Laurie Dann – Mentally Ill Murderess

The exact nature and origin of Laurie Dann’s mental illness has never been entirely defined although she display acute symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder and exhibited bizarre behaviours such as riding in elevators for hours, leaving raw meat on sofa cushions, and an obsession with “good” and “bad” numbers. Laurie entered an elementary school in a Winnetka, Illinois, shot and killed a boy, and wounded two girls and three boys,  then took a family hostage and shot a man before killing herself. Laurie was described as shy and withdrawn but attractive. She dated a number of her male peers as a teenager and graduated from New Trier High School in 1975. She met and married Russell Dann, but the marriage quickly soured as Russell noted signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder and other strange behavior  including leaving trash around the house. She saw a psychiatrist for a short period, who identified her childhood and upbringing as a cause of her problems. Watch school shooting: Jonesboro AR

Laurie and Russell separated in October 1985. In April 1986, Laurie accused Russell of breaking into and vandalizing her parents’ house, where she was then living. Laurie accused Russell of raping her with a steak knife. In August 1986, she contacted an ex-boyfriend and claimed to have had his child. When he refused to believe her, Laurie claimed he had raped her. In September 1986, Russell reported he had been stabbed in his sleep with an icepick. He accused Laurie of the crime, although he had not actually seen his attacker. In May 1988, a janitor found her lying in the fetal position inside a garbage bag in a trash room. At about 9:00 a.m. on the 20th of May 1988, Laurie arrived at the home of the Rushe family, former babysitting clients. She lured them downstairs and used gasoline to set fire to the house, trapping their mother and the two children in the basement (they managed to escape). Watch Jesboro, AR

She drove three and a half blocks to the Hubbard Woods School with three handguns in her possession. Finding a boy in the corridor, Laurie shot him with a .22 semi-automatic Beretta pistol.  Laurie  re-entered the second grade classroom and ordered all the children into the corner of the room. Laurie drew a .32 Smith and Wesson from the waistband of her shorts and shot at several of the students. She killed eight-year-old Nicholas Corwin and wounded two girls and two boys before fleeing in her car. Laurie came upon the house of the Andrew family. She called her mother, telling her she had done something terrible. Laurie went upstairs to a bedroom and at about 7:00 p.m., an assault team entered the house. The police found her body in the bedroom: she had shot herself in the mouth.  Watch School Shooting: Columbine

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