Why People Kill

There are probably as many reasons that people murder as there are reasons that people commit any crime. Why do people kill other human beings? This blog seeks to answer that question.

Serial Killers
Clearly SKs are in a class of their own.  The average serial killer probably murders between 6 – 10 people over the course of their lives. The Ted Bundy phenomenon, wherein he admitted to a minimum of 56 rape and murders, is rare. Case StudyRichard Ramirez grew up in a rundown Hispanic community where he faced the same challenges as hundreds of other young Hispanic boys. watch richard ramirez: serial killer the night stalker

At 13 he became obsessed with murder and sadism. His cousin shot and killed his wife in front of Ramirez, the turning point when the young boy entered into the world of evil. Ramirez became a Satan worshipper, calling Satan “protector.”At 24, Ramirez committed his first murder, soon after becoming known as the Night Stalker. Ramirez was captured when a victim escaped and gave his description to police.

Organized Crime – think Mafia and mobsters. Their motivations and existence have been around throughout the 20th century. When people think of a mafia they think of the movie “The Godfather“, associating “mob” with the Italian community. In fact, there is more than one mafia with their own “godfathers.” The Vietnamese and Chinese are known to have mafias. They operate in a similar manner: a “godfather”, retribution hits and hired assassins, the stuff of Hollywood movies. Yawn. watch top 5 dangerous mafia

Evil – some people are just nasty. They’re pathological, lack empathy, enjoy the pain and suffering of others.  Generally we think of them as psychopaths or sociopaths and likely they are, but many pathological people do not murder or rape. There is such a thing as an evil person, one who is consumed with evil, darkness and general creepiness. Their actions cannot be justified simply by a pathology. They’re just evil people. Case Study: A couple had 2 sons, one of whom had committed suicide with a hunting rifle.  They brought their increasingly depressed second son to a therapist.  The therapist discovered the boy’s parents gave him a rather creepy Christmas gift: the rifle his older brother had used to kill himself.  Nice. watch deadly women female sociopaths

Greed – That’s a given. People are careful to work their way into living wills, take out insurance policies against their spouse or even children. Greed in itself is a proven motive however sometimes divorce is at the heart of greed.  A spouse might not want to divide the spoils of a marriage with his/her partner. A convenient alternative for a greedy spouse is murder. That way, there is no sharing the wealth and the pesky partner is no more. Of course getting Mama and Papa out of the way in a wealthy family falls into this category. watch Menendez Brothers retrial in 1994

Rage – Overkill tends to reveal rage in a particularly violent and sadistic murder. Case Study: Lizzie Borden who took her axe and whacked out her stepmother and father, not with 40 whacks, but with 15 and 11 respectively. She might also fit into the greed category, but her liberal use of the axe and increasing frustration with her parents lend a strong argument to the rage theory. watch american justice lizzie borden

Ego – mafia men tie in with this one. You cannot ignore an insult to the family wealth, status or reputation. Neither can you be perceived as a threat, especially the type who might run to police with knowledge of mafia crimes. Outside of the mafia, egotistical individuals also have a need to kill to restore their reputation in their circle of friends. Case Study: Betty Broderick and her notorious divorce, then the murder of her husband Dan Broderick and his 2nd wife Linda Kolkena is an example of extreme ego. Betty overlaps into rage although not overkill since she only put one bullet into Dan and Linda. It was far more her humiliation and isolation from her former social circle that drove Betty to commit the murders. watch betty broderick blasts justice system in a letter

Occult – Richard Ramirez was highly influenced by Satanic worship but it cannot be considered the reason for his murder spree. Satanists believe in offering human sacrifice to the devil, although more frequently ritualistic rape and torture. Most people are forcibly brought into a Satanic cult and once they’re in they might never get out alive or at least not without being stalked and harassed by cultists. Freaks. watch the victim’s body

Mental Illness – are often schizophrenics, plagued by audio and visual hallucinations.  Their “voices” urge them to kill others before they themselves are killed.  Case Study: Andrea Yates, the paranoid schizophrenic who methodically drowned her 5 children since voices in her head told her she was marked by Satan, and the only way to save her children from hell was to kill them. Television cartoon characters told her she was a bad mother. She said she was not mentally ill because she never cried. In 2001, she was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Her conviction was overturned and in 2006, she was acquitted by reason of insanity. Yates is committed indefinitely to a state mental hospital.watch why did she do it?

Retribution – gangs fall into this one.  When a criminal rips off a gang member in a drug buy, or commits a drive-by killing a gang member, the gang is out for blood, partly to even the score, but also to maintain a “bad” image.  watch drive-by escalates fears of gang war

Domestic Abuse – murder is the ultimate crime associated with domestic abuse. Usually the marriage has a long history of physical and possibly sexual abuse.  Finally the murderer murders the victimized spouse in a premeditated or unpremeditated crime. Stabbing, beating, strangling and bludgeoning are typical modus operandi. Ditto for child murders. watch domestic violence or honour killings?

Glee/Spree – Charles Whitman is the poster boy of spree killers. He suffered a traumatic childhood, constantly beaten and psychologically abused by his father. His mother either wouldn’t or couldn’t protect her son. Eventually Whitaker planned a cold-blooded murder spree by shooting innocent victims from the University of Texas clock tower, but not before he stabbed both his mother and his wife to death. watch charles whitman texas tower killings

Crime of Passion – usually a one-time incident wherein a person doesn’t premeditate a murder but loses control and perhaps stabs a spouse or partner to death. Often this person is remorsefull and generally not a danger to society or another person.  They might do their 15 years in prison then get out and never re-offend. This person doesn’t require rehabilitation since their own conscience tends to prevent further violence against people. watch teresa stone sentenced in love triangle death

Drug Addiction/Influence – people who are strung out, undergoing withdrawal of an illicit drug, or desperate for the acquisition of their drug of choice fall into this category. Most people believe a person who is altered in some manner by a strong street drug is capable of controlling his or her behaviour, and the drug excuse is merely that – an excuse. However there are drug-addicted people whose behaviour is completely out of their own control. Continued, chronic drug use alters brain physiology, influencing personality and altering what was previously a rational thought process. Fortunately these people are in the minority of murderers.Along with hard drug use, some people are lured into a “family‘ or a cult that exhibits extreme control over them.watch crimes of the century manson’s persuasion

Drug Deals Cartels murder people and dispose of bodies every day without a second thought. Murder is a way of life for drug lords and their henchmen. Sometimes this ties in with retribution where drugs have been ripped from a source and the source has been murdered. Other times the hit is pre-planned since there was no intention to pay for the product. And sometimes these losers kill simply because they can. watch the two escobars – official trailer

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