Vera Renczi – Beauty is a Beast

Welcome to my parlour said the spider to the fly. Indeed. Although Vera Renczi was a stunningly beautiful woman (according to the standards of the time, I guess), she was also one of the most prolific female serial  killers in history, driven by a pathological need for devotion from men. I had included what I believed to be the image of Vera Renczi in this blog however this picture proved to be false. The picture has been presented as Vera Renczi on many, many internet postings (goes to show how reliable the internet can be). I have been dutifully informed by several readers that this is not her. if someone has a link to the real Vera Renczi (please stand up, please stand up), I would be much obliged.

In the meantime I have been warned by WordPress that if I don`t remove the image they will shut down my blog, calling it a DMCA Takedown Notice (whatever DMCA stands for).  A Gregor McKenzie of Highland Marketing, Perthshire, United Kingdom, lodged this complaint, stating it infringed upon his copyright. Considering how homely the picture is I wouldn`t have said that one out loud.

Renczi was a prize, even for serial killers. (watch video at 7:26). She was like a black widow except she didn’t marry most of her lovers. She wed exactly two men, to be precise especially since most of them were already married. She lured men into her life with her beauty and wealth. She controlled her environment very strictly, including the men themselves. Yet, in spite of her assets and adoring league of men, Renczi wasn’t a happy woman. In fact, she was pathologically jealous. Born in 1903 in Bucharest, Romania into wealth and privilege, by the age of 15 she was a “wild child” and engaged in numerous affairs, many of which involved men who were significantly older than she.  She became increasingly unmanageable by her parents and ran away from home with numerous boyfriends. This kid apparently, was a prototype for Madonna. Early childhood friends described Renczi as having a pathological desire for constant male companionship and possessing a highly jealous and suspicious nature.

Vera’s first marriage was to a wealthy business man. She chose him very carefully, as she did all of her victims. She was pregnant with her son, Lorenzo, at the time. Spending time alone with her son led to conjuring up scenarios which involved her husband cheating. She put an end to his imagined infidelity by spiking his wine and food with arsenic (nasty way to shuffle off your mortal coil). Arsenic is a “popular method” for poisoning one’s victim. It has been used throughout the centuries and is, in fact, still used today. Vera, kind-hearted lady that she was, only informed her lovers that she’d murdered them at the end of their intense suffering at her hands. Jealous and vindictive. Not a good combination. After observing the socially correct period of mourning she remarried.

In a matter of months Vera  claimed her second husband abandoned her. After two failed marriages, Vera made the decision not to remarry. However it did not stop her from taking lovers from all social classes: rich or poor, married or not, (although usually they were married), it did not matter to Vera. Here’s the odd thing. If Vera had even the slightest hint of infidelity (even hints she imagined), the men disappeared mere days after becoming involved with her, including the married ones. How can a married man be unfaithful to his clandestine lover? Only Vera could figure that one out. If the missing men were connected to her she would simply say that they had either been unfaithful or had abandoned her. watch intimacy and abuse

watch animotion obsession  Vera’s downfall came at the hands of the wife of one of her lovers. The woman became suspicious about her husband. She followed him one evening to Vera’s residence. When her husband failed to return home the woman returned to Vera’s residence, who denied she knew the woman’s husband. The woman went to the police. During a search of Vera’s house the police entered her wine cellar and stepped into a scene from the macabre. The cellar contained thirty-five zinc lined coffins which held male corpses in various stages of decomposition. I suspect the stiffs were her trophies. Over time the bodies mummified and the disgusting stench disappeared. At least she was organized in her necrophilic hoarding.

