Ken and Barbie Whedbees


Born in 1962 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Lisa Whedbee was the sort of high school girl many of her peers wished they could be: a pretty, blonde cheerleader with a stream of male admirers.  She met and began dating Rob Whedbee a former football team captain, a stereotypical perfect match. They wed and Rob went to work in the insurance business. Lisa went to work alongside him as a clerk. It didn’t take long for Rob to make his fortune and the two became quite wealthy. Ironically they moved into a pretty suburb called Camelot.

In 1986, Lisa gave birth to a beautiful, blue-eyed boy named Justin. In 1990, the couple had a little girl, Britney, who was born with Down Syndrome. It seemed as though Lisa was never the same person again. Britney had a heart defect and over the following three years underwent several surgeries. Despite her mother’s detachment, she was Rob’s little princess. Lisa was unable to cope with her daughter’s mental condition and the ongoing surgeries. Her unhappiness overshadowed the marriage which was soon troubled. Lisa spent time away from home, and became more active in her church. She usually brought the children but Rob seldom attended.

In time, Lisa joined the choir and met Michael Frazier, the church organist and a reporter. Michael saw a good story in Lisa’s struggle to cope with a special needs child and he wrote about Lisa’s challenges in raising Britney, although in reality she had little to do with her child. Lisa’s excessive time at choir practice began to trouble Rob. On 8 June 1994, Justin spent the night at his grandparents and Britney was asleep when her father returned from work.  That night, Lisa and Rob started a peaceful evening, Lisa surprising Rob by making love with him. Before 2 a.m., Rob awoke and realized Lisa wasn’t beside him, but he was aware that someone else in the room with him.  A man holding a butcher knife attempted to cut Rob’s throat. The intruder cut Rob’s arm and hand, but Rob managed to break free. Lisa appeared in the door with a baseball bat and Rob implored Lisa to hit the intruder. Lisa ignored Rob’s pleas and strangely, the attacker yelled at Lisa that she “had to do it, and do it now.” 

Rob overpowered his attacker, ran from the room with Lisa’s bat and ran into the garage. The attacker appeared before him and Rob recognized him as the director of Lisa’s church choir. Suddently, Frazier turned and ran back into the house, locking the door. Covered in blood, Rob went outside the house and began to beat the gutters with a bat. Mercifully, a neighbour called the police but Fraser had disappeared. Lisa remained in the house, appearing as shocked by Rob about the attack. Rob denied this and told the sheriff’s deputies his beliefs. She was promptly brought to the police station. Police officers tracked down Fraser and charged him with attempted murder.

Under interrogation, Frazier confessed to his affair with Lisa Whedbee, and to his role as the attacker against Rob Whedbee. Lisa was formally charged with attempt murder and.  She faced a possible 30 years in prison. Rob sued for divorce from Lisa. Frazier took the stand first. Lisa didn’t appear and she refused to testify. Rob Whedbee offered his testimony on 14 August 1994.

On 15 December 1994, Fraser gave his testimony, claiming that Lisa manipulated him by presenting Rob as an abusive husband, who threatened to kill Lisa and her best friend. The prosecution pointed out that Lisa had never told anyone about Rob Whedbee except Frazier. Frazier was found guilty of attempted manslaughter, punishable by a maximum of only 4 years in prison. Manslaughter suggests there was no intent even though clearly, Frazier’s actions implied there was significant intent. Lisa accepted a plea deal in which she didn’t admit guilt, and she received less than a year in prison, followed by 3 years’ probation. Lisa has since remarried and made a new life in another state without her children.

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47 Responses to Ken and Barbie Whedbees

  1. says:

    Lisa whedbee is an awful person and why is she living in NC with a job as Independent Ins AGents of NC? do they know about her past. Obviously she cant be trusted! how can anyone get away with such behavior

  2. JRWhite says:

    Don’t believe everything you read. I know for sure, that this story is not all truth, this is very much skewed in one direction. Unless you know the situation you shouldn’t judge people on what you read in the newspaper. I learned at a very young age that news reports what sounds good not always what is the truth.

  3. says:

    seriously disturbing.
    The news isnt lying…she didnt try to defend herself..why..GUILTY..
    how can this woman live with herself…she apparently has a big home with a new kids just animals.
    hope that helps her feel better about leaving her children
    how can this woman work at IIANC ? as a account executive????
    a convicted felon?

