Caril Ann Fugate – Natural Born Killer

Watch Caril Ann Fugate – adolescent girl who committed spree killings in the 1950s. 14-year-old Caril Ann Fugate’s flat temperament while discussing the murders she committed with 20-year-old boyfriend Charles Starkweather is chilling. She is the youngest female in the United States to be tried for first-degree murder. Fugate lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, with her mother and stepfather. In 1956 she formed a relationship with Charles Starkweather, a high school dropout five years her senior. On January 21, 1958, Starkweather shot and killed her stepfather Marion Bartlett, her mother Velda and stabbed her half-sister to death. Starkweather and Fugate fled, driving across Nebraska on a spree of robberies and murders that claimed eight lives. Neither was raised in an abusive family yet Charles was angry and trigger-happy, while Caril Ann was indulgent. “I had hated and been hated,” Starkweather once said, “I had my little world to keep alive as long as possible and my gun. That was my answer.” Born in 1938, the third of seven children, Starkweather lived all of his life in abject poverty in Lincoln, Nebraska. Starkweather was short, myopic, red-headed, and bowlegged. Taunted by classmates he lapsed into what he described as “black moods,” developing “a hate as hard as iron“. Caril’s family forbade her to see him but she refused to listen. on January 21, 1958, Starkweather went to Caril Ann’s home and got into an argument with her mother, killing her with a single shot from a .22 caliber rifle then stabbing her husband. The two lovers fled and headed toward Bennett, 16 miles south. Caril Ann had opportunities to escape, but she did not.

Starkweather’s car got bogged down in mud. They walked to the highway and got a ride from  Robert Jensen, 17, and Carol King, 16.  Starkweather made Jensen drive to an abandoned schoolyard where he shot the boy six times in the head. King was also shot to death and her genitals viciously slashed with a knife. There was reason to believe Starkweather tried to rape King, but was unable to perform and slashed her. He stole Jensen’s car. On February 1, they reached Douglas, Wyoming, where Starkweather wanted to switch cars. He spotted a Buick parked beside the road and inside was owner Merle Collison. Starkweather pumped nine bullets into the helpless victim, into his face, neck, hand and leg. As Starkweather struggled to remove the body and was spotted by a patrol officer. The deputy sheriff stopped and Caril Ann jumped from the car and ran toward him, pointing at Charles as she cried, “He killed a man!”

Starkweather first claimed Fugate had nothing to do with the murders; however, he testifed at trial she was a participant. Fugate maintained he held her hostage. Fugate’s downfall was admitting to holding a .410 shotgun on a couple in a car while robbing them of $4; the couple were shot and killed later that evening. Starkweather received the death penalty for the murder of Robert Jensen (the only murder for which he was tried), and Fugate received a life sentence on November 21, 1958. Starkweather and Fugate accused each other of the girl’s murder, while Starkweather openly admitted to killing the boy. Starkweather was executed in the electric chair on June 25, 1959.  Watch He’s going to be executed but he don’t care. He insisted that he dispatched most of the victims, but that Fugate murdered too. Fugate was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women in York, Nebraska. Fugate was paroled in 1976 after serving 17 years. She now lives in Lansing, Michigan as a retired medical aide. She married in 2007. To this day Caril Ann Fugate maintains her total innocence. Watch Badlands – 1973 dramatization of Fugate Starkweather murder spree
Watch feature length movie Murder in the Heartland (1993 part 1)

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10 Responses to Caril Ann Fugate – Natural Born Killer

  1. Susanne says:

    I think Caril Fugate was probably involved to some extent in these murders. I don’t know if 17 years in jail should suffice for her part in this tragedy. As she is elderly now and supposedly a model citizen, I suppose she has paid her dues. No winners in this one.

  2. Katrina says:

    I just watched the story on the ID channel… I mean come on… Eleven people were killed and she couldnt help or get away AT ALL? Then they put her in prison and i see videos of her bowling and swimming. It was her own mother that they killed. She didnt cry at all in any of the videos or at the press conference. I believe wholeheartedly that she was a willing particapant in the entire process. She could have ran or showed remorse.

  3. me says:

    i know she never showed any sadness about her family i mean it was her step dad, 2 year old half sister and mother they killed she didnt even seem sad or remorseful about it or cared about any of the victims lifes being taken away it was all about her
    i mean she had chances to escape but didnt but once she knew they were going to get caught she starts playing the victim bullshit.

  4. me says:

    she admitted to holding a 410 shotgun on a couple in a car while robbing them of $4
    i believe she is guilty

  5. Charlie Starkweather says:

    Christ this is inaccurate, Charlie killed the stupid teenage couples in a storm celler, not a abandoned schoolyard!

    and Charlie was 18 when they met, not 20!

    jeez, do some research first, it can’t hurt!

    why the hell would the teenage couples pick up a guy with a bloody shotgun?

    just cause they saw them on the side of the road, so I see hitch-hikers on the roads at night too, but smart enough not to pick them up.

    this is why you don’t pick up hitch-hikers, dipshits!

    god if your gonna be that stupid then you deserve to die!

    the rest of his victims didn’t seem that bright either, taking a rest on the side of the road in your car while there’s a killer on the loose?

    yeah, that’s smart.


    oh yeah, and he killed ELEVEN, not 8!

    maybe the idiotic creator of this site should be murdererd as well!

    doesn’t seem that bright!

    oh well, eleven more entries for Natural Selection!

    fuck I love Natural Selection, it’s the best thing that ever happened to the earth!

    • gothrules says:

      Perhaps you are just the person to murder me…you don’t sound hostile or bitter at all. Lovely. And I really love your sentiment about how anyone who picks up hitchhikers should also be shot and killed. Do you work for Al Queda by any chance?

    • gothrules says:

      You love natural selection meaning yourself or the Darwin concept? Darwin was much more humane even though he dealt with Neanderthals and eventually apes….which one are you? p.s. Can only quote the research I have done – many sites btw. p.s. your idea of natural selection makes you a devout follower of Hitler and no doubt a member of the 3rd Reich…

  6. Charlie Starkweather says:

    “I saw her standing, on her front lawn, just a twirling her baton.

    me and her went for a ride sir, and 11 innocent people died.

    from the town of Lincoln Nebraska, with a sawed off 410 on my lap.

    from the bad lands of Wyoming, I killed everything in my path.

    I can’t say that I’m sorry for the things that we’ve done.

    at least for a little while sir, me and her we, had us some fun.

    but the jury called in a guilty verdict, and the judge he sentenced me to death.

    Midnight in a prison storeroom with leather straps across my chest.

    sheriff when the man pulls that switch sir, and snaps my poor head back,

    you make sure my pretty baby is sitting right there on my lap.

    they declared me unfit to live, said into that great void, my soul be hurled.

    They wanted to know why I did what I did, well sir I guess there’s just a meanness

    in this world.”

    I’m Charlie Starkweather, killer from the 50’s, here to say that I’m not sorry for what I did

    to those cocksuckers, they had it coming and don’t tell me different.

    thought they were better then me, yeah well your not, your just a pile of bones lying inside

    a cold grave in the fucking ground with your pathetic name written over a tombstone.

    ohhh yeah ,that’s something to be proud of, dipshits.

    I don’t care if I got fried in the electric chair, but it did hurt, I’m not gonna lie about that.

    I just got a great thrill whenever I was shooting or ramming my knife into human flesh,

    which was great.

    I hate Caril.

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