Darlie Lynn Routier – Bloodthirsty Blonde

Darlie Lynn Routier is an American woman from Rowlett, Texas who was convicted of murdering her young son Damon, and is currently on death row awaiting execution by lethal injection. Two of her three children, Damon and Devon, were stabbed to death in the family’s home on June 6, 1996. Routier claimed it was a home invasion. Routier was accused by police and local media of killing both children but was prosecuted and convicted only for Damon’s death. Routier sustained knife wounds which were self-inflicted. It is contended that Routier murdered her sons because of the financial difficulties her family faced. She was a full-time homemaker while her husband, Darin earned a relatively high income. The family lived in a typical two story tract style home. Prosecutors contended that Routier was a pampered and materialistic woman with substantial debt, plummeting credit ratings, little money in the bank. They argued she feared her lifestyle was about to end and this explained why she  killed two of her children.

Routier claimed that an intruder killed her children. Routier’s children were killed with deep, penetrating knife wounds to their torsos, while the slashes to Routier’s neck and arm were superficial. Routier claimed that at one point she ran barefoot through her kitchen to call for help. The floor of the kitchen was covered with broken glass, but Routier had no injuries to her feet. In addition, traces of the screen that the intruder supposedly cut were found on one of the knives in Routier’s kitchen that had been placed back in the butcher block. However there is evidence to suggest that the screen fibres that were cut with the knife came from the window screen in the garage.

However, a woman who wants her children dead may have staged a break-in, and not being the sharpest pencil in the box, this was the method Roulier chose. watch deadly women: murdered both her sons Officers at the scene, paramedics, nurses, doctors and neighbors were struck that Routier never asked how the boys were or  whether they were alive. During her trial the First Responder Officer may have perjured himself by stating he “asked Routier to apply pressure to her son Damon’s back“, but received no response as she continued to apply pressure to her own wounds. Blood found on Routier’s clothing demonstrated she had been very close to her sons while they were stabbed.Routier told her ex-maid she wasn’t worried about the cost of the funeral as she could claim $10,000 in funeral insurance. This conversation doesn’t prove Darlie’s innocence or guilt. Visit Darlie Routier website here.

child3District Attorney Prosecutor Greg Davis may have had motives of his own. His career made many gains after his victory, and in an interview, Davis admitted,“if Darlie is really  innocent, that only proves I am a great lawyer.”  However, this doesn’t overshadow Darlie’s behaviour and peculiar attitude in newscasts that appeared of Routier and other family members holding a “birthday party” at the children’s grave to celebrate posthumously Devon’s 7th birthday, eight days after the murder. Routier laughed and sprayed silly string on her sons’ grave. Routier yelled to her dead children that she loved them. Four days later, she was charged with their murder. When the case was tried in court, it is alleged the jury was shown the so-called “silly string tape”. Routier’s actions were highly inappropriate given the circumstances.

One hour earlier, there had been a family ceremony at the childrens’ gravesites, acknowledging the boys’ deaths, and during the ceremony Darlie was again heard to say “Happy birthday, Devon“. Ministers were present at the gravesites. This tape was not shown to the jury. Her defense lawyer explained he was unaware the silly string tape child4would be shown in court. I find this difficult to believe since full disclosure is required during criminal trials. One of the jurors admitted had he seen the other tape, it might have changed his mind about her guilt. Her attorney also stated not all the pictures of her wounds were presented to the jury, and he has no explanation. The cut across Darlie’s throat, the deepest and most life-threatening came within either 2cm or 2mm of cutting the arter, depending on two different versions of the attack, and had the carotid artery or jugular vein been severed, this would have caused death after approximately 10 minutes. There are unusual circumstances surrounding this cut.

  1. Normally when a victim’s throat is cut, there is more than one attempt. Several smaller cuts are initially made on the victim’s neck, since the victim is struggling against the attack. This was not found on Darlie’s neck.
  2. Failure to kill the person and render that person “voiceless” often happens after cutting a victim’s throat, as the voice-box has been cut. This has not happened to Darlie.
  3. Darlie doesn’t have neck scars, unusual for such a deep cut, although that in itself is proof of nothing.
  4. It was Darlie who made the 9-1-1 call and she yelled continuously and breathed in a clear voice, unhindered by bloodletting.

