Wicked Warmus Used a Warped Way to Wipe out Betty Jeanne

Carolyn Warmus
Carolyn Warmus
was a gorgeous, wealthy 25-year-old blonde, about 5’10”, with perfect measurements. In her late teens she modelled for money although she hardly needed it. She was a PhD. – Papa has Dough. Her father, Thomas Warmus, was a self-made millionaire in the insurance business. Wherever she went, men rubber-necked to look twice warwmusat the willowy blonde. For her part, Warmus was well aware of her charms and reveled in them. It was all about her. But her upbringing had been troubled. She was grew up in Birmingham Michigan, the privileged suburb of the incredibly ugly city of Detroit. When she was only 8 years old her parents divorced. Thomas left Warmus’ mother for another woman, an event that had a profound experience on the little girl’s psyche. Having been her daddy’s little princess, this devastated Warmus, especially when she was forced to live with her mother. Mommy Dearest wasn’t as attentive or warm towards her daughter as Thomas had been. She was a socialite and was seldom at home with her child. What’s more, animosity between Warmus’s parents continued for years. There were many court appearances and disputes over custodial issues. However Thomas became even more successful and in 1990, he was worth over $150 million. Not to show off of course, but Thomas acquired a fleet of jets, several homes and dozens of cars. For her part, Warmus lived with her mother until 18, then moved out and never looked back. But those involved with Carolyn were not kind when it came to describing her. Some of her past friends, said recently, “People remarked about her mental stability, called her “ditzy” and “schizo.” Some of Carolyn’s co-workers stated she had several personalities and “she was a nut!” Clearly, such a profile did not bode well for her future.

Paul Laven
Warmus attended the University of Michigan and entered into a series of disastrous romantic relationships. Perhaps it was due to her father’s infidelity with her mother, but Warmus was obsessed with her boyfriends even resorted to hiring private detectives to warmusdetermine their whereabouts. An ex-boyfriend named Paul Laven, obtained a restraining order against Warmus after she pursued him and his fiancée relentlessly. It was believed she attempted to run over his fiancée but the woman saw the approaching car just in time and avoided it.  That wasn’t the only thing Warmus did: she called Laven’s friends, and wrote Laven a note, falsely claiming he had gotten her pregnant.  That’s a little weird. Wouldn’t you just know Warmus obtained a degree in – wait for it – psychology?

Paul Solomon
Warmus’ life went on without Laven. She decked herself out in the finest clothes from Gucci and Prada. She dined in upscale restaurants. Warmus looked like a woman who “stepped out of Vogue.” It carolyn-warmus-4wasn’t long before Warmus was up to her old tricks. After an affair with a married bartender (I mean raise the bar, girl) she hired a private detective, Vincent Parco, to trail her after he broke it off with her. During this time, Warmus, an intellectually bright woman, earned her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. She wanted to teach children. Seriously. Her charm and credentials landed her a job at Greenwich Elementary, in Scarsdale, New York. Here she met Paul Solomon, a fifth grade teacher. Eventually, at school family gatherings, Warmus met his wife Betty Jeanne and daughter Kristan. A married man? With a kid? Oh hurrah. That’s just the type Warmus liked. Warmus practically forced herself into the family’s life, becoming a big sister to little Kristan. She took her on shopping sprees and bought her pricey gifts. Now, that’s definitely weird. Weirder still that Solomon and Betty Jeanne permitted it.

The Affair
The affair began not long after Warmus met Solomon’s wife. For whatever reason, Warmus wasn’t interested in single men. Perhaps they were too easy as targets. Warmus liked a challenge. Over time she was happy to let Betty Jeanne know about the affair, writing her
nasty notes that stated Betty Jeanne was no competition for her; Warmus waswarmus far superior in beauty and Betty Jeanne didn’t have a chance in keeping her husband. Nice. Although she wasn’t happy about the affair, for her own reasons, Betty Jeanne didn’t leave Solomon. Perhaps she was determined to work it out. That was her death knell. Warmus and Solomon met every week for dinner at a place called Treetops, Yonkers. On one occasion Solomon happily received oral sex from Warmus in the parking lot before they had dinner. If anyone had walked by and noticed they would have had dinner and a show that night.

