A Tale of Two Boys…

Tristan Jensen
one boy was 14 years old. He lived in Redlands, California. His name was Tristan Jensen.  When he was a young child, Tristan lived with his mother, who died of cancer when her son was only 4 years old. After her death, he was alone; his father was in a Chino jail. Lucky for Tristan, his grandmother, took him to live with her. His aunt and his two cousins lived next door. When Tristan turned 13, he moved in with his aunt and Tristan Jensencousins. The blended family was happy and the three boys were like brothers.  In August 1998,  Tristan went missing. Always reliable, his family and friends had no idea where Tristan could be and the following day they contacted police. Frankly, why anyone waits a day to call police when a child goes missing is beyond my understanding. Anyway. In spite of an intensive search, Tristan’s family waited for 6 weeks for news of what happened to their boy. In September 1998Detectives Elton and Brandon visited the family to tell them that about a grisly find. A sewer had been blocked at Hibiscus Drive and Gardenia Avenue by small skeletal remains. They were there to collect any possible piece of DNA evidence, a hair, body fluid, anything, from Tristan. Tristan’s grandmother produced his last baby tooth he’d lost at the age of 12, and it was rushed to a forensic laboratory for comparison with the skeletal remains.  It was a match. Finally, the family had some type of closure: the search for Tristan was over. The search for his killer, however, had just begun.

J P Remsen
...the other boy in this tragic tale lived a few blocks away. His name was John Proctor (J P) Remsen (oddly, rhyming with Jensen). J P was 15 years old and in Tristan’s class at school. He was a big boy, about 5’10” in height and easily 170 lbs or more. J P was also an only child, except he had two parents. He also had an obsession with knives and explosives, hobbies his father, John, encouraged, and his mother, Susan, ignored. John also stored a few explosives of his own in the garage. J P had few friends and it was no wonder. He was not popular with girls and he spent much time alone, torturing and killing defenseless animals. He was a bully who also targeted smaller, younger human victims. This may have had something to do with his extreme unpopularity. He was also an acquaintance of Tristan.

J P pretty much gave himself away, as many young killers are apt to do. He showed acute interest in the crime scene and was always there. He went so far as to tell police that on the day Tristan went missing, he witnessed two men getting out of a van and dumping something into that very sewer. Police quickly determined such a strange story could never hold up for many reasons, least of all that J P claimed it took place in daylight, and they brought the odd teenager in for questioning. J P eventually admitted that Tristan had accidentally died in his basement, but it wasn’t his fault. He told police he had a knife collection and Tristan was interested in purchasing an Arkansas hunting knife with a 15 inch blade. Tristan had the knife in his hand and somehow he fell over the stairs. Tristan landed on the knife, and this was what killed him. Of course the flimsy excuse didn’t hold up. Had it been an accident, J P would have immediately called 9-1-1. After changing his story several times, J P admitted he stabbed Tristan to death during a heated argument. J P agreed to re-enact the actual murder at his own house. Coldly, he explained how he stabbed Tristan in the abdomen after Tristan called him a name. J P claimed he pulled out the knife then stabbed Tristan again. This time the blade went into Tristan’s abdomen and out through his back. Ouch. Seriously. J P then carried Tristan’s body into his yard and hid it in some trees. Around 11:30 a.m., in broad daylight, he threw Tristan’s body down into the sewer. His statements were consistent with the evidence at the scene especially with the many blood spatters still on the walls.

That he could commit the crime and dispose of the body in such a short period of time amazed investigators. J P managed to kill Tristan and dispose of him within 4 redlandshours, before his mother returned home. He explained the blood in the garage to his mother by claiming their two dogs got into a fight and the blood belonged to one of the dogs. His parents didn’t question this explanation. Later when investigators returned to the Remsen household, they found a hacksaw covered in blood. The blood turned out to be animal blood, however police believed J P made an unsuccessful attempt to cut up Tristan before disposing of the body. Tristan’s grandmother was astounded that another child was capable of the murder but his cousin remembered him as a bully and “a really weird kid.” Detective Elton said the case stays with him today and gave him a better understanding of effects bullies can have at school.

