Brian Blackwell Jr – Bathtub Boy

Born in 1986, Brian Blackwell Jr, the pride of Brian and Jacqueline Blackwell, murdered his parents on July 25, 2004 at their home in Melling, a village in the northern suburbs of Liverpool, England. Medical experts have since diagnosed Blackwell as having narcissistic personality disorder, which is characterized by extreme feelings of self-importance, a high need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.  His family nicknamed him “The Determined Wolf” and “Brains” due to his exceptional academic success. Blackwell’s mother had the unusual habit of bathing her teenage son. The sexual abuse helped lead to the smoldering rage Blackwell internalized for several years. Jacqueline even dressed her son in the morning. Her constant smothering caused Blackwell to build a fantasy life in his head in to which he retreated to escape his mother’s constant control. Blackwell lied to people that he was a professional tennis player on the college circuit and as a result, would soon be coming into a considerable fortune. He applied for and received thirteen credit cards in his father’s name. He killed his parents with a clam hammer and a knife after they became suspicious about his increasingly lavish lifestyle and began asking him questions about it. Ouch. Watch Real Crime: Killed by a perfect son part I

Blackwell was seen as a gentle boy but a bit of a loner, but well-liked. He was very intelligent and achieved significant academic success at school. It was very important to Jacqueline, a narcissistic mother, that Blackwell continue the image of a “perfect son.” To that end, she refused to allow him to have friends. He was usually at home studying, even on weekends. When it came time for Blackwell to leave home for college, his father refused to allow him to attend the college of his choice. Instead, Sidney made a few phone calls and had his son transferred to a college that was closer to home. Sometimes Blackwell returned for visits, presumably at Jacqueline’s command. While there, she returned to bathing her son and trying to keep him as an infant.

While at college, Blackwell met sweet, charming Amal Sabba. Amal fell for Blackwell’s bull hook, line and sinker. She had no idea she was dating a sociopath. Blackwell used his father’s credit to buy her a shiny, new car. He also booked and paid for a vacation for the Brian-Blackwell-200two to NYC. While he was at home Brian Sr questioned his son about the frauds he had committed. Blackwell flew into a rage, striking his father over the head with a claw hammer. Rather than calling police, his mother ran into the kitchen and emerged with a knife to turn on her son. Blackwell wrestled it away from her and stabbed her to death. he then stabbed his father 23 times. Tellingly, Blackwell dragged Jacqueline’s corpse into the bathroom and left it there, perhaps symbolic of his humiliation by his mother’s forced bathing rituals. Afterward, Blackwell happily went about his business, taking Amal on their vacation. She claimed he gave no hint as to what he had done to his parents and seemed very happy during their time together.

When questioned by police about the murders, Blackwell claimed he knew nothing of his parents’ deaths and was on holiday in New York City when they were murdered. After two days of questioning, Blackwell’s story began to change. He confessed to the murders and claimed that he acted in self-defence. According to Blackwell, he was holding a claw hammer for hanging a picture on the wall when his father stood up to hit him. Investigators learned that Blackwell’s father was struck on the back of the head while sitting down, which conflicted with Blackwell’s claim of self-defence. He stabbed Sidney 233 times. Afterwards, according to Blackwell, his mother came in, and he attacked her. After stabbing her approximately 30 times, Blackwell dragged her by the heels into a bathroom and left the corpse there.

After the killings, Blackwell took his girlfriend Amal on holiday to New York, where he spent £30,000, including the bill for a three night stay in the presidential suite at the Plaza Hotel. A week later he returned to the decomposing bodies of his parents, which  by now filled the house with a vile odour. Authorities found Blackwell’s parents in September. Blackwell was charged with murder and due to stand trial on second degree murder charges; however, that charge was dropped after he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter on the ground of diminished responsibility, the assumption being that an episode of narcissistic rage can occur when the narcissist is prevented from accomplishing a grandiose fantasy. It was the first successful legal use of NPD in British history. Blackwell was sentenced to life imprisonment on June 29, 2005. Watch Egomania








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3 Responses to Brian Blackwell Jr – Bathtub Boy

  1. Oivia Guthrie says:

    i feel bad for Amal Sabba, I wonder the pain and fear that she goes through. Because she probably slept with that murderer.

  2. norma southwood says:

    This is the first that I have heard about Brian Blackwell’s mother bathing him in his teens, and dressing him each morning. Is it true?..even so, no excuse for what he did.

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