The Murder
Early in the evening of January 15, 1989, Betty Jeanne Solomon called 9-1-1, screaming “he’s going to kill me!” That sentence – “he” became a significant detail in police
investigation, believing “he” referred to Paul Solomon. Later, it was revealed Warmus might have been disguised as a man when she murdered Betty Jeanne. When the call was abruptly disconnected but police but found nothing because the reverse dsolirectory had an incorrect address. Incorrect. Seriously. A misprint in the telephone book might have helped Warmus to kill Betty Jeanne. Then again, by the time Betty Jeanne made the call Warmus stood over her and fired several shots – 9, to be precise. At 11:42pm, the body of Betty Jeanne Solomon was found in the family’s living room. She was pistol-whipped about the head and had nine bullet wounds in her back and legs. Naturally Solomon fell under suspicion. His lukewarm alibi was that he’d been out bowling with friends. After police checked on the time he’d been bowling with the time he arrived home and found a discrepancy, Solomon spilled about the affair with Warmus and admitted that he’d been with Warmus after he went bowling. Naturally he hadn’t wanted to tell police he’d been having an affair. That didn’t look too promising.

The Stalker
Solomon however, remained a “person of interest“. Police tailed him and observed his comings and goings on a daily basis. Nothing suspicious alerted them in Solomon’s
behaviour. Instead, it was Warmus who alerted the radar. For one thing, she attea-murderous-affairnded Betty Jeanne’s funeral. That was weird. She made an appearance that made Solomon look, at the very least, awkward. Over the following weeks, Warmus ingratiated herself into Solomon’s family even more. She spent weekends with Solomon and Kristan, making them dinner and acting more like Solomon ‘s wife than his girlfriend. Over time, Solomon, who felt overwhelmed, broke off his relationship with Warmus. Weeks later he became involved with a new girlfriend, Barbara Ballor. Warmus of course was furious. Once again she began  her obsessive behaviour, stalking Ballor and Solomon, After dating for some months, Ballor and Solomon took a vacation together in Puerto Rico. Incensed, Warmus the Weird actually purchased a ticket and followed them to the same hotel. She left notes at the reception desk to be passed onto Solomon, insisting that he join her in her hotel room. Needless to say, Solomon began to fear for his safety. He and Ballor packed up and left PR early. When Warmus discovered Solomon had left, she took a different tack and contacted Ballor’s family, informing them that Solomon was suspected of shooting his wife 9 times.

The Trial
Back in the States, Warmus’ behaviour became even more unhinged. Meanwhile police continued their investigation into the Betty Jeanne murder. They discovered Warmus had detobtained a .25 caliber Beretta pistol with a silencer from the sleazy Parco before Betty Jeanne’s murder. Detective Richard Constantino checked calls made from Warmus’ home phone and he discovered one made at 3:02pm was to Ray’s Sport Shop in North Plainfield, New Jersey. The only female to purchase .25-caliber ammunition that day was Liisa Kattai from Long Island. When questioned, Kattai denied being in the shop or buying ammunition. It was determined that Kattai’s driver’s license had been stolen while she worked a summer job. One of her co-workers was
Warmus. Police made an arrest and Warmus paid her own bail at $250,000.00. A disbelieving daddy posted her bond on February 2, 1990.  Warmus’ initial trcarolyn-warmus-3ial was held at the Westchester County Courthouse. She arrived looking deadly (pun) in a very short pink mini-skirt, with matched tight pink jacket and a pink sunhat. Black stiletto heels and a black purse completed the ensemble. Warmus held her head high as reporters snapped photographs. She reveled in the spotlight. Solomon testified, “She said it was difficult finding good people to date. I said I would be so happy to dance at your wedding and see you happy. She said ‘What about your happiness, Paul? Don’t you deserve to be happy?” Twelve days later, the jury announced they were deadlocked at 8-4 in favor of conviction.  The judge was forced to declare a mistrial and Warmus strutted out the door in  her stiletto heels.