  4. mintchip says:

    The charges and the punishment these two faced are a joke! So much for justice.

  5. Debbie says:

    That is disgusting that this B— didn’t get any prison time. what the hell is wrong with the justice system ????? It is Fu—–ed up… I hope she burns in Hell … Worthless mother. Really your not a mother.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      it is outrageous that Karla Homolka is allowed to live a normal life, get re-married and raise children. I wonder does she ever think to herself how she would feel if someone did to her children what she did to her sister and the 2 little schoolgirls?

  6. stacysite says:

    The fact that Lisa got 1 yr in jail and 3 yrs probation is nothing less then disgusting! A true testament to the SERIOUSLY Flawed judicial system . WE NEED TO FIX THE SERIOUSLY SCREWED UP WAY OUR COURTS AND LAWS DEAL WITH CRIME!
    You will let someone with a bag of marijuana SIT IN JAIL AND Destroy their lives….while a person who plotted and helped to attempt premeditated murder serve 1 yr and the other person with the weapon gets 4 yrs?? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HAVE NO RESPECT FOR “THE SYSTEM” Get your PRIORITIES STRAIGHT…WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who have to CHANGE THIS AND NOT STAND FOR IT! START MAKING NOISE!

    • marilyn4ever says:

      Everything you say is true. I am on your side. My friend is a teacher and she informed that if a student ever falsely accuses her of sexual or physical assault (god forbid) even when there are witnesses present who say it didn’t happen, that teacher is suspended with pay until children’s aid, the police, and the professional teacher’s committee do an investigation and determine whether or not it happened. She knows someone it did happen to and the result was devastating for the teacher as well as many students who loved him.

  7. Chris says:

    Feminism is why she only got 1 year. Absolutely disgusting.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      absolutely right….some people get lucky that way

    • stacysite says:

      While that sentence is TRULY disgusting, I hardly believe that you can blame it on anything other then a POORLY RUN JUDICIAL SYSTEM that is flawed and in DESPERATE need of being restructured! I think your forgetting the INCREDIBLY ridiculous number of WOMEN ( FAR EXCEEDS # of male victims) that RAPE, KILL, BEAT MOLESTE women in and out of this country EVERYDAY that are viewed as barely a crime with LITTLE or inappropriate punishment given. Women seem to be the ones who are victimized much easier and with the least amount of justice.
      That said, in this case she definitely did not get a punishment that fit the crime she committed, but “feminism” is not the reason a truly BROKEN JUDICIAL SYSTEM is the problem. Btw I am not a “femenist” just a women who keeps up with current events and believes that we need to fix the courts instead of hiding the problems and pretending it is working correctly!

      • marilyn4ever says:

        Yes I agree with you that I don’t see the connection between feminism and the justice system. I believe that most of the time, whether a person is male or female, they tend to get treated equally by the courts…..most of the time. We don’t hear so much about the cases that do indeed assign rational, reasonable punishments as often as this type because who wants to read about that? There’s no money to be made for those sites or newspapers. It’s all about the bucks.

      • stacysite says:

        Unfortunately thats too true!!! Sad thing about that is that I seriously doubt it even my grandchildren ( not yet a grandmother) will see the “system” change and the sensationalism will just get bigger!!
        I am a patriotic person but we really are a screwed up country in many many areas!
        Thank you for your candid response and I appreciate your ability to discuss with maturity ( like a adult should). Too many times I see people really shred one another in this type of social discussion. Refreshing!

      • marilyn4ever says:

        you are most welcome….this is how everyone should communicate on a blog. Attack the argument, not the author.

      • Heavynumber says:

        Once again the system simply gets manipulated. Just like deadbeat dads made it bad for all of the single fathers like myself that paid more than they needed to in child support and alimony and actually ended up raising their kids alone like Rob Whedbee

        Lisa used the spousal abuse excuse to get out of a real jail term for conspiring to commit first degree murder. AND she manipulated that poor choir director and probably got him killed in prison or what he endured in prison probably contributed to his demise.
        I know damned well he didn’t do well inside.

        She’s a worthless %#^ that didn’t want to do what she knew it would take to raise her youngest child Brittany who had special needs.
        It’s just that simple. The fact that ANY insurance agency, business I don’t care if she’s selling pencils I can’t believe any entity would hook their wagon to that mule.

        And the guy that married her better keep his head on a swivel. She sint gonna grow out of that murderous behavior.

