How to Murder a Millionaire

Do you remember the old Marilyn Monroe flick How to Marry a Millionaire? Well this title, a play on that phrase, is all about the opposite. More accurately, it’s actually about a millionaire’s daughter who murders a next door neighbour after detailing how to kemi_adeyoolacommit the perfect murder in an as yet unreleased murder manual. Pretty, 17-year-old Kemi Adeyoola had it better than a lot of other children of Nigerian immigrants that lived in London. Her father was a millionaire and property management tycoon. She attended exclusive schools. Yet Kemi couldn’t help but get herself in trouble. Kemi served a six month sentence at a juvenile facility for shoplifting. Shoplifting? Her father’s worth a million clams and she runs around stealing stuff? Whatever.

Her father, millionaire Bola Adeyoola denounced his daughter as “evil… I don’t even like her.”  His last contact with Kemi and her sisters was when the Kemi was eleven years old. Her mother had received 3 or 4 million in a divorce settlement, yet oddly, the sisters worked as escorts for money. While serving her sentence for theft, Kemi kept a journal in which she described her plan to live a happy life. First on her list was to lose 4 stone (56 pounds) and second was to earn £3 million by robbing and killing older women. In the 18 page inspirational work that Kemi titled, “Prison and After. Making Life Count from 20 August to 20 November 2004“, she wrote in detail how she would go about finding her victims and how she would carry out the killings. “She must be wealthy, quite elderly and defenseless,” Kemi wrote. That seems fair. The document was found during a routine cell search in Bullwood Hall, Essex. Kemi said it was a draft for a crime novel she planned to write. Incredibly prison officials bought into it. A psychiatric report said there was nothing to suggest Kemi could commit such a crime. The officials also bought the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco from Kemi. 

mendelKemi was released after serving three months of her sentence. Four months later Kemi found her target, her 84-year-old neighbour Anne Mendel. Poor Anne was left alone in her home for only one hour while her husband, Leonard Mendel, 81, collected flight tickets for a trip they planned to take to Israel. In that small window of time in March 2005 in Golders Green, north-west London, Kemi entered the home and stabbed the helpless Anne 14 times. Before the crime, Kemi cut the hall phone wires. During the murder, Anne’s blood covered the walls. A tiny speck of DNA left on Anne’s finger, known as mutual transfer, linked Kemi to the crime. 

The press dubbed Kemi the Murder Manual Girl. How poetic. At Kemi’s trial, the prosecution put forth that Anne Mendel had been chosen by Kemi Adeyoola as a soft target so that she could do a ‘dry run‘ of the plans she had laid out in her still unpublished murder manual. The judge sentenced her to life with the order that at least 20

EveningSTANDARD pg11 Wed28June06.0years must be served. At the trial he said, “I regret to say I have formed the view that you are a remorseless and cold-blooded killer who is a serious and continuing danger to the public. I believe that your motive was to draw attention to yourself by the act of murder. I think you wanted to experience what it felt like to kill someone in cold blood, possibly so that you could write about it, but more probably so that you could boast about it and possibly even do it again. You are intelligent, manipulative and skilled in deceit way beyond your years”

Bola blames everyone but himself for Kemi’s crimes. “If I could turn back time I’d like to think I could stop Kemi but I was told I was powerless to do anything.” Touching. As news of Kemi’s sentence broke, the London Evening Standard did an expose on Bola Adeyoola’s own criminal past.If he could turn back time perhaps he could have stopped himself from his own crimes.

One person expressed pity for Kemi.  Henry Blaxland QC, defending, said: “The court rosehas before it somebody who is, on the face of it, emotionally damaged. She finds herself utterly alone in the world given that her family have entirely washed their hands of her.” Perhaps Kemi is the one who should be washing blood off her hands although that’s unlikely. Kemi hasn’t shown any remorse or improvement in her behaviour. In fact she seems to have adjusted quite well to the cement walls of her cell. One evening, Kemi left her hair extensions on a pillow to fool guards into thinking she lay in bed while she “went to romp” with another inmate. Nasty. The inmate whom Kemi “befriended” was none other than Rose West, the notorious sex slayer of crimes dubbed  The House of Horrors.

