Dr. Debora Green – Arson and No Lace

Dr. Debora Green was a physician with a degree in chemical engineering. An Engineering Degree is what she coveted but when she was told that Engineering jobs aren’t that many she went into medicine. Once she achieved her degrees, she spoke disparagingly about those who were Engineers. Her propensity for drink outweighed her desire to pursue her career. A person who was used to getting her way at anything, when she didn’t get her way she was belligerent, violent and abusive. Debora married Mike Farrar, also a physician. Their first child was Timothy, and Debora abused him physically and mentally. She once told a nanny, “I didn’t want kids; I never had. I am doing it for Mike.”The outward appearance of the “perfect family” was important to her yet their family was anything but. Debora pitted her children against her husband, filling their minds with vile stories about him. When she drank, the children were afraid of her. Debora’s behaviour escalated over time and when Mike was accepted to a practice and she wasn’t she blamed him, not her drinking. Surviving an unbearable marriage, Mike finally moved out and intended to divorce Debora, who wanted a reconciliation. However after discovering Mike was having an affair, Green repeatedly poisoned him with castor beans. Subsequently Mike underwent multiple heart and brain surgeries. Regardless of whether murdering Mike was for the insurance or revenge, she failed to kill him.
Suddenly, in May of 1994 their house caught fire and the family to move in with Mike at his apartment. For that reason, a reconciliation of sorts happened. Mike and Debora purchased a home and life settled back into it’s old patterns. Debora was as histrionic as always and Mike moved out again. Debora developed a scheme to seek revenge on Mike; she would kill the children and inform him of the deaths herself to gauge his reaction. One night, Debora poured several types of accelerant around the home and around the doors of the children’s rooms. As a precaution so she would not be harmed, Debora took a quick shower. Standing where she could escape from her bedroom, she lit a match and dropped it on the floor. In spite of her shower, Debora’s hair was singed and she ran outside. Timothy called his mother on the house intercom asking for help. Debora told him to “wait. Wait until the rescue people come.” Trusting her, he did. The house was quickly engulfed. Kate climbed out her window with the flames roaring behind her, and crawled across the garage roof. She called to her mother and was relieved when she finally attracted Debora’s attention. Debora saw Kate crawling but she simply stood and waited, looking cold and detached. Finally she held out her arms and told Kate to jump. Kate had no choice, the flames were so close. She trusted her mother to catch her but Debora didn’t and Kate fell to the ground. Luckily Kate landed on soft grass and wasn’t injured. Kate urged her mother to help her siblings but Debora did nothing except stare at the flames. Kate urged a fireman to save them but it was too late. Mike was contacted by police later that night; he was devastated at the loss of Timothy and Kelly. Kelly died in her sleep but Timothy suffered in the flames. Watch deadly women – losing control
After a thorough investigation, Debora was arrested for the murder of Kelly and Tim, aggravated arson, attempted first degree murder of Mike through poisoning, and  attempted capital murder of Kate. On February 12, 1996, Debora submitted to testing and interviews by psychiatrists and psychologists but did not meet the legal definition of insanity. She knew the difference between right and wrong both at the time of the event and in the months after. Later evidence showed that Green checked out several books on intrafamilial homicide, as well as “Necessary Lies,” a book with a plot regarding an intentionally set fire which burned several children to death. Perhaps the most pathetic behaviour she displayed during her trial was an attempt to blame Tim, her dead son, for the arson. She accused him of poisoning his father and setting the fatal fire that killed him, his younger sister Kelly, and almost killed his sister Kate. However on April of 1996, at the advice of her lawyers she pleaded no contest to the charges against her to avoid a trial and most probably a death sentence. On June 6, 1996, Debora began serving her sentence of two concurrent 40 years prison terms without the possibility of parole. Green announced her remorse at the loss of her children however she was more remorseful for the loss of her freedom: “I’m sorry my children are dead. I’m sorry I’m here and not with Kate. But what I’m sorry ‘for’ (my fault) is that I took a plea bargain for something I didn’t do and didn’t fight for my  rights and my innocence through the legal system. I’m sorry I put my parents through all this – they knew I was making a big mistake with the plea, but I was so scared I didn’t know what else to do.”
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