Nasty, Nauseating, Nutcase Necrophiles

Necrophilia, also called thanatophilia or necrolagnia, is classified as a paraphilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (currently DSM-iv-TR). Naturally, there are many motivations for these behaviors: the desire to possess an unresisting and unrejecting partner (68%), reunions with a romantic partner (21%), sexual attraction to corpses (15%), comfort or overcoming feelings of isolation (15%), or seeking self-esteem by expressing power over a homicide victim (12%). Seriously.  Possessing power over a dead person. Weird or what? (Perhaps Shatner will do an episode on this one).

History of Necrophilia
As far back as ancient Egypt there have been recordings of the existence of necrophilia.  Not case studies or actual criminal consequences, but evidence of it.  For instance, a common means of discouraging the local embalmer from having sex with beautiful, young male andfemale cadavers, was to keep the corpse with the family for 3 – 4 days until it rotted ad nauseum. This was a well-meaning attempt at protecting the departed loved one from nasty, necrophilic embalmers. However, Egyptians of the 21st century seem to have a change of heart (pun) regarding necrophilia.  A new law has been proposed that may legalize a husband’s necrophilic right to his wife’s corpse for up to 6 hours after her death. Is that progress or perversion?

The evidence of necrophilia practices can be found in the artifacts of the Moche civilization of South America, where pottery depicting skeletal figures engaged in coitus with living humans are among the ruins. These ancient Peruvians committed necrophilia to communicate with the dead (shamanism). Personally, I’ll stick to psychics andtarot cards.

The following situations could lead an individual into necrophilia:

  1. The necrophile develops poor self-esteem, perhaps due in part to a significant loss:
    (a) He (usually male) is very fearful of rejection by women and he desires a sexual partner who is incapable of rejecting him; and/or
    (b) He is fearful of the dead, and transforms his fear — by means of reaction formation — into a desire. Personally I have a fear of spiders, but you don’t see me having relations with them.
  2. The necophile develops an exciting fantasy of sex with a corpse, sometimes after exposure to a corpse.
  3. Necrophilia is the opposite of biophilia in that it is not biologically determined but results from upbringing. The lack of love in the western society and the attraction to mechanistic control might lead to necrophilia.
  4. Other factors include; the impact of modern weapon systems, idolotry of technology, and the treatment of people as things in bureaucracy.  I always knew there were reasons to fight the establishment.

