair and tell it like I see it as you’ve seen I’m sure. But I also will listen too and take things into consideration and do homework, which I’ve done some here. As you can see, I don’t take to kindly to “some” murders….There are people out there who have made horrable mistakes in their earlier life and they did some real soul searching and made real changes and really helped themselves and cleaned up their acts and stayed out of jail (when and if they were released). These folks I have respect for and pray they do well. But I haven’t seen any real good solid progress with Marlene. And she IS a user of people when ever she can do so. This I do know. This is why I don’t really support her even though I so wish I could. I’m sorry.

  29. Mex5150 says:

    A movie was mentioned but no details given, a quick google didn’t produce anything useful, can somebody give me the name and year?

  30. ALYSSA says:

    Let me say CHUCK RILEY was my mothers best friend since a very young age and I grew up knoqnin him to be my uncle and it hurts reading these things when she is the one who convinced my uncle to do such a horiffic thing im not excusing his actions in any way did he kill her parents yes but she bewitched him to do on his behalf the press making him out like a deranged animel is totally wrong.

    • helthnut says:

      Bewitched is a little superstitious to me. He may not have been the sharpest pencil in the box but he made a conscientious decision to murder a human being. He is where he belongs.

  31. robin jones says:

    Well I knew Marlene personally I sat in juvenile hall was there before she was taken away to a mental hospital she used to sit and tell me stories on how she killed her parents and wasn’t all Chuck it was her to but she manipulated the young man that never had a girlfriend and he did her bidding like that Juno Hall listening to her stories day after day I actually had people come up to me and want me to stay in the same room so they can listen in to our conversations over the microphones I told him no I would not do that because this lady wakes up with a noose around your neck that’s where the bathrobe that they would give us in juvenile hall I did not want to have the bathrobe around my neck she would not talk to her attorney or lawyers or anybody there some reason she felt comfortable talking to me I was there for a long time and I remember the day that she left to go to the mental Asylum she turned and looked at me as they handcuffed her and she said Robin straighten out your life so you don’t end up like me and I looked at her and I told her I would not because I will not kill my parents like you did she smiled she walked away and they took her to the nuthouse she was there until she turned 21 I tried to keep up on where she was I read a story about her being in New York getting caught for bad checks and other things and she’s been to jail several times don’t know where she is now but I do know Chuck got the wrong end of the deal he sat in prison for 40 years in fact she should have did the same thing cuz she was a part of it and she told me what she did but no she gets out and she gets the wrong free she is crazy as hell that’s for sure at least what I remember of her time that she left she was kind of chunky and overweight long hair batshit crazy to a degree you definitely knew how to manipulate people no other girls in juvenile hall will talk to her they all stayed away except for me when I sit there and talk to her weiner head back and forth pretend to be possessed by the devil I knew she was not and she was just pretending and trying to scare me what you did not scare me at all used to think that she was a total idiot why would you want to kill your parents doesn’t make sense to me well that’s my story I have more but I don’t want to Babylon and by the way Chuck Riley is out of prison he did about 40 years in prison he got out for good behavior

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