Shy, Silent Susan a Secret Stripper and Second Degree Siren

Susan Wright, a woman with an ordinary name, was anything but an ordinary woman. She was a gorgeous blonde Texan beauty, and middle class suburban housewife, living the “American Dream” with her husband, Jeff Wright, a man 8 years older than her. Little surprise that she gave in to Jeff ‘s Jeff and Susanpursuit of her hand: he was doggedly persistent. Of course, it also helped that he was employed in a decent job and made enough money for the two of them.  While a young girl, Susan went to community college earning a diploma in cosmetology, then took a job as a hairstylist. Susan was a shy homebody who did more studying than she did socializing. Susan’s secret goal was to be a nurse and earn better money. In 1977 on a trip to the beach with friends, she met Jeff, a man she felt was charming. At first she felt he was “too old” for her, but over time he won her affections.

Jeff was her complete opposite. He was a partier who drank heavily and regularly used drugs. Jeff was happy to put his bachelor ways behind him. He wanted to wed Susan and have a family. Fate seemed to agree with him; several months into dating, Susan became pregnant. Jeff was happy to get married and proposed to Susan in her 8th month of pregnancy. Susan gave birth to their son, Bradley and 3 years later, the couple had a baby girl, Cailey. Susan was a devoted mother and worked tirelessly for her family. It was very important for Susan to be the “perfect wife and mother”. Her perfectionist family expected it of her.

By their 5th anniversary, Susan dropped a bomb on the people who knew them. One morning she and her mother attended a local police station to report that Jeff had been physically abusing her and using drugs for the duration of their marriage. Strangely, 3 days susanandkids_Ha_sCourtHouspassed and there was no sign of Jeff.  On the 3rd day, police visited the Wright house on Berry Lane and dug beneath the dirt in their yard. In no time, Jeff Wright’s body was discovered lying face down just outside the couple’s master bedroom. Stab wounds were easily visible on 2 areas of his body. Actually, the autopsy proved Jeff had been stabbed 193 times. 3:51  It also revealed bruises on Jeff’s wrists and ankles, suggesting he had been tied face down to the marital bed while he was stabbed to death. Susan was arrested and charged with her husband’s murder. Naturally her lawyer used the old Battered Wife Syndrome as her defence. When the prosecution team went digging (pun) they found an astonishing profile from Susan’s past. At the age of 18, quiet, shy Susan worked as a stripper for 2 months, a rebellion against her strict, religious background. She told the jury she “didn’t like it” and soon quit.

Try though she might to come across as an innocent victim, the jury returned a verdict of guilty to the charge of second degree murder. The odd reason she murdered her husband was his claim that with his new insurance coverage, should he die she would become a “rich woman.” Actually this was an exaggeration: Susan stood to gain only $200,000.00 upon his death. Whether or not her husband was actually abusing her was anyone’s guess.

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