Creepy Quiz to Enlighten and Entertain

The Lindbergh Baby murder was the first case solved using:
(1)  DNA
(2)  forensic anthropology
(3)  forensic botany
(4)  eye witness evidence

Answer:  (3)  forensic botany  watch lindbergh baby kidnap case

2.   No serial killer has ever demonstrated remorse.

(1)  True
(2)  False

Answer:  (2)  False  –  William Hierens, known as the Lipstick Killer, used a victim’s lipstick to scrawl “stop me before I kill again” on a wall at a crime scene.

3.  Forensic anthropology usually involves examining a corpse when it is:

(1)  In the early stages of decomposition
(2)  In the last stage of decomposition
(3)  Only in cases of violent crime

Answer: (2)  In the last stage of decomposition

4.  The Body Farm was established:

(1)  to assist Police officers in solving murders
(2)  As an educational tool for anthropology students
(3)  to make people sick with the stench

Answer:  (2) as an educational tool for anthropology students

5.  The Body Farm is:

(1)  A cemetery
(2)  located at the University of Tennessee
(3)  A museum

Answer:  (2)  located at the University of Tennessee

6.  Forensic etymology is:

(1)  the study of insects and cadavers
(2)  used to solve cases involving missing or dead persons
(3)  a medical examination of a corpse after a violent murder

Answer:  (1)  the study of insects and cadavers watch nature crime scene

7.  Forensic Archaeology is:

(1) the study of fossils
(2) the study of ancient civilizations
(3) helpful in determining cause of death

Answer:  (3)  helpful in determining cause of death watch MSc Forensic Archaeology

8.  There are 4 types of psychopaths.  Which one is NOT?

(1)  Primary
(2)  secondary
(3)  Falsified
(4)  Distempered

Answer:  (3)  Falsified watch psychopaths rule the world

9.  The part of the brain that registers PTSD is:

(1)  the amygdala
(2)  cerebral cortex
(3)  left temporal lobe
(4)  peripheral ganglia

Answer:  (1)  the amygdala watch the difference in psychopath brain

10.  It is generally held that psychopaths:

(1)  cannot be rehabilitated
(2)  can be rehabilitated with appropriate therapy
(3)  may never injure people
(4)  always murder people

Answer:  (1)  cannot be rehabilitated watch psychopathy and criminal behaviour

11.  Nature vs. Nurture…a criminal is possibly:

(1)  a result of an unhealthy environment
(2)  a result of a hereditary, violent gene
(3)  both
(4)  neither

Answer:  (c)  both  watch forensic psychology expert

12.  Criminal behaviour is more common among:

(1) low socioeconomic communities
(2) privileged socioeconomic communities
(3) occurs equally among both communities

Answer:  (1)  low socioeconomic communities

13.  Which serial killer was not caught by a task force, but on charges
related to prostitution:

(1)  Ted Bundy
(2)  Keith Jesperson
(3)  Gary Ridgway
(4)  Dennis Radar

Answer:  (3)  Gary Ridgway  watch Gary Ridgway Documentary

14.  Which serial killer was not caught due to criminal behaviour, but a
traffic violation:

(1)  Richard Ramirez
(2)  Ted Bundy
(3)  Charles Manson
(4)  Aileen Wuornos

Answer:  (2)  Ted Bundy  watch ted bundy angry in court

15.  What was the famous experiment that proved the average person was
capable of torturing people simply because they were told to:

(1)  The Forensic Anthropology Experiment
(2)  The Pathological Experiment
(3)  The Milgram Experiment
(4)  The Stanford Experiment

Answer:  (3)  The Milgram Experiment watch Original Milgram Experiment


100% –  you scare me…a lot
50% –    you`re a great target for an SK
20% –    how are you even still alive

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2 Responses to Creepy Quiz to Enlighten and Entertain

  1. billy hack says:

    It’s forensic “entomology” not “etymology”

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