When officers searched the Remsen residence they found an overwhelming number of explosives stored in the family garage. The materials were believed to be so unstable, the surrounding neighborhood was evacuated, bomb squads called in and some devices detonated in a make-shift bunker outside the home. Loud explosions could be heard for miles around as bomb after bomb was detonated. Some of the investigators wanted J P Remsen tried as an adult however ultimately it was a bench trial in case jurors took pity on such a young offender. All through the trial, J P was cold and emotionless. Reasons for J P’s hatred of Tristan were oddly superficial:

  1. Tristan had girlfriends and no girls liked J P.
  2. J P brought alcohol to school and Tristan reported him to his teacher
  3. The two boys were interested in the same girl and J P knew Tristan would be her choice

San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos claimed that J P began killing animals, and worked his way up to murdering Tristan. Quite possibly he would have become a serial killer had he not been caught. The judge found J P guilty of second degree murder although in all actuality it was first degree murder. He also received an odd sentence: 15 years to life, meaning he is eligible for parole in 7 years.  lonely1 J P’s father was given 2 years in prison for what can only be called a hopelessly ironic charge in relation to his dangerous child, being child endangerment. Both parents were also charged with possession of unregistered firearms, and possession of explosive devices. John Remsen’s bail was set at $1million. Susan Remsen’s was set at $500,000. His mother was given 3 years of probation. It’s easy to simply label children like J P Remsen as “psychopaths”, “bullies”, or “monsters.” However, like every child murderer, J P Remsen was likely raised in a highly dysfunctional, abusive home. Physical and sexual abuse was probably a daily part of his life. In short, he knew only violence and humiliation from a young age. His rage and frustration were reflected in his knife collection, and in the explosives and fireworks he collected. Arson was probably among his finer hobbies. His anger and low self-esteem culminated in Tristan Jensen’s brutal killing. It was not revealed whether or not he sexually mutilated Tristan after death but I suspect that was the case. All of these factors combine to reveal the troubled mind of a dreadfully abused child.


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55 Responses to A Tale of Two Boys…

  1. Joey says:

    I hate it when the actions of killers like this are mitigated by saying “Oh, they were abused.” So? So are lots of kids. Yes, abusers are typically victims themselves, but that’s not always what happens. Evil is as much a result of nature as nurture, and sometimes the two collide in devastating ways.

    • gothrules says:

      A reasonable response, but certainly a traumatic upbringing can’t help direct a person onto a good path in life.

    • GiGi says:

      I agree that evil exists in nature, but you have absolutely no idea, especially in abused children, if their behavior is a result of nature, they way they were raised, or both.

      • Steve Hoyland, B.Sc.,M.Sc. says:

        At last, an Intelligent comment! Please see my comments…sorry If I State things strongly but I have a great deal of experience In these matters.

    • Steve Hoyland, B.Sc.,M.Sc. says:

      What do you mean, “So?” You Ignoramus – unless you’ve suffered abuse, which you clearly have not, keep your puerile comments to yourself. You know nothing.

  2. Danny says:

    I think Joey’s post was right on. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if a child was abused — or not! I remember the documentary about jeffrey Daumer, one of the more bizarre and prolific serial killers and it seemed that he and his parents were very close — no mention of abuse. So what happened there? Just a defective human, I suspect. They are out there.

    • gothrules says:

      They live among us.

    • GiGi says:

      “Sometimes it doesn’t matter”? Who is the arbtrar of when abuse does and does not matter–you?

    • tony says:

      Do you know the whole story about jeffrey Daumer? At a young age he was abandoned by his parents. One day they left him and didn’t come back. He lived alone in the house for a while while in Jr high. He was weird as a kid according to a documentary. I learned there are three sides to every story. Example jeffrey Daumer’s Side, DA’s Side, and the truth. 3 sides.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        I didn’t know that about Dahmer. I am sure there are many things about that family that will never be known to the public and that would explain his behaviour a little more than we currently understand.

    • Steve Hoyland, B.Sc.,M.Sc. says:

      …..But sometimes It DOES!!!!!!!!!How can “Joey” dictate to us how abuse affects people when he has never suffered abuse himself – his Ignorant comment makes that clear – neither has he worked with such sufferers. This person Is not qualified to make such sweeping statements and anyway you can’t summarize such a complex Issue with a personal view which Is no more than a few words long. Where Is his evidence, what are his points of reference, what are his personal experiences? Shame on you for glorifying a simpleton on the basis of a few poorly-chosen words.

