Cold Water Punishment Leaves a Little Girl Cold

Sally-Ann Cheseboro was a 6-year-old little girl who had the misfortune to be born to psychopaths, rather than parents. She and her 7-year-old sister,  Nancy, lived with their mother Bonnie Walton and stepfather, David, at 54 Jericho Road, Michigan. watch the walls of jericho In 1978, an ambulance is summoned to Jericho Road to bring Sally to the nearby local emergency ward. Sally`s lifeless body is cold and white, yet she is fully dressed and dry, in spite of her parents informing paramedics that Sally had drowned in the bath. watch mom asks for max sentence for her daughter in child`s death The coroner is unable to determine whether Sally had died: there is no water in her lungs although this is not necessarily inconsistent with a drowning. watch a tribute to murdered children  2:28

Nancy and Sally’s childhood has been traumatic and terrifying at the hands of their parents. watch judge hits daughter caught on tape Both little girls were forced to perform sexual acts on their stepfather and biological father. There were daily beatings and whippings, however the punishment the sisters feared the most was the “cold bath treatment.” As a punishment for misbehaviour, Bonnie ran extremely cold water and submerged the children in it for minutes or hours. On the last night of Sally`s life she received a particularly violent cold bath and hours later, Nancy entered the bathroom to find her lifeless body floating in the bathtub. watch child of glass 1977

Bonnie attempts CPR but is unsuccessful and finally she calls 9-1-1.  Both parents warned Nancy to `keep her mouth shut“ about Sally`s cause of death, and Nancy obeys. watch dr phil – the girl in the closet After Sally`s death, Nancy suffers worse sexual abuse than before; Bonnie `pimps her out“ for money to various men. By age 12, Nancy runs away and is placed in a foster home.  Years later, at the age of 22, Nancy is prepared to come forward to police and relate the tragic details of her sister`s murder, 14 years earlier. watch sixth sense grandma says hi

When Bonnie is questioned by police, she admits only to holding Sally`s legs while David dunked her child beneath the frigid water. It is not for another several years that David, who has become a born-again Christian, turns himself in to police and admits to his role in the murder of little Sally Cheseboro. watch michael pearl and extreme child discipline He also implicates Sally`s mother, who denies her guilt. When Sally`s file is re-opened, it is determined that Sally did die of an unusual form of drowning. The frigid water caused Sally`s lungs to seize up and, unable to breathe, she succumbed to cardiac arrest.  It is actually a heart attack due to being submerged in cold water that killed little Sally. watch child ice bath punishment

After her trial, Bonnie is found not guilty in Sally`s death, due to her statement that she realized submerging her daughter in cold water “could“, rather than “would“, kill her child.  watch munchausen by proxy David, however, is found guilty of 2nd degree murder and receives a life sentence for Sally Cheseboro`s murder. Nancy, now 32 years old, finally puts her demons to rest about the murder of her little sister in 1978. watch when is discipline child abuse

Watch Cold Case Files / The Punishment – 24:49

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