Lovely Linda’s Lurid Revenge

Linda Taylor’s popularity began in her teens at Jean Ribault High in Jacksonville, Florida. She bestowed her attention upon Jack Jones, a senior starter on the Varsity Football Team. The first day Jack met Linda’s mother, she stated with certainty, “this is the man my daughter is going to marry.” In Linda’s case, mother knew best and after Linda graduated in 1965, she and Jack wed. The young couple had no interest in college. Instead they both went out to work and bought a 2-bedroom starter home on Jefferson Street.

Eventually, 1972 baby Jill was born and in 1975 baby sister Shayne followed. Soon Linda was offered a partnership at the bookkeeping firm where she worked and Jack was promoted to Service Manager at a local Buick dealership. Jack spoiled Linda with jewelry until she wore a diamond ring on every finger. The money came rolling in and the couple built a home in early 1980s on Lake Asbury. It was southwest of Jacksonville and it seemed ideal.  Their daughters looked out of their windows to see horses running in the fields. The family boated, swam and went water-skiing.

However it was not all roses. Jack and Linda both had affairs over the years. By 1994 the girls were grown and moved on, and Jack and Linda celebrated their 30th anniversary.  At work, Linda hired Carrie Davis to help out at the bookkeeping office.  Carrie needed a place to stay after graduating high school and Linda offered Carrie her home to live in.  She and Jack treated Carrie as if she were their own.  However when the girls visited in the spring, they weren’t impressed and warned Linda that Carrie seemed too friendly with Jack.  Eventually, Linda noticed it too and when she confronted Carrie, the teenager replied that indeed she and Jack were having an affair.  That evening Linda confronted Jack. Jack admitted he was having sex with the girl and he was in love with her. What’s more he refused to give her up.

Linda was devastated. She dug in her heels, kicked Carrie out of the house but soon learned that Jack set her up in an apartment near his work. It was around that time that strange things began happening in the Jones’ house. Linda filed several police reports including vandalism and break-ins. In October she claimed someone broke into the house and raped her.  Confused and amused, Jack pondered to a friend, “what will happen next?”  Not long after, Carrie’s apartment was broken into.  A detective warned Jack to get out of his own house for his own sake, but Jack remained with Linda. Linda continued to believe they would work things out until she found out Jack bought Carrie an engagement ring using Linda’s credit card.

On November 7 1995, Jack returned home at 7 p.m.  The county police received a frantic phone call from Linda Jones an hour later. Their residence in Lake Asbury soon swarmed with emergency vehicles. Deputies found Jack’s brutalized corpse dead at the scene. Paramedics brought Linda to the hospital as she seemed to be in shock. She gave police a statement that two men rang the bell to her home, beat Jack and grabbed Linda by the hair demanding, “where’s the money, bitch?” The crime was unheard of in Lake Asbury. The police found the duct tape the burglars tied her up with, however technicians lifted her fingerprint from it.

The following morning, Jack’s body still lay on the floor and Linda’s attorney wouldn’t let her speak to authorities. Carrie attended Jack’s funeral a week later. Jack’s friends were more sympathetic toward Carrie than Linda. People pointed at Linda and whispered that she was Jack’s murderer. Investigators questioned Linda and Jack’s family and friends to find information about the marriage. A friend of Linda’s admitted to a strange phone call with her two days before Jack’s murder. Linda stated she was not “going to be fat and 40. You don’t get a life insurance settlement with a divorce.”

Her phone records turned up phone calls to petty criminals, Dwight Danahoo and Greg Green, Under questioning they admitted Linda Jones had asked them to kill Jack, but they refused. However Green assisted her in faking a break-in and rape reports. Linda paid Green to break into the house, knock her up a little, stuff a note into her mouth and tie her up.  Later, Linda went to his business and paid him $50 to have sex with her to create “DNA” evidence.

A neighbour reported to police that on the night of Jack’s murder a maroon Nissan van was seen driving away from Linda and Jack’s residence. The cops tracked down every maroon Nissan van in North Florida. One of them belonged to a tax client of Linda’s named Donald Bradley. His fingerprints didn’t match the print on the duct tape. Then in September 1995, Bradley was arrested for road rage. His co-worker, Brian McWhite, was with him and a deputy submitted his print to the lab for a comparison to the print on the duct tape. In September 1996, a positive identification was made on the print to McWhite. McWhite refused to cooperate with police but when his teenaged brother heard of McWhite’s arrest, he told his father about Jack Jones’ murder.