  3. bigb@hotmail.com says:

    They should stick a needle in that fat piece of shit.

  4. Marina Francisco says:

    If you watch the video on youtube, they found Tristan’s clothes nearby (with the aid of a cadaver dog). Why on earth would JP Remsen remove his victim’s clothes? I think there was a sexual / sadistic component.

    • gothrules says:

      Quite possible. But killers have been known to strip their victims for no obvious reasons…just one of those serial killer things I guess….you must write to one in prison and let me know…

      • Sarah says:

        Thank you for the “I guess” part because you’re totally wrong. There’s a motive behind everything a killer does, whether it is intentional or not.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        You’re welcome. I can only guess as I am not a psychologist, a social worker, or a psychiatrist. Even then for some professionals I believe guesswork is involved.

  5. Kelsey Ulm says:

    They said, they believed he tried to dismember Tristan’s body……. so that could be why he took off the clothes

  6. it was suggested that he tried to dismember the body. that would explain the clothing being removed.

  7. Joe says:

    You missed on JP’s description,he was right around 6ft 270lbs at the time of his arrest,kiddo..I just watched a docu on the case,the kid is huge.He talked about killing Tristin like he was brushing his teeth. If he serves his full bid, he’ll be 30 years old, eligible for parole in 7 probably out in 10,so that’ll put him at 25.How big do you think he’ll be in 10 years on a prison diet and exercise program?
    JP’s not done,it’s in his DNA. If I lived in Redlands,I’d be living anywhere but,the day that murderer or worse,gets out. There were implications of dismemberment and/or sexual assault because he stripped the body. Either move or have no less than a .45 under my pillow or in my waistband when I take out the trash. Problem is you can’t be everywhere if you have loved ones to protect like Tristin.
    They needed to put JP down,permanently.

    • Charles says:

      He got 15 to life, which is an indeterminate sentence. He must serve fifteen years before he’s eligible for parole, but he might very well end up staying in prison for life. The prosecutor went for 1st degree murder, but the judge disagreed.

      In sentencing the judge just followed normal mandatory sentences for murder convictions in California. In California, it works like this:

      -If guilty of 2nd degree murder, then 15 years to life is the mandatory sentence in CA;

      -If guilty of 2nd degree murder using a firearm from a motor vehicle, sentence is 20 years to life;

      -2nd degree murder by an offender previously convicted of murder (whether or not the previous murder was 1st or 2nd degree) = 15 years to life or life without parole;

      – 1st degree murder = 25 years to life;

      – 1st degree murder constituting a hate crime or of an operator or driver = Life without parole;

      – 1st degree murder with special circumstance = Death penalty or life without parole


    • Charles says:

      As horrifying as his act and as cold or bad as he may be, there are much worse people walking the streets of any major city and definitely in San Bernardino County, CA, which has one of the highest crime rates for any county in the USA. One out of every ninety-five people who live in the county where the City of Redlands is will be the victim of a violent crime. One out of every seventy-eight people who reside there will get their car stolen. Here are the stats: http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/ca/san-bernardino/crime/

      I’m not trying to slander San Bernardino County or any of its great cities. I used to live in SoCal and I love the county. I’m just pointing out that if we are worried about violent people on the streets in SBC or near Redlands, there is a much higher chance that someone else will get you first.

      • I have to disagree that there are much worse people walking the streets of major cities. This kid is a sociopathic killer. There aren’t a WHOLE lot of that type of person in any major city. There are killers, but they usually kill for reasons that make more sense than this act. Like jealousy, robbery, gang violence. Which are awful, but at least there’s a REASON. I think this kid just was jealous of a popular young boy at his school.

  8. Joe says:

    Oh and Marilyn,search Robert Barnes.He makes JP look like a choirboy.Thankfully he’s got at least 36 more years to do and will be a spry 58 years old when he’ll be released and “wont ever be able to do that to anyone ever again” Hit your knee over 40 times,that’s how many time Barnes stabbed 16 year old Mehgan Landowski, the last 12-15 times were post mortem.Bobby has mommy issues,he referred to her as a “potted plant”.Just your average 17 year old genius,violin playing rapist/murderer.