As a final twist of the knife so to speak, Bola disowned Kemi publicly to the press. Bola claimed that after his wife left him and barred him from seeing Kemi, he once passed money and messages to her through her grandparents. He blamed his daughter’s obsession with money and material goods on her mother.

“Kemi was very kind, very loving when she was young,” said her father. “She has changed.” Detailing his recent history with his daughters, he claimed he gave his daughters a flat to live in but after their three-month licence period elapsed, they reacted violently against his advice to go straight. “They just left,” he said. “They came up to my office and smashed it up. I don’t think they have respect for me. I don’t think they have respect for anyone.”

You don’t say.


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The Creepy Candyman who Concealed Cyanide then Conned and Killed a Cute Kid

We seem to be on a roll with nasty child murders committed by none other than pathological parents. In this sad 1974 tale the murderer Ronald Clark O’Bryan, was the father of two young children, Timothy, 8, and Elizabeth, 5. The family lived in timothy-obrianDeer Park, Texas. Old Ronald fell on tough financial times; he’d gone delinquent on a number of loans and had been forced to sell the family home in order to pay them off. Strangely he told several friends he was expecting to come into money by the end of the year that would improve his financial situation. It was creepily prophetic that he worked at Texas State Optical, an industry where he could obtain cyanide. Rotten Ronald also tried to obtain the poison at the Curtin Matheson Scientific Company in Houston. After being told they only sold the deadly poison in large quantities, a salesperson directed him to where he could buy a smaller amount. Don’t you just know that around that time, Ronald increased the life insurance policies on his two young children, and by October 1974 they were up to $30,000 apiece. It doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going.

On Halloween night Ryan, his wife and two children went to dinner at the home of the Bates family (oh the irony) in a nearby town, after which they planned to take the kids trick-or-treating. Ronald offered to accompany the children and Mr. Bates volunteered to go along with his two children, another adult and a child from the neighborhood. During the trick-or-treating expedition Ronald produced five Giant Pixy Stix he said he’d acquired from one of the neighbors and distributed them among his children, the Bates’ two children, and one other neighborhood child who came trick-or-treating with them. After arriving home Timothy and Elizabeth were allowed to have the Pixy Stix before bed. Only Timothy ate the candy and as he swallowed it he complained about its bitter taste. Ronald gave his son Kool-Aid to wash it down (was it grape?), and soon Timothy began vomiting uncontrollably and went into convulsions. He died after arriving at the hospital, and cyanide was discovered in his blood and stomach fluids. Luckily, none of the other children who were given the Pixy Stix consumed them.

Police searched for the sicko who gave Ronald the deadly candy. He claimed it was someone at the home of the Melvin Family, who opened the door to their dark house only a crack and produced the Pixy Stix. Mr. Melvin was able to produce an alibi and he was cleared of suspicion. After surveying other households in the neighborhood to see who may have purchased Pixy Stix, it was discovered that none of the other neighbors had bought that particular brand of candy. A few days after Timothy’s burial, the police received a call from Ronald’s insurance

timthumbcompany to report that Ronald had attempted to take out the life insurance policies on his two children without consulting his wife. Naturally Ronald immediately became the prime suspect. After questioning Ronald’s co-workers at Texas Optical, it was discovered that he’d been asking around about cyanide in the months leading up to Timothy’s death. Truly a diabolical man.

Police searched the O’Bryan family home and discovered a pocket-knife on which traces of plastic and powdered candy were found. Rotten Ronald was charged with Timothy’s murder and put on trial, where it was alleged that he distributed the cyanide-laced Pixy Stix to the rest of the children in an attempt to use the frequently-circulated urban legend of poisoned Halloween candy as a cover for his crimes. Not only was Ronald O’Bryan capable of  murdering his children for financial gain, he was willing to sacrifice other children to make his foul scheme seem credible. During the media sensation that resulted, Ronald was christened the Candy Man Killer by his death row inmates. What a shameful slur against Willy Wonka.

We were all shocked that someone would kill their own son, their own flesh and blood, for a lousy … $30,000 life insurance policy,” said former Harris County Assistant District Attorney Mike Hinton, who prosecuted the case.