Darlie insisted she chased her assailant after she was stabbed. A woman who has been brutally attacked and had her throat cut hardly seems capable of chasing her assailant. It is more logical that she would hide in terror, rather than challenging her attacker and risking further injury. Routier was ultimately convicted of murdering one of her two sons, and sentenced to state_52-Gdeath by lethal injection. Prosecutors did not try Routier for the death of the second son, holding his murder in reserve in case of Routier’s acquittal on the first murder trial, a legal action tihat is typical in many murder cases. There are questions that remain unanswered: if Routier is innocent, why did an intruder enter her home and attack and murder her helpless children? What would an intruder have to gain by murdering two little children? If it was a home invasion, why weren’t Routier and her husband also attacked and killed? The children were killed first, then Darlie was attacked. This makes little sense, as does leaving adult witnesses alive. It is also strange that Darlie’s husband didn’t wake during any of the attacks as he slept upstairs. He stated he woke when he heard glass breaking. His first comments to police were that his wife was a “good-looking blonde, set of double D’s.” He didn’t ask about his son’s or his wife’s well-being,

Home invasion is the act of illegally entering a private and occupied dwelling with violent intent to commit a crime such as robbery, assault, rape, murder, or kDickHickokMurdererbyAvedonidnapping. The majority of home invasions occur with the intention of robbery but (aside from two precious lives),nothing was stolen from Routier’s home.  Home invasion usually involves two or more, rather than one, intruder. One well-known home invasion is the November 15, 1959 quadruple murder of the Clutter family by Richard “Dick” Hickock and Perry Edward Smith during a home-invasion robbery in rural Holcomb, Kansas. The murders were detailed in Truman Capote’s “nonfiction novel” In Cold Blood. Routier’s supporters state that her claim that the crime was a home invasion has merit since home invasions often occur through the occupant’s garage.

That home invasions occur through garages is true, however they are much more frequent through the front door after a conversation with the home owner:

  • A uniformed individual tells you hey are in the area checking for a gas leak, a problem with your cable or your telephone.
  • A uniformed individual informs you they have a delivery of some sort, usually flowers, telegram or a package.
  •  An individual informs you that you have won a contest or special prize.
  •  The individual informs you that they are collecting for a charity or some other good cause.
  •  A stranger claims to be in distress and asks if he or she can use your phone.

watch darlie routier silly string tape

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17 Responses to Darlie Lynn Routier – Bloodthirsty Blonde

  1. Patrick King says:

    Personally, I think they didn’t try Darlie Routier for Devon’s murder because they had no way of proving it. None of Devon Routier’s blood was found on the butcher block knife implying that Devon was murdered with a knife not present at the crime scene. The butcher block carving knife had the blood of Damon and Darlie Routier present. I believe this case is a complete miscarriage of justice. The police have ample proof that an intruder was in the home that night but for some reason it was more convenient to railroad the mother. If they ever do have to try Darlie Routier for the murder of Devon, the entire lack of evidence against her will unravel. Home invasion murders are increasingly common throughout North America in the past 40 years, while cases in which mothers with no prior history of domestic abuse suddenly go mad, murder their children with knives, try to cover up the crime by cutting their own throats, then insist that they’re innocent and show no further signs of mental disturbance for 16 years are quite uncommon. In fact this may be the ONLY one.

    • gothrules says:

      Quite possible. However the odd pieces of circumstantial evidence point to the possibility of her as the murderess. Most definitely not having attended the trial or been a member of the jury, I doubt it is possible to make a completely accurate assessment of this woman’s guilt. There is always more to a trial and a crime than the media reports.

    • Here2Opine says:

      There is ZERO evidence of an intruder. Darlie did it and will die for it. A sock, a small blurred fingerprint and a black car isn’t going to save the slut

    • HiHoRemy says:

      Well, I’m not in love with her like you are, Mr. King. Therefore I am quite able to look fairly at this case. I’ve studied this case from the beginning and not a single thing – nada – points to anyone other than darlie.

