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Sexy Sandy’s Sneaky Subterfuge

Sandra Renee Murphy grew up in a rough working-class part of Los Angeles. In spite of her humble beginnings, by the age of 18, a confident Sandy was already working full time. In 1995, she and her best friend decided … Continue reading

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Mystery-Murder Game Becomes Real

Kimberly Hricko married her handsome college sweetheart, Steve Hricko at Penn State. They had a beautiful daughter, Anna, and a brand new home in the suburbs of Laurel. Kimberly and Steve were introduced to each other by friends; both were late bloomers and had … Continue reading

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Sickeningly Severed Soviet Scientist

Born in the Soviet Ukraine in 1948, Rita Shapiro grew up in poverty, seeking a way out. She found that means through education and while in university, she met a brilliant man named Yokov Gluzman. Upon graduation, the pair married and … Continue reading

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Lovely Linda’s Lurid Revenge

Linda Taylor’s popularity began in her teens at Jean Ribault High in Jacksonville, Florida. She bestowed her attention upon Jack Jones, a senior starter on the Varsity Football Team. The first day Jack met Linda’s mother, she stated with certainty, “this is the … Continue reading

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Bookkeeper Baker and Brutal Murder

Debra Lynn Baker was a young, attractive woman with the modest career of bookkeeper. Her boss, Jerry Sternadel ,however, was anything but modest. He was a millionaire plumber who led the high life and his wife, conveniently, happened to be Debra’s … Continue reading

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Ken and Barbie Whedbees

  Born in 1962 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Lisa Whedbee was the sort of high school girl many of her peers wished they could be: a pretty, blonde cheerleader with a stream of male admirers.  She met and began dating Rob Whedbee … Continue reading

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Murder of Mommy Dearest

Tylar Witt, 14, began dating a boy named Stephen Colver, 19, although she didn’t present Colver as her boyfriend to her mother, Joanne Witt. Instead, she claimed he was a homosexual and a friend in need of room and board. Joanne agreed, … Continue reading

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