Perverse, Pathological Pathologist Put in Prison for Persistent, Pathetic, Perjured Practice

Tales from the Dark Side

The egregious actions and abysmal failures of Dr. Charles Randal Smith have disgraced the entire medical profession. At least that’s what smi the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeon s stated on March 25, 2011 at the college. Smith chose not to attend the summation of his crooked practice. He had been stripped of his medical licence one month before the dress-down. Smith was arrested on several charges that destroyed innocent people’s lives and devastated their families. Over several years, Smith’s mistakes and uninformed diagnoses resulted in people being wrongly convicted of killing children, Some innocent people have spent as many a 14 years in jail.   He failed to gather relevant information and conduct appropriate investigations. He referenced social situations of parents that were irrelevant, and gave unscientific, speculative and unsubstantiated opinions, He was one lazy son of a bitch.

Tammy Marquardt,the only one of Smith’s victims. Marquardt spent 14 years in prison…

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