Tillie Klimek – Occult Serial Killer

Ottilie “Tillie” Klimek (or Tillie Gburek) (1876–1936) was a Polish American serial killer, active in Chicago. In addition to being a master in the kitchen,Tillie had a reputation in the community as a
psychic. She had an uncanny ability to foresee the future, or so her neighbors thought. She claimed her visions came to her through her  dreams. Her first predictions involved stray dogs in the neighborhood. She predicted the day they would die and her neighbors were astounded  when right on cue the mongrels died. Tillie married her original husband John Mitkiewicz, c. 1890. In 1919, Tillie told her friends a number of ominous dreams concerning the death of her husband. The dreams pointed to a specific date of death and Mitkiewicz’s health collapsed. He was dead by nighttime. Two months later, Tillie married her second husband, John Ruskowski and again, predicted his death. The prediction came true. She found a third husband, Frank Kupszcyk. The marriage lasted six months before the pattern was repeated. When visiting a fabric store to purchase black material to make a dress for her fourth husband, Joseph Guszkowski`s,funeral, the clerk offered her condolences and asked Tillie when her husband died. Tillie blithely replied, “ten days from now!” A fact to which Joseph complied. Watch Chicago`s Overnight serial killer

By this time Tillie was a notorious local figure. She bemoaned her accursed dreams and poor luck. Her dreams no longer concerned only her spouses. She dreamed of a plague striking a certain family and all three children of said family fell ill and suffered agonizing deaths. By 1921, people were certain that marrying Tillie was equivalent to a death sentence. This did not prevent Anton Klimek from becoming her fifth and last husband. He fell ill following his marriage but family members insisted on hospitalization. His life was saved and the doctors were able to recognize the cause of his sudden health problems: poisoning. Tillie was arrested. The motivations behind the killings of her spouses were financial. The children were targeted because of a quarrel between Tillie and their family. She confessed to poisoning Klimek but not the other victims. Tillie was convicted of murder in an Illinois court and sentenced to life imprisonment. She died in prison.

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