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Happy Face Killer Left a Trail of Misery

Some murderers love the spotlight and love the nicknames the media invents to mark their crimes. It’s her or his chance for that macabre 15 minutes of fame. That and a few loose¬†screws in the head. This tale deals with … Continue reading

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Twitter Technology helps Toronto Cop thaw Cold Cases

  Cold case detectives routinely use modern technology to solve old crimes. But Det. Sgt. Brian Borg of the Toronto Police is taking that notion one step further by using Twitter to ask the public for help on his cold … Continue reading

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The Menendez Murders: Visit the Sins of the Father on the Heads of the Children

  Of course the real murders weren’t even remotely amusing, yet talk shows and spoof programs such as Saturday Night Live, found a great deal to joke about regarding the Menendez murders. It wasn’t the murders that people found amusing … Continue reading

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Boring Bob was a Bizarre, Sexually Buried Barbarian

  It w St-Petersburg. Florida – Gailen Eugene (Gene)¬†Thurnau, a popular, attractive air traffic controller, had moved to Florida to start his life over after a difficult divorce from his wife of 20 years. In fact, he requested the transfer … Continue reading

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