Finding Jane Doe **warning – graphic photos**

Jane Doe” was found in a secondary crime scene, as many murdered young women tend to be. On New Year’s Day 1991, a cyclist riding in the Sydney suburb of Arncliffe around 7am noticed a large object lying on a grassy verge beside the road. It was encased in plastic garbage bags. He doubled back as curiosity got the better of him. And it was only when he approached the bag he noticed the atrocious smell and noticed a tear in the bag and though that a human jaw. Managing not to vomit, the cyclist left the scene to alert police. She was wrapped in garbage bags and simply dumped on the side of the road. That told police this locale was not where the girl had died. Instead she’d been murdered elsewhere and dumped here. The body was decomposing. Her legs were bent at the knees with her feet all the way up to her behligiatureind. Massive bloodstains to her head and top were made from an obvious gash in the top of her head. She had a wad of newspaper in her mouth. The newspaper would have suffocated her if the strangulation hadn’t finished her off. A deep, dark ligature mark surrounded her throat. Have you ever seen what a ligature mark on a corpse looks like? Have a look at the pic on the left. It cuts into the skin at least a cm or two. The killer was determined to murder his poor victim. The enclosed picture gives you an idea of how frenzied and terrifying this murder can be. This woman had been married perhaps as she wore a wedding band. The blow to the head caused “incapacitation followed by ligature strangulation.” This guy was determined to do away with Jane Doe. The final analysis was death by suffocation and ligature strangulation. Since both are cited as the cause of death this suggests to me that either one of these methods could have killed the victim and the coroner couldn’t be 100% which killed her first.

She was found during the Christmas holidays, making the police confident they would find her killer. Family and friends are frequently in touch with one another during the holidays. victims faceIt seemed a matter of time before someone contacted the police about her. Meanwhile the newspaper found in the woman’s throat was the size of a man’s fist. Incredibly there were three fingerprint patterns on the inside of the slimy mess. It was possible the police would identify the killer before they identified the victim.  However, the fingerprints didn’t appear on the criminal identification system. This wasn’t unusual since many killers don’t have criminal records. There were several animal hairs found in her clothes. An animal hair expert discovered the hairs came from a German Shepherd dog. Mummification had begun in her right hand suggesting the body had been stored somewhere dry. Police dressed up a pretty mannequin with short brunette hair and brought her to the area where the body had been found. They were hoping it would attract the attention of someone who knew the young woman or knew about her killer. Down the road from where the victim was found was a carnival. It was possible the killer was an itinerant, so police took a close look at the carnival employees. Alas, there were no solid leads. Police wanted people to think about the victim and to empathize with her.  Police used her photograph, removed all insect infestation on her face, and resorted to guesswork to determine how her eyes would look, since they were so infested with blowflies their colour was undetermined. They tried different brunette hairstyles on her, most of them short to align with her face and cheekbones. The police had to approximate skin colour, due to decomposition. Even in death, after backtrackingviviane1 the decomposition, the woman’s picture was pretty.

They released a montage entitled 8 Faces of Jane Doe asking the public for their help. Did you know a significant number of murder cases rely heavily on tips from the public? Tips don’t necessarily solve them but they point police in the right direction. Who knew? As they sifted through hundreds of photographs and files of missing young women, by coincidence, the police were able to reunite three young women with their families. Women’s magazines printed JD’s picture in colour, bringing a more 3-dimensional look to the photograph. A phone call came in identifying the woman as Viviane. Viviane was a stripper in the rowdy Kings Cross Area where Viviane lived. Police found the rental agreement and discovered the tenant had signed her name “Viviane Ruiz.” Now they had a name for their victim. Viviane had set her sights on traveling to Europe so she also worked as a prostitute. This was the reason it took so long to identify Viviane. She had told various friends she was going to Europe during the Christmas holidays with her boyfriend. Ergo, no one was looking for her.

Now the focus was on Viviane’s boyfriend, a handsome man named Richard White. White’s name was also on the rental lease. White was a bodybuilder and a user of both steroids and speed and he dealt amphetamine, a deadly combination but not for White. White was a massive man, and he frequently beat Viviane when they fought and that was often. They struck one another. It was a volatile relationship. Still it was small wonder that they met. White liked prostitutes. He hung around them, often talking about sex and wasting their time. That Viviane was a prostitute turned him on. It was inevitable that this dreadful man and unfortunate lifestyle would seal Viviane’s fate. Since Viviane had plans to travel, it occurred to police that her plane ticket and the money she must have unwrappedsaved for her trip had to be available somewhere. Here is where I come up with my own guesswork before I let the video play out. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist at this point to figure that White didn’t care so much for Europe or for Viviane anymore. He decided to steal the considerable cash she’d earned, kill her and take her plane ticket to Europe. Either that or she caught him stealing her money and he felt he had to kill her so she didn’t go to police. This is my speculation thus far. Let’s see how wrong it is. ha. I am watching the rest of the video. Seems so far I was right.

White had the two travel tickets (okay so I missed one) cancelled and arranged for Viviane’s money to be sent to his parent’s place. Now that’s theft. White visited his bank on the day police believe he murdered Viviane, December 27. A sample of White’s fingerprints on bank documents were compared to those on the newspaper found in Viviane’s throat. Incredibly, they didn’t match. At that point in time, police didn’t know where White was to be found but they knew he might head for his parent’s home in Scotland. White however was located in Sydney, Australia. Police obtained a warrant for the White’s home and discovered White’s workshop in the basement. In it, police found a yellow ligature cord knotted at both ends. There were German Shepherd dog hairs in the room which explained the hairs on Viviane’s clothing. Finally Viviane Ruiz was laid to rest after cremation, five months after White murdered her. Cemetery staff outnumbered the mourners. Sydney authorities agreed to extradite White back to New Wales. His attorney claimed he was “quite anxious to clear his name.” Riiight.  Well my speculation was pretty good. I messed up about the parent’s home of course, but he did steal Viviane’s money and he did take off to another continent. He even pre-planned her murder although I was ambiguous on that one. That’s it. I’m joining the CSI Miami. They’ll be lucky to have me. Besides, I tan well. Now where was I? Oh yes.

It was determined that White’s behaviour was partly affected by his drug use. Just before the couple was to leave for Europe, they fought, he hit Viviane over the head, possibly with a baseball bat, strangled her to death, then believing she might still be alive, stuffed newspaper into her throat. He stored the body in his parent’s cellar for a time over the Christmas holidays. Exactly why White decided to kill Viviane hasn’t been made clear. He refuses to admit to his guilt. He received 15 years with a minimum of 10 years for murdering Viviane. As he is led away from court in this video, the massive, handsome, psychopath looks over at news cameras and smiles. Today he is already paroled and free. Viviane Ruiz is not.

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