An 11-year-old boy named Whitney Parker, who was given one of the tainted Pixy Stix was found asleep in bed later than night, cradling the tube of poisoned candy in his arms. Rotten Ronald had clipped off one end of the package and crudely stapled the straw back together. It turned out to be good karma for little Whitney. He had been unable to pry out the staples Ronald used to reseal the plastic container. “He didn’t have enough strength to get it open,” Hinton said. “It just sends shivers down your spine. It profoundly affected the whole community, every child of trick-or-treating age.”

Siouxsie_and_the_banshees_79There’s no question it had a national effect on Halloween.” Before Oct. 31, 1974, the idea of carefully examining children’s Halloween booty might have seemed like a paranoid waste of time. After Timothy O’Bryan was poisoned by one of five Giant Pixy Stix with enough cyanide to kill two or three grown men, it didn’t seem paranoid anymore. Ronald was found guilty of first degree murder in his son’s death and nearly nine years later executed via lethal injection, a type of poison….quite fittingly. The punk rock group Siouxsie and the Banshees recorded a song about Rotten Ronald called “Candyman,” the first track on their album Tinderbox.

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Son in the Oven – The Religious Tragedy of Tristan Robinson

You’ve heard of a bun in the oven of course and you know what it references. Well, the above titlTerrie-Robinson_opt-1e rather plays on that expression and clearly you know what that references too. This blog is definitely not for the faint of heart or stomach. In Greenville, Mississippi, pretty, 24-year-old Terrie Robinson was a single mother of a 3-year-old boy named Tristan Robinson. One huge drawback was that Terrie was both mentally ill and deprived of a good mother herself during her childhood. She had no idea how to raise her beautiful boy.

Alas, the men Terrie dated were “highly inappropriate” (jerks) and naturally these relationships didn’t last. That might have been good news had Terrie not been devastated when her boyfriends up and left her. Worse, Terrie believed she knew who fathered her son, however this was revealed to be false. Her guilty conscience in not knowing the child’s real father ate at her (pun). She believed she deserved punishment from the Lord. Frankly I wouldn’t buy into a religion where the Man punished rather than protected. But that’s just me.

To Terrie’s credit she knew she couldn’t cope alone and she asked people for help. The congregation in her church was uninterested in helping her. They suggested she pray more Tristan-Robinsonoften, convincing Teri even further that she was a sinner. God bless organized religion. Yet Terrie was more practical. On the night of the murder, she telephoned several of her acquaintances and begged them to help her and her son. No one listened. Terrie turned on the oven and waited for it to heat up. What probably happened was the voices in her head urged her to cook her child, since he was Satan’s spawn or some such sick idea. Trust me. This poor woman wasn’t evil. She believed every hallucinatory word. Don’t believe me? Try living inside the mind of a schizophrenic just for a few minutes. Get the idea?

After her son’s death Terrie herself contacted police. The voices told her to do so. She sat and waited for them to arrive. This behaviour reveals she had no idea that what she had done was wrong. She didn’t try to run and she didn’t lie about her crime. In May 2012, Terrie pleaded guilty Demon-Face-HDto murder to avoid the death sentence. Instead she received life in prison, a mistake in my opinion.  The poor girl was mentally ill, believing the devil had taken possession of her soul. She heard voices in her head.  Clearly Terrie Robinson was schizophrenic, yet no one cared enough to intervene even though she informed them that the devil had taken possession of her. Terrie was undiagnosed as a schizophrenic and small wonder: her community believed in silly things like demons and demonic possession. It didn’t occur to any of these people to suspect mental illness and go to her aid. This is a clear case of the community failing a young mother and her child.

One slim positive in this ugly scenario: a severe head injury indicated the child may have been unconscious when he was placed in the oven, so it isn’t likely he suffered from the coroner’s conclusion of “thermal heat.” The coroner, Methal Johnson, said of the incident: ‘This is a really sad moment for me. I’ve seen  a lot of things, but this is one that will stick in my memory for a long, long  time.’ Chances are it will stick a lot longer in Terrie Robinson’s mind.

