Horrid Heather Hellishly Hammers Her Mother into Heaven

Deathly Dames Inc.

San Diego, Scripps Ranch, May 25, 2008 – When it comes to evil where does nurture end and nature begin? By all accounts, Heather D’Aoust, 14-year-old adoptive child of 56-year-old Rebecca D’Aoust, should have been a productive, well-behaved young girl headed toward a bright Daoustfuture. She had a good family, with two step sisters and two loving, adoptive parents. Yet on this date, Heather decided to put a nasty plan into action. When her mother returned home from her job, ironically, as a counselor at Spreckles Elementary School, Heather was waiting for her with a claw hammer. Although her father James was home and attempted to intervene, Heather managed to hammer her mother’s skull 15 times, killing her in a virtual bloodbath. Nasty. When police arrived they discovered blood had covered the corpse, Heather, her father, the floor, and walls. It looked like a scene out of a horror film…

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