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Scarsdale Diet Left a Bitter Taste in the Doctor’s Mouth

Jean Harris seemed like a class act. Middle-aged, an accomplished headmistress of Madeira Girls’ School, an elite boarding school, blonde and attractive, the world was her oyster.  She was also engaged to a wealthy medical doctor, Herman Tarnower, whose claim to … Continue reading

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Lovely, Lascivious Lisette Lee Longed for Luxury and Love

Lisette Lee was an unwanted child, at least by her birth parents. Yoshi Morita and Corrine Lee turned Lisette Lee over to Master Bum Geol and Lauren Lee to raise after Corrine’s family would not allow her to marry Morita. Reportedly, that was … Continue reading

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Brenda Evers Ever After Locked in Prison

Brenda Evers was a good Lutheran girl who lived in Enid, Oklahoma. Any week night the church doors were open, Brenda was to be found inside. She was involved in many church groups such as Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ. She was also … Continue reading

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Sexy Sliwinski Sought Suicide by Slamming a Sedan

Jeanette Sliwinski was a shy, withdrawn kind of kid who suffered from clinical depression. She didn’t connect with many children her age and consequently, she was a loner. At the beginning of her senior year in Niles West High School, … Continue reading

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Trashy Tracie Made a Travesty of the Truth

Tracie Margurite Andrews was a conniving tart. At 25, Tracie was an attractive blonde bar maid seeking a long-term boyfriend. She used on-line dating sites to meet a man but when she struck pay dirt with handsome 22-year-old Lee Raymond Harvey, it … Continue reading

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A Taste for Bloody Mary

You’ve heard of Bloody Mary the drink. You’ve heard of the supernatural entity named Bloody Mary that supposedly appears in a mirror after uttering her name three times in the dark (something we all do daily). Have you heard of … Continue reading

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