Another Reason to Despise Your Meddling, Miserable, Maniacal Mother-in-Law

Bianca and Sava (Sam) Pezik immigrated to Vancouver, B.C., Canada as a young, married couple. They established an automobile business and were quite successful. They had one Brand_New_House_for_Sale_2son, Joe, who was a classic mama’s boy. He was much more devoted to his mommy than most young men, and the feeling was mutual. In 1987, Bianca and Sam went out searching for real estate investments when they encountered Alexandra Ignonavec, a gorgeous, young blonde girl, whom Bianca immediately thought would be a perfect match for her perfect son. At 19, Alex participated in the 1985 Miss Canada Pageant. She didn’t win but her beauty shone through the camera. Hey, most women will never qualify for Miss Anything, let alone Miss Canada. Bianca was thrilled with Alexandra and suggested Alex attend the family business to have her brakes replaced. Upon meeting, Alex and Joe felt an immediate spark. Of course it didn’t hurt that mother had pushed her son in Alex’s direction. Well, you know those mama’s boys. Within months, the couple was engaged to be married. Bianca couldn’t have been more thrilled. Before the couple were wedded, the Peziks gave an extremely generous wedding gift. They bought a house for their son and daughter-in-law and even assisted the young couple in decorating. Alex, however, wasn’t so charming during the work on her new home. She was demanding and critical of both Bianca and Sam.

For her part, Bianca felt she had the right to criticize the house and insist on decorating and furnishing the newlywed’s home with her vision. Bianca disliked everything Alex chose for the house. Bianca acted in the same controlling manner as Alex and Joe planned their wedding. The night before they married, Alex questioned her decision to marry Joe Pezik, telling her sister that she was afraid of Bianca. Her sister reassured Alex it was merely pre-wedding jitters, nothing more. Later her sister would come to regret those words.

motherinlawBianca and Sam also insisted on controlling Joe’s finances. Joe acccepted this controlling family habit. This was his usual way of life. Alex, however, chafed at Bianca’s interference in this intimate family matter. Bianca “inserted herself into the marriage”. She micro-managed their marriage, down to the last detail by purchasing her idea of healthy groceries for the couple and expecting Alex to eat the Pizek’s diet. Alex and Bianca became mortal enemies. Joe of course wimped out and never stood up to his mother. Alex pleaded with him to interfere but it never happened.  “That’s how she is Alex, that’s how she’s always been. We can’t expect her to change” he whined.

Along with her charming, control freak nature, Bianca was also a kleptomaniac. She stole minor items, particularly groceries, she easily could have afforded. No surprise. Kleptos don’t steal out of need. It is an impulse control disorder, characterized by an inability to avoid stealing, then a release of tension after the act. Stealing give these people an adrenaline rush, a type of reward, much more so than the stolen items. It is also considered a part of the obsessive-compulsive disorder spectrum. Kleptomania is curable, usually responding well to various medications including mood stabilizers and anti-depressants. This tells us something more about Bianca’s state of mind. Predictably, Bianca was caught and jailed. She was banned from all local grocery stores. Upon returning home, she regained the former control she had over her son.

mother-in-law2Alex became pregnant, eventually giving birth to a beautiful baby boy named Brandon. Bianca found another foothold in the couple’s marriage. Now she criticized Alex’s mothering. Alex chafed under the strain of Bianca’s brutal interference. One unfortunate evening, Joe and Alex decided to go out on a date, leaving little Brandon in Bianca’s care. Bianca insisted on giving the baby an “herbal tea” remedy. Upon returning home, Alex found her infant in a heavily sedated state. She and Joe rushed Brandon to the hospital where he slowly wakes up. For Alex, this was the end of Bianca’s meddling ways. Alex threatened Joe with divorce if he didn’t prevent his mother from interfering with their family. Joe, of course, remained too intimidated by his mother and Alex finally left him, taking Brandon with her.

Canadian law dictated that the couple share their assets 50-50. This infuriated Bianca and Sam, who felt that Alex was a gold-digger who used their precious son to cheat him out of his money. They were determined Alex wouldn’t get a penny. Ultimately, the Pezik’s lost their claim on the house and visitation rights with Brandon. Bianca felt abused by her former daughter-in-law. Spitefully, she declared war on Alex. Bianca began sending Alex creepy signs that she would kill her former daughter-in-law, sending her a true crime novel, and stalking her around town. Sam even made a slit-throat gesture at her. Alex left the house and moved in with her mother and sister. One night, a man called the house and claimed there were coffins waiting for Alex, her mother and her sister. Alex was the only person who heard the voice and friends and family were dubious about her claim.

One night two men followed Alex in her car, and she sped into her mother’s driveway. She mafia_hitman_by_r18125m-d3eirzijumped out of her car and made it inside the house. One of the men dropped his gun. Alex called 9-1-1 but by the time police arrived the men were long gone. Alex hired Ozzie Kaban, a private investigator, to watch her son’s daycare, fearing Bianca and Sam might try to abduct her child. She began driving to work with a co-worker for support. One afternoon in broad daylight the hired gun shot Alex several times as she sat in her car. Alex slumped over, dead. The red car was registered to Malan Nenadick, a guest at Alex and Joe’s wedding. The Peziks and the Nenadick’s were good friends. Eventually detectives arrested Malan and Bianca. There was no evidence of Joe or Sam being involved in the murder.  Bianca and the hit man received life in prison. Alex received an untimely and vicious death. Her son Brandon lost his mother. If ever there was a mother-in-law from hell, Bianca was it.

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