Bad Seed or Bad Parenting?

It seems to me that certain abusive traits “run in families“: physical abuse, neglect, criminal activity, drug use.  I don’t believe these are complete genetic traits although the argument for this possibility is growing. watch psychopathy and criminal behaviour. The cycle is repeated because this is what the children learn and when they become adults, they perpetuate the abuse. watch the bad seed

Some people look at sexual orientation, for instance, as being genetically inherited, or something that happens chemically during a certain stage of fetal development. I’m not equating heterosexuality or homosexuality or gender issues with criminal behaviours but in a given genealogy, where homosexuality/transgender issues appear in previous generations, or in extended family (through blood), this suggests to me that orientation and gender is hard-wired before birth. Is it not possible, then, for abusive and criminal behaviours to do the same? watch scientist discovers he has the mind of a killer

Consider criminal activity. Certainly a dysfunctional household sets a poor example for children, but why does the behaviour exist in the first place? Suppose you have an adult male who marries an adult female, and he is a criminal. Was there criminality in his family tree, and hence a partial reason that he displays criminal behaviour, then instills the same behaviour in his own children? watch criminal behaviour: is genetic predisposition to violence a valid defence? There are, after all, children of convicts and petty criminals who lead a law-abiding life, yet another child in the household might continue the criminal cycle.  Why is that? watch charles manson’s opinion on ted bundy

Personality differences may account for this development. watch charles manson attacks judge  A child who is less impressionable may have the wherewithal to decide not to live a criminal existence. It may also be that this child may have higher pursuits in terms of education, character, and earning a living without resorting to any criminal pursuit. watch aging out foster youth part 1 The intervention of children’s protective services also illuminates behaviour differences in children, some of whom become criminals as adults after exposure to the foster system, and some who don’t. watch child protective system part 1 The child who emulates criminal behaviour in the family however may simply be greedy and lazy, unwilling to remain in school and make an honest living. watch did my genes make me do it?

Drug and alcohol addiction also contribute to criminal behaviour as does mental illness. watch mental illness and the justice system Of course it has been proven that drug and alcohol addiction, and mental illness, are indeed genetic traits that re-occur in family generations. watch are genes to blame for bad behaviour? There may well be a criminal link in such a child, in which case  the odds of the child becoming a criminal like her/his parents are increased. watch 10 rare mental disorders  Add to that an upbringing in an unhealthy, low socioeconomic community and the odds of a child of criminal parents are increased yet again, however this isn’t a genetic trait, this speaks to environment. watch confessed serial killer admits I’d kill again

Brain physiology poses a strong argument for inherited criminal behaviour.  All violent criminals display damage to the orbital cortex, located at the forehead. The OC controls morality andcompulsive behaviour, and in violent criminals, particularly killers, the activity in this area is absent. watch scientist discovers he has the mind of a killer. In the previous video, a scientist discovered he was a cousin of Lizzie Borden’s and had a “bloody genealogy“. watch history’s lost and found – lizzie borden’s hatchet More frighteningly, he exhibited the same brain physiology as violent killers, suggesting he has the brain of a born killer. In spite of this discovery however, the scientist is a law-abiding, moral person, arguing against genetics as a legal defence for violent crime. watch natural born killers – opening scene

Researchers have also delineated race in terms of criminal statistics. Various minorities in primarily caucasian communities are convicted of criminal acts, particularly violent crime. A connection has been made genetically to race and criminality. watch genetics and crime part 1. Gender may also predispose a child toward criminal behaviour. Males in particular commit the vast majority of violent crime, and a connection with testosterone is another direction of research. watch testosterone and crime It may be impossible to separate the nature vs nurture argument, since the majority of criminals hail from dysfunctional homes, or live in impoverished conditions, or both. watch serial killer interviews

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