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What Happens Long Before a Murder?

This blog is based on the Youtube clip David D. Row: Lessons from Death Row Inmates.  Row, a Texas criminal defense attorney for death row inmates, explored what happens in the life of a killer years before the kill happens.  His … Continue reading

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Gross Groupies and Gruesome Egos

Groupies.  Usually we associate them with rock stars and celebrities. There also exists a whole different cult network of groupies known as death groupies, death row groupies, and serial killer groupies.  These are usually women and teenaged girls, although occasionally … Continue reading

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Methods of Malice and Murder

Suppose (for no suspicious reason) that you are curious as to how to kill someone as efficiently and quickly as possible. My guess would be it depends on the method you use to do the killing, and your level of expertise. Movies … Continue reading

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Tough Love Triangle Translates into Tough Luck and Tough Endings

Have you ever heard of that controversial parenting approach known as Tough Love? Tough love is an expression used when someone treats another person harshly with the intent to help him or her. The phrase was coined by Bill Milliken when he wrote … Continue reading

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Pregnant, Poisonous, Pleading, and Placed in the Noose

Either the Council of Massachusetts Deputy Secretary operated under its own agenda in the hanging of Bathsheba Ruggles Spooner or they believed the cold-hearted woman wasn’t pregnant, but merely trying to postpone the inevitable. Born in 1746, Bathsheba, a beautiful and … Continue reading

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Kids and Krime and Inkarceration

Wabash Valley Correctional Centre: The YIA cellblock – cellblock D – Youth Unit, is home to 53 kids who are rarely permitted to leave the unit, due to the dangers posed by the adult prisoners just outside their door.  Close beside the youths … Continue reading

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Pivotal Poisons Punished, Paralyzed, Petrified and Prematurely Pushed Poor People into Paradise…and under the Petunias

Arsenic and Old Lace captured the concept of quietly and efficiently killing a victim with arsenic and a “touch” of cyanide. The original black and white 1944 film starring Cary Grant centered around two little old ladies, Abby and Martha Brewster, who … Continue reading

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