Venables and Thompson

On 24 November 1993 Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, aged 10, became the youngest convicted murderers in English history. On 12 February 1993 evidence from the New Strand Shopping Centre showed Thompson and Venables taking James Bulger out of the mall.  The boys took James to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, led him to a railway line near the Walton & Anfield railway station, and tortured him.The boys were charged with James’ murder on 20 February 1993, and were remanded in custody to await trial. During his confession, when the issue of sexual assault came up, Jon walked over to his father and cried “me dad thinks I know and I don’t.” Robert once said, “If I wanted to kill a baby, I’d kill my own, wouldn’t I?” On 24 November 1993 the boys, by then 11, were found guilty of James’ murder. Their names, backgrounds and identities were released. Watch Unforgiven: the boys who murdered James Bulger

In June 2001 the parole board ruled the boys were no longer a threat to public safety and they were released. Both 20-year-old men were given new identities under a “witness protection” action that included the fabrication of passports, national insurance numbers and medical records. On 2 March 2010, Jon returned to prison on suspected child pornography charges. Watch Jon Venables: what went wrong.

Jon Venables
Jon was born August 13, 1982, to Susan and Neil Venables. At school, teachers noticed Jon’s strange behavior: he rocked back and forth in his chair, made odd noises, threw himself on the floor, and tore at his own clothing. He tore down the artwork of other students, stood on his desk and threw things at classmates. Eventually Jon attacked classmates. On one occasion, two teacher had to pull him off of a young boy he was strangling. The school’s response was to transfer him to another school/

Jon’s mother, Susan, had a “strict and disciplined” background and wielded extreme control over Jon. A deadly influence on Jon came through Neil’s rented movies; they were not brutal but there was a great deal of violence and horror. On January 18, 1993 Neil rented, “Child’s Play 3”. In “Child’s Play 3,” the soul of a serial killer inhabits a doll named “Chucky”, slaughters victims, and is killed in a haunted train ride. There is no proof that Jon saw the film, but there are coincidences in Bulger’s murder. Overall John and his brother watched hundreds of horror films together.
After Jon was transferred to a new school due to his erratic behaviour he met Robert Thompson and James Bulger’s fate was sealed. Watch James Bulger – eyes of the detective – 2/7

Robert Thompson
Robert was the tough one in the pair. In any murderous partnership, there is usually a dominant personality and a submissive personality. Robert was the former. He lived in a brutal environment and was assaulted by his five older brothers and alcoholic mother. At the age of 18, Ann married Robert Thompson Sr., 18, to escape severe beatings from her father, but Ann’s husband beat her in front of the boys. In turn she pummeled her sons with sticks and belts. Robert’s father eventually abandoned the family. The six brothers beat one another: the oldest beat the younger, and the vulnerable beat the youngest. In spite of this, Robert and his younger brother slept together at night, each one sucking the other’s thumb.
The murder confession revealed that Jon was responsible for the worst violence against James, but Robert was no bystander. Robert might have committed the sexual assault against Bulger since he was an older brother’s sex abuse victim. During the interrogation with police, he became flustered. His biggest concern was that Jon would tell police Robert played with James’s privates. He cried that people would think he was a “pervert.” This wasn’t remorse. It was self-pity. Neither boy ever expressed remorse for torturing and murdering little Bulger.

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66 Responses to Venables and Thompson

  1. lesley says:

    Robert Thompson and Jon Venables…………I hope you ROT IN HELL !!!!!!
    You are evil bastards,and you should NEVER, EVER, have been released. I hope Jon Venables is getting his just deserts in prison……………..

    • lesley says:

      Post my comment please. This is an open and honest comment, this is how I will always feel about this subject !

    • christine says:

      Couldnt agree more they should rot in hell after what they did to that poor little boy, it makes my blood rum cold to think of what he went through. Keep them locked up for good!

      • gothrules says:

        its horrible but so were their lives….it doesn’t excuse their actions in any way. But at 10 years old, horribly abused all your life and permitted to watch hundreds of horror films (that didn’t make the news in any outstanding way) they probably thought he could come back to life….or they related to “bad guys” so to speak because of whatever it is that has developed inside their minds.

