Audrey Marie Hilley – Wife, Mother, Murderer

Audrey Marie Hilley (June 4, 1933 – February 26, 1987) was an American murderer. She married Frank Hilley in May 1951. In May 1975 Frank visited his doctor complaining of nausea and tenderness in his abdomen. He was diagnosed with a viral stomachache. The condition persisted and physicians then diagnosed infectious hepatitis. He died early in the morning of May 25, 1975. An autopsy was performed that revealed hepatitis and inflammation of the stomach. The cause of death was listed as infectious hepatitis. Hiis widow redeemed a life insurance policy for $31,140. Three years later, she took out a $25,000 life insurance policy on her daughter, Carol. Carol experienced nausea and was admitted to the emergency room several times. Her physician said she was suffering from malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies, and he suspected heavy metal poisoning. Physicians discovered that Aldrich-Mees’ lines were present in Carol’s toenails and fingernails — an indicator of arsenic poisoning. Coincidentally, the following day Audrey was arrested for passing bad checks written to the insurance company that insured Carol’s life. Watch Unsolved Mysteries Audrey Marie Hilley

On November 9, 1979, Audrey was released on bond and registered at a local motel under the name Emily Stephens. She disappeared between the 9th and the 18th of November. Audrey was a fugitive. Using the name Robbi Hannon she travelled to Florida where she met a man named John Homan. They lived together for a year and married in May 1981. She talked about her imaginary twin sister, “Teri“, who supposedly lived in Texas. Telling her husband that she needed to attend to family business, she travelled to Texas and Florida, using the alias Teri Martin. She called John and informed him that Robbi had died. On November 12 or 13, after changing her hair color and losing weight, she returned to New Hampshire posing as Teri Martin, his “deceased” wife’s sister. A detective surmised that the woman living as Teri Martin was, in fact, Robbi Homan and had staged her death. That hunch paid off and shortly after police brought Teri in for questioning, she confessed to being Audrey Marie Hilley. She was returned to Alabama to face trial. Watch Wife Mother Murderer part 1/10

Audrey was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for Frank Hilley’s murder and 20 years for attempting to kill her daughter. She began serving her sentence in 1983 and was a quiet, model prisoner, earning one-day passes from the prison. In February 1987, Audrey escaped after she was given a three-day pass to visit John. They spent a day at a motel and when John left for a few hours, she disappeared. Four days after she vanished, police went to a home and found her. She had been crawling around in the woods, drenched by frequent rain and numb from temperatures dropping to the low 30s. She was taken to a local hospital and underwent emergency treatment for hypothermia. She suffered a heart attack and died. Watch arsenic: the largest mass poisoning in history

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4 Responses to Audrey Marie Hilley – Wife, Mother, Murderer

  1. Maria says:

    Of course she was a crazy Gemini, not surprised!

  2. John Homan says:

    I fear there is some invalid information regarding Hilley’s discovery after leaving John Homan
    She was already dead when they found her ( OUTSIDE the persons home) not the woods
    I am a family member of John Homan and we relive this more than we want to
    The thing is John took Hilley to a graveyard and gave her time there and gave her time there.
    when he returned she was gone.
    He did Not leave her in a motel alone for hours
    He gave her minutes at the graveyard.Not hours as they claimed he did in the motel

  3. John Homan says:

    An other sad part of the story John Homan lived at the motel they stayed at in Anniston.AL
    one day out of the blue some complete stranger killed him with a shotgun in the lobby of the motel
    Please Do Not believe all the stories that have been spun by the irresponsible side of the family who does not speak of what they know they spoke what they could dream up for the good old american dollar. The people who were involved with John W.G Homan III during these times were never contacted by the author of poisoned blood or any other publication for that matter.
    its really a shame that they took one persons story and ran with it and thought it was golden.
    Anyways if facts are needed you have my email we can discuss how to get you in touch with the people who went through it with John and Audrey instead of the posers for money

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