Wicked Woman Wiled her Way into Wealth and Widowhood

Deathly Dames Inc.

Nova Scotia – Ontario – Canada – 1997 – Gordon Stewartand 53-year-old, attractive Melissa Ann Shepardmet on a very successful blind date, arranged through a Lonely Heartscolumn. Each one saw the other and decided they’d found their match, until Shepard spied a wedding melissaring. Stewart explained quickly that he was a widower. Sheppard empathized. She too had lost a spouse. One year later in Las Vegas the two had a quickie marriage then they returned to Halifax, Nova Scotia to begin their lives together. But it wasn’t long before Stewart began to have doubts about his new bride. His retirement savings, a mere $50,000.00 was suddenly drained from his bank account. At the same time the poor man became horribly ill, feeling nauseous, faint and in great abdominal pain and terrible migraine headaches. Stewart’s friends took Stewart to the hospital in spite of Shepard’s protests that her husband was…

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