    • I Totally agree with what you said.i hope those fat pricks rot in hell and when they die people will spit on there graves

    • jamie says:

      i f-ing hate those mother fuckers jon venables and robert thompson.
      R.I.P James

  2. lesley says:

    I have absolutely no sympathy for these monsters, who should never have been released into society. The public have a right to know who they are and where they are!
    For what they did to that little boy will haunt this country for ever and the justice that wasn’t done will do the same! How dare they walk free. I hope and prey that they will get what they deserve on the outside and will rejoice at their deaths.
    They should really have been sent to an adult prison when they reached 18 years of age ,this country has far too many do gooders.
    Poor little James who suffered so much, they knew right from wrong, every child knows right from wrong, it doesn’t matter if they were dragged up, they knew what they were doing.
    I hope they rot in hell!!!

    God bless you James Bulger and your family. Rest in peace xxx

    • Roger says:

      It is the UK society that is a mess; and probably Jamie Bulger is in heaven; his killers are being forced into further madness, and may escape eternal damnation.
      Parents should take care of their children and not lead them astray.
      It is the parents who are at fault, and should be punished for acts committed by their offspring under 11. Society should ensure that parents are not jailed for disciplining their children REASONABLY; however society is cruel even at the policing level..
      The evil that Thompson and Venables did was pure crazed REVENGE; and look at the cries for revenge from people here and everywhere; they/you may be no better than Thompson and Venebles. You need to think how you can PREVENT further such incidents, and not be so LAZY.
      Now, as with all children`s deaths; imagine how the people of Iraq (and Afghanistan etc) feel about the British as a whole. What hate they hold for you and your children; and what they will do when they outnumber you in the UK/Europe. Fifty years?

      • gothrules says:

        Many people do try to intervene when they know children are being abused. In Ontario, Canada it is illegal for a teacher and an administrator not to report abuse to the Children’s Aid Society (although teachers are genuinely concerned about abused children and would report anyway). After the report is submitted it is in the hands of the CAS to act on it; if they feel the abuse is significant, they usually do, otherwise they dont take any further steps.

      • Barre McIver says:

        Don’t play dumb. Yes we want revenge for the innocent little boy. No that does NOT make us monsters like the killers. People like you are the reason why those sick fuckers walk freely now…..

  3. mandy says:


    • Jamie says:

      Trust me they will get these. But saying that one of them is getting a substantial pay out due to his phone being taped. The other is doing time for child porn and only got 2 years. It makes me boil in the belly. I believe one day someone will get there true identity and take the law into there own hands cannot wait till that day

      • gothrules says:

        The laws in England certainly works in a strange way, but then again, it does in North America too. I believe it was due to the boys’ age at the time of the killings that they only served about 2 – 3 years. In North America we have the option of trying them in adult court. I don’t know if England has that same flexibility….guess not.

  4. Saeed says:

    To prevent this kind of things happening again, the society has to take preventative measures, rather than spending millions or more, when things go wrong & leave families devastated.
    A family like Robert Thompson´s, has rotting chain links, extending from past. If even one link of this rotting chain had been identified, and treated at some time in the past, this could have possibly never happened.
    All of us are responsible for the things that go on around us. There is a culture of ignorance prevailing in our society. We are like proverbial rabbits, and worse. If we see a child in distress on the street, dragged by an adult, we conveniently pre-assume, that he/she is the parent. If we take 5 minutes, and watch that child, and report to police, if we start to doubt, all we lose is a 5 minutes of sitting in front of the TV. We all think ¨Why me?¨ yes, why not me?
    If we hear constant crying of a neighbour´s child, we conveniently think of the best case, instead of simply calling the police. All it takes is a free call, and all it takes on behalf of the police is to start an investigation.
    Always keep your ears and eyes open, but discretely, so that you don´t intrude. Listen well, what is the child saying, and pleading. Our system is chasing after backlogs, of the failings. We should be ahead of things, and putting them right, before they go wrong. Like this, we will all be happy, instead of morning, grieving, and cursing.

    • teacher says:

      I agree with you on every point you make and I would add a couple of my own:
      * Schools need to report any kind of extreme and disturbing behaviour to children’s services – Jon Veneables’ bizarre classroom behaviour, wherein he abused himself terribly, then began to abuse other children, should not have gone unreported. The administration dealt with Jon Veneables by transferring him to another school. In other words he simply became someone else’s problem.
      * Educate the public with more commercials, free lectures, various types of media, etc, about child abuse and its classic symptoms.

