Malicious Marta Fernandez Masterminded a Malevolent Murder

Marta Fernandez was Argentine white trash. No one liked her. She used people for food, shelter, money and anything else she could get her undeserving hands on. Eventually she martagot her hands on a young nun ironically named Marta Odera, a pseudonym. The two met when Odera took a leave of absence from the convent, trying to find herself in the world. It wasn’t long before the two women were lovers. It also wasn’t long before Marta began abusing Odera with her hands, fists, and any object she could get her ugly hands on.

Marta Fernandez and Marta Odera could have been alter egos of one another, with martaFernandez as the evil twin and Odera as the good. Blanca Echague was  Odera ‘s loyal friend. When the two met Odera informed her she suffered from terrible headaches. Blanca worked hard to convince Odera to leave the highly unstable Marta. Like all too many victims Odera convinced herself that Marta truly loved her and couldn’t help herself when her fists began to fly. Small wonder that Odera  was easy to coerce into submission; she was a young, naive nun who’d never lived independently outside the walls of the church and had never experienced a long-term relationship before Marta. She went from her parents’ house into the Lord’s, with no idea of the potential perils beyond the church’s protective gates.

marta-odera-monja-capitulo-completo-mujeres-asesinas-argentina-artista-musicaTruly frightened that Marta would finally kill her, Odera moved out of Marta’s apartment to a guest house on Lacrosse Street but this didn’t deter Marta. The warped woman continued to force herself upon the young nun. Marta trashed and humiliated the young woman to the nuns of the convent, obliterating any chance for Odera to return to her beatific protective fortress. Still Odera insisted it was “Christian to forgive.” Perhaps but last I checked nowhere in the Bible did the Lord didn’t insist forgiveness was accompanied with a black eye and a bloody lip. Strangely, Odera believed she was the sinner, especially when she enjoyed lesbian sex with Marta. To punish herself, Odera occasionally self-flagellated with a whip, opening her back with bloody lacerations. Odera’s life since leaving the convent was one long journey of pain and humiliation,

The day of the murder Odera went to Marta’s apartment insisting she contact the convent and help her to return. Marta called the convent and “trashed” Odera yet again. This time, martaher vindictiveness proved to be fatal. Odera picked up a large butcher knife Marta had been using to chop vegetables, and stabbed her repeatedly in the back. You can’t fail to see the irony. Marta was butchered and bloodied, perhaps a deserved end for the miserable woman, who had essentially masterminded her own murder. Odera was never charged with murder; she was declared impeachable due to temporary lobal unconsciousness caused by an organic pathology, hence the headaches Odera had once described to Blanca. Odera was admitted to the Moyano Hospital and eventually was released into the custody of her family. She was declared no longer dangerous. She lived in her family’s country home where she prayed daily for Marta Fernandez’s departed soul. Personally I think the effort is futile.


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