Notorious Toronto Murders – Christine Prince – British Nanny who Never Returned to Wales

Your name is Christine Prince. You are a young, attractive woman, 5’3″, 126 pounds, blue eyes, short light brown hair, fair complexion, rosy cheeks.You attend Porthcawl College in Wales to study child care and receive a special diploma. It will be another 5 years before find employment in your dream job. By then, you want to travel to another country, independent, far from home, gain employment and experience a comprincepletely different culture. That opportunity comes unexpectedly in 1981, when you are 24, when Josie and Emile Kruzick, of Toronto, apply to Canada Immigration and Employment for a nanny with exactly the same qualifications you possess. After much correspondence, you and the Kruzicks reach an agreement. You pack your suitcase, say goodbye to your friends, tell your mother you will contact her to let her know you have safely arrived in Canada, then you make the courageous journey alone to Canada. You quickly settle in within the busy metropolis of Toronto, Ontario.

Christine arrived in Canada and was ensconced in the Kruzick residence at 66 Pinewood Ave., where her duties consisted of taking care of their three-year-old daughter, Nicole, as well as light housekeeping. Christine was reportedly very happy in her position. On April 3, 1982, Christine met fellow nanny Gloria Betts at an English pub. The manager introduced both Gloria and Christine to two young men from “over home“, one of whom was David Curtis-Smith. The two hit it off from the beginning. Gloria’s young man wasn’t interested in Gloria, nor was she in him, although the two couples often went out as foursome. Who knows? David might meet Christine’s future husband.

Alas that was not to happen to lovely Christine. Sunday, June 20th, 1982, Christine left her residence to attend a movie at Yonge and Bloor Streets, with Gloria. On June 22, 1982, several citizens reported seeing a nude body submerged in the West Rouge River near Sewell’s Road. Christine Prince had been found 30 km from her address.  at a theatre in Toronto. Christine wore a cream-coloured nylon jprince3pp6acket, cream-coloured “V” neck sweater, light blue dress slacks and blue running shoes. She carried a brown leather shoulder type purse. After the movie finished, the two girls met with David and the three walked to a nearby all-night doughnut shop. At about 1:20 a.m., the three left the doughnut shop and walked to the subway station. David left the two girls, as he was going in a different direction. The two girls then took the subway to St. Clair Avenue West and boarded a westbound streetcar. Gloria exited the streetcar at Bathurst Street, while Christine remained on the car for two more stops before disembarking at Wychwood Avenue, and walked the rest of the way home.

There is nothing at this time to suggest that Christine was being followed. It was raining. It is believed she walked west on the north sidewalk of St. Clair Avenue West, rounded the corner and walked north on Pinewood Avenue on the east side of the street.

She walked along Pinewood to the front of number 18. A man, or more likely two men, were either parked or trolling for a woman. She was either struck on the head upon being grabbed, causing a great deal of blood in the abductors’ vehicle, or she had been held by one man while the other drove to an area he knew well. It was a 30 km drive. They grabbed Christine from the street and dragged her into their car. They drove over 30 km to just off Sewells Rd. in the Metro Toronto Zoo area. They took their captive up a lonely road often used by young people to drink beer and make love.

The next morning at 7:30 a.m., her employer reported her missing to police when she didn’t return home the previous evening. At 9:00 a.m. that same morning, a wallet belonging to Christine was found along a gravel portion of the 401 near Meadowvale Road. It was then that several citizens reported seeing Christine’s nude bprinceody in the West Rouge River. The distance from her address to the area where Christine’s body was found is approximately 30 kilometers. Christine’s clothing had been strewn about the area. When investigators found her purse, a Kodak instant camera was missing. Later that day, a passerby found Christine’s multi-coloured umbrella on the road in front of number 18 Pinewood Avenue. Homicide detectives knew where Christine had been picked up. They knew where she had been driven. An autopsy by pathologist Dr. Hillsdon-Smith revealed the cause of death to be drowning, but Christine had also sustained blows to the head as well as bruises and abrasions to the head, face and body. Strands of rope found at the scene were believed by the pathologist to have been used to bind Christine’s wrists. It is likely she was unconscious when she was thrown in to the river. Missing from Christine’s body was a distinctive gold ring with two hearts joined together and a gold coloured watch. Items removed from murder victims are often given to girlfriends, wives, and even mothers.

You are Christine Prince’s mother living in Wales. You hear the familiar tone of a long-distance telephone call and excitedly reach for the phone, expecting to hear Christine’s voice. Instead, the voice of a male police officer with a distinct accent, informs you regretfully, that Christine is dead. In the seconds that pass after you absorb the policeman’s news, drop the phone and faint to the floor, you realize that Christine will never ring your house again.

It is 30 years later and the case remains unsolved. A post seeking information about Christine’s murder can be found here.

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