      Thanks for writinbg.

      • EMG says:

        I can’t believe I stumbled across this vicious, disgusting crime searching tru tv databases last night. After seeing their faces, I know what kind of evil it takes to commit this type of act. Saddest part is I don’t think they really set out to do it. A mixture of fear of being caught for the original kidnapping and young kid’s goading one another into dares caused James’s tragic, hideous death. May they rightfully not burn in hell where they’re dead but here on earth.

    • gothrules says:

      Many people do call the police when necessary and there are many controls in place in the school systems in North America that are quite adept at recognizing and reporting child abuse. Unfortunately many abusers are careful and children refuse to tell the truth since they are taught they will be killed (literally does happen, doesn’t it) if they do.

  5. Ennio says:

    Where are now this two bastards?

    • gothrules says:

      They served approximately 8 years. They were subsequently released. Veneables has been re-arrested for child pornography crimes.

  6. Allassandra says:

    There are few stories that upset me but this is one..cruelty to children and animals i will never ever understand, I never cared for other people when I was a kid but this was on the news and I was appalled by could there be such evil people in this world and how can there be people stupid enough to forgive them..I still have little faith in humankind but I have a child of my own now and I’m not scared of peados grooming him cos I know that I can teach him the dangers of going anywhere with strange adults..but I’m terrified of other kids around him because of this..I took him to an English Heritage castle a little while ago and he wanted to play in the field with other kids who were there (he was 3 and the other kids were about 5-9), I let him and kept my distance cos I don’t want to ruin his childhood due to my paranoia but I was watching him like a hawk and as soon as one of the kids grabbed his hand my heart was pounding..I still kept back but would not let him out of my sight.
    I shouldn’t be scared of letting him play with other kids

    • gothrules says:

      you are doing the right thing with being protective of your child….I have always been that way and she has turned out well-adjusted and most importantly, ALIVE.

  7. Tiara says:

    I agree with all of you on how these kids did absolutely wrong in doing what they did but its mainly the parents fault, usually in kids their background affect what they do , they are easily influenced , well this can be a defence for Robert for the abuse he went through and jon was probably born a sick child . They did wrong but they also needed help and no one provided them with it, so its not just their fault.

  8. N says:

    This site shows a fair lack of research, with some pretty feeble ‘facts’. To crown it off, you’ve included a picture of two toothless eastern European boys, which was, for a while, banded around in another badly researched hoax. If you’re going to make sites like these, at least do some reading on the subject.

    • gothrules says:

      You must be more specific about which feeble facts you refer to….everything I post comes from research….creative though I am I don’t make up any of it.

  9. kit kat coco cool says:

    They are evil people and make me feel sick just thinking about what they did to that innocent little boy!

    • gothrules says:

      Their actions were certainly evil and sadistic. The bottom line: who is truly responsible for this crime? I believe it isnt just the 10-year-old boys, but their families and the abuse the children suffered growing up.A shame no one helped the boys escape their homes. The murder didn’t have to happen.

  10. jo says:

    i agreethe parents should take responsability for the boys and they should have been picked up by the system before this happened are we not worried as a society that 2 boys could do something as evil as this and what can be done to prevent children from killing again. people would kill them if there identity became known that isnt right is it.

    • gothrules says:

      as far as the justice system is concerned the boys have done their time and are (were) fit to join society again. I would argue against that but as you said I don’t believe people have the right to kill them. People know who and where they are however, as the press keeps the public informed.

      • caley1901 says:

        no, we, dont know who and where they are now.. there is a block, worldwide on these two monsters

      • helthnut says:

        they are both in Britain.

      • caley1901 says:

        hi, please exuse me as im not too good with computers. im from britain and am ashamed to say i didnt really focus much on this terrible crime, i was young, no exuse. and have spent the last 3 hours now reading all about it. i think without a doubt if there identites were to be known they would not be alive now.. and i dont believe in an eye for an eye.. but when it comes to this, this has made me feel sicker to my stomach than anything ive ever heard, saw and especialy when it comes to venebles……. all i can hope for is karma..

