Haggard, Hapless Hagen Suffered a Mental Health Hell

Deathly Dames Inc.

Boston, Massachusetts –  1976. 28-year-old blonde, pretty Dr. Kathleen Hagen was a highly accomplished woman. She attended Harvard Medical School, something that was uncommon for women in that era. She became the first female resident in urology at Massachusetts General Hospital. Hagen had shattered the glass ceiling. However, some people weren’t pleased. Hagan’s parents, James and Adele, weren’t impressed. Her father, James, told her outright he wished she had been his son. Nice guy.  During this period, Hagen was hospitalized for the first time for chronic, severe depression. James’ cruelty made Kathleen more determined than ever. She accomplished an amazing career progression.

Hagen moved to New Jersey became head of the Urology Department at Rutgers Medical School. Her imagespersonal life wasn’t too shabby either. In 1983 she married a handsome engineer named William Tyrell. However, stressors in Hagen’s life caused her to buckle. She took to her bed for two…

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