Husband Abuse and Its Deadly Outcome

Gregg Whitmore and Shanna Parkinson (15:36) appeared to have an idyllic life. In 2000, they were blessed with a boy and a girl and living in a comfortable, middle-class home in Rigby, Idaho. Unbeknownst to Whitmore, Shanna stole prescription drugs and self-medicated. She drank heavily, exacerbating her hair-trigger temper. Repeatedly and violently, Shanna lashed out at her husband. No matter what her husband did, it was never good enough for Shanna. Embarrassed, Whitmore hid the fact that he was a victim of domestic violence.

By 2002, Whitmore couldn’t tolerate Shanna’s violence any longer and he moved out of their home. Shanna wasn’t willing to let him leave and his rejection increased her senseless fury. Not long after, Whitmore demanded a divorce, sending Shanna into an uncontrollable rage. In 2003, Whitmore was divorced and involved with beautiful 29-year-old Karen Cummings. Unwilling to let her ex-husband go, Shanna stalked the couple with up to 200 harassing telephone calls a day. She stalked their house, slashing the tires on their cars and on one occasion attempted to run Karen down with her car.  

Worried about his children’s safety, Whitmore attempted to gain full-time custody. In response, Shanna broke into his home and stole everything he valued. She burned pictures of Karen, Whitmore and his mother. Days later, Shanna completely snapped. She broke into Whitmore’s home, viciously stabbing Whitmore 30 times in his bed, and Karen, 13. Hidden in another room, Karen’s daughter called the police, reporting her father’s murder.

In August 2004, Shanna was sentenced to 27 years in prison for first-degree murder, although likely she will remain incarcerated for the rest of her life. (Many links in this blog are not that of the Whitmore case – examples of husband abuse and obsessive ex-wives)

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8 Responses to Husband Abuse and Its Deadly Outcome

  1. Greg just happened to be the one who had to take the violence because his wife had too many untreated mental problems. She was really into Drama and Hate.

  2. R.I.P. Sis… We miss you and love you!!!

  3. Gena says:

    Betty Broderick did not abuse her husband.

  4. Gena says:

    He abused her emotionally and verbally as well. This doesn’t excuse her actions, however. As a widow and mother I am acutely aware of the devastating grief that kids suffer when they grow up without a parent; to me, killing the other parent of your children is one of the most heinous and selfish crimes one can commit.
    Both spouses in the Broderick family treated each other abysmally, before and after their divorce. Obviously, Ms. Broderick took that abuse to an unacceptable level, and used her own daughter to do it.

  5. Melanie says:

    I would like to know where u got your info from? Obviously from the whit more family. I worked on this case with the private investigators and this story does not do Shaba justice.

    • helthnut says:

      Who is Shaba? I got my information from the Whitmore family?? – I got it from research and links. I have never been in direct contact with the Whitmore family.

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