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Even as i blog, there is a sad homicide investigation unfolding in Saskatchewan over the death of 6-year-old Lee Bonneau. Cute little bugger. The suspect is another boy who’s under 12 leeyears old. CBC News learned that a child under the age of 12 was apprehended by social services in Saskatchewan following the death. It happened on a small First Nation community east of Regina. Bonneau was last seen playing outside a recreation centre with some dogs around 8:30 p.m. CST when his foster-mother lost sight of him. After a 90-minute search, Bonneau was found with serious head injuries. Poor little chap. RCMP said he was located in an open area along a treeline. Bonneau was rushed to hospital in Broadview, Sask. where he was pronounced dead. No charges can be laid because the child is below the age of criminal responsibility.

If he is deemed responsible, he will be one of the youngest killers in Canadian history. RCMP remain tight-lipped on the latest development. A news conference is expected from authorities on Tuesday. If he is deemed responsible is the key phrase here. How can he not be deemed responsible when evidence obviously points squarely to this kid? Little Bonneau already had a sad history. He lived with a foster family since his biological mother either gave him away, or more likely, was unable to care for him. Many Aboriginal foster children reveal horror stories about their foster homes during their childhood and youth. Mind you, Bonneau’s foster-mother could have been a good woman. Likely she is devastated.

interventionThe drug and alcohol use among First Nations people is very high, and understandably. Their living conditions and general treatment by the Canadian government is about as shabby as it gets in this country. It used to be that Aboriginal kids were forced into residential schools, places that are notorious for sexual and violent physical abuse by none other than, surprise, priests and occasionally nuns. To be fair to our government, each year the feds give millions of dollars to the First Nations chiefs in order to improve their people’s living conditions. This  money is generally misappropriated and used for anything but the well-being of First Nations members. It didn’t take long for casinos to begin popping up in First Nations communities, while running hot water, decent sewage and living conditions was ignored. Not for all communities, mind. But for most. The Canadian government won’t step in. Their perspective seems to be it would be an insult to the First Nations chieftains to direct them in the use of federal funds. Say what?

foster-child300pxAnyhoo. The very young child who committed the murder is also a victim. He is probably a foster child and certainly he isn’t living in a safe environment. Likely he is a victim of sexual and physical abuse. How else does a little boy become this angry, not to mention dangerous? It reminds me of the Eric Smith – Derrick Robie case, where 13-year-old Smith violently murdered 4-year-old Robie through a vicious attack to the little boy’s head, although it was never revealed whether Smith was a victim of abuse. I shall follow this sad case. I want to know the outcome for the little boy who was so neglected as to commit a heinous murder of this sort. There is more than one victim in this situation, make no mistake about that.

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