The Conviction
In January 1992, a second trial began. A new piece of evidence allowed the second jury web2new insight into Warmus’ behaviour . A bloody cashmere glove she owned had been recovered at the brutal crime scene. The fibres on the glove matched gloves the idiotic Warmus hadn’t thrown away. This time the jury took six days to decide Warmus was guilty. Judge John Carey stated Warmus was guilty of a “a hideous act, a most extreme, illegal and wanton murder.” Warmus received 25 years to life in prison. This time, even daddy’s money couldn’t save his little princess.

**Update** Today, the glamour and youth are gone. I suppose several years in prison will do that to even the prettiest woman. Warmus isn’t one to be idle. She probably would have carolyn-warmus-6stalked the jury from prison if she’d been able. Instead she’s waged a one-woman campaign to free herself from prison claiming, “Justice will come about only if the true facts of the case come to light.” If you are so inclined you may aid Warmus in her quest to bring true facts to light and contribute to theJustice for Carolyn Warmus Fund. Apparently, daddy doesn’t feel so inclined.




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7 Responses to Wicked Warmus Used a Warped Way to Wipe out Betty Jeanne

  1. Philip says:

    I’m skeptical – everything seems to be conveniently tailored to fit the police theory – the 911 call – oh she dressed as a man? – the gun never linked conclusively to her and the bullets? If you want tailor theories to suit, you could easily come up with a story to fit the husband too.

  2. Dennis says:

    Update … Yes, the gun was traced to her. Furthermore, she placed the 911 call disguising her voice after the shooting. Also, she dropped her bloody glove.

  3. Cyril says:

    I recently watched a documentary on this case, and it persuaded me that Warmus was guilty. However, I was a little concerned about that glove, as physical evidence is important to me, and who knows what had happened to that glove in the long time interval since the crime.

    And then I found a website, CarolynWarmus.org, which argues strongly for her innocence. I’m not saying that it has persuaded me she is innocent, but it has given me food for thought. In particular, because it stresses that NO evidence of her was found at the crime scene.

    I am comparing this with another case, the kidnapping and murder of 7-year-old Danielle van Dam in San Diego in 2002. Neighbor David Westerfield was convicted of those crimes. But I don’t believe he did it. And a major reason for my belief is that there was NO evidence he had been at the crime scene – actually crime SCENES, as there were two of them: the house she was kidnapped from, and the site where her body was dumped. This alone makes it just about impossible that he could be guilty.

    The “smoking gun” in Westerfield’s trial was a small stain of Danielle’s blood on his jacket. But this stain wasn’t seen by the dry-cleaners when he handed the jacket in to them after the kidnapping, and it couldn’t be seen on the photo of the jacket which the police took after they seized it from the dry-cleaners. The “smoking gun” in Carolyn’s trial was the glove with the bloodstains on it, which was tested just after the murder and did not appear to have blood on it.

    • helthnut says:

      There’s always a possibility but I doubt it. WHo else had a motive to simply enter this woman’s house and shoot her in the head?? Warmus wanted her husband and was used to having everything she wanted, no matter what she had to do to get it.

      • Cyril says:

        Warmus’s history of bad behavior played a major role in making me think that she was guilty. On the other hand, I don’t know of any evidence that she had caused any actual bodily harm to anyone. So it is a bit of a stretch to believe that her first – and only – such act was a very brutal murder.

  4. Richard Farrell says:

    Mr Solomon is a pile of crap and not enough blame is bring placed on him. Look at the incredible pain and suffering he brought to his daughters life then and forever. And after his wife is slaughtered his allows Warmus back into the house and finally feeling uncomfortable starts up with another woman within weeks followed by a trip to PR? This is all about Paul Solomon an incredibly selfish PATHETIC father. Certainly Paul, AFTER YOUR WIFE WAS MURDERED with a HUGH ASSIST from you,somewhere you could have found the self restraint to lay low(and you are low life) and keep you selfish sexual needs contained for a few months for YOUR DAUGHTERS SAKE. So Solomon what did say to the gentleman who dated YOUR DAUGHTER?

    • helthnut says:

      He was indeed a selfish man, no doubt. I don’t believe he assisted Warmus in killing his wife, however. The police would have figured that one out in their investigation.

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