Both the teen and McWight were at the Jones’ house on November 7 1995. Bradley had offered them $100 each to beat up Jack. The brothers had used a zulu war club, a long piece of wood with a hole in one end and a heavy object through it: that was the murder weapon. Police arrested both McWhite boys and Donald Bradley. On October 14, 1996, police arrested Linda Jones for the murder of her husband.  At 50 years old, Linda went on trial for Jack’s murder. Linda swore Jack had been beaten to death in a home invasion attempt.  In the fall of 1997, Linda stood trial for 4 charges including conspiracy to commit murder, 2 charges for solicitation for murder and first degree murder. She faced life in prison.

Prosecutors told the jury that Linda was the mastermind behind Jack’s murder. The defence claimed the case was based solely on the word of criminals and murderers. Career criminals, Danahoo and Greene were the first two witnesses on the stand with their unlikely story. The McWhite brothers stated Linda planned every detail of the attack. They beat Jack severely but it was Bradley who delivered the fatal blows. Linda calmly watched as Jack was beaten to death. The McWhite brothers stood to gain a “sweetheart” deal, as the defence was quick to point out. Furthermore the crime scene had been trampled by 14 people, preventing a thorough crime scene investigation. Linda’s lawyer also stated that there was no proof she was involved in a murder conspiracy.

On November 6, 1996, Linda was found guilty on all charges.  Linda’s daughters were shocked. Bradley was sentenced to death. The McWhite brothers are serving 10-year sentences. Linda is serving her sentence in the Marion County Prison in Florida.

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32 Responses to Lovely Linda’s Lurid Revenge

  1. Miranda Scott says:

    Carrie Davis was a homewrecking whoremonger who should have died instead

    • elizabeth says:

      Uh, and Jack Jones penis was propped up with popsicle sticks?? Yeah, BOTH were whoremongers.

    • Nelda D. Fairley says:

      You think Carrie should die because she loved Jack? Sure she shouldnt have gotten involved with a married man. But to be killed for it? That is harsh words. Would you feel the same if that was one of your family members who had slept with a married man?

      • Vi says:

        I doubt that Carrie was in love. Even if she was she’s an ungrateful B. Linda gave her a place to live and treated her like a daughter, even if she was in love with Jack, she should back off. I agree that she is a home breaker. If I was in her situation and I did, I would never wreck a family. But regardless, this is a tragedy of 3 very stupid people.

    • Lucy says:

      Miranda, It seems that you my darling have been cheated on… The parties involved do not deserve death.. And maybe the spouse getting cheated on should take a look in the mirror and figure out why they aren’t getting the love no more

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Love has very little to do with affairs both ways- for instance a man can cheat on a woman he loves very much simply because the opportunity is there. And Miranda may indeed still be “getting the love” even if (and we don’t know this) she had a spouse who betrayed her. No offence to men, most of whom I think have good character and are faithful to their vows, but the fact is that affairs don’t always arise from an unhappy marriage.

      • Harley granny NC says:

        You sound like a Carrie. Blame the wife who gave a job, home and so much more! Hope you get a taste of what Linda did.

      • helthnut says:

        Surely you aren’t referring to the murder, of course. Let’s not forget that Carrie was only a teenager and very vulnerable to Jack’s advances. I believe he was the one who initiated the affair and caused the rift between his wife and Carrie. And don’t forget – Linda had her own share of affairs over the years.

    • Crystal says:

      He was no better than her. Personally, I think he was a bigger whoremonger than her because he used his wife credit card to buy his mistress an engagement ring and apparently didn’t even bother to tell his wife that their marriage was over before he did it.

      I don’t think Carrie Davis should have died instead (letting both whoremongers life would have been the best revenge. Linda Jones would have gotten to gloat someday because there’s no way a marriage between them would have lasted, one of them would have eventually cheated) but Linda should have at least terrorized her teaching her a lesson that she would never forget instead of only going after her husband. I never feel bad for cheaters when something bad happens to them but I can’t help but feel bad for him since he paid the ultimate price while his mistress suffered no consequences other than losing her sugar daddy who she likely didn’t even love.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        It’s unfair that Linda’s husband cheated on her but I would suggest that the word whoremonger is a bit harsh. You stated you feel bad for cheaters when something bad happens to them, yet at the same time you are clearly hostile towards both the husband and Davis. That makes little sense.

  2. Lucy says:

    Miranda Scott, YOU should die just for that statement you immature scum bucket,

  3. smarterthanLinda says:

    i blame Linda, for being stupid enough to move a “sweet young thang” into her and her family’s home…duh, Linda….she knew that he had cheated before, so why bring a lovely young girl in their home to entice him with again??? poor stupid Linda…..

  4. Jeannie says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.No matter what no other woman would have been invited to stay in my home, Linda was helping her but the fact remains Carrie Davis flirted with the husband with no shame right in front of the wife and daughters! I would of beat her ass then threw her out. While murder is wrong,the wife snapped.