      • helthnut says:

        Karma is somewhat like eye for an eye.

    • Barre McIver says:

      Don’t play dumb. Yes we want revenge for the innocent little boy. No that does NOT make us monsters like the killers. People like you are the reason why those sick fuckers walk freely now…..

  11. Elizabeth ford says:

    They knew exactly what they were doin and they are/were serial killers in the making. I have 2 daughters and since I have seen this and several others bout evil straight from children like these 2 I am scared to death to send them to school, or play with other children. God has a special place in hell for ppl like these 2 boys, I pray they suffer 100 fold of this poor baby did. He was so cute and innocent. And yes they had a bad environment but that is not an excuse to kill a child, another human being, they r sick and I pray for their soul.

  12. Elizabeth ford says:

    Straight from hell* children

  13. Avant de critiquer leurs actions, il faut déjà critiquer l’éducation et le mal être qu’ils ont vécu du a leur enfance, parents, etc.. c’est eux aussi qu’il faut condamné, et en réponse a Elizabeth qui a marquer :” ils savaient ce qu’ils ont fait” je trouve sa idiot parce qu’à 10 ans on ne réfléchie pas, on n’a pas trop encore la maturité de savoir vraiment la différence entre le bien et le mal, je suis pas la pour les défendre alors que se n’est pas bien ce qu’ils ont fait mais si on condamne le lapin chassé on condamne aussi le chasseur.

    • gothrules says:

      hopefully the comments you made do not include that I, the blogger amd the idiot in question because I certainly cannot translate all of your comment yet I just approved it. haha. (Je pense Je n’ait pas un idiot…) I believe you wrote something about the role of their parents and most definitely that was huge in developing these people’s personalities and it had a great deal to do with their actions when they killed little James. Something about the kids being 10 years old and they aren’t quite mature enough to know thed difference between good and bad, – I think that’s what you wrote unless what you said was Elizabeth was saying the opposite….I believe the boys knew what they were doing was terribly wrong but I also believe their truly sad mentality was a direct result of their dysfunctional lives and the lack of support from their schools in terms of assisting them to get help. Children’s aid was involved however since one of the boys was in and out of foster homes….there’s never an easy answer to this terrible stuff….

  14. burynor says:

    I believe the two boys are a product of a sick society and little James was a victim of it.

  15. Emily says:

    Returning venables and Thompson back into society after only a few years is terrible, if they were only 10 when they killed James bulger imagine what their going to do at this age.

    • gothrules says:

      Venables was eligible for parole in July 2011 and it was denied. After his eventual release, Veneables was given a new identity by the government. However, he kept revealing his true identity to acquaintances and it is alleged that Venables was returned to prison for the unforeseeable future, as he would be likely to reveal his true identity if released. Thompson was also given a new identity and appears not to have committed any further criminal acts.

  16. Ana says:

    I understand the anger. But I believe in redemption. I believe people can change. I think some people do suffer a lot through life – in this case, Thompson did suffer horrors – and can consequently be marked by that. But maybe there’s hope to those who have the mental scars – Thompson seems to be doing better and he may have found redemption in his guiltiness. He appears to be the one who’s gonna make it into the society enough to repair his wrong doings.
    I can relate to the pain of the parents but also I feel everybody deserves a second chance in life.

    • Dude says:

      Did the poor child that was murdered get a second chance in life?
      These kids don’t deserved a second chance, nor a third, or a fourth for this action. I agree that people deserves chances, but that kind of thinking should only be taken so far. Egregious behavior like these kids, whom are sick, should be locked up indefinitely.

      Your idea of another chance would change if the second chancer murdered you, or your child.

      • Ana says:

        By that train of thought everybody should be in jail. We all make mistakes, specially when we’re young. I know I did. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. If I were to be victim of a crime so horrible as that I would want for the attacker to suffer but also to redempt himself/herself and make something good for the society and possibly change it for the better. We can’t be all crying for revenge otherwise there wouldn’t be a Ghandi figure or Mandela. They have learned, through out all their fighting, that preaching peace and comprehension is the best solution always.

