Betty Broderick – Blonde Bomber

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned
William  Congreve, 1709

In all fairness Elizabeth Anne( Betty) Broderick (born November 7, 1947), was a looker and a woman who was very devoted to her family and husband, doing an admirable job of raising Daniel Broderick’s children, keeping his house, and working several jobs to  put Dan through law school.  16 years later a classic love triangle began when Broderick met and fell in love with his new secretary,  Linda Kolkena , the spitting image of a young Betty. It would appear that Broderick tossed Betty away when she acquired crows feet and a few extra pounds. watch aphrodite jones – inside the mind of betty broderick

Betty was the third of six children born to devout Roman Catholic parents, Marita and Frank Bisceglia. She was raised in an “aspirational” family, not born to affluence but trying hard to achieve upper-middle-class status via business success, education, and proper manners and behavior. Betty met her future husband, Dan Broderick at a football game between the University of Southern California and the University of Notre Dame. Dan’s family was charmed by Betty’s beauty and sophistication. They married on April 12, 1969. She returned from the honeymoon pregnant with first child, Kim, subsequently giving birth to four more children. watch deadly women  hearts of darkness  After completing his medical degree, Dan enrolled at Harvard Law School while Betty held down a variety of jobs to support him. The already problematic marriage deteriorated. After Dan hired Linda Kolkena, he began an affair with her that lasted for 3 years until they were wed .  There followed a lengthy and complex divorce in which Betty became obsessed with her anger towards her ex-husband.  Watch true crime with aphrodite jones – betty’s breaking point. Among behaviors that worked against her in court, Betty broke into Dan and Linda’s home and vandalized the bedroom, left obscene messages on his answering machine, and abused him and Linda in telephone conversations with her children. watch true crime with aphrodite jones-  betty broderick One particularly violent incident involved her driving her vehicle through the front door of Dan’s house. Watch the Betty Broderick story: part 9 – 10

Five years after the divorce Betty bought a Smith & Wesson revolver. Betty gained entry to her ex-husband’s home in Marston Hills. She shot and killed Dan and Linda while they slept. Dan’s last words were, “Okay, you shot me. I’m dead.” watch betty broderick blasts justice system At her trial, Betty denied she intended to murder the couple. When asked why she brought a handgun into the home, she replied “I wanted him to listen to me.” The jury returned a verdict of two counts of second-degree murder and Betty was sentenced to two consecutive terms of 15 years to life. Dan Broderick’s family was angered by the charge of second-degree murder, since it didn’t have the same implications as first-degree murder, the crime they believed Betty actually committed. watch betty broderick parole hearing pt 2

Oddly, when she heard the guilty verdict Betty smiled calmly at the judge. As she was led outside to the prisoner transport van, she smiled for reporters. She is serving out her sentence at the California Institute for Women (CIW), Chino, California. In January 2010, Betty’s first request for parole was denied by the parole board because she did not show remorse or acknowledge wrongdoing. watch broderick parole hearing Broderick will be due to be released in 11 years and can apply for parole in 2013. Watch betty broderick trial testimony

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4 Responses to Betty Broderick – Blonde Bomber

  1. tyler perry This topic is note worthy paul williams

    • gothrules says:

      thank you

    • Pam says:

      I was torn. I believe this woman was treated very cruel. The true killer was “The Other Woman” This was Betty’s family, her husband, her children, her life. Betty was clearly pushed over the edge by all who turned their backs to her. I also believe no one should ever harm another person and must obey the law. As a woman who knows Betty’s pain and many chances to be the other woman, I believe the person who should be prisoned is “The Other Woman” without her none of this would have happened

      • helthnut says:

        I’m not at all torn personally. Yes this man left the mother of his children but she was very bitter and unhappy with him long before the divorce. And she chose to obsess over her ex-husband and his new wife. Why didn’t she pursue her own life and maybe a new spouse for herself? This woman is a psychopath.

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