Schizophrenia_by_xWHOEVERSHEISxTerrie’s twin sister, Sherrie Robinson, told WXVT-TV  that people should not judge her sister before all the facts are  known; ‘She was a great parent, a good person. We don’t know what’s wrong. We don’t know what happened. Do not sit there and call her a bad mom cause  that’s not what she is.’ Frankly it’s not Terrie I’m judging. It’s her idiot sister and family who failed to respond to her distress calls.

Terrie should be incarcerated in an institution for the criminally insane, placed on medications, seen daily by a psychiatrist, and held until she is deemed to be no longer dangerous. That hasn’t happened of course.  Even the jury failed to recognize her schizophrenia as the real reason for the murder of her baby boy. Once again, Terrie’s community has failed her and her child.

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Kreepy Kate Konnived, Konned, Killed and Kooked a Fine Lady

London, England, in the 1870s, a murder most foul was committed by a lowly and Kate_Webster_filteredincompetent Irish maid named Kate Webster. Kate was born Kate Lawler in 1849.  Kate was a born loser. She had no education. Her sole job was a housekeeper in people’s houses and she wasn’t good at it. She was also a practiced con artist and a criminal from an early age. She claimed to have wed a sea-captain by the name of Webster and having four children with him, all of whom died soon after birth.When Kate arrived in England she joined in the locals’ merriment in celebrating her move to London. Kate however had no intention of joining the neighbourhood as an honest woman. She took to thieving and soon discovered she was quite awful at it. Kate was quickly caught and jailed for five years. Sadly for Julia Martha Thomas, her eventual employer and landlady, this wouldn’t prove to be long enough. The murder of Julia Martha Thomas, dubbed the “Barnes Mystery” or the “Richmond Murder” by the press, was one of the most notorious crimes in late 19th-century Britain

Julia was a widow of 50, who lived in Richmond in Southwest London.  Thomas was said to have an “excitable temperament” and was regarded by her neighbours as eccentric. She frequently travelled, leaving her friends and relatives unaware of her whereabouts for weeks or months at a time, a habit that would soon work to Kate’s advantage. She was a member of the lower middle class but she habitually dressed up and wore jewellery to give the impression of prosperity. Her desire to employ a live-in domestic servant probably had as much to do with status as with practicality. However, she had a reputation for being a harsh employer and her irregular habits meant that she had difficulty finding and retaining servants. Before 1879 she had only been able to keep one maid for any length of time. Imagine bringing these two unpredictable oddballs together. You just know we’re in for one horrible crime.

483px-Execution_of_Catherine_Webster_at_Wandsworth_GaolAfter Kate completed her 5-year jail sentence in 1873 and moved to Rose Gardens in Hammersmith, London where she became friends with a neighbouring family called Porter. On 18 April 1874 she gave birth to a son whom she named John W. Webster in Kingston Upon Thames. The identity of the father is unclear as she named three different men at various times. Not long after his birth Kate was again arrested and jailed for two years on 36 counts of larceny. She conned Julia into allowing her to live rent-free in her home in exchange for free housecleaning services. They struck a deal with Mrs. Thomas getting the short end of the stick. Kate wasn’t just an incompetent thief; she was an atrocious housekeeper. She broke expensive items and couldn’t be trusted to completed the most basic jobs. Of course it didn’t help that Kate was a lazy sloth who preferred to work at her own pace, which was zero.

This however wasn’t the entire reason Mrs. Thomas sacked Kate. Kate was a bad-466px-Trial_Sentence_and_Execution_of_Kate_Webstertempered drunk. She visited the local pubs regularly, getting loaded then staggering home to a scandalized Mrs. Thomas. Her employer grew to fear Kate, who became increasingly resentful of Thomas to the point that Thomas attempted to persuade friends to stay with her since she did not like to be alone with her maid. Enough was enough. Mrs. Thomas told Kate she was fired and to get out. Naturally this didn’t sit well with our drunk, inept Kate. Kate’s repeated failures, low wages and alcoholism all built up inside her. Kate lost her Irish temper and threw Mrs. Thomas down the stairs. Then she strangled the poor elderly woman. Kate was now faced with a dilemma and a corpse. What to do with the late Mrs. Thomas? Kate got busy for the first time in her life. She chopped up Mrs. Thomas using a meat saw and a razor. Upon sawing up her former employer, Kate got hungry. She boiled the body into an ungodly stew then sat down and ate some of it. From all accounts, Mrs. Thomas tasted like pig’s meat. Kate made human lard with the remaining fat and sold it at the local tavern. Happily, they ate it, never realizing they had entered Kate’s exclusive cannibalism club.