    As far as abuse and how it influences kids.JP could have been Ghandi’s son,wouldnt have changed things a bit.I’ve known guys like JP,natural born killers.My drunken POS biological father started beating me,my sisters and my mom as soon as I learned how to remember.Beat me like a man,knocked my teeth out,knocked me unconscious,I stabbed him in the face when I was 8 and my mom finally got us out soon after.Then things really got bad.Grew up in the worst project in Oakland,CA..I have a beautiful family,daughters and sons,happily married,great job,business owner,almost ready to retire.So much for that whole poor,abused “mommy didnt love me and daddy didnt care made me do it” bullshit.Abuse isn’t a big enough word to describe what happened to me and its a beautiful life

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Who are Robert Barnes and Meghan Landowski and what do they have to do with this entry? I don’t recall describing JP’s height or weight in the entry either. Yes I did mention in my blog that JP coldly informed police how he killed Tristan – rather like brushing his teeth so to speak. However, I don’t know if he was an abuse victim or not. This is speculation. I don’t know that some people are born to kill. I believe environment has a great deal to do with people’s behaviours. Your experiences didn’t cause you to turn to violence and murder but you are a different person than JP. Different brains process things differently so that is your subjective experience. It’s also quite possible that JP wasn’t at all abused. But a father who collects enough explosives to take out a neighbourhood probably isn’t a good influence either. Definitely something weird there.

      • GiGi says:

        Very astute comment, Marilyn4; not only is it just common sense that children repeat the behavior they witness, it has been proven.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Thank you. Not everyone who read the post agreed with us however.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Thank you. I have read a lot about abused children and the violence they become involved in later in life. It is a repetitive cycle.

    • Joe, god bless you from a neighbor across the bay! I’m glad you rose above your awful childhood. I also had a rough start, though nowhere as rough as yours. Coincidentally, right next door in Berkeley. My father beat my mother and once beat me when I was 4 years old, for wetting the bed (which I only did because I was terrified of him). My mother saved her money, rented an apartment in San Francisco, then came with the police and got me out of there. I never again spent a night under the same roof as my father. Who went on to marry another woman, have three kids with her, and beat all of them every single day of their lives for the next 20 years. Unfortunately their mother didn’t have the guts my mother did.

      I saw him as infrequently as I could, he was always on his best behavior with my mother after she left him. When he showed up uninvited one day when I was 15, I finally told him what I thought of him and told him I wished he would go away and never come back. He did! I never saw the asshole again, and when he finally died I breathed a sigh of relief.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Some women have the strength to walk away. Others aren’t satisfied unless they have a “man” in their lives, no matter how evil he is. Sad.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I’m happy for you that you got over your terrible abuse. What I’m suggesting is that some people can and some people cannot. I didn’t state it was an excuse for what he did to that poor kid.

      • MJ519 says:

        I do agree that some people never overcome their abuse. They become trapped in a self destructive cycle of hate and pain towards themselves and others. I do think we should consider/ look at the environment and family structure/background etc; however, to the victim’s family that can really trivialize their pain; like so and so murdered your son, but his father abused him. That’s the last thing you’d probably want to hear or care about.

        It makes me think about controversy surrounding rehabilitation of pedophiles. We could argue that they’re human, they themselves were abused (which unfortunately they may very well have been) they deserve a second chance. However, can you imagine what that says to a victim/survivor? Your family friend that molested betrayed your trust, stole your innocence, and traumatized you for their own sick pleasure starting when you were 4? We think he/she deserves a chance to be rehabilitated because they’re only human even thought what they did wasn’t.

        With that said though, I DO think that there is something very disturbing about how a family can just leave blood smears on the wall and rug regardless of whether they believe/know if it’s animal or human. And that they were living in such chemically unstable conditions. How could they function day to day with a house that was a literal time bomb?

  9. GiGi says:

    A 15-year-old should never be “put down”. A living being that has known only cruelty and abuse will respond in kind because they know no other way to respond. He may be totally remorseful now, we have no idea. If he gets a chance to be taught that there are other ways to behave, he could actually be a success story; it’s happened before, really.

    • MJ519 says:

      Wait, so because he might be remorseful now, he should get another chance? If he is remorseful he should feel that gut retching remorse every second of everyday for the rest of his life. And it’ll still never make up for the life he so coldly and unnecessarily took.

      The brain doesn’t fully form until the age of 25, which could explain why his reasons for killing Tristan were so shallow and short sighted. HOWEVER, he was 15. He was well over the age to know right from wrong. He could have called 911 right after the stabbing and maybe Tristan’s life couldn’t be saved. Instead he threw Tristan away to decompose like garbage all alone in a filthy SEWER!!!!