Vera was eventually arrested and taken to police headquarters at which time she confessed to killing each of the men. If she suspected that they were being unfaithful or if their attraction to her was waning, the men were quickly dispatched with a dose of arsenic. Vera confessed to killing her two husbands and her son, Lorenzo. There was no love lost between mother and son. One day while visiting his mother Lorenzo happened upon her secret in the basement and attempted to blackmail her, sealing his fate. Truly Lorenzo was cut from the same cloth as his mama. Soon Lorenzo joined the 34 men that had preceded him. Vera Renczi was convicted on thirty-five counts of murder and spent the rest of her life in prison. watch animation obsession Renczi has been posthumously analyzed by criminologists. The only theory that has been coined about Vera is that she was desperately seeking (not Susan) love. I never saw love expressed quite in that manner.

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73 Responses to Vera Renczi – Beauty is a Beast

  1. The first image you have used is a copyrighted image of my client who is very much alive and well and is not Vera Renczi. Please remove the image.

  2. Your first image is stolen and misrepresents the model in the image (Morgana) as the killer Vera Renczi.

    I’d suggest you remove it as associating an innocent gothic model with a mass murdering serial killer is unfair and unacceptable.

    • gothrules says:

      I appreciate your suggestion.

    • gothrules says:

      Incidentally innocent and goth don’t really belong in the same sentence…..and if someone posted me as a gorgeous mass murdereress I’d be flattered……clearly this woman isn’t really goth if it is her which I doubt….

      • ByTor says:

        You can doubt all you want. IT IS MORGANA.
        You could always flatter yourself and place your own image up as the murderer. You said you’d be happy if someone did that, so why not do it yourself instead of inflicting your arrogance and ignorance upon an innocent model.

      • gothrules says:

        Not a bad idea – I’m hotter than her too so my blog would get even more exposure…(pun)

  3. lurker says:

    Thought you would be interested in this if you haven’t seen it already.

  4. Tony Mitchell says:

    I’d love to know where you sourced your picture of Vera Renczi. Care to share?

    • gothrules says:

      Just googled her name until I found it, friend. However check out the comment of the weirdo Patricia Belda Martinez (earlier)….she seems to think she is the model for the pic…..hahaha

      • Tom Harper says:

        She thinks she is model for all time. Now she’s going after Beyonce for some can of soda because she claims the singer stole it from her. Wot rubbish….they need to get her off Facebook.

  5. Sakara says:

    That top image isnt of the murderer, it is of a Model which the Daily Mirror mistakenly used. She has forced them to issue an apology and gotten compensation for this.

    • gothrules says:

      what’s erm? do you have good grammar? and I didn’t do that – I have nothing to do with the Daily Mirror, simpleton. Thanks for writing.

      • gothrules says:

        Sweetie, that isn’t me, and my grammar is far superior to yours: “do you have good grammar” is indeed an acceptable form of English. But you wouldn’t know that since it is unlikely you too have an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from an accredited university. (Incidentally, thank you for mentioning Mark Twain…I love his work). Do reach through the internet and smack me in the face. I practice a little BDSM now and then (hence the name “gothrules”). But does it have to be my face? 😉 As for worthless, hack writer, it might interest you to know that I have been published (not vanity) 4 times in the past 5 years: twice on paper and twice on the internet. Strike 3, dear. You’re out. P.S. I am ever so sorry that I will not be hearing from you again. Truly, you are a charm.

      • Dr Jay says:

        You’re a YANK, because “a grammar” is ENGLISH (NOT American) for a book that teaches grammar.

        But because Americans think THEY invented the ENGLISH language (hmm, it’s called ENGLISH and NOT AMERICAN or United Statesian) and because they are SOOOO IGNORANT about the rest of the world (even their own neighbour Canada), they couldn’t possibly know ANYTHING about ANYTHING.

        And since Yanks never learn English grammar and make tons of mistakes (different than, If I knew I wouldn’t have done it, less people here, sing real good, etc.), you really should NEVER attempt to correct anyone’s English, even non-native speakers who likely speak better more gramatically correct English than any of you Yanks; even your beloved NYTimes consistently makes tons of errors.

        Ignore Yanks as I do; they’re fat ignorant lazy stupid gun-toting morons. What a bunch!

