Teen Terrors

Two sisters in Mississauga, Ont., who were convicted of killing their mother in a bathtub in 2003 were sentenced as youths, and given the maximum penalty. They were sentenced to 10 years in prison however under the juvenile law, both girls served only 4 in prison and 6 years under strict supervision. The older sister served her sentence in an adult facility. The girls now attend college under a new identity. Their names couldn’t be released because they were 15 and 16 at the time of the crime. The girls plied their mother with Tylenol-3 pills and alcohol on Jan. 18, 2003, before one girl held the mother’s head underwater until she drowned. A psychiatric assessment cited concerns that the two would do poorly in an adult prison.

It was their mother’s descent into alcoholism that compelled her daughters to plot her death, the eldest girl told a friend in a chilling two-hour videotape played in court on Monday. Life was so unbearable that it a choice between “me or her. Only four minutes … that’s how long I held her head under water for. After that she just kept convulsing and twitching,” the girl says on the tape. “It was a solution to the worst situation … beside me slitting my veins. It was a way to heal her and end everything.” She recounted frightening drives with her drunken mother at the wheel, who threatened to drive the car over a bridge if they didn’t behave. “(Killing her) was the only real efficient cure. But it was horrible because the side effects were so bad,” said the girl. Though she said her mother’s death was a release from a turbulent family life, “it was the end of everything” too, she said. I remember spooning with my mom as a little kid. I loved her so much.” In actuality, the girls wanted the $68,000.00 each would receive from their mother’s life insurance policy. The sisters wore hand me downs, and didn’t have the luxuries their wealthier friends enjoyed. Their dream was to buy a house and establish a marijuana farm. watch sims 2 alcohol abuse

After the killing the two girls went to a restaurant near their home as their alibi. When they returned, they called 911, telling the operator they found their mother dead in the bathtub. A coroner ruled the woman’s death an accidental drowning induced by alcohol consumption. 10 months later, further tests on blood samples determined overdose levels of codeine were in the woman’s system and police arrested the sisters. The teens remained in custody for more than two months until they were granted bail under strict conditions. watch DW Teen 1

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