      JP could be a success? True we never know, but you know what that’s fine. Let him sit and rot in his cell and wonder for the rest of his life. What he could have been. Let him think about what a waste of his young life he made. To me that is a fitting punishment. Why should he be given the chance? Because he’s still alive? Because Tristan can’t succeed, so JP might as well? Bull shit!

      Tristan was a talented musician who got his chance at a successful happy life brutally taken away by this scumbag. He never got to finish high school, go to prom, learn how to drive a car etc; he never got to go to college, get married, have children.

      I hope JP is haunted by Tristan everyday from the moment he opens his eyes to when he shuts them at night. And if you think that’s cruel or hateful, fine. But that’s just a fraction of the pain and torment Tristan’s family goes through everyday as they’re forced to outlive him. They can never remember Tristan without thinking of his remains in a sewer and the terror they must have felt all that time not knowing he was there all those weeks and the despair in realizing that by the time he was found, he was a fragmented skeleton. To me the pain of a victim and the victim’s family will always outweigh any remorse/redemption a cold blooded killer may have.

  10. Sarah says:

    To say JP was sexually and physically abused is ludicrous. Court records show there is no evidence to support that. You’re just giving him an excuse. He is a cold blooded killer, end of story.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I am not trying to give him an excuse and you could be right. Some people are just evil. You have to wonder where and how it originates, though.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      It’s usually difficult if not impossible to prove that a person was sexually and physically abused by guardians. And most definitely I have not given JP an excuse to murder the other boy.

    • jj says:

      I agree that the claims he was abused are pure speculation with no evidence. It in fact sounds like his parents were rather indulgent with him. And if they abused him, why would they allow him such a knife/weapon collection – his father was said to encourage this even. They gave him the perfect tools to avenge any abuse, yet he didn’t do anything to them – he picked on the defenseless and innocent – animals and a smaller boy he was jealous of.

      Furthermore, his size and weight showed they fed him well throughout his life, unlike many of these abuse cases where parents restrict the food and keep the children locked up.

      He was well-fed by his parents and they let him have his run of the house and neighborhood. I don’t think he was abused, just born off and a sociopath. You can look at his face and appearance, if you have a modicum of insight and intuition, and instinctively see that he is not normal looking and has something dangerous about his makeup.

  11. Smg says:

    Well.where is jp today????

    Abuse of some kind is probable, but not definate. A grown man with over a thousand lbs of explosives probably has a screw loose somewhere….PLUS, HE was manufacturing explosives, ehich to me means he had a good bit if knowledge anout there nature. However he stored them haphazardly, rendering a good amount of them unstable…….hardly an atmosphere of safety and love. The cops also found automatic weapons in the house…….explosives? Weapons?? Automatic ones at that…….where the parents potential terrorists?????

    I’m really wondering if the kid is still incarcerated or not. Thanks.

    • MJ519 says:

      This is creepy. If I didn’t know what he had done. . . he almost seems normal. But I think the scariest evil isn’t the big bad shadow, it’s the person who’s more like us than we think.

      This also makes me sick to my stomach. Female companionship? Really? So you can throw me down a sewer someday too?!

      QUOTE: “I am a passionate person and am not your average inmate, or so I see myself. I focus my time on productive avenues in here; higher education, vocational training, etc. I’m trying to guide my life for the best possible transition from prison to a productive life in society, and what better way is there to do this and with the support of friends and love…..”

      Passionate huh? Well reports did say you were passionate about knives. How’s that been working for you in the big house? I heard they make shanks out everything in there and stab others for no reason. Weird right? Sounds a lot like the guy who stabbed his 14 year-old classmate. Who do you suppose that could be?
      No JP you’re not an average inmate, not many 15 year olds (that I’ve known) stab another person and dump them in the sewer and lie that the blood ON YOUR WALL is the dog’s and continue with everyday life for six weeks like nothing happened.

      You focus your time on productive avenues in here; higher education, vocational training?
      Odd, sounds like what Tristan was focusing on as well, only he hasn’t been able to for the past 16 years, and never will. Funny how THAT happened.

