Son in the Oven – The Religious Tragedy of Tristan Robinson

You’ve heard of a bun in the oven of course and you know what it references. Well, the above titlTerrie-Robinson_opt-1e rather plays on that expression and clearly you know what that references too. This blog is definitely not for the faint of heart or stomach. In Greenville, Mississippi, pretty, 24-year-old Terrie Robinson was a single mother of a 3-year-old boy named Tristan Robinson. One huge drawback was that Terrie was both mentally ill and deprived of a good mother herself during her childhood. She had no idea how to raise her beautiful boy.

Alas, the men Terrie dated were “highly inappropriate” (jerks) and naturally these relationships didn’t last. That might have been good news had Terrie not been devastated when her boyfriends up and left her. Worse, Terrie believed she knew who fathered her son, however this was revealed to be false. Her guilty conscience in not knowing the child’s real father ate at her (pun). She believed she deserved punishment from the Lord. Frankly I wouldn’t buy into a religion where the Man punished rather than protected. But that’s just me.

To Terrie’s credit she knew she couldn’t cope alone and she asked people for help. The congregation in her church was uninterested in helping her. They suggested she pray more Tristan-Robinsonoften, convincing Teri even further that she was a sinner. God bless organized religion. Yet Terrie was more practical. On the night of the murder, she telephoned several of her acquaintances and begged them to help her and her son. No one listened. Terrie turned on the oven and waited for it to heat up. What probably happened was the voices in her head urged her to cook her child, since he was Satan’s spawn or some such sick idea. Trust me. This poor woman wasn’t evil. She believed every hallucinatory word. Don’t believe me? Try living inside the mind of a schizophrenic just for a few minutes. Get the idea?

After her son’s death Terrie herself contacted police. The voices told her to do so. She sat and waited for them to arrive. This behaviour reveals she had no idea that what she had done was wrong. She didn’t try to run and she didn’t lie about her crime. In May 2012, Terrie pleaded guilty Demon-Face-HDto murder to avoid the death sentence. Instead she received life in prison, a mistake in my opinion.  The poor girl was mentally ill, believing the devil had taken possession of her soul. She heard voices in her head.  Clearly Terrie Robinson was schizophrenic, yet no one cared enough to intervene even though she informed them that the devil had taken possession of her. Terrie was undiagnosed as a schizophrenic and small wonder: her community believed in silly things like demons and demonic possession. It didn’t occur to any of these people to suspect mental illness and go to her aid. This is a clear case of the community failing a young mother and her child.

One slim positive in this ugly scenario: a severe head injury indicated the child may have been unconscious when he was placed in the oven, so it isn’t likely he suffered from the coroner’s conclusion of “thermal heat.” The coroner, Methal Johnson, said of the incident: ‘This is a really sad moment for me. I’ve seen  a lot of things, but this is one that will stick in my memory for a long, long  time.’ Chances are it will stick a lot longer in Terrie Robinson’s mind.

Schizophrenia_by_xWHOEVERSHEISxTerrie’s twin sister, Sherrie Robinson, told WXVT-TV  that people should not judge her sister before all the facts are  known; ‘She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong. We don’t know what happened. Do not sit there and call her a bad mom cause  that’s not what she is.’ Frankly it’s not Terrie I’m judging. It’s her idiot sister and family who failed to respond to her distress calls.

Terrie should be incarcerated in an institution for the criminally insane, placed on medications, seen daily by a psychiatrist, and held until she is deemed to be no longer dangerous. That hasn’t happened of course.  Even the jury failed to recognize her schizophrenia as the real reason for the murder of her baby boy. Once again, Terrie’s community has failed her and her child.

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15 Responses to Son in the Oven – The Religious Tragedy of Tristan Robinson

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  2. Susan Graziosi says:

    you are wrong in the facts of this case. if you wish you may contact me at

  3. stan says:

    She does not show up on the ms doc inmate search engine. do you know why or if she is not there?

  4. dr8688gyo says:

    I think you are absolutely right. I’ve read and watched several things about this case and I couldn’t agree with you more. For a congregation who is supposed to “support” you through your time of need and desperation, I would say hers failed miserably. Unfortunately, all the warning signs were ignored in her case and the result was a horrendous tragedy.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Thank you. It’s sad how missing the signs or misinterpreting the solution can indeed lead to tragedy. Poor little guy.

  5. any_more_info? says:

    Were there any other facts that you found out about this case? (maybe another response from susan who was the first to post a comment) I wholeheartedly agree that the warning signs were not seen. I believe they were there but everyone probably thought oh she isn’t sick, she just needs to pray, she needs to take time for herself, but everyone was too busy to help her or notice there was something more going on. That’s usually how these cases end up. I’m not defending her actions but there are actually people out there who plead insanity and believe it or not are truly incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions. Everyone has their own opinion about this case, I’m sure, but there are two sides to every story. That baby didn’t deserve that at all, but she honestly probably could not help what she did. Please let me know if there are more facts that are not shown in this blog. I’m doing extra credit for my psychology class. Thanks so much.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I didn’t dig any deeper than the youtube video and any other basic information on the ‘net I could find. I agree with you that this woman was probably having serios mental issues. Psychotic, is my guess, although I’m no expert. I would put her in the same class as Andrea Yates. The public library (there are also online public libraries that are academic) would be my suggestion for your research. Also try: and

  6. coreyrebel5 says:

    Reblogged this on Coreyrebel5's Blog and commented:
    her church told her to pray more,but refused to help her save them kids,smh

  7. kristenmaybe says:

    Agreed. This story just broke my heart. Especially the fact that she did call for help and no one helped. This one wasn’t her fault.

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