      • gothrules says:

        Some yanks are very ignorant, true. So are some Canadians – which I am. Good guess, however, you just needed to move a little north of the border. Goodness, I do hope I am not ignorant about myself. That would be weird. I never have heard the expression United Statesian before. You really must correct your grammar. Personally my English has been sufficient enough that I have graduated with a Masters Degree from the University of Toronto, the top university in Canada, so it cannot be all that bad. And you? I would love to hear your credentials. Oh and what does “speak better more gramatically correct English” mean? P.S. Yanks as you call them, haven’t done anything to you, so you might want to re-think that hostile attitude. Remember, you get what you give in this life. Just ask Vera Renczi.

  6. The picture you are using for Vera is a picture of me, I don’t know why you taken this image off my Deviant Art page when I have nothing to do with her, and because of your blog, I been labeled a murderer on the national newspaper

    I demand you remove my photo immediately, if you fail to do that I will pass the matter onto my attorney.


    • gothrules says:

      that is hilarious…..there is no way you are beautiful like her…..I fear for you that you are as deranged as the killers in this blog….the photo I took off Google states clearly that it is Vera. Follow the link, you silly billy. And I would love to hear from your attorney. Should be a good laugh.

      • Tom Harper says:

        Hope you do! I’m sick of seeing her whine all the time about how many people steal her image! I swear she has minions everywhere checking up for her to see who can beat who in ratting out who stole her last pix. What does she expect she’s got them posted everywhere.

    • gothrules says:

      incidentally, Lady Morgana on her site looks like a transgender person. The pic in the Daily Mirror does not. I find the resemblance highly unlikely.

      • Tom Harper says:

        It may very well be.

      • Tom Harper says:

        Yes indeed and when she’s dead broke from all the lawyers she plans on hiring and her so called business goes down the loo. Vogue won’t hire here and no reputable company would because she’s used goods. Notice she never get’s any offers from high end *Magazines* because all she does is trash and sleaze.

    • gothrules says:

      incidentally I am flattered that you think my blog received national attention….I’m a cause celebre and didn’t know it!

      • gothrules says:

        I used this “model’s” photo because it is listed on the internet as Vera. Such foul language, hardly becoming a lady. But clearly you are no lady. You must look a lot like Vera.Incidentally, is your name meant to say uramoron? I do believe you have misspelled your own name, however this simply proves my previous comment about your lacking English skills. Check my blogroll and click on Tales from the Dark Side. It is filled with stories of murder and mayhem. You are certain to enjoy it.

      • gothrules says:

        You silly-billy…you started your blog with “incidentally”….stop copying me!!(Mind you, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery).

    • Sam Sandella says:

      Morgana? , your a bloody idiot! Always wondering about who is going to steal your foto next . Get over yourself ok? , your nothing more than a glorified hooker if that, money hungry tart who is afraid of growing old and it shows. What you going to do when you have no looks anymore sue the mirror,? and i don’t mean the Daily Mirror either. You look worn and tossed like a used piece of meat. Sorry i do not feel for you, if you put yourself out there for hundreds of so called rabid fans expect a back lash once in awhile. Meanwhile do yourself a big favour before you get any older and more ugly from all the paint you wear…get a REAL JOB instead of expecting handouts for someone supposed to have stolen a precious foto of yours. I do not condone stealing in any manner and it’s been done to a lot of models but you are so ridiculous with your constant whining .


    • marilyn4ever says:

      You should be aware that any picture that is posted on the internet becomes public property, available to be used by anyone for any purpose. I received this information from an Ontario Provincial Court Judge during a course I was taking while studying for my Masters Degree in Educational Administration at the University of Toronto. In the event you yourself would like to remove your own photograph, it will always be accessible on the internet to people who have the means to retrieve it.