Classifications and Case Studies

  • Role players – doesn’t necessarily have sex with a corpse; has sex with a live partner and pretends that person is a corpse.  Probably isn’t that difficult with some partners. Ted Bundy indulged in this one one with a live girlfriend…not much of a role model for role players.
    Case Study 1:  In 1930 a beautiful young woman named Elena Hoyos lay dying of tuberculosis, the number one cause of death, in a local hospital of key West. During her prolonged death, Dr Carl von Cosel,a medical technician at the hospital, fell in love with her. Elena died in 1931 at the age of 22. Von Cosel retrieved Elena’s body from a cemetery and restored her decomposing body with piano wire, wax and glass eyes. The demented von Cosel reconstructed the corpse’s vagina and had sex with Elena’s body for 8 years. After Elena was discovered in von Cosel’s home, she was removed and re-interred in an unknown area. watch the strange obsession of dr carl con vosel
  • Romantic necrophiles – cut off and preserve a piece of a corpse, with whom they had a relationship when living, for psychosexual arosual. watch 1000 ways to die sculpt a death
  • People having a necrophilic fantasy – necrophilic miracle (miraculous they don’t get caught and arrested). These weirdos may want to have sex with a living person in the presence of a corpse. They may visit graves and masturbate.
  • Tactile necrophiles – interest in a dead body increases to touching the sexual parts of a corpse. Example: Ed Gein, serial killer (who later progressed to a homicidal necrophile).
  • People having a sexual fetish for the dead – fetishistic necrophiles – you might want to prepare yourself for this one – people who cut off a piece of a corpse, preserve it and use it to have sex. Similarly, there are living amputee fetishists on at least two levels:  (1)  a person prefers to have sex with people who have an amputated limb (2) a person actually cuts off her or his own limb to have sex with it. No kidding. watch 1000 ways to die: socket to me 
  • People having a necromutilomania – necromutilomaniacs – prepare yourself for this one: where the necrophile is aroused by dissecting a corpse, usually while masturbating simultaneously (what happens in the morgue, stays in the morgue)
  • Opportunistic or pseudonecrophilia – sex with the dead starts with this classification, then moves into actual sex with a corpse. Mortuary attendants belong to this group (remember the Ancient Egyptian embalmers)? watch 1000 ways to die kiss of death
  • Regular necrophiles – say what? Regulars are graverobbers. They can have sex with the living, although I should imagine their necrophilic hobby remains a secret from the living partner. watch US investigates necrophilia in key west
  • Homicidal necrophiles – seriously dangerous classification – along with exclusive necrophiles.  They can have sex with the living but prefer to kill a person and have sex with its corpse. Examples include, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Ed Gein, and Gary Ridgeway (Green River Killer).
    Case study 1:
    a 16-year-old sophomore from North Dakota, (K.M.), killed his mother then had vaginal and anal necrophilic sex with her dead body.
    watch dennis rader documentary
    Case study 2:  watch necrophiliac gets kicks killing 10 people
    Case study 3:
      Homosexual homicidal necrophilia. In this case (R v.Forbes), the accused, Forbes, a 22-year-old white male, was placed on trial for the murder of a friend he had convinced to go with him into the mountains. Once there, he shot and killed the man, then had homosexual intercourse with the corpse.  Finally, he threw the body down a mine shaft and returned home to his wife, where he acted as if nothing had happened. When Forbes was caught and asked if he would have committed the act in the presence of a police officer, the freak replied, “I would have shot both of them.”  Double the pleasure, I suppose. watch born to kill – jeffrey dahmer
    Case Study 1:  watch deadly women – love sick
    Case Study 2: A  necrophile by the name of Isaacs, a 47-year-old single white male, came from a strict, religious home with little warmth. Isaacs was a drunkard and a known homosexual.  He had been convicted of indecent assault on at least one occasion. Isaacs tried to commit suicide 5 times. This offence involved a 9-year-old boy. Isaacs abducted the boy and had anal sex with him while driving in  his car.  The boy escaped and Isaacs threw a rock at his head, killing him. He partially buried the boy then returned 15 hours later and had anal intercourse with the corpse.
  • Necromutiliomania – pleasure from mutilating a corpse – sexually motivated murderers are known for this type of twisted behaviour. Example: Jon Venables and Robert Thomas. Some people consider the work of funeral directors and embalmers to be a form of necromuliliomania.
    Case study #1: A former embalmer
     described his work when reconstructing a mangled corpse involving a “tremendous amount of mutilation” including: sewing the mouth shut, penetrating the body cavities to vacuum liquids and other invasive procedures. Personally I don’t agree that this is multilation. It’s the legal process by which a licenced embalmer prepares the body for a viewing.
    Case study #2: Autopsy is regarded by some as a fiendish means of discovering the manner of death. Most of us are aware that the body is first opened with a Y-shaped incision on the torso that extends to the pubic bone. internal organs are remoevd and examined, as is the brain. An odd perspective, yet I suppose people are entitled to their views, however wrong and twisted they may be.
  • Exclusive necrophiles – so there’s an exclusive club of necrophiles?  First, the freak has to kill the family member, then they engage in sex with it. Meh, stick to golf. These types are impotent with the living and are only able to have sex with the dead. A similar phenomenon is not unknown in normal people, whereby a person is impotent with respect to one woman only (e.g., one’s wife) but is virile with others. Perhaps the wife is dead in bed.
  • Incestuous necrophilia – just as the name implies.  A case was reported of a Louisiana woman who opened the coffins of her dead husband, brother, and son and devoured their genitals. I swear I don’t make this stuff up.
  • Taphephilia – arousal from being buried alive – this is considered to be bdsm behaviour, although it might prove difficult to ask the necrophile that question after s/he suffocates. watch 1000 ways to die paddle me

A necrophile is not always restricted to one class throughout his/her entire life. Quite often, s/he will display behaviour belonging to a different class, usually a higher one (you didn’t know there was a social status among necrophiles, did you)? As with most sexual anomalies, the cases reported in the literature usually involve males between the ages of 20 and 50 with occupations that provide ready access to corpses: gravediggers, mortuary attendants, orderlies, etc. Most individuals have been reported to be heterosexual.  Although most of us consider necrophilia to be a repulsive act, several groups have pushed for the legalization of necrophilic acts. The NecroErotic, lists 9 “Necrophilic Principles, which argue that necrophiliacs have as much right to engage in their orgasmic release of choice as do living couples, and that “all ‘rights‘ cease the moment a person draws their last breath. Someone should ask the corpse about that one. watch leilah Wendell – necrophilia interview

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