Christa Pike – Angel-faced Murderer

Christa Gail Pike (born March 10, 1976), is the youngest woman to be sentenced to death in the United States during the post-Furman period. She was 20 when convicted for a torture and murder she committed at age 18. Pike lived a troubled life and dropped out of high school. She joined the Job Corps, a government program aimed at helping low-income youth and attended the now closed Job Corps center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Pike fell for a young black male named Tadaryl Shipp, one year her junior. Together they “dabbled” in the occult and devil worship. Pike became jealous of fellow student Colleen Slemmer, 19, whom she thought was trying to steal her boyfriend. On January 12, 1995, Pike, Shipp, a female friend, Peterson, and Slemmer signed out of the dormitory and proceeded to the woods where Slemmer was promised marijuana. Upon arrival at the location Slemmer was attacked by the other three. Per later court testimony, for the next 30 minutes she was taunted, beaten, slashed and a pentagram was carved in her chest.Finally, Pike smashed Slemmer’s skull with a large chunk of asphalt paving, killing her. Pike kept a piece of her victim’s skull and showed off the piece of skull around the school. Within 36 hours the three were arrested. They also found the piece of skull in Pike’s jacket pocket. Their rooms were searched and a satanic bible was found in Shipp’s room. Pike insisted they were merely trying to scare her and it got out of control. Listen to Christa Pike Audio Letter

Pike was charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder. On March 22, 1996 Pike was found guilty on both counts. On March 30, 1996, Pike was sentenced to death by electrocution for the murder charge and 25 years in prison for the conspiracy charge. Shipp received a life sentence with the possibility of parole. Peterson, who had turned informant, received probation for pleading guilty to being an accessory. On August 24, 2001, Pike (with assistance from inmate Natasha Cornett) strangled fellow inmate Patricia Jones with a shoe string, nearly choking her to death. She was convicted of attempted first degree murder on August 12, 2004. watch christa pike story

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17 Responses to Christa Pike – Angel-faced Murderer

  1. stephanie says:

    she is a psycho.there is no excuse for her to smile in her mug shot.teased hair and hooker lipstick(dont look like she is having a bad life).why is she still alive?i am sick of paying for her to live in the dyke hotel with my tax dollars.fry her like unwatched hamburger!

    • gothrules says:

      definitely a psychopath, without a doubt. If by a slim chance she wasn’t the murderer, I can’t imagine why she would look so pleased with herself.

    • stephanie says:

      barry,do you have spell check?she did it and is proud of it.if she ever got out, there is no telling how many others she would torture and kill.FRY THE BITCH.LETHAL INJECTION IS NOT VIOLENT ENOUGH FOR WHAT SHE DID.

  2. pc says:

    fry that bitch

  3. bisongirl. says:

    She has got to be one of the most sociopathic people I have ever read about in my life. She merely killed a woman over jealousy, when in reality, nobody wanted her boyfriend. She felt no remorse for what she did, and deserves the death penalty. She’ll gets what’s coming for her.

    • A think your wrong. A just do. High on drugs and fretend by them scum she was with she didnt know wat she was doing. If am wrong am wrong. But christa a believe only picked up the slab and hit that poor girl coz thay egged her on and fearing for her life maybe she had no choice guys ?? Hay am not sayin am 100% right but av seen her interviewed and its hard to beleev that christa wud do that.

      • gothrules says:

        Sociopaths come across as very likeable and innocent people. They convince us that they were accused and convicted wrongly. We only see their “sane” mask. I should imagine seeing Christy in action would tell a very different story. Considering Christy strangled an inmate in her cell convinces me even more that she willingly participated in the torture and murder of the victim.

      • Beverly Brown says:

        I hate to tell you but she is a nut case. I use to live three houses down from her…She got mad at me beCause I washed her boyfriends shirt and it got messed up. So she got three of her friends and broke into my home with my one year old son and kicked us and tried to beat us but I fought my hardest due to my son being hit as well. She then came back to my home again the next night and tried to do the same but I was waiting for the nut case and her friends that night…She is CRAZY! I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY ARE LETTING HER JUST SIT IN PRISON AND WASTING MY TAXES ON HER! I AM SORRY LORD FORGIVE ME BUT SHE DESERVES TO DIE THE WAY SHE KILLED THAT GIRL!

      • gothrules says:

        Certainly sounds like a waste of taxpayers’ money…then again, most of them are….

  4. fry christa pike fry her

    • gothrules says:

      Ending someone’s life so they are no longer a threat to society is reasonable for crimes such as this one. Probably the criminal feels the same: who can live a happy, peaceful life with such twisted hatred in their heart?

  5. A cant beleev christa dun this intentionally. A fink she had to or she wud have been killed. Av seen her and a dont buy that she is evil. Pls dont put her to death.

    • Sharron says:

      Ok Barry, since you seem to posses the intellectual capability of pig shit why don’t you go and spend time with that Sociopathic Demon? That way you can tell her what a good person she is while she takes a boxcutter to your dick, uses a meat cleaver on your neck and finally bashes your skull into pudding. I personally think anyone as stupid and naive as you shouldn’t be allowed to comment on any forum. I’d kill you myself just for spelling and typing like a fucking clown shoe. I “FINK” you are sofa king we todd it. Why don’t you say that aloud for an hour then come back and tell me what you “FINK.”

  6. Ayhan says:

    When you look at the whole picture the prosecutors in this case should have been reprimanded for the shocking plea bargains. As stated in another posting there were 3 murderers here not just pike,
    Sentences should have been across the board. İ mean really if you were facing death and you are offered a plea to walk free, providing you blame the others, hell you would blame it on the cat if it got you off!, the problem with this is it stopped real justice and the real truth has to who did what, making Pikes Death sentence very wrong.
    My heart goes out to Collens family having to watch all these appeals, time to close this case and the tax payers money being wasted, change the sentence to life, possibly, given her age at the time also with a chance of parole, purely because thats what one of the others got and of course lets not forget the one that walked free!

  7. dan pace says:

    Barry, not a good place to troll. Fuck you.

  8. movonup says:

    As many have said, it’s deplorable she’s still alive and wasting
    tax payers money. It’s also a shame at all the tax payer money
    wasted on the education of so many here who can’t spell or form
    a simple sentence properly. Holy shit.

    For those making statements on her behalf. What the hell is wrong with you?
    That freak had pieces of skull in her pockets.
    Is this a Southern thing?

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