School Shootings are Old News in America

Lest you think Columbine and Sandy Hook are anything new (pathetic, I know) school attacks and massacres have a long and (un)distinguished history in the US of A. This dubious history had no influence over Columbine and SH since I dare say very few people are even aware of its existence.  Listed for your convenience are just a scarce few of the massacres and attacks that have occurred throughout US history. When I document “victims” I am referring only to those who were shot and killed. When listing “age”, I am referring to the age of the gunman at the time of the shootings.

School Massacres

1927Bath School Disaster – It is the deadliest mass murder in a school in United Stakehoetes history
Victims:  45
Gunman: Andrew Kehoe, 55
Motive:  angry after his defeat in the Spring 1926 election for township clerk; had personal difficulty on the school board; mortgage foreclosure; suicidal

1966 – Texas University Massacre
Victimcharles-whitmans:  13
Gunman:  Charles Whitman, 24
Motive: Court-martialled by U.S. Marine Corps for gambling addiction; abusive childhood; failing marriage; parent’s divorce; fatal brain tumour

1989 – Cleveland School Massacre
VicPatrick_Purdytims:  6
Gunman: Patrick Purdy, 25
Motive: Abused as a child; foster home resident for several years; alcoholic and drug addict; long criminal history beginning in adolescence; suicidal; depressed

2005 – Red Lake Senior High School Massacre
Victims: 9weise
Gunman: Jeffrey Weise, 16
Motive: Behavioural issues; depression; father’s suicide’ mother’s brain tumour; lived on native reserve known for high rates of suicide and unemployment

School Attacks

1968: R. Max College of Beauty
Victims:  2
GunmanRobert Smith, 18
Motive:  “To get known; I just wanted to make a name for myself”

1974 – Olean High School Shooting
Vicbartims:  3
Gunman:  Anthony Barbaro, 17
Motive: Loner; self-hatred

1992 – Lindhurst High School Shooting
Vicerictims:  4
Gunman:  Eric Houston, 20
Motive: job loss; angry at dropping out of high school; claimed he was “out of touch with reality”; held grudge against former Civics teacher;

2001 – Santana High School Shooting
VictCharlesAndyWilliamsims:  2
Gunman:  Charles Andrew Williams, 15
Motive: friend killed in bus accident; bullied; humiliated in front of class by drama teacher the Friday before shooting

School attacks have continued through 2012 and no doubt, will continue into 2013.

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