        I grew up in a family with an abusive naw there isn’t a word to describe him and P’sOS like Lisa just make it bad for real victims of domestic abuse.
        The only people that were abused were the Whedbee children, Rob Wheedbee and Michael Frasier, in that order.

        The world should know what Lisa Outlaw Whedbee did and make its own judgement,since the judicial system obviously failed miserably.

    • hannahbeat says:

      She received a one year sentence because she chose not to go to trial and pled guilty under an Alford Plea. It certainly didn’t hurt that she was beautiful on the outside and the defense successfully smeared her husband as being physically and emotionally abusive. That was truly disgusting. Now she’s moved on with her life, married a man who could only be considered a “schm_ck” and walked away from her children completely. And that stupid, stupid man who believed all of her lies. So many lives impacted and she watlzes away.

    • Harriet Joan says:

      Feminism has nothing to do with this. Do you even know what feminism means?

      • h says:

        I think it’s an uneducated person’s way of saying that they think women get an unfair advantage in court, and that can be correct, in some cases….Casey Anthony, for example. But what the dunderheaded poster above forgot to mention is that women might not have such an advantage if male jurors weren’t so susceptible to cute, fragile-appearing female defendants….all Casey Anthony had to do was bat her eyes, and she was walking free. Too bad the above poster was too busy trying to think of multisyllabic words to check the facts.

  8. larry crielsen says:

    it s cause she was white. a black women in a similar situation would not have fared so well.

    • marilyn4ever says:

      I’m not sure I agree with you on that one. You’d have to link me to a case that is extremely close in nature and outcome for me to agree with you.

  9. Christy says:

    Michael Frazier died in 2013 and this crazy woman left a message on the funeral home condolence page. She called him her soul mate and told him she would always love him. Wonder if her new victim (husband) knows she wrote that? I thought it was extremely tacky. What a crappy mother and human being!

  10. __Mockingjay__ says:

    Im watching a show about this. O_O

  11. __Mockingjay__ says:

    She left her ex-husband, Rob, to raise her daughter, Brittney, and her son, Justin, as a single father. Yet SHE, re-married. Stupid. ^o^ . My mom was like: Why are you watching that? You dont have to watch that.

    I’m like: i watch it. its mysteryyyyy. c;

  12. Bee says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows what MIchael passed away from?

  13. Debra Crum says:

    I’ve watched two versions of this story, on “City Confidential” and “Snapped” (maybe three: I think “Dateline” ran this story on their show). The one thing that saved L. Whedbee and Frazier from stiffer sentences was that Rob Whedbee lived — they, in effect, Failed at what they set out to do. It’s sad to think that it would have taken his death to draw stiffer sentences. That said, I’m glad Mr. Whedbee lived to raise His two children. As for the abuse allegations, it’s people like Lisa Whedbee who make it harder for people with legitimate abuse claims from getting justice. Shame on her!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Do you know that ”What does Lisa doing now ”??

  15. Misty says:

    List’s new last name is Weatherly. She even has a Facebook page.

  16. Pilar King says:

    I hope Lisa has finally fixed her hair. It bothered me everytime they showed her.

  17. LILLIAM Morales says:

    Waooooo es increíble ver cómo una mujer destruye la vida de su familia solo por un amante y un poco de dinero. Es duro la vida ver cómo hacen daño a otros y aún más a los propios hijos y su esposo.
    Creo que eso solo Dios puede curar las heridas que esa mujer dejo en familia. Dios te de una mujer buena que puede ser feliz y sin hacer daño y amar a tus hijos yo perdí una hija con cáncer y jamás se puede comparar el dolor y puedo ver cómo tus hijos son tan bellos y esta mujer nunca vio la familia que tenía a su lado.

    Te deseo toda la bendición de Dios para ti y tu hijos.

  18. Grazi Galvão says:

    which was the cause of death of michael???

  19. h says:

    OK, granted that she is a horrible, horrible person, but let’s stop talking about how she manipulated Frazier into being a part of all this. He was a grown man, with apparently average intellect, who could have listened to her crock of shite story, and told her to go to the police, instead of seeing himself as some sort of avenging superhero or whatever ridiculous reason made him go along with this woman’s scheme. He had a choice, and he chose to be a criminal. He was just as culpable as she is, and both of them should have spent a lot more time in jail.

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