A Taste for Bloody Mary

You’ve heard of Bloody Mary the drink. You’ve heard of the supernatural entity named Bloody Mary that supposedly appears in a mirror after uttering her name three times in bloody-marythe dark (something we all do daily). Have you heard of their two commonalities? They both share the honour of hailing from the same demonic dame, Queen Mary of the Tudor family, the only surviving child of King Henry VIII and Queen Catherine of Arragon (the Catherine who was overthrown in favour of Anne Boleyn). That Mary was the only surviving offspring of the notoriously murderous Henry VIII seems fitting: Mary was the most bloodthirsty woman monarch in British, and possibly world history. In fact the horror myth about Mary in the mirror was derived from Queen Mary’s reign of terror.

It all started when the horny Henry ditched Catherine of Arragon in a divorce to wed the much younger and darker Anne Boleyn, who promised him she would deliver him a son as Bloody+Marysoon as she became Queen. Mary was their only surviving child at the time of the divorce. In order to divorce Catherine, Henry separated from the Roman Catholic Church since it refused to allow him a divorce from Catherine. Henry instilled The Church of England in its stead, giving rise to Protestantism. After many wives and many disappointing years, wherein none of Henry’s wives bore him a son, he finally shuffled off his royal mortal coil and by default, made Mary the reigning monarch of England. Mary was having none of this Protestant nonsense. No WASP was she. Instead, Mary the Bloody set about persecuting those who would follow the Protestant religion her father had established. Of course, another personal reason she rejected Protestantism was that the woman Henry threw over for younger fare was her mother, Catherine of Arragon. Ouch.

Those people who continued to publicly worship Protestantism were put to death in the new-gallows-built-for-public-executions-in-1785-at-the-old-baileymost painful and bloody ways imaginable: impalement on stakes, hanging and disembowelment while still alive (ouch), and all in public as a warning to anyone who didn’t follow the Roman Catholic religion. You’d think that would be enough to deter people, however Protestant clergy refused to convert to Catholicism. All of the who’s who of the Protestant religion were done away with: Bishops, Archbishops, anyone with a Protestant bent was fair fodder for the murderous Mary. You have to love the irony of her perspective: worship God the loving Father in the right way or be slaughtered as a public spectacle. Most definitely RC took a bad rap in those days.

Eventually however Mary’s health went into decline. Perhaps her own evil turned against black-and-white-death-forest-gothic-swords-HD-Wallpapersher. She developed a cancerous tumour in her abdominal area that grew to huge proportions. In fact, when the tumour first appeared her physician believed she was pregnant with her only heir. If evil was her heir then he guessed correctly. Eventually Mary the Miserable succumbed to the disease as it ravaged her body. You have to wonder if that was karma’s way of evening the religious score.


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