Beverley Allitt – ALittle Loony

Beverley Gail Allitt (born 4 October 1968, Corby Glen, Lincolnshire, England), dubbed by the media the Angel of Death,is an English serial killer who murdered four children and injured nine others while working as a State Enrolled Nurse (SEN), on the children’s ward of Grantham and Kesteven Hospital, Lincolnshire. Her method of murder was to inject the child with potassium chloride (to cause cardiac arrest), or with insulin (to induce lethal hypoglycemia). On February 21, 1991, the mother of seven-week-old Liam Taylor brought him into the hospital with congested lungs. He had a chest cold. Hours later Liam went into respiratory crisis, but everyone involved felt that he’d gotten through it and would rest. They left Beverley with the boy. Soon the boy suffered cardiac arrest, Beverley called for help and doctors worked hard to get him breathing. However Liam suffered severe brain damage and there was no reason to resuscitate him. This boy with no history of heart disease succumbed to heart failure. Beverley watched the entire incident then put on her coat and went home. She committed murder and believed no one would ever know.

Five days later, Kayley Desmond, was hospitalized with a congested chest. She was attended to by Beverley. Kayley went into cardiac arrest. The crash team revived her and she was transferred to a hospital in Nottingham. Physicians there gave her a thorough examination and found a puncture hole under her armpit. Near it was an air bubble which they attributed to an accidental injection. There was no investigation. Beverley struck three times over the next four days. Four more who had been healthy succumbed to the same kinds of disorders. However, people at Nottingham’s hospital eventually suspected that something was amiss. It was the death of a 15-month-old girl that finally brought the spree to an end.

Claire Peck was asthmatic and was taken to a treatment room to have a tube put down her throat. Beverley was alone with her for a few minutes and the child had a heart attack. The team ran in and revived her. They left her alone with Beverley once more, and once more she shouted, “Arrest!” Again the doctors worked to stabilize Claire, but this time they failed. While an autopsy indicated that Claire died from natural causes, an inquiry was held regarding the high number of cardiac arrests over the past two months on Ward Four. A test that indicated a high level of potassium in the last victim’s blood made the inquiry more urgent. Police were called in. They exhumed Claire for further tests and found traces of the drug lignocaine in her tissues, a substance used for cardiac arrest, but never in a baby. Detectives going over the daily nursing log found a clear pattern: Beverley Allitt was part of every episode. Within three weeks, they arrested her. Beverley denied she had any part in the attacks. Watch the crimes that shook Britain: Beverley Allitt

Beverley was thought to have suffered from both Munchausen Syndrome and Munchausen by Proxy. As a child, Beverley wore bandages and casts over wounds that she would not allow to be examined. She suffered from a volatile temperament, and became aggressive toward others. She had gall bladder pain, headaches, urinary infections, uncontrolled vomiting, blurred vision, appendicitis, back trouble, and ulcers. Beverley persuaded a doctor to remove a healthy appendix then failed to heal because she kept plucking at the surgical scar. When she found that her illnesses were not inspiring the positive attention they once had, she found another venue by abusing children, and her behavior exhibited what is known as Munchausen by Proxy syndrome (MHBP). The MHBP mother comes across as a martyr, taking her child dutifully from one specialist to another, but there is evidence that she also tries to thwart the caregivers. Going to prison didn’t stop Beverley from seeking attention. She injured herself to get attention by stabbing herself with paper clips and pouring boiling water on her hand. Eventually she admitted to three of the murders and six assaults. She is one of Britain’s most prolific female serial offenders. Watch Deadly Women: angels of death

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