Vehicular Homicide….It’s All the Rage

It doesn’t get any weirder than this one. An impaired (no excuse there) woman went bezerk on a male driver for no particular reason. The hilarious thing was the delirious 25-year-old, Ngoc Tran, sent herself over a cliff into the Humber River, Toronto, Ontario. Her would-be victim, Roland Branco, stared in disbelief as she rammed his car numerous times for reasons known only to herself, then sailed into the river. Read Woman Drives Over Cliff in Apparent Case of Road Rage

Branco was lucky: Tran sent his car into a cluster of trees where his car hung wavering back and forth on the edge of the same cliff. The woman driver struck a boulder at the end of a cul-de-sac, went through a wooded barrier, a metal barrier and dropped 25 metres down to the escarpment. Emergency crews pulled her from the water and transported her to St. Michael’s Hospital where she was treated for arm injuries. She was later charged with impaired and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.  Had she killed Branco she would have been charged with vehicular homicide or careless driving under the federal criminal code. Duh. All Tran has to show for her rage is a criminal record that will follow her to her raging grave, some cuts and bruises and a wicked hangover. At least it was worth it. watch road rage future shorts

By definition road rage includes rude gestures, verbal insults, deliberately driving in an unsafe or threatening manner, or making threats. Road rage can lead to altercations, assaults, and collisions which result in injuries and even deaths. As early as 1997, therapists in the United States (silly yankees)were working to certify road rage as a medical condition. It is not an official mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Behaviors typically associated with road rage are the result of intermittent explosive disorder. IED is seen in and sometimes diagnosed in people in their teens.  Some people believe this is due to a lack of respect for adults and others, however it appears to be a behaviour that is beyond youth’s control.  Perhaps it is indeed a mental disorder, or even a brain chemistry imbalance.  It may even be a symptom of a mental illness. Where adults and road rage are concerned however I have a difficult time believing so many incidents are due to the aforementioned.  More likely, we’re spoiled, impatient and we all need a time out. watch road rage in russia caught on cam

Okay so I’ve brought this one into many blogs before but I just cannot resist:  two words. MICHAEL BRYANT.  Yes even Ontario’s former Attorney General (he think he de man) killed a bicyclist (Darcy Sheppard) 4 years ago in a road rage accident about which Bryant is trying to convince the Toronto press, “I was terrified for my life.”  What about Sheppard’s?  Okay so, a drunk and pissed off Sheppard grabbed onto Bryant’s side view mirror and wouldn’t let go.  Meh.  Not nice,  But our friend Bryant was merely angry and he drove away, smashing Sheppard into a mailbox, dragging him several metres, then fleeing the scene.  Yes, he must indeed have been terrified.  Oh, and he’s making a bundle off the whole episode with his release “28 Seconds” published by Penguin Publishing. Penguin of course is known for publishing all those boring soft-cover books we were forced to read in high school.  My, haven’t they come a long way (down Bloor Street). watch 2 of 3 clips – improve footage

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