Thinking Outside the Box Might Solve the Case of the Boy in the Box

Tales from the Dark Side

We must go back 55 years to investigate the story of the Boy in the Box, also known as America’s Unknown Child. This tragic case involves a little boy between the ages of 4 and 6 who was found inside a J C Penneybox, abandoned in a small dump on Susquehannah Road, Fox Chase, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The little boy had been horribly abused, probably since birth. His body was covered in faded, yellowing bruises, as well as fresh bruises and cuts. There were a number of cars discovered on his body which appeared to be made for IV cut-downs. X-rays revealed the old scars of broken bones, too numerous to be explained through simple accidents.  read America’s Unknown Child

The nude body was freshly washed and his hair was cut and razored in a crude fashion, possibly to disguise his identity.  He was partially cloaked in…

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