Sex, Lies and (you guessed it) Videotape… oh, plus a little Reality TV

Ryan Jenkins hailed from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A narcissistic young man who was pretty easy on the eyes and who claimed to be a millionaire, re-located his eye candy self to ryan_jenkins_busybeeblogger_56896_ryan_jenkinsLas Vegas, seeking glamour and fame. Perhaps based solely on his looks and popularity, Jenkins felt he had it in him to become some sort of star. When the opportunity to appear on a new Reality TV series Megan Wants a Millionaire, presented itself, he jumped at it. Jenkins re-located yet again, this time from Vegas to Hollywood, Los Angeles. As remarkable a young man as Jenkins was however, he had serious competition; all 17 eligible bachelors on the program were attractive and boasted cushy bank accounts. Jenkins was in for some serious ego-bruising. And executives hadn’t quite done their job when they recruited Jenkins; in their background check they missed his criminal history of physically assaulting a girlfriend.

Megan Hauserman, the program’s hostess and a former Playboy model, is a brand name unto herself. Her career was just beginning when she and Jenkins met. She’d made appearances in 4 reality series and in that oddball circle was considered to be a “reality 9_4_09_Megan_Hauserman_kabik-95-570star (whatever that is). As it was, she became the woman guarding the door to Jenkins’ Hollywood dreams. He had to win her over in order to fulfill his vague career ambition of becoming some sort of star. Nonetheless, Jenkins was very confident in himself. As the series progressed, his stories piqued Megan’s interest. Alas, Jenkins became a living example of that adage “all that glitters is not gold.” When not on the set with Megan, he bombarded her with text messages about marriage. Smooth-talking and slick, Jenkins became evasive whenever Megan tried to nail him down in terms of how he earned his money. Naturally, she became uneasy.

By March 2009 it became public knowledge that 4 reality stars committed suicide possibly due to their eliminations. Seriously. Psychologists claim that a huge trigger for suicide is rejection and loss. Methinks there must have been more than that going on with these unfortunate rejects. It’s one thing to miss out on getting the girl or boy, quite another to jump under a train over it. Why the mention? You just know this has to be a foreshadowing of more to come.

jasmin08-1Foolishly, Jenkins’ stories changed depending on his audience. Sometimes he wanted to be an actor. Other times his intent was to become a writer. When Jenkins was finally cut from the show he was devastated. He hadn’t seen it coming. Humiliated, Jenkins tucked his tail between his legs and once again retreated to Vegas.  Back in the city built on sin, he landed on his feet. No one here knew he was a loser on a popular reality show. He made sure women knew he was well-monied and it wasn’t long before he got in good with a stunning blonde named Jasmine Fiore. He got in so well, she married him within 48 hours of their meeting. No wonder they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. To get an even better idea of Jasmine’s head, her mentor was the tragic Marilyn Monroe. She aspired to be like the late actress in terms of money, success and beauty and to that end se got breast implants, convinced these would help build a successful future. For his part, Jenkins felt his eye-candy wife was the object that would fulfill a void in his life, as well, marrying Jasmine assured him landed immigrant status in the U.S. Considering Jenkins wasn’t actually a millionaire, why Jasmine wed Jenkins remains a mystery. Indeed, it was Jasmine who dipped into her wallet more than once to maintain her gold-digger and con artist husband’s needs.

Weeks after their wedding Jenkins posted several videos of Jasmine on his MySpace page. One month later, in April 2009, the first crack in their marriage appeared in public. Ryan-Jenkins-2Jasmine and Jenkins attended a wedding and Jasmine quickly got cozy with another man. Jenkins responded by pushing her into a pool. In response, Jasmine moved to an apartment in Los Angeles. He followed and oddly she liked being the object of his obsession. Soon after the move however she sought an annulment to their sham marriage. Finances and jealousy had made them bitter enemies. And Jasmine intended to leave Jenkins for a boyfriend, Robert Hasman, she’d had since June that year. One thing each newlywed shared was their belief in a complete makeover of one’s identity. With a miraculous stroke of luck, Ryan was signed on for yet another reality tv series, I Love Money. In this series the boy didn’t get the girl; he won a quarter of a million dollars.  Ryan returned from the series as the winner. Jasmine suddenly gave Ryan another chance. She dyed her hair and became a brunette. Ryan posted another video of his gorgeous wife on his MySpace page.

Then two months later, Jenkins told Jasmine’s friends she had disappeared. He acted concerned and “upset if she was trying to prove a point.” Just like that, Jasmine was gone. Just as suddenly, she wasn’t. At least, not her remains. In Buenapark, about 40 miles outside of Los Angeles, her remains were found in a suitcase in a dumpster. She was nude and twisted into a fetal position. Parts of her that could identify her were missing, including her teeth and fingers. It would seem that Jasmine’s breast implants finally served her well. Breast implants are marked with serial numbers. They didn’t make her famous as she’d hoped, but they did help to identify her remains. When police went to inform her concerned husband she’d been found, he too had disappeared.

Ryan-Jenkins_0An APB was put out on Jenkins’ car. Canada was probably his next but not his last stop. Jenkins’ father was wealthy and had property in the Honduras. The police knew he’d probably flee there since the country didn’t practice extradition. The federal government was involved and eventually Ryan Jenkins was the target of an international manhunt. It took three days, one week after the discovery of Jasmine’s body, and Jenkins was trapped by police in a British Columbia hotel room in what was ironically named the Hope Motel. Jenkins however would never see a courtroom. He’d hung himself by a belt. Compelling evidence linked him to Jasmine’s murder, although it was never proven and her case is officially unsolved. Two days before Jasmine’s murder, the couple drove to a poker tournament. They were seen on a security camera checking into the Delmar Hotel. Jasmine all the while plotted to run away with another man she’d been seeing since June. Most likely, Jenkins found the text messages and reacted in a jealous rage, beating his wife severely then strangling her to death. As an afterthought, he pulled out Jasmine’s teeth and cut off her fingers.

Jenkins’ father insisted his son was “a fine young man,” who ended up corrupted. He blamed both Jasmine and Hollywood. However, Jenkins killed both Jasmine and himself. He played a role up until his death. The odd suicide note he left was a lie:  “I merely wanted to love someone. I’m sorry for running away from responsibility. There just is no place in this world for me anymore.”

Not very realistic for a reality star.


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