Old_Barnes_railway_bridge_foreshoreKate spread the story that Mrs. Thomas had passed away and left her the sole heir to her fortune. As ridiculous as it sounded, people believed her. Remember, Kate was practiced at the con game. Kate wore Mrs. Thomas’s clothes and spent her money. Now Kate was someone she’d always wanted to be: a wealthy old woman. However not all of Mrs. Thomas had been cooked into lard, including the head. She disposed of some body parts in the Thames River. She carried the head around in a bag until she hid it. It remained lost for over a century. The rest of the remains however were found only five days later. Naturally suspicion fell on Kate and she was arrested where she stood trial at the Old Bailey in July 1879. Kate was convicted of murder.

According to Webster’s eventual confession:

Mrs. Thomas came in and went upstairs. I went up after her, and we had an argument, which ripened into 471px-Laundry_coppera quarrel, and in the height of my anger and rage I threw her from the top of the stairs to the ground floor. She had a heavy fall, and I became agitated at what had occurred, lost all control of myself, and, to prevent her screaming and getting me into trouble, I caught her by the throat, and in the struggle she was choked, and I threw her on the floor. I determined to do away with the body as best I could. I chopped the head from the body with the assistance of a razor which I used to cut through the flesh afterwards. I also used the meat saw and the carving knife to cut the body up with. I prepared the copper with water to boil the body to prevent identity; and as soon as I had succeeded in cutting it up I placed it in the copper and boiled it. I opened the stomach with the carving knife, and burned up as much of the parts as I could

Although it was rare to sentence a woman to death, Kate was hanged for her terrible crime. Presumably someone took in  her young son. One hundred and thirty years later, in October 2010, the skull was recovered from an area that had once been a stable. I told you we were in for a good one in this biography,

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Malicious Marta Fernandez Masterminded a Malevolent Murder

Marta Fernandez was Argentine white trash. No one liked her. She used people for food, shelter, money and anything else she could get her undeserving hands on. Eventually she martagot her hands on a young nun ironically named Marta Odera, a pseudonym. The two met when Odera took a leave of absence from the convent, trying to find herself in the world. It wasn’t long before the two women were lovers. It also wasn’t long before Marta began abusing Odera with her hands, fists, and any object she could get her ugly hands on.

Marta Fernandez and Marta Odera could have been alter egos of one another, with martaFernandez as the evil twin and Odera as the good. Blanca Echague was  Odera ‘s loyal friend. When the two met Odera informed her she suffered from terrible headaches. Blanca worked hard to convince Odera to leave the highly unstable Marta. Like all too many victims Odera convinced herself that Marta truly loved her and couldn’t help herself when her fists began to fly. Small wonder that Odera  was easy to coerce into submission; she was a young, naive nun who’d never lived independently outside the walls of the church and had never experienced a long-term relationship before Marta. She went from her parents’ house into the Lord’s, with no idea of the potential perils beyond the church’s protective gates.

marta-odera-monja-capitulo-completo-mujeres-asesinas-argentina-artista-musicaTruly frightened that Marta would finally kill her, Odera moved out of Marta’s apartment to a guest house on Lacrosse Street but this didn’t deter Marta. The warped woman continued to force herself upon the young nun. Marta trashed and humiliated the young woman to the nuns of the convent, obliterating any chance for Odera to return to her beatific protective fortress. Still Odera insisted it was “Christian to forgive.” Perhaps but last I checked nowhere in the Bible did the Lord didn’t insist forgiveness was accompanied with a black eye and a bloody lip. Strangely, Odera believed she was the sinner, especially when she enjoyed lesbian sex with Marta. To punish herself, Odera occasionally self-flagellated with a whip, opening her back with bloody lacerations. Odera’s life since leaving the convent was one long journey of pain and humiliation,

