A Quick Comment

I’ve experienced many responses to the blogs I post.  Many have been intelligent, decent responses, and this includes those that disagree with my blog and my facts. I have no problem with readers disagreeing with me or directing me to another informational resource. The problem I have is with incredibly rude people who write obscenities to me degrading my character (which makes no sense at all as no one who reads this blog knows me). I will not print that garbage. There was a time I permitted it because I believe everyone has the right to an opinion. However that opinion should not be littered with obscenities and be presented to me in a hostile manner. If that’s going to be your approach I simply won’t post your comment, let alone waste my time responding to it. Read someone else’s blog.

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3 Responses to A Quick Comment

  1. Michael says:

    Hello there helthnut,
    I’ve come across your work awhile ago and I think it is extremely respectable what you do with this blog (and I absolutely love your approach), though I do have two questions that I would like you to answer (please and thank you haha).
    1. I was wondering what is your experience and credible background behind criminology? (since I know that you do prefer to maintain your privacy, that’s completely understandable)
    2. I’m also soon entering university and there is a high possibility I’ll study further into the subject: what are some materials/other websites I can read into?
    (since there could be a lot you would not like to post publicly, you can also contact me via imessup111@hotmail.com)

  2. Michael says:

    oh sorry, could you actually send it to
    (wrong numbers I realised haha)

    • helthnut says:

      Hi Michael. Thanks for the kind words. I don’t have criminology credentials. This is just a hobby for me. I have completed an online course in Edx, one of the MOOCS (massive open online course) that is on the internet lately. I would suggest a site like ERIC – education sciences or Google Scholar and you could google psychopath or some such thing. It will connect you to articles and essays from the American Psychological Association and Science AAAS. You might also consider the APA – American Psychiatric Association as a reference. These are educational sites and most of them can be cited as references in an essay, but I don’t know if they will assist you in your studies. Also consider the American Journal of Psychiatry.” Good luck!

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