  12. joey kellz says:

    Are SOME of you people mental. Where was there ever any evidence of abuse?!!
    Just because his parents were complete morons and put about 6 neighboring blocks surrounding the neighborhood in mortal danger; does not mean he was abused. Least of all sexually! And even if for the miniscule chance he was abused and that abuse affected him in any way to turn him into a sadistic killerI

    I personally don’t want him walking the streets again. And any other normal person who has a loved one as the poor victims family did; they wouldn’t want him walking the streets either. What, he is gonna wake up after 7 yrs and the affects of abuse are gonna be erased from memory? If abuse makes you murder someone who was not the actual abuser, it is even more unfathomable that abuse was the cause of murder. Not impossible, yet, NOT LIKELY!! The judge who oversaw this trial should be ashamed of himself, and he should only hope that someone doesn’t do to one of his loved ones what that piece of trash did to that tiny little kid. And by being so lenient with this nitwit, wouldn’t be suprising if it was this psycho who he merely slapped on the wrist. 2nd degree murder? Pathetic! I was outraged by this, live nowhere near where it happened or knew the victim. Disgusting!

    • marilyn4ever says:

      You don’t need to call people mental because they offer an opinion that differs from yours. So what? It’s a good thing we don’t all think the same or what a boring world this would be. Now that said, the 7 years sentence seems very unfair, but the child is eligible for parole in 7 years; this doesn’t mean he will get parole in 7 years. You need to read the blog a little more carefully before you become so self-righteous. Thanks for reading and responding, however.

    • MJ519 says:

      I still don’t get how or why the parents never even tried to clean up the blood at least. Even if they thought it was the dogs. Just no. That alone is just revolting. Infection, disease (no offense Tristan) unsanitary. On the walls and doors that people use and touch with their bare hands that touch, food clothes etc; no less. The explosive house was just the icing on that cake.

  13. Jenifer says:

    Floors me that his parents got off so easy… its pretty obvious the parents had a lot to do with how this kid was being raised… and as an only child. I dont excuse one thing this kid did… but his parents are screwed up big time to begin with. I wish i could say something to both of them in person.

  14. Breezy says:

    s you did describe the wait and the height of that Young future serial killer you said he was 5 10 170 pounds or something like that when in reality he was six foot something and I 240 pounds or so and I don’t care if she was abused or not he shouldn’t turn into a serial killer a lot of people are abused and don’t turn into serial killers I guarantee you he probably killed someone else before he got arrested for the one he got caught for

  15. Jane Says says:

    I am sorry for both of these boys but considerably more so for Tristan. Losing your mother at 4 and going to live with your Grandmother because your Dad is in jail, getting use to Grandma’s house as home for 9 years but then moving to another house with instant siblings_ I’m sure none of these things were easy for him. If he had committed a crime instead of being the victim of one, someone might even have used them as excuses for his behavior. An abusive childhood is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. But many, many people live through years of horror and do not kill others, torture animals or blow things up. We all know this old chestnut, “Neuroses is the substitute for legitimate suffering”. Clearly, people like J.P. take the easy way, ‘I was hurt so I can hurt others’. The fact that he is a child does lessen his responsibility somewhat. It is speculated that Ted Bundy first killed when he was a child. And if someone had caught him and put him prison all those years ago, many women would have lived.

  16. D.T.A says:

    Personally, I hope this shitbag Remsen kid died in prison. Or if he was released, I hope gets an even more brutal death than his victim. His parents should rot with him too. Raising a shit heap like that should be a crime in its own right.

  17. Ekim Mar says:

    I have a weird and unbelievable story about this case. Years ago I saw the show “solved” where they presented this story. I worked for a utility company at the time. For about a month I had been buying antiques from a woman in my California home town. She was liquidating her estate. Anyway, a couple of days after watching “solved”, I went to pay her a visit and we got into talking about her family. One of the things she told me was that she had a grandson in prison and had lived in Redlands, and i, jokingly, (from just watching that show), blurted out, did he really kill that kid! And she said with a puzzled look on her face, yes! he did! How did you know?…….I was talking to the killers grandmother!!!.

  18. Fey says:

    I got sons and it felt sad reading this. I wish he rot in prison

  19. irfan says:

    I have watched may be over a hundred episodes by now (Mid Jan 2016) within last two months. MOST of the time (90%), you find broken or dysfunctional family being the root cause. Am I correct? What has happened to the family?

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