  5. Purgatori4most says:

    Actually, affairs do occur as a result of unhappiness in marriages, most occur because either party are too afraid to admit it, so they use affairs as a tool to get out of their marriages. Sometimes the party who is cheated on doesn’t want to see the truth and stick around, then they try to have an affair to “get even” but that is still a sign of an unhappy marriage, in essence the two were not meant for each other.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Doubtless affairs happen in unhappy marriages. I don’t disagree. But I know they happen in good marriages and those are the ones that surprise me. I’ve met two very good family men like that who would never leave their wives but they are bored so they cheat.

  6. Michelle Pearson says:

    What a piece of work Carrie Davis was! She was given a job and a place to live by Linda Jones and she pays her back by sleeping with her husband? This woman is trash, PERIOD!!! Do you actually think she was in love with that fat, old man? He only was “in love” with her because he enjoyed sex with an 18 year old. Carrie is a nightmare to all married women out there. Can’t say I would do what Linda did but I can total understand it. Slap a red “A” on Carrie’s chest and call it a day.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Agreed with the Adultery symbol (you must be a Demi Moore fan or a reader of classics – Scarlet Letter perhaps?). The kid, being only 18 years old, certainly had poor judgement and was very vulnerable. I don’t understand at all what Linda did. She simply couldn’t stop tormenting her husband and even got the police involved in fraudulent “assaults” against herself. Throwing the bastard out and taking him for every penny in court would have been my move. To each his own mentality I guess. It seems to me that all three were a “piece of work.”

  7. Gal511 says:

    Actually, if Linda would have just divorced Jack, he probably would have married Carrie and then she would have had a child and taken him for everything. He would have then been left with a child/wife to support and wondering what happened….and there would be your just revenge. These things take care of themselves….just walk away.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Totally agreed…..of course we`re dealing with a psychopath here….common sense is unchartered territory.

  8. lacy says:

    Damn yall sure are stick on my father. Movies videos songs. .. love u donald

  9. stacy says:

    Linda is really dumb. That “marriage” would’ve fell apart as soon as Carrie met a cute guy her age. However, I would probably have murderous thoughts if my hypothetical husband pulled something like that. Linda however, had the guts and the crazy to do it. She paid someone to “rape” her lolol what did that even add to the case?

    • EmilyDawnn says:

      it shows that the house has been broken into before, and criminal acts have gone on. First thing they do after a murder is check police reports on residents of home.

  10. Margie says:

    I knew Jack and Linda for years. Linda was a bitter mean woman long before Carrie ever came into the picture. Treated Jack like a piece of crap. Although I didn’t agree with the affair I can see why it happened. Linda deserved the death penalty as much or perhaps even more so than Bradley did. Without her none of this would have happened. She sat there and watched someone beat the father of her 2 children to death. Not 1 or 2 blows. Many, many blows that took place over a period of not just a few minutes. They actually moved him to another room during this beating as he begged that man to stop hitting him. All the while she sat there. It was said that perhaps he cut her duct tape prior to leaving so she could deliver the final blows. This I wouldn’t doubt. That’s a cold bitch!!

    • helthnut says:

      That’s sickening. The poor man. Only a sociopath and a sadist is capable of inflicting that kind of torture. There are many different perspectives on these accounts. Often I hear conflicting information.

  11. ResumeWriter says:

    Whatever happened in the marriage, Jack had an obligation to leave the marriage honorably; he didn’t do that. He didn’t deserve to die (of course) but he treated his wife horribly by having an affair. No matter what’s happening within the marriage, you don’t step outside of you marriage until the marriage is legally over.
    Ms. Davis had no commitment towards Linda, but as someone coexisting on this planet, she had an obligation to not be hurtful and dishonest. She also had an obligation to herself to make better decisions. She has proven herself to be someone who makes awful, hurtful decisions to people who have been good to her. I hope she matures out of that. If she doesn’t she’s going to continue to leave a wake of destruction behind her and next time, she might be the target of someone’s attack.

  12. Harley granny NC says:

    I’d still be beating that strumpets (Carrie Davis’s) behind if I were the daughters. I work in Leo, and prosecutor’s can sell lies as well as any criminal. Surprises me how little society really knows about our justice system as a whole. They think they know it all! Linda, may God bless you. I believe you did it, but understand. Armchair quarterback makes some feel better as people. A broken can kill you so why can’t it make you crazy?

  13. bre says:

    Heyyyy SISSYYYY..!
    Linda knew.. that B.. knew what she was doing..
    an b4 any1 speaks on shit they should know facts, When my DADDY left Jack was still breathing! She Knows, God knows & So do i..
    The mc white bros was just looking for a easy off.. This is entertainment for You
    this is My Life.. can u imagine what this has done to me & my lil sisters,
    thier was 5 children looking for a father.. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!

  14. Quit blaming the victim here! Linda is exactly where she should be!

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