  2. Deb Gallant says:

    At first, I felt she was guilty. I was basing this on the news media and the silly string taping. A lot of other details were omitted and it pointed to a very guilty person.
    Since my first opinion was formed, I have a lot of doubts that she committed these murders.
    The police investigation was sloppy at best. The crime scene was compromised by the paramedics working on the children. Blood evidence was thrown together in one bag, contaminating it. There were fingerprints that matched nobody at the scene that were omitted from evidence in the trial. Pictures of her wounds were omitted from trial as well as her statements and emotional state when she arrived at the hospital. A sock was found in an alley away from the home. It was basically ignored. A knife found at the scene had fibers from the screen in the back door. Originally they said the screen was cut from the inside, later it was acknowledged, the screen was cut from the outside. The taping the detectives made the day of the silly string incident at the graves was not introduced by the defense. This tape was illegally obtained by detectives, so the defense opted not to use it. This tape showed a very emotionally distraught Darlie, and her family having a serious gathering at the grave site. It was made prior to the silly string incident. During the trial detectives took the fifth amendment numerous times. What would be the purpose of that if they were being honest?
    A neighbor who lived about five minutes away had their home broken into about 3 months prior to to the murders at the Routier home. An intruder went through the knife drawer there but the occupants slept through that incident.
    Since the trial the attorney who prosecuted this case was charged with breaking the law. Need I say more? She deserves a new hearing.

    • gothrules says:

      You have made valid points about this case. You have convinced me that this case needs, at the very least, re-examining by the Supreme Court.

      • jennifer says:

        Gothrules, before you believe the above poster’s claims just on their say so and agree that Ms.Routier deserves another chance at justice, perhaps you should read the trial transcripts, including testimonies of the professionals – doctors, blood evidence, etc. The majority of what this poster claims is not true. Like most of the rabid supporters of Darlie Routier, none of them have really researched the case. They get all their info from the Routier family website, most of it UNTRUE. Example: the fingerprints found at the scene were incomplete – not enough identifying points. Therefore, not only were they not proven to belong to an intruder, they also have not ruled out Darlie as being the maker of them. One of them for sure is the print of a small female, either an adult or child. Also, ALL of the pictures of Darlie’s wounds, all superficial according to doctor’s testimony, were shown to the jury. If you read the trial transcripts, you can hear about each photo, and the description of each to the jury. Her injuries were in no way life threatening, and if they had been obtained in any other type of accident, she would have been treated in the ER and sent home that same day. The claim that the knife from the kitchen was NOT used on the screen has never been disproven. I could go on and on, but I suggest you just read the trial transcripts. The information is there, in black and white, and in 16 years Darlie’s attorneys have not been able to come up with any additional evidence for her appeals. Now they are doing DNA testing – on all of the blood evidence that all along they have been claiming was ruined by bumbling police work – now this evidence, that they say was worthless to use against her because of bloody items being stored in the same bags etc, is suddenly ok enough to DNA test for their benefit? Along with all this are Darlie’s ever evolving stories and versions of the event, and the blood evidence, which on it’s own, is proof of her guilt. The information is out there if you want to learn more about this crime before making a decision about her guilt – but you won’t find it on the Darlie support sites, or from posters like the above, who is only repeating what they have read there.

    • Here2Opine says:

      That would be one extremely lucky intruder as there is not a single trace of him. I’m still waiting on her to tell us all who did it. She sent letters from prison saying that she saw him and knew who it was and would reveal. 17 years later, still waiting. Also, why didn’t they use/release her lie detector test? She and her lying mother, Darlie Kee, were both crying after her 6 hours w/ the lie detector testing. They were talking about Darin failing his, but keep lying about Darlies test. Kee claims she didn’t take one, then claims she took it (leeza gibbons) but didn’t fail it. More lies from camp Darlies.

  3. PART 2

    “A knife found at the scene had fibers from the screen in the back door. Originally they said the screen was cut from the inside, later it was acknowledged, the screen was cut from the outside.”

    The knife found at the scene had fibers from the window screen in the garage (not the back door). The bread knife was one of several knives tested from the butcher block in Darlie’s kitchen and found to have the same fibers as the screen. The butcher knife used to murder the children came from the same block.

    In the beginning,it was said that the screen was cut from the inside, but subsequent testing by the State proved otherwise. The fact remains that fibers from the screen in the garage were on the bread knife. That means if this were the work of an intruder, he had to have come into the house, took the bread knife, went back outside, cut the screen, then come back in and place it back in the block and take out the butcher knife for the murders. It doesn’t make sense.