The day of the murder Odera went to Marta’s apartment insisting she contact the convent and help her to return. Marta called the convent and “trashed” Odera yet again. This time, martaher vindictiveness proved to be fatal. Odera picked up a large butcher knife Marta had been using to chop vegetables, and stabbed her repeatedly in the back. You can’t fail to see the irony. Marta was butchered and bloodied, perhaps a deserved end for the miserable woman, who had essentially masterminded her own murder. Odera was never charged with murder; she was declared impeachable due to temporary lobal unconsciousness caused by an organic pathology, hence the headaches Odera had once described to Blanca. Odera was admitted to the Moyano Hospital and eventually was released into the custody of her family. She was declared no longer dangerous. She lived in her family’s country home where she prayed daily for Marta Fernandez’s departed soul. Personally I think the effort is futile.


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Schizoid Swedish Sisters… Suicide-Wannabes and a Slightly Strange Stabbing

You’ve probably seen this short clip on Youtube showing two 40-year-old identical twin Swedish sisters who deliberately threw themselves into traffic in a failed suicide attempt. The bizarre clip entitled shocking footage: two demented insane women run in front of oncoming traffic, went viral for obvious reasons. Most people scratched their heads and wondered wtf? It was the previous 72 hours that would explain the sisters’ crazed behaviour, sparked not by drugs as you might expect, nor even that mysterious (and bezerk) bond twins seem to share, but by something far more sinister.

Ursula and Sabina Eriksson grew up in Summe, Varmland, in abject poverty. They came to national attention in the United Kingdom in May 2008 after an episode of Sabina-Erikkson-Running-Into-Trafficfolie a deux (or “shared psychosis), a rare psychiatric disorder where delusional beliefs are transmitted from one individual to another. Never heard of that one before. In this case, the sisters’ actions resulted in a series of bizarre incidents on the M6 Motorway and the subsequent murder of Glenn Hollinshead of Fenton, Staffordshire. The twins had been in Ireland before travelling to England and boarding a train for London. Their odd behaviour after exiting the coach at a service station on the M6 caused the driver not to allow them back on the coach. They were later seen on the central reservation of the M6. The pair began to walk down the central reservation of the M6 motorway before attempting to cross the motorway, causing chaos to the traffic and picking up minor injuries in the attempt. Their elder brother claimed in a Swedish newspaper that his sisters were fleeing from maniacs who were chasing them

ursulaWhen Highways Agency Traffic Officers arrived to assist the women they bolted across the busy motorway and were struck by oncoming vehicles. Ursula suffered serious leg injuries and Sabina received a head injury that left her unconscious for several minutes. When Sabina regained consciousness the petite woman refused medical aid and attacked a police officer, at which point she was arrested. One officer commented, “I still don’t understand how two people can act to such a degree to get together in a join venture like this.” Their possessions included multiple mobile phones. It took some time to discover personal i.d. Interesting that their obsession centered on communication. Before their somersault into traffic, the sisters had held their bags tightly to their chests as if they were very reluctant to part with them.

madSabina later told an officer at the police station, “We say in Sweden that an accident rarely comes alone. Usually at least one more follows – maybe two.” She winced. At the hospital Sabina grew quite concerned about her hospital gown and how she looked. She didn’t inquire about Ursula.  She laughed, joked and flirted with police, a completely different woman from the uncontrollable banshee on the highway. “It’s as if her sister didn’t exist anymore. It’s all about Sabina.When asked to remove her jewelry she pouted, “no, not the earrings.” A police officer comment, “all she appeared to be was a bit odd. Everybody thought she was odd. Being odd isn’t a crime.” No surprise there. In a later conversation, Sabina’s common-law partner told police the sisters became inseparable then disappeared. She was processed by police  in Stoke-on-Trent and was therefore released from custody.