      • marilyn4ever says:

        The comment we all make mistakes especially when we’re young is very misguided. There is a difference in a mistake and in a pre-planned vicious murder of a helpless victim. I really don’t see how the two are in any way related.

      • caley1901 says:

        i agree with dude, you say you can relate to the pain of the parents… but how can you possibly unless this has , god forbid, happened to ypu

  17. Darly314 says:

    Where is Thompson; unbelievable these sick killers get new identities. In America the public has a right to know where dangerous, sadistic, sexual deviants are. I’m glad I do not live in the UK! They were old enough to plan & kill, should have been tried as adults, been in for LIFE.

  18. Phil says:

    Robert Thompson what a little faggot. You like little boys faggot? Burn in hell If I saw him I would torture him slow and laugh the way through

  19. Leticia says:

    SURELY THE BLAME IS OF THE PARENTS! from both sides: Susan and Neil Venables and Ann and Robert Thompson Sr.!! Both pairs absolutely incompetent of raising children. THEY WEREN’T BORN KILLERS! they where RAISED TO BECOME KILLERS!
    Today they have been convicted of other crimes and are in and out of jail (from what I briefly researched about the two boys). This is a trend and pattern that was created by their parents and their lack of control over their children.
    I don’t agree with the fact that Venables is on his forth (if I’m not mistaking) different/fake identification, after committing recent crimes (including child pornography), and is still issued this new id instead of being put in jail for life. Unfortunately his REHABILITATION FAILED and now the LAW AND SYSTEM IS FAILING in realizing that the second chance is run out and that unfortunately the rehabilitation is not possible.
    But still I think that both of these 30 odd years old man were RUINED before they had a choice or say on anything. I still think that their parents are to blame for everything they done in their lives, not only for this tragic case, but for every other crimes they are still committing. They had a disturbed childhood and now they do not know how to be normal citizens: and that is not their fault.

    • gothrules says:

      I agree with you to an extent. Their childhoods were obscene. So was their murder of little James Bulger. Afterward they went through the prison system, were given extensive rehabilitation opportunities, and once released Thompson didn’t re-offend. He has made a choice to live a better life. Once a person reaches adulthood choice is much more feasible than when a person is an abused child. Try reading my blog update – Venables and Thompson – an update.

      • Denise says:

        Please abolish that blog about two convicted child murderers and do not give them a chance to become famous. They do not deserve that

      • gothrules says:

        It’s not an attempt to make them famous. I believe revealing many facts about who they are makes them less threatening to the general public (giving the public background knowledge to use against them in a court or with police if needed), and to bring shame upon those two (if they feel any). Certainly the two men have been ostracized by most people.

  20. There’s confusion in the comments here as to their sentences. They served 17 years not ‘two’, which some are confusing with Venables’ charge over child pornography.

  21. Denise says:

    What those two scumbags did is UNFORGIVEN. There are only one or two things that must never be forgiven and one of them is to “torture, molest, murder and mutiliate a trusting, innocent, vulnerable little child’. They must be executed. They are in their 30s and living in anonimity in the public!!! Where is justice in all this?

    • gothrules says:

      Their actions were horrific, I agree on that one. Several years later, Venables continues to get in trouble with the law and as a result, spends a significant amount of time behind jars (thank God). He was released from jail in 2001 by a parole board then was locked up again 3 years ago on child pornography charges and is being given his 4th identity as he is about to be released again. Not fair or wise, but like most justice systems, it is what it is. Thompson lives a quiet life (reportedtly) with his homosexual lover and hasn’t re-offended.

  22. Evdokia Mardiki says:

    Rest In Peace poor sweet James. I hope this bastards die in prison. By the way, which are the original photos of Jon and Robert (today)? (Sorry for my english, I’m a greek)

  23. Evdokia Mardiki says:

    *I hope THOSE bastards die in prison and in hell!!!

  24. britni says:

    This is the saddest story I have ever read in my life. I can’t imagine someone doing something like this to one of my babies!!! 😦 Prayers to this poor baby boy’s parents. Even 21 years later, I would still be devastated. God be with you both!!!!

  25. Luly55 says:

    You cant forget about james mother. She is also to blame. Who leaves a 2 year old unattended at a shopping mall, even if it was for a little while. There is a huge lack of child supervision.

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