Trashy Tracie Made a Travesty of the Truth

Tracie Margurite Andrews was a conniving tart. At 25, Tracie was an attractive blonde bar maid seeking a long-term boyfriend. She used on-line dating sites to meet a man but when she struck pay dirt with handsome 22-year-old Lee Raymond Harvey, it wasn’t through the internet. Tracie and Lee met at a nightclub. She was dolled up and managed to catch his eye, and spent most of the evening chatting him up. It wasn’t long before they moved in together. Ltracie-andrews-910442313-111724ee and Tracie were both single parents and both had a little girl from previous partners. Tracie and Lee bonded with each other’s children quickly.

In spite of this seemingly perfect scenario, Tracie was a pathologically jealous girl with a hair-trigger temper. She and Lee fought often, mostly because Lee wouldn’t be dictated to or controlled. For his part, Lee was jealous of Tracie’s former boyfriend, the man who’d fathered her daughter. The two unhealthy young people remained obsessed with one another and neither partner wanted to end the relationship. Their fighting increased and the relationship began to deteriorate. Occasionally, police were called to their residence to break up fights. Oddly, in order to fix the relationship, Lee proposed and Tracie accepted.

Not surprisingly becoming closer to Lee’s family didn’t improve Tracie’s disposition. She disliked Lee’s mother and sister, Michelle. When Michelle announced she was soon to be wed herself, Ttracieracie seethed insisting to Lee that his sister was simply upstaging her. She issued Lee an unlikely ultimatum: if he went to Michelle’s wedding, they were finished. Such irrational demands were typical of the unstable Tracie. Eventually she became pregnant with Lee’s baby but weeks later, Tracie claimed she fell over some steps and miscarried the baby. Lee was devastated. Later Tracie told Lee she’d had an abortion, claiming the baby would “ruin her life.”  No doubt the baby was the lucky one.

Vicky Bilcock, a friend of Lee Harvey`s, stated he told her he and his girlfriend were “in a bit of a rough patch.“ Many people knew the two fought constantly and that Lee was generally unhappy and admitted to people he was afraid of her physical abuse. Michelle begged her brother to leave Tracie, calling her a tart. Lee was torn between what he knew he should do and what he would do about Tracie. He was too besotted by her to leave. Finally Lee made the decision to collect his belongings and leave for good. Tracie became devastated but he stuck to his guns. On 1st December 1996, the two met to chat at the Milsbury Pub. At 9 p.m. Lee offered article-2018706-0022F7B000000258-25_233x400to drive Tracie home. As they turned onto a road toward her house, a road rager began honking continually at their car. Angry, Lee pulled over to confront the stranger. Two men were in the car. The driver hopped out and beat and stabbed Lee to death a total of 37 times. Tracie went into hysterics, screaming for help until a stranger found her cradling Lee`s head in her arms. Police arrived at the scene but Lee was already dead.

Police were convinced Tracie was telling the truth. They arranged a press conference for Tracie to appeal to possible witnesses to come forward with information.Tracie wept on public television, begging for help to solve her boyfriend’s murder. Tracie recounted the incident in intricate detail. For someone who was grieving for her dead boyfriend, she revelled in the spotlight and had a lot to say to reporters. It wasn`t long however before police uncovered information that proved Tracie`s story had to be untrue. Tracie was arrested for Lee Harvey`s murder and after a lengthy interview, refused to admit to her guilt. She chose a flamboyant lawyer named Tim  RoMail15oct98abinson, who lifted press reporting restrictions at her first appearance and frequently appeared on television with his grieving client. One reporter claimed in 30 years of journalism, he`d “never been to a defense press conference.“ It was hard to say who was the most narcissistic between the two. In another unusual move, her lawyer eventually submitted a photograph of the man Tracie claimed had taken Lee`s life. It was a replica of the arresting detective in the case. Talk about vengeance.

In truth, Tracie murdered Lee on their last evening together at the Milford Pub when he refused to tracierekindle their relationship. She`d brought a knife with her in case Lee didn`t see things her way, a sensible way to change his mind. When Lee rejected Tracie after yet another fight, Tracie stabbed Lee uncontrollably. She was drenched in Lee`s blood to such a degree that it was impossible for her to be so saturated unless she had been very close to her hapless boyfriend as he was murdered. During her trial Tracie was unable to defend her lies when questioned by the prosecution. The jury found her guilty of first degree murder. She was sentenced to life imprisonment.

On Sunday April 18, 1999, Tracie confessed in writing that she had indeed murdered Lee Harvey. Lee`s Harvey was unmoved, insisting she`d offered the confession in order to get her sentence commuted and increase her chances of being released. After 14 years in prison, Tracie succeeded in her quest and she was released on parole. The killer demanded that after her release shephil receive the same protection as Soham killer, Maxine Carr. They became friends in Foston Hall jail, Derbyshire, in 2004. Carr advised Tracie on how to rebuild her life after her release from jail. During her time behind bars Tracie underwent plastic surgery costing £5,000 to correct her prominent lower jaw, was given a complete makeover, dyed her hair black and taken on shopping trips to help her integrate back into society  She changed her name to Jenna Stephens. Tracie maintained her hypnotic control over men. Tracie eventually met Phil Goldsworthy, 52,at work and convinced him to separate from his wife. Goldsworthy“s wife left the family home in St Ives, Cornwall and Tracie happily moved in.

Mrs Goldsworthy said her husband  was ‘fascinated’ by the cold-hearted killer. ‘If we went out with friends,  he would say excitedly: “Guess who’s working at the pub? The woman who stabbed  her boyfriend to death. ‘He would defend her Tracie-Andrews-2365151from any criticism,  claiming she had changed.` Perhaps he was referring to her plastic surgery. Mrs. Goldsworthy suffered depression after discovering her husband`s affair with the killer and moved to a small flat with only her terrier-cross  for company.

Goldsworthy may have been exhilarated at meeting Tracie but the general public was not.  Soon after moving into a county named Penzance, Tracie was forced to start packing after the community discovered she lived there and worked as a children`s hairstylist. One angry mother claimed, “surely we should know if ­people like this are living among us. Apparently, Penzance is a forgiving place where we will let a murderer live among us and cut our children’s hair.” Apparently not.

To date Tracie Andrews, 44, remains out of prison on parole and is currently living with Phil Goldsworthy and his four children. I fear for those kids.

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4 Responses to Trashy Tracie Made a Travesty of the Truth

  1. David Garcia says:

    Ugly woman with an equally ugly personality, a psycho. She should have never been released from prison. And there are four childen living with her? People like her never change. She was and still is a sick puppy. The world would be better off without her.

  2. sarah says:

    Sick evil bitch needs hangin

    • Fiona says:

      Just saw this story on TLC Deadly Women…this ugly hag got away with murder after killing this poor young man. He is dead and she gets to go on with her life! OMG is the UK system so screwed up! I am so sick! This man has her living with his 4 children…come Lord come.

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