Mail-M6-443x550Shortly afterward she was taken in by local man, Hollinshead who had no idea about the traffic incident.  He offered to house her until she could locate Ursula and find a new place to stay. He and a friend named Peter brought her belongings to Hollingshead’s home. A friend of Hollingshead commented whenever they asked about her sister, Sabina “she became slightly defensive. She just always went cold whenever you asked about what was up with the sister.” At times Sabina was paranoid, pulling open the curtains to look outside then jerking them back again. Although the three had been smoking for some time Sabina suddenly grabbed Peter’s cigarettes from him and stated,you can’t have them! They might be poisoned!Peter admitted, “there was this growing fear inside me. Who is this woman? She’s hiding from someome…Glen was quite relaxed and comfortable with it. I think he was just dismissing it off as quirky.” For his part, Peter left the situation, “as calmly as possible.”

The following day Sabina stabbed the Hollinshead to death in an apparently unprovoked attack. Imagine Glen’s experience: one minute his odd guest is calmly seated nearby, the next she has a knife in her hand, a wild look in her eyes and has jumped on his chest, stabbing him relentlessly. After the ambulance was called, Hollinshead never made it to the hospital.That’s a story worthy of a Halloween horror flick. A driver named Joshua Grattage saw Sabina running along a roadway, holding a hammer and smashing herself in the head with it. “I just felt a sickening feeling in my stomach. I remember seeing lots of blood on her head. Her hair was matted with blood.” Grattage jumped from his car and pulled the hammer from Sabina’s hand. Sabina hit Grattage on the head with a roof tile, pulled away from him and ran.

medianSabina was pursued by police on foot until she ran onto a bridge and without taking the time to tie the bungee cord to her ankle, she jumped. Suffering two broken ankles and a fractured skull, Sabina (who must have been a cat in a previous life) survived.  Three months later, Ursula was discharged from the hospital and relocated to Sweden, eventually moving to the United States. (aren’t they lucky?) Sabina pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility. Two psychiatrists testified that although Sabina was mentally ill when she murdered Glen she was no longer a threat to public safety. Go figure. She was sentenced to five years imprisonment and released on parole in 2011. The two sisters “stay in touch” as they say.  Hopefully not too closely.


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Sex, Lies and (you guessed it) Videotape… oh, plus a little Reality TV

Ryan Jenkins hailed from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A narcissistic young man who was pretty easy on the eyes and who claimed to be a millionaire, re-located his eye candy self to ryan_jenkins_busybeeblogger_56896_ryan_jenkinsLas Vegas, seeking glamour and fame. Perhaps based solely on his looks and popularity, Jenkins felt he had it in him to become some sort of star. When the opportunity to appear on a new Reality TV series Megan Wants a Millionaire, presented itself, he jumped at it. Jenkins re-located yet again, this time from Vegas to Hollywood, Los Angeles. As remarkable a young man as Jenkins was however, he had serious competition; all 17 eligible bachelors on the program were attractive and boasted cushy bank accounts. Jenkins was in for some serious ego-bruising. And executives hadn’t quite done their job when they recruited Jenkins; in their background check they missed his criminal history of physically assaulting a girlfriend.

Megan Hauserman, the program’s hostess and a former Playboy model, is a brand name unto herself. Her career was just beginning when she and Jenkins met. She’d made appearances in 4 reality series and in that oddball circle was considered to be a “reality 9_4_09_Megan_Hauserman_kabik-95-570star (whatever that is). As it was, she became the woman guarding the door to Jenkins’ Hollywood dreams. He had to win her over in order to fulfill his vague career ambition of becoming some sort of star. Nonetheless, Jenkins was very confident in himself. As the series progressed, his stories piqued Megan’s interest. Alas, Jenkins became a living example of that adage “all that glitters is not gold.” When not on the set with Megan, he bombarded her with text messages about marriage. Smooth-talking and slick, Jenkins became evasive whenever Megan tried to nail him down in terms of how he earned his money. Naturally, she became uneasy.

By March 2009 it became public knowledge that 4 reality stars committed suicide possibly due to their eliminations. Seriously. Psychologists claim that a huge trigger for suicide is rejection and loss. Methinks there must have been more than that going on with these unfortunate rejects. It’s one thing to miss out on getting the girl or boy, quite another to jump under a train over it. Why the mention? You just know this has to be a foreshadowing of more to come.

jasmin08-1Foolishly, Jenkins’ stories changed depending on his audience. Sometimes he wanted to be an actor. Other times his intent was to become a writer. When Jenkins was finally cut from the show he was devastated. He hadn’t seen it coming. Humiliated, Jenkins tucked his tail between his legs and once again retreated to Vegas.  Back in the city built on sin, he landed on his feet. No one here knew he was a loser on a popular reality show. He made sure women knew he was well-monied and it wasn’t long before he got in good with a stunning blonde named Jasmine Fiore. He got in so well, she married him within 48 hours of their meeting. No wonder they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. To get an even better idea of Jasmine’s head, her mentor was the tragic Marilyn Monroe. She aspired to be like the late actress in terms of money, success and beauty and to that end se got breast implants, convinced these would help build a successful future. For his part, Jenkins felt his eye-candy wife was the object that would fulfill a void in his life, as well, marrying Jasmine assured him landed immigrant status in the U.S. Considering Jenkins wasn’t actually a millionaire, why Jasmine wed Jenkins remains a mystery. Indeed, it was Jasmine who dipped into her wallet more than once to maintain her gold-digger and con artist husband’s needs.

Weeks after their wedding Jenkins posted several videos of Jasmine on his MySpace page. One month later, in April 2009, the first crack in their marriage appeared in public. Ryan-Jenkins-2Jasmine and Jenkins attended a wedding and Jasmine quickly got cozy with another man. Jenkins responded by pushing her into a pool. In response, Jasmine moved to an apartment in Los Angeles. He followed and oddly she liked being the object of his obsession. Soon after the move however she sought an annulment to their sham marriage. Finances and jealousy had made them bitter enemies. And Jasmine intended to leave Jenkins for a boyfriend, Robert Hasman, she’d had since June that year. One thing each newlywed shared was their belief in a complete makeover of one’s identity. With a miraculous stroke of luck, Ryan was signed on for yet another reality tv series, I Love Money. In this series the boy didn’t get the girl; he won a quarter of a million dollars.  Ryan returned from the series as the winner. Jasmine suddenly gave Ryan another chance. She dyed her hair and became a brunette. Ryan posted another video of his gorgeous wife on his MySpace page.

Then two months later, Jenkins told Jasmine’s friends she had disappeared. He acted concerned and “upset if she was trying to prove a point.” Just like that, Jasmine was gone. Just as suddenly, she wasn’t. At least, not her remains. In Buenapark, about 40 miles outside of Los Angeles, her remains were found in a suitcase in a dumpster. She was nude and twisted into a fetal position. Parts of her that could identify her were missing, including her teeth and fingers. It would seem that Jasmine’s breast implants finally served her well. Breast implants are marked with serial numbers. They didn’t make her famous as she’d hoped, but they did help to identify her remains. When police went to inform her concerned husband she’d been found, he too had disappeared.

Ryan-Jenkins_0An APB was put out on Jenkins’ car. Canada was probably his next but not his last stop. Jenkins’ father was wealthy and had property in the Honduras. The police knew he’d probably flee there since the country didn’t practice extradition. The federal government was involved and eventually Ryan Jenkins was the target of an international manhunt. It took three days, one week after the discovery of Jasmine’s body, and Jenkins was trapped by police in a British Columbia hotel room in what was ironically named the Hope Motel. Jenkins however would never see a courtroom. He’d hung himself by a belt. Compelling evidence linked him to Jasmine’s murder, although it was never proven and her case is officially unsolved. Two days before Jasmine’s murder, the couple drove to a poker tournament. They were seen on a security camera checking into the Delmar Hotel. Jasmine all the while plotted to run away with another man she’d been seeing since June. Most likely, Jenkins found the text messages and reacted in a jealous rage, beating his wife severely then strangling her to death. As an afterthought, he pulled out Jasmine’s teeth and cut off her fingers.

Jenkins’ father insisted his son was “a fine young man,” who ended up corrupted. He blamed both Jasmine and Hollywood. However, Jenkins killed both Jasmine and himself. He played a role up until his death. The odd suicide note he left was a lie:  “I merely wanted to love someone. I’m sorry for running away from responsibility. There just is no place in this world for me anymore.”

Not very realistic for a reality star.


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