      • Tom Harper says:

        Yes indeed and when she’s dead broke from all the lawyers she plans on hiring and her so called business goes down the loo. Vogue won’t hire here and no reputable company would because she’s used goods. Notice she never get’s any offers from high end *Magazines* because all she does is trash and sleaze.

  7. Someone says:

    The first picture you’re using here is not actually of Vera Renczi, but of someone else!

    • gothrules says:

      oops I googled it and that’s the info I got my bad

      • uramornon says:

        You are a highly intelligent woman. There actually IS a picture of the real killer through google, why would you not replace it? I do find your blogs well-written and very interesting.

  8. Tim says:

    She was pretty hot for a murderess. She was jealous of her lovers all the time, to the point she’d kill them, makes me think she must have been very passionate. Call me a weirdo but I think her whole psycho jealousy thing is kinda hot too. :p

    • gothrules says:

      haha you might not think so if you were one of her victims, darlin’

      • Tim says:

        It would in someways, be a beautiful death. To feel that kind of passion would be worth it. As a matter of fact I would still be with her with that knowledge that I could be one of her victims. People live their entire lives not to feel anything as intensely amatory as that. Hard to understand I know, but I’m a weirdo, sue me.

  9. gothrules says:

    Sounds a bit like that song Creep….whatever works for you

    • Tim says:

      If your referring to that radiohead song, I don’t see the correlation. Perhaps your thinking of another song. :p Besides, that songs about someone who thinks they’re unworthy of another. I have no such failings. 😉

  10. Tim says:

    Very droll..

  11. k says:

    Surely you can too…and don’t call me Shirley.

  12. subbie_333 says:

    um, not everything you find on Google (or the whole internet) is true. An ethical person corrects their mistakes, especially if one has been notified of their error on numerous occasions. Since you have refused to remove the pic, knowing that it is the wrong pic, positions you to be sued (and quite successfully). Why do you continue to leave that pic up?

    • gothrules says:

      um, it is listed on the internet as being the person in my profile….it will stay there… sue me

  13. TheRipper says:

    Also it is rumored that she may not have ever actually existed due to the lack of evidence on the cases. So the picture above may not even be her at all, but it is more realistic than the ones you posted.

  14. gothrules says:

    tsk tsk, such language….had you been one of her hubbies she would have put you down for that

  15. Deanne says:

    I have a real photo of Vera Renczi if you like, then you can change your photo. The photo you have depicted as Renczi is in fact alive and well and not Renczi at all.

    • gothrules says:

      Thank you. I have replaced the incorrect photo and used yours instead. And they said this woman was … beautiful?

    • Spider says:

      Jesus Crist, that’s a picture of Elena Hoyos, the dead love affair of dr. Carl Von Cosel. Just do a Google Image Search.
      Seriously, what is wrong with you people?

      • gothrules says:

        Good to know…I had a well-intended reader submit it to me as Vera Renczi – I don’t believe there is anything wrong with her or me….just an honest mistake. Have you ever made any of those?

  16. Chrissy Kim says:

    Sorry, that isn’t her picture, either. That’s the woman Carl von Cosel was obsessed with. He’s the doctor who fell in love with a young girl who ultimately died of TB. He took her body from her tomb and brought it back to his home. Her name was Elena Milagro “Helen” de Hoyos.

  17. Paul says:

    Read the whole string of missives, the only thing I got out of all of this was your interest in bondage….now that is intriguing

    • gothrules says:

      The “whole string of missives” was her life, and the most detailed information to be found about her on the internet (unless you know of better). My interest in bondage?? Where do you get that from?

  18. chayon says:

    your attitude is loved.

  19. TIm says:

    I was talking about you. :p

  20. Jill Swift says:

    This is the most entertaining column I’ve ever read. So funny. Thanks to all. Lol.. 🙂

  21. Sariah says:

    Vera fascinates me very much. Hell, serial killers in general fascinate me. Charles Manson and Vera, Amy Archer Gilligan. Love them!

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