Cody Posey – Family Slayer

Cody Posey, at the age of 16, was convicted of shooting his father Delbert Paul Posey, stepmother Tyrone, and stepsister Marilea on the Chavez Cabin Ranch owned by ABC newsman Sam Donaldson. Cody admitted to the July 5 2004 murders but claimed the murders were precipitated by a lifetime of physical and sexual abuse at his father’s hands. Paul worked and lived on Donaldson’s Hondo property as ranch foreman with his son, wife, and stepdaughter for two years when the killings occurred.  In a videotaped statement Cody made to police on July 7, 2004, the teen said he got along with Marilea but not with his stepmother. He described a bizarre family dynamic, claiming that every time he made a mistake, Marilea was rewarded. According to the defense, Tryone willingly participated in the abuse after she married Paul. Cody maintained his innocence in the shootings and said he last saw his family the morning of July 5, 2004,  when he left following a fight with his father. When pressed by police, however, he admitted to retrieving a gun from his sister’s saddlebag after the fight and returning to the home intending to kill his father. Cody told police that his father burned him with a welding iron during the fight. watch man convicted of killing family as teen completes sentence.

Cody told police that he shot his father as Paul was entering the home. He then shot his stepsister Marilea, stating he envied her intelligence and was jealous of the attention she received from his parents.Cody shot Tryone twice in the head as she sat reading a book on the couch for being “mean” to him. He attempted to dispose of the bodies by loading them into a backhoe and burying them in a manure pile. After the killings, Cody changed his clothes and left a note for police saying, “Sorry coppers I needed the kid to do the dirty work.” Before he left the ranch, he told police he turned off the water and the electricity to avoid waste. Watch Cody Posey Disposition

Cody was tried in Otero County’s Children Court as a youthful offender. Cody  spent two days on the stand describing how he learned early on in life to not tell anyone of the abuse. He also said that he began to believe that he deserved the punishment for being unable to ever “do right” by his father. Cody, who sobbed as Judge Counts read aloud guilty verdicts of first-degree murder for the death of Marilea, second-degree murder for Tryone and voluntary manslaughter for his Paul. Posey was committed to a juvenile facility until April 2010, at which time he was moved to a transitional rehabilitation facility prior to his release on October 9, 2010, his 21st birthday. watch murderer sent to halfway house.

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  1. Michaelle says:

    Leave him alone and let him be happy for once and move on

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