    “The taping the detectives made the day of the silly string incident at the graves was not introduced by the defense. This tape was illegally obtained by detectives, so the defense opted not to use it.”

    Mulder didn’t enter the prayer tape because it didn’t show Darlie grieving any more than the Silly String tape did. I can say that with all the confidence in the world because Darlie’s defense has had that tape since November of 1996 and it’s never been released to the public.As a matter of fact, Mulder was offered the opportunity to show the tape during the trial even thought he didn’t enter it into evidence and he still chose not to show it. If that tape depicted a grieving Darlie, her attorney would have entered it into evidence to impeach the Silly String tape and it would be used on a daily basis to defend her.

    The officers did nothing illegal. They planted surveillance equipment near the boys graves as a part of their investigation. Darlie Kee and Darin Routier sued the City of Rowlett and lost. The courts found that the officers did nothing wrong. That decision held up on appeal, see KEE v. CITY OF ROWLETT TEXAS:

    “During the trial detectives took the fifth amendment numerous times. What would be the purpose of that if they were being honest?”

    Detective Jimmy Patterson took the fifth once when Doug Mulder accused him of violating a federal crime by illegally taping the boys grave site. Mulder was able to question Patterson about anything except how the tape was obtained.

    “A neighbor who lived about five minutes away had their home broken into about 3 months prior to to the murders at the Routier home. An intruder went through the knife drawer there but the occupants slept through that incident.”

    That, according to Darlie Kee, who is not exactly a bastion of truth. Claims of similar crimes in the area were brought up in Darlie’s appeal but found to be irrelevant to her case with the intruder having a completely different MO than the alleged intruder in the Routier case.

    “Since the trial the attorney who prosecuted this case was charged with breaking the law. Need I say more? She deserves a new hearing.”

    Yes, she need say more and she should say more… like the indictment she’s referring to being quashed almost as fast as it came about:

    Thanks, gothrules 😉

  4. Jeffrey says:

    For those that don’t believe that Darlie is guilty, you need to read the court transcript in it’s entirety. When I first began reading about the case I thought there was no way she could have done this, but when I read the transcript and read all the testimony and learned of all the evidence, there wasn’t a single shred of doubt in my mind that she did this, as much as I didn’t want to believe she did.
    The worst thing her defense attorney could have done was allow her to testify. She hung herself on the witness stand and was caught in lie after lie. Her story changed 7 times from the initial interview with detective’s. He memory conveniently went out when she got pinned down and was asked questions that she knew would incriminate here. It was the same convenient amnesia that Susan Clark, Casey Anthony, and Jodi Arias had. The similarities between the three women are amazing.
    The evidence is overwhelming against her. She definitely did this and I strongly believe her husband Darin was in on covering it up. I don’t think he planned it or participated in it, but I do think he knows she did it and just kept his mouth shut.
    And this stuff her mother, Darlie Kee, says about other similar crimes in the neighborhood, they weren’t similar and no children were murdered, in fact no one was murdered. And, it’s amazing in every one of these horrific murders there’s always this mysterious car seen in the area days before the crime, and it always a black car.
    It’s interesting how in all these horrific murders such as JonBenet Ramsey, Caylee Anthony, Nicole Simpson and Devon and Damon Routier, the “true” murderer just stops. He commits the murder(s) and just decides that’s enough and quits, seriously?
    Read the court transcripts, read the testimony of the witnesses, learn about the evidence, if you’re a doubter like I was, it will change your opinion; she definitely did this horrible thing.

  5. Tara De Courcey says:

    I have read all the transcripts and DNA reports seen all the crime scene photos. This article is wrong in so many ways. I find the part about home invasions particularly worrying as it is giving people false information about thier safety. Toby shook one of the prosutors stated that when a crime like this occurs its always someone from the home. So what about Tommy Lynn Sells, Jonathan Scott Graham and recently a 6yr old boy Logan Tipton was stabbed and killed in his bed by a stranger and his sisters slashed. These are just a few off the top of my head all entered the home through a window (Tommy and Jonathan both slashed screens). All this, its usually rubbish is ridiculous it’s speculation at best. If you really look at all the evidence Darlie is innocent and unfortunately speculation is what has put her on Death row in the first place. The aim of any scientist or investigator should be to remain